Twisted in the Middle



(Authors Note. This is a continuation of my Twisted series. Until this story, they were sort of autobiographical. This one is pure fantasy, at least as of yet….but who knows! )


As I came out of the fog, out of the haze, the first thing I noticed was how hot it was. It felt like it was 110 degrees. I looked down at my naked body and saw I was covered in a sheen of sweat. My bangs were stuck to my face.

There were two droplets of sweat precariously hanging off my erect nipples. A force pushed me from behind, and they fell into a matt of thick chest hair that belonged to the man underneath me. As I looked at my tits, I noticed there were strands of something else hanging off of them. Thick white ropes of cum had been shot all over them.

Then a hand grabbed my ponytail and yanked my head back. It was then I felt the hands on me. A pair were grasping me around my ribcage. There was one pulling my hair, and another one was roughly grabbing my right ass cheek, almost to the point of pain. There was another hand on my face, its thumb entering my mouth, and I eagerly sucked it.

As my eyes focused, I saw two naked men standing in front of me, wet cocks erect and pointed at me. The thumb in my mouth was replaced by one. Another man stood off to the side, breathing hard. I guessed he was the source of the cum on my breasts. Then I finally noticed the steady pumping. I felt a cock inside my pussy, pumping a steady rhythm, and another was buried deep in my ass, matching the stroke.

I realized what had happened. I had just cum harder than I ever had before, and had pretty much blacked out after, it had been so intense. I had gathered my senses and realized I was being gang-banged.

“Hey look, our little princess is back among the living. You came so hard, your eyes rolled back in your head!” my boyfriend Kyle said.

He was the only person in the room wearing clothes and had a minicam in his hands.

“No, she’s definitely back, look at the way she’s deep-throating me, God…she so fucking hot!” the one in my mouth shouted.

“Her pussy’s still twitching!” the guy under me said.

The guy pumping my butt said, “Hey man, you need to have a go at her ass, I feel like I’m about to blow, and I want to do it in her mouth.”

He pulled out and they switched places as Kyle continued to film the action. He had moved behind me to film my new violator pushing his cock into my ass.

As he slowly pushed his head, then his shