Two (over 18-years old college) Girls



After the bitter chill of Winter, the snow and ice of February, Spring couldn’t come soon enough for Kaitlyn and Madison. Throughout the drab lockdown, the vibrant forest had sustained them, freeing them from its suffocating constraints: online studies, incarceration with their frightened parents, to explore a fantasy world of adventure, life without masks.Their return to college re-established daily rituals for the girls. They hardly saw each other during termtime. Every morning Kait would meet Maddie off the bus at the stop in front of the charity shop. Afterward they’d kiss before Madison boarded the bus, and Kait watched her tired pale face, her veined hands, waving goodbye from a rear seat.Except for when they walked-and-talked in the forest.The forest was bordered by Pouting Hill, a busy country lane which wound its way from the traffic lights by The Stag and Hounds, past the Golf Club, to the junction with Forest Road, opposite the village green. Kait, oldest and tallest of the two, held Maddie’s hand as they crossed the road, entering the forest discreetly, out of view, beyond a sharp bend in the road. Then they were free to roam, to wander, wherever, however they wished. The hilly path stretched for three miles as far as the woodland car park, the starting point for organised walks, cycle rides. There, the path veered left, before making its steep, winding descent past Lover’s Common to a narrow opening in the hedgerow, the Tennis Club, and the murder house.March was chilly, frost-free, wrap-up-well weather: rainy, gusting winds, falling trees, in mid-month. It was unsafe for the women to walk through the woods so Maddie took the bus.Spring arrived with a flourish of cherry and hawthorn blossom in the hedgerows. On the sunniest, warmest, driest day of the month, with sunbeams highlighting the virgin leaves in the trees, Kait led Maddie deep into the forest, in rolled-up shirtsleeves, open collars, swaying, polyester skirts, holding hands,‘Where are we going?’ asked Madison keenly, her pale face flushing, starting to perspire.The birdsong ceased. Leaves rustled, in the trees. She felt the grip on her wrist intensify, her lover’s lilting, dulcet tones,‘Somewhere where they’ll never find us.’They trod her path of mystery alone.After a while, Kait halted in her tracks, turned to face her girlfriend, and grinned,‘Take off your shoes and socks.’Maddie’s eyes lit up, sparkling sapphires, her face stretched, cheeks risen, high, just like her rib cage when she breathed in sharply, indenting her mouth with such happy dimples,‘Why?’‘You’ll get muddy feet otherwise.’Muddy feet! The thought of it! Us, two young women! Playing together! In the mud! Muddy legs!Maddie was a child at heart.The eastern spur of the leafy avenue: beech and oak, the forest’s thoroughfare, changed. Narrowing to a soft-mud path bordered by budding hawthorns, cruel brambles, and hazel. There were uncommon surprises dotted here, there, gaps in the thicket, wild cherry trees straining to burst into bloom. Remnants of some ancient orchard? Shooting bluebells yet to flower, straining for the sun. There was a bend in the path ahead. Kait smiled at Maddie, cherishing her childish happiness, loving the influence she exerted over her mate. Her girl would walk the plank for her, shin the tallest tree, scale the highest peak, swim the iciest stream. There was nothing in the world she wouldn’t do for Kait – when she was a misbehaving brat.Today, Maddie was her girl. She watched, excited, as her adorable lover, her sole reason to live, got down on bended knee, and took off her sandal, her anklet, revealing her slender thigh, her skirt hitched. Kait had model’s legs, smooth round knees. Unlike her knobbly knees, her pallid creamy skin, her sinewy calves, and thighs. Chick’s legs she called them. Kait’s chick. The socks and sandals were her idea, being childish, fun in the forest! Doting on her every word, Maddie followed suit. The sight of eighteen-year-olds dressed in socks and sandals at college had raised their lecturer’s brows, given the other young women a laugh that morning!They would never understand these two girls.Standing very still, Madison bent her left knee, raising her calf behind her, reached back, prised off her sandal, and peeled off her