University Sex Ch. 03



“Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, and some violent situations. In addition, all characters in any sexually explicit conduct are over the age of eighteen (18) years at the time this story was written.”


I had just showered and I was standing naked in front of my gym locker – just staring at it. It was Saturday night, about 8 P.M. and I had nowhere to go and nothing to do.

My current girlfriend had informed me earlier that she was too busy studying for her finals tonight to do anything and that “I should learn how to relax” for the umpteenth time. I tried, but even after my hard, fast five-miler, I was till horny.

Since there wasn’t anyone around, I decided make the most of it. I grabbed my best jerk off magazines out of my locker, flipped through them ’til I found my favorite pics, and then laid them, horizontally, on the wooden locker bench.

The first picture was of a young, blue-eyed blond. Her ‘DD’ melons were ripe and her areolas were smooth and larger than silver dollars. She was completely naked, sitting up on a bed, on her ankles, knees spread wide, digging her fingers into her pussy. She appeared to be looking right at me. I liked the fact that she wasn’t super skinny.

The second picture showed a blonde sucking a big, black cock. Although her mouth was stretched extremely wide around the thick cock, she had a look of adoration on her face.

The third picture was the one I liked best. A gorgeous secretary brunette was bent over a desk in an office. She was only wearing a sexy, shiny, white blouse. A white guy was standing behind her upturned ass. You could tell his cock was thick, but you had to guess which fuck hole he had penetrated. Standing off to the side, another white guy was stroking his own big, fat cock.

I grabbed my KY out of my gym bag, squeezed a generous amount onto my fingertips, spread one ass cheek with my free hand, and began to lube in and outside of my anus as I looked at my pics. The pleasure was immediate. My cock quickly stiffened.

When my anus was loosened, I lubed my hair brush handle. It was about five inches long and stubby. It was handy for emergencies and felt comfortable in my snug ass.

I’m a bisexual. Although I love to fuck girls and have an above average-sized cock, my horny ass loves the stimulation that only hard cocks can provide.

As my left hand began to work the hairbrush handle around in my rectum, I grabbed my expanding cock with my right hand and began to massage it. I was in hog heaven as I began fantasizing about the guys and girls in the glossy pics.

You can imagine my shock when I heard a throat clear and then little girlie titters. I immediately froze.

“That’s so cute! Are you gonna fuck those pictures, too?”

“No,” I gruffly muttered.

“No? That’s quite an erection you got going there… You lose something in your ass?”

Although I had yet to turn around, I rolled my eyes. It was Jackie, my fuck buddy. Nevertheless, I didn’t appreciate getting caught pleasuring myself.

When I turned around, Jackie’s eyes were flashing brightly. Standing next to her was her tennis partner. Her name was ‘Suzanne’, but she was called Sue. She had long blonde hair that hung almost to her waist in long, billowy folds. She was beautiful. Although Jackie was good looking, she wasn’t drop dead gorgeous. Who knows, maybe that was why the blue-eyed blonde felt comfortable with Jackie?

I guess I was more shaken then I had thought. I impulsively stuck my hand out to shake Sue’s hand.

Sue just stared at me and then smirked, as I sheepishly pulled it back. I had realized about a second too late that it was sticky with lube.

Fortunately, Sue’s blue eyes were struggling to maintain eye contact with me. Her eyes kept slipping down to my erection.

“You gonna fuck me with that thing? Huh?”

Before I could answer Jackie, Sue turned and looked at Jackie in abject horror. Jackie didn’t see her or let on that she did.

“Well? Answer me!”

By the time I finished my vigorous nod; Jackie had pulled her sport shirt off and was reaching behind her back to unhook her sport bra. She then paused when she saw Sue staring hard at her.

“What? I’m not gonna let that hard cock go to waste…”

“Someone might walk in!”

“No one’s here. You saw. Not on Saturday night. Okay?”

“Well, we are…”

By now Jackie had kicked her tennis shoes off and was pulling her tennis skirt and g-string down. Both Sue and I stared at her mouthwatering, hairless pudendal cleft.

“Do you always do this…here?”

“Always do what?” Jackie asked. Then she turned to me and said, “Bring that mouth over here!”

As I walked over to Jackie, she said, “It looks so juicy. Like a ripe banana. Oh! Remember the other day my eyes were red. Well, I was giving him a blow job…as he came in mouth…it slipped out and I got hit in the eye. Ha! Ha! My first facial!”

Sue disdainfully rolled her eyes and then again, when Jackie said, escort araban “Eat me.”