sock. türbanlı gaziantep escort One of Kait’s model’s legs was bare, she noticed. She was bending, on her other knee, working off her sandal, the sock, standing. Mud, she had mud on her knee. Maddie watched her brush it off. She wanted to lick it off her smooth, round knee. While she bent her right knee and raised her calf, picking at her buckle, pulling off her sock. Kait’s legs were bare. Her legs were bare! Fun! In the forest! Kaitlyn’s jaw kept moving, saying something odd, shoes and socks, held, in both hands…Wipe the wisp of hair off your face, Kait. So that I can see you. So that I can be your child.She wiped the wisp of copper hair off her face, grinning – fully – at Madison, and said,‘Shall we get our legs all wet and muddy?’Breathless with excitement, fretting – nice frets, dreaming – wet dreams, fun-filled-panic attacks, Maddie could barely speak,‘Yes, lets! Hurry, Kait! Let’s, yes! Kait, hurry!’Please! I want to know your secret!Kaitlyn Hart. Madison Hendricks.Two Girls.Went, around, the bend.In the shady, narrow, muddy, path.*****Cleft watched the lovers undress. The short one with the bronze-tinted shoulder length hair, parted down the middle, grey eyes, big nose, thin lips, slightly jagged teeth, was the sexier of the two, more self-conscious. She stood to take off her shoes and socks, refusing to go down on bended knee, to bare her thighs, in case a voyeur saw them, naked. It was the tall one who intrigued Cleft. She appeared to exert an unhealthy influence over her mate. The childish one couldn’t take her eyes off her. And yet she bore such a shy smile on those melancholy, cracked lips of hers, a sadness in her eyes of midnight blue, and, on her lower lip, a prominent, ugly, brown scar.From Cleft’s hidey-hole, the gap in the thicket, she could almost reach out and touch the woman with the thick drape of copper hair brushing, scratching her eyelids, the bridge of her nose.She wondered what would happen if she did.*****It had to happen.Madison felt the goosebumps rise on her bare calves and thighs as she slid, first one leg, then the other, incrementally into the stagnant pondwater. The fermenting broth, a rotting stew of decaying leaf mulch, dead rats, and birds, lumbricids, and snails, was deeper than she expected, wetting the hem of her skirt. She wondered if there were eels in the pond, leeches, bloodsucker lampreys, imagining them all attaching themselves to her arms, legs, and body. Kaitlyn, come to rescue her, biting them off, chewing them off, with her jagged, incisive teeth. Sucking them off Maddie’s wet breasts with her mouth. She felt herself go,Didn’t mean to! Oh, no! What will mummy say when she sees me like this? All covered in sticky-clingy pondweed, pond slime, algae, sloppy-stink mud. Take off my clothes, Kait, wash me, cleanse me… touch me!Slip! Trip! Fall! Headfirst! Into the murky water. Mads plunged, headfirst, into the filthy mire, digging her toes in deep, smearing herself, her crisp cotton shirt, her polyester skirt, in thick grey gunge, bobbing her head upward, sputtering froth and bubbles, weed, crying,‘Help me, girl!’Kait, being the taller of the two, kept her hem dry as she waded through the disturbed swell of mud and mulch, swirling around, engulfing her best friend. Grabbing her by both arms, she dragged her to the far bank, appreciating Maddie’s crocodile tears, her plaintive cry,‘Will I catch the lurgy, Kait? Please don’t let me catch the lurgy. I’ll so miss you if I do?’Maddie was shivering, despite the unseasonal warm spring sunshine, trembling, a wibbly-wobbly jelly girl, all tingly in her wingly, rippling on the outside, nervy-girl in her insides. Kait smiled at her, knowingly, shaking on the bank.Clumsy girl’s lost her socks and sandals during her one-girl water fight. Maddie’s socks and sandals are nowhere to be seen. How can she ever go home looking like that?Her satchel lay on the grassy bank. Kait dipped inside, took out her phone, and checked. She breathed a sigh of relief,No signal! There’s no signal! We’re alone in the forest. Where no-one will ever find us!Clumsy girl was hunched up in a sodden heap on the bank, arms wrapped gaziantep türbanlı escort bayan round her soppy wet shoulders in a vain bid to keep warm. Kait threw the redundant satchel into the thicket with the phone, and any hope of