“Go get us some cokes, if you don’t want to watch. I know you do…”

As I kneeled, Jackie sat on the bench, spread her silky thighs, and began relating to Sue that over the last couple of months, that she and I were ‘friends with benefits’. Jackie told Sue that we sucked and fucked whenever we could…we were both dating ‘problem children’…who didn’t think twice about our ‘needs’…

“Oh that’s good,” Jackie sighed. “Keep lickin’ that sweaty pussy.”

Sue was quiet now. I could imagine that she was standing there with that smug look on her face, watching her tennis partner/girlfriend get eaten out. I bet her pussy wasn’t even getting wet!

What could I say? Jackie, once a shy little thing, was now a full-blown exhibitionist and lovin’ it!

Jackie only had a small orgasm. She was distracting herself by talking so much.

My opinion quickly changed, when Jackie suddenly swung her legs up and over my head, spun around, and laid down on the bench, face first. Her sexy, smooth, nubile ass was her best attribute.

I looked up at Sue to gage her reaction, as Jackie turned her head to the side and said, “Eat my ass…you know how much I love that! Oh! Sue likes it up the ass, too! Tell him what you told me!”

When Sue’s faced turned red, Jackie put even more pressure on her. Jackie told her to tell me or she would! Although I smiled, I sure hoped Jackie wouldn’t tell on me!

I was sitting in the furthest stall and it was next to a high, single hung window, with an air conditioner screen behind it. I couldn’t see out, but anyone standing on the other side could see easily see through air conditioner screen — even a short girl like Jackie.

This stall was one of my favorite haunts. It had a gloryhole that was huge and inviting. I could sit there and suck and fuck all day, if I wanted. If I was bored, I could stand and look out at window.

I wasn’t worried about anyone watching. There were bushes around the outside of the window, making it hard get to. Also, only few students knew what was behind the window. Somehow Jackie did.

After Jackie had seduced me, she relayed that one early evening, she was headed back from the tennis courts and decided to peek — just out of curiosity. She said she saw me kneeling, attending to a hard white cock. She had never seen anyone give head and that the longer she watched the wetter her pussy became.

Jackie said she had begun to touch herself, when the guy on the other side of the hole said, “Fuck!” She said she immediately knew he was cumming in my mouth because she saw my throat bobbing – like I was swallowing.

Jackie then said she saw the black cock before I did. She said as I was finishing with the white cock, a black guy stuck his cock through the hole in the door. She said the big, erect, black cock looked extremely enticing and that she wanted to see me suck it, too.

I was surprised when I turned to see another hard cock. However, I stayed on my knees and began licking it up and down, before slowly deep throating it.

Jackie said she was astounded when she heard the guy say, “Turn around! Let me see your ass. Spread your cheeks!”

Jackie said her pussy immediately began flooding her panties as she watched me back my bare ass up against the hole and then reach back to spread my cheeks. She said I winced and grabbed the toilet in front of me, to brace myself, as the big cock grossly expanded my anus.

I certainly remembered wincing and grunting. His cock was thick and he was clumsily trying to ram up me – all at once.

Jackie said she did not get to see anything more because she heard somebody coming. She also added that she masturbated like crazy that night as she recounted every detail, especially, my bobbing hard-on.

Jackie concluded her story saying she wanted to meet (fuck) me. She said she hung around the gym everyday around that same time, waiting for an opportunity…

Anyway, a couple of weeks later, Jackie and I hooked up in the gym locker room. We instantly became fuck buddies and one thing led to another…

When Jackie saw her first cock poke through the gloryhole, she was standing, jerking my cock. I did not have to coax her to lean over and kiss it.

As soon she did, I hiked her tennis skirt up, pulled her Calvin Klein thong aside and kneeled behind her. Saliva flooded my mouth, when Jackie reached behind her and spread her cheeks.

Jackie’s little pussy was always scrumptious. I just plunged my face so hard and deep between her soft cheeks, that my nose was literally buried in her steamy asshole as I greedily began to slither my tongue all over her hot, juicy pussy.

I am not sure what kind of blowjob the anonymous stranger in the next stall was getting as I feasted on Jackie’s pussy, but he must have liked it. He came quickly and so did Jackie – even before she had finished swallowing his loads.

“Mmm!” araban escort bayan Jackie groaned loudly.


Minutes later, a second cock appeared through the hole. Jackie didn’t need any prompting. She kneeled down, spit on the new cock like a pro, and then began sucking it in earnest. This cock came in no time, too, and Jackie swallowed load number two.

Jackie went through maybe seven cocks that day and was spit-roasted twice. By the time she was finished, her face was sticky, and I had cum three times in her pussy.