contact, reached under Maddie’s armpits, and hauled her to her feet,‘Won’t let you catch the lurgy,’ was all she said.There were beech trees, hazel, pussy willows, a prickly holly tree, then – rhododendrons.Rhododendrons! Here in the heart of the forest! Whoever heard of such a thing?Kait giggled, the child who springs out of bed, better, feeling better, after her long illness: measles, chickenpox, mumps. The child released within her, she took a longing, yearning, look at Madison: all bedraggled, begging, beautifully muddy for her, beckoning her mate to follow her. Then she disappeared into the soft, broad-leafy hedgerow.Maddie shrugged and shivered, stamping her bare foot, cracking twigs in her frustration,‘Aren’t you going to undress me?’Silence, all around her. Then…The sound, of, heavy, breathing.Somewhere, behind, her.She dare not look!A cold drip of fear ran down her back.Madison Hendricks scarpered, a frightened bunny rabbit, ran for her life, to Kait, to safety.Or so it seemed.*****Cleft decided to stalk them, knowing where they were headed. She left her den and strode as far as the bend. The dewpond stretched from a knot of silver birch and pussy willows on her left to dense undergrowth on her right. If she wanted to pursue her quarry, Cleft would have to wade the pond. She cursed silently,This is turning into a muddy nightmare. Is she worth it?She closed her eyes, seeing Kait, down on her bended knee, soiling herself, skirt hitched high, baring her slender thighs, her crotch,Mmmn, she’s worth it! There’s only one thing for it…Cleft shielded her eyes from the sun and stared ahead. They were nowhere to be seen. She shrugged, found a tussock of dry couch grass to kneel on, took off her jogging shoes, her prim new sports socks, pulled down her tracksuit bottoms, and waded into the stagnant water.Maddie’s anklets were swelling with bilge in the middle of the pond, about to sink, like her scuffed sandals, Cleft noted salaciously,The clumsy girl’s sandals have sunk into the muddy abyss. Those are her socks!Wishing, she had a ship’s whistle to pipe the sinking of the socks, Cleft ceased wading, tucked her bottoms, socks, joggers, under her left armhole, and raised her hand in silent salute. She’d find them, afterwards, for at the going down of the sun she would remember them. After all:Finders’ keepers, losers’ weepers!How would the short girl’s toes taste on her palate when she sucked them all clean? she wondered, licking her lips fervently with the upturned tip of her tongue. For that matter, how would she taste? Cleft wobbled as her perfectly manicured left foot slid and slipped on a submerged slimy boulder, rinsing her thighs, tainting her pure-soft skin with nature’s rich wild broth of decay. She closed her eyes and dreamed, all smiles: suck-a-toe-in-turn.The sun beamed down on her from its noon high, casting twinkles on the rippled surface, burning her face with ultraviolet light, warming her body as she waded to the other side. Cleft shook her legs dry as best she could, pulled on her tracksuit bottoms, jogging shoes, stuffed her socks in her pockets, then found the hidey-hole in her rhododendron hedge.She felt a nausea, a sick bile, rising in her parched throat, swallowed hard, her excitement,‘No going back now,’ she told herself, ‘Your fetish, carnal need, darkest secret, two girls, await you. In you go, girl! In you go!’*****No-one’s land. Maddie found herself standing in the cool, leafy, umber shade of no-one’s land. The hidey-hole in the hedge. Nature’s passageway. A portal. Her one-way invitation to paradise or purgatory, suspended, saturated, someplace between the wood and the why? There was a kissing gate, timbered, coaxing her to enter forbidden territory. She pushed the gate with her wet cuff, wary of catching virus off its splintered surface, passed through the gap, and stepped inside.She was blinded by the light, roasted by the heat, loving the cellophaned-body effect as her shirt, gaziantep türbanlı escort bra, and panties clung to her, sticking to her bristling skin, sensuously, sensually. Something slithery, sluggish, slippery: a leech, or a lumbricid, wormed its way inside her left bra cup, tickling her teat. Bugs, lice, flies, gnats, nipped and bit her folds, the creases in her skin: along her jawline, behind her ears, inside her