The second time we dated at the hole, Jackie was so turned on, she let me have her virgin ass, as guys took turns ejaculating into her mouth. It was like a blowjob bang with a side order of anal copulation, and snowballs for desert.

“Yes,” Jackie had told me beforehand, “I’m still an anal virgin. I had a chance to lose my anal cherry about three weeks ago, but the guy got drunk and passed out while playing with my pussy. I never even got his cock inside me. Then I saw you and figured if you could take it, you would know how it felt, and would do me right…I’ve always wondered what it would feel like…and now, I’m gonna find out. Lucky you…”

The third time, we did a DP with an anonymous guy. While he sat on the can, Jackie, with her back facing me, lowered her pussy onto his cock. I got her almost virgin ass.

Jackie was in visible pain for a few minutes, but eventually she got into a rhythm. By the time us guys came in her, Jackie had orgasmed several times! After that day, Jackie insisted on getting butt-fucked regularly.

I loved the way Jackie’s virgin ass squirmed under me. I also loved the way that her asshole gripped my cock. My cock always got hard, sometimes for hours, when I thought about her ass.

As it turns out, Jackie’s friend Sue was hardly the well-bred lady she us to believe she was. Early on in HS, Sue had discovered she liked male attention. She liked it so much she was always ready for hot, no-strings-attached sex. She’d even been in threesomes!

“More than once, I had two studs in me….at the same time,” Sue bragged. “One in each orifice.”


“Yes…one cock in the pussy and the other up the butt,” Sue confessed, blushing as well as grinning naughtily. “I generally like guys with big, fat, juicy cocks… It’s a real turn-on. I even had one professor who only wanted to do me up the ass…and I was happy to let him. I loved anal…”

Jackie smiled at me knowingly, gave me a wink, and then impishly said, “And his wife, the Dean, didn’t!


I wasn’t fooled for a second. The only reason Sue was even talking to me was because of Jackie and most likely, Jackie was probably her only friend – besides every guy on her H.S. football team.

“Besides all that, you shouldn’t talk about it in the past tense,” my Jackie chided Sue. “You’re barely 20!”

When Jackie stopped talking, I could sense she and Sue were looking at me as I stared at Jackie’s dark, puckered anus. It always looked so inviting, resting between her soft, small cheeks…

“Come on. Prep my ass,” Jackie said, easily reading my mind. “Use your tongue…you know how I like it.”

To my shock, Sue pushed against me, leaned in, and started licking Jackie’s anus! She ran her tongue up and down Jackie’s ass crack and then swirled it around her anus, making her quiver and giggle.

“Ooohhh! Wow! Girlfriend! You’re so hot!”

When Sue finally pulled back, we both looked at each other. As she licked her reddened mouth, the message on her haughty face was clear. Sue one, me zero.

I was about to say something, probably something stupid, when Jackie urged me to action. “Go ahead. Push your tongue up my horny ass. I want to eat some pussy, too. Come here girlfriend…”

Not paying any attention to Sue, I lowered my face between Jackie’s perspiring ass cheeks and stuck my tongue into her ass. Her moist little sphincter quickly gave way and I was able to insert my probing tongue at least a good two to three inches up her very warm rectum. Sue had loosened her nicely.

This time Jackie appreciated my oral enthusiasm. She moaned, “That feels sooo good!”

As I tongue-fucked Jackie’s ass, I looked at Sue. Her smooth, golden brown legs straddled the bench and her delicate, pink pussy was directly in front of Jackie’s mouth.

“I’ve never eaten pussy before…what should I do…your clit?”

“Just start licking Jackie. You’ll know what to do.”

When Jackie leaned her forward, Sue looked directly into my eyes. Even as Jackie’s head began bobbing, Sue did not smile or even blink.

“You’re so wet Suzy,” Jackie gushed. “And, you taste so sweet. This could be addicting!”

When Jackie felt my tongue tire out, she joyfully exclaimed, “Now sodomize me…with that big cock…right in front of my most favorite tennis partner and girlfriend! Make my ass cum.”

Lucky for Jackie, I had spent so much time lubricating escort araban her tight anus. My cock was extremely hard and swollen.

Sue watched me intently as I stood up, grabbed my KY, and began purposefully lubing my throbbing cock. When a big drop of precum oozed out, I dabbed it with my finger and offered it to Jackie. Sue still did not blink.

When I was though with the lube, I squatted over Jackie, aimed my slick cockhead at her beckoning rear hole, and then lowered myself, until my cockhead touched her puckering anus. I could barely contain my lust.

“Easy big boy,” Jackie cautioned me.

“No problem”, I muttered as I slowly squeezed the head of my big cock into Jackie’s little sphincter.

“That’s it…ease it in. Go slow, please. Remember, I’m still new at this… I’m not as sex-experienced as you perv’s.”

If even though I smirked at Jackie, I understood. Sure, my ass can take the biggest cocks around without pain or discomfort, but it didn’t get that way overnight.

Eventually, Jackie stopped yakking and went back to work on Sue’s pussy as I worked my cock deep into her rectum, inch by throbbing inch. It was definitely slow going and took me a couple of minutes to completely impale her sexy bottom; however, when I did, I was warmly rewarded.

“Aaahhh! That feels so good. Your cock feels sooo good in my hot ass.”

Jackie was clearly in ecstasy. I knew she liked ass-fucking, but I also think Sue being there made it so much more erotic.

The same was true for me, too. I had never butt-fucked a woman in front of another woman, either.

Right now, however, I was just praying I wouldn’t cum, too soon. Besides the obvious rapture of Jackie’s snug, anal walls squeezing my cock; watching her perform cunninglingus on her best friend was almost sensory overload.

Eventually, we changed positions. Jackie was on her feet, but bent over. My cock was still up her ass.

Sue was standing, too. Jackie had coaxed her to slide two slim fingers up my ass. Funny, she knew right where my prostate was located and she was aggressively working it as her thumb on her free hand frigged Jackie’s clit.

The superior look on Sue’s face was justified. She was driving both Jackie and I to an unbelievable climax. The harder I squeezed my anus around her fingers, the more my cock expanded in Jackie’s ass, and the harder Jackie and I fucked.

As Jackie and I neared orgasm, Sue smiled mischievously at me. I was too busy fucking Jackie’s ass to wonder why.

Jackie was loving it, too. “Oh…that’s sooo good. Your big cock feels sooo good! Fuck me deep. Oh god yeah! Open my ass up! I love it.”

About a minute later, Jackie began shrilly crying out, “Oh my god! Don’t stop! Both of you! This is…is the big one… Aaahhh! Aaahhh!”

As I reared my head back to cum, Sue quickly pulled her fingers out of my ass and her thumb away from Jackie clit. She then slid her hand under my ass, grabbed my nut sack, and shockingly squeezed it — extremely hard.

Instead of my cock exploding sperm, my balls felt like they were imploding. My cock jerked mightily in Jackie’s ass, as my nuts spasmed dramatically in her tight fist.

“My turn,” was all Sue said as I grimaced in pain.

I couldn’t move. Jackie’s rectum was gripping my cock with like vice-like strength, while Sue maintained her tight grip tight on my spasming scrotum. She made sure no sperm escaped.

When Jackie’s rectal muscles finally slackened, I withdrew my hard cock. Jackie and I both grunted, because Sue let go, too.

As I massaged my anguished balls, Sue uncapped the lube with her thumb, reached around behind her, and squirted it directly into her ass. She then grabbed my cock, stepped over Jackie, bent over, and guided my cockhead right into her slimed asshole.

“Aaahhh! Aaahhh! Fuck!” Sue painfully gasped.

Jackie not sure how I could cum in her and then immediately fuck Sue, reached behind her ass. When she didn’t feel any sperm, she pathetically asked, “You still like my ass?”

“Yes! It’s fantastic! It’s fantastic Jackie,” I managed to say as I grabbed Sue’s hips. I then grunted loudly as I forced my cock further up Sue’s tight ass.

Almost immediately Sue’s entire body winced and she straightened up to pull away, but I held her hips firm. All she could do was turn her head around and with a sullen frown, mouth “Bastard!”

After I had penetrated Sue a couple of more inches, Sue looked back at me, again. This time her mouth was closed and she was clearly gritting her teeth. Her eyes were tearing.

Not wanting to really hurt Sue, I quickly let go of the anxiety she had caused Jackie, let alone me. I pulled my cock back several inches and reached for the lube.

Meanwhile Jackie had somehow managed to turn over on the bench. As she lay on her back, she reached her hand up and began frigging Sue’s twat.

The extra lube and Jackie’s distraction worked. Sue’s ass relaxed and I was able to resume fucking her.

I loved the way my fat cock stretched Sue’s pink asshole into a big, round mouth. Even more fascinating, when I pulled my cock back, her sphincter stretched so tight around my cock that it looked like her asshole was sucking my cock!

We both groaned as I began doing this repeatedly, until Sue surprisingly exclaimed, “Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Stop playing!”

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