armholes, elbows, knees, belly, navel. Making her itch like billy-ho! Maddie didn’t seem to mind. Maddie was her child.Kait admired her, the child-girl in her, her calves and thighs caked with drying mud, her matted hair stuck onto her scalp, dirty-urchin face, the shabby ruins of her school uniform.Her mind wrestled with the mud. Mad’s mud. Clumsy girl’s crisp white cotton shirt had dried in the unseasonal heat, and stained khaki. Her skirt was filthy, spattered, with khaki,My precious army girl!She couldn’t take Mads home to her mum and dad, Steph, and James Hendricks, looking like that. Steph would have her daughter’s guts for garters. Then there were the onlookers to consider: walkers, passers-by, men-in-the-street: the knowing glances, mocking chants, derisive laughter: the shameful humiliation Maddie would endure. Kait’s embarrassment.  Chance meetings with schoolmates. Taunts, jeering in the playground. Animals bullying.Maddie had an enchanted look on her face. Beguiled! Bewildered! Kait took her hand and led her, inside the summer garden. It wasn’t spring. It was summer, inside. Roses climbing over weeded flower beds, fruiting apple, cherry, pear trees, buttercups on a lawn, a mossy garden path which led to…‘What’s that?’ asked Maddie, shaking herself, vigorously, to check that she was real.A shed? A shack? A shambles?Something unworldly, unnatural, unfriendly, about the place made her tighten her grip on Kait’s hand.A summerhouse?It was the strangest place they had ever seen. A flight of hardwood steps led up to a crude, sheltered veranda, enclosed by metal trellis covered in flaky white paint. At the top of the stairs, across the entrance, stretched a solid, cupric metal chain – without its missing sign:DANGER! UNSAFE! NO ENTRY!‘Shall we go inside?’ suggested the taller girl, in a funny-odd voice.Maddie, quite forgetting what it feels like to be shrouded in mud, shrivelled up, crawling, all over with lice and lumbricids, soaked, sored, bruised, bitten, bilious yet unbowed, said,‘Wh-what is it, Kait? Please, tell me what it is!’There were no windows in the wooden walls. The roof was a grassy thatch. The only way in was through a thick-plank-grey wooden door, which hung ajar, enticing, inviting them,‘K-kait? Wh-what is it?’ Maddie repeated.Her best friend wasn’t listening. Her lover let go of her hand, peering through the sunshine at the glimmering sheen which lay beyond the weird hut, and stretched, as far as her eyes could see. Kait left her standing on the path, crossed the lawn, and stood at the very edge,‘Come see what I’ve found!’ she cried.Madison hurried to her playmate’s side, seizing her hand – for a sense of security. A little bit scared. Just a bit. Nothing made sense here in the arbour-within-the-woods. The heat for a start, why was it so warm? She cast her mind back to Geography. Felt her heart leap,Micro-climate! Maybe we’re in a micro-climate, a bubble of summer warmth, surrounded by trees. Hidden from view! Anyone’s view? At least, that horrible heavy breathing noise has stopped. Have Kait and I finally found our paradise? Hope so! Can’t afford a holiday. Couldn’t go on holiday. Even if I wanted to. Can’t go away with my Kait: mummy say it’s unhealthy, daddy won’t let me. If they could see us now! I like it here. With Kait. Like it! A lot! Perhaps we can stay here, forever, where no-one can ever find us. Hope so! I love Kait. She’s my world!‘Look!’ cried Kait.Maddie opened her eyes. And looked.At first she though it was a swimming pool, the water was so clear and clean. She could see the bottom, the floor, chequered black-and-white floor tiles, old-fashioned. Victorian? There were submerged red and amber brick walls enclosing the pool at its perimeter and partitioning the space into rooms. At least, they used to be rooms, once upon a time. There was a convenient flight of steps, at the far end of the pool, a fool’s descent, a flooded…‘Cellar!’ the two girls both cried at the same time, ‘A flooded cellar!’Kait swivelled round to face the wooden outbuilding, taking Maddie with her,‘This,’ she said, waving her arm from left to right, ‘All this, must have been someone’s property. Once. The house. The garden. The Summerhouse! It is a summerhouse, Mads. Children might have played here.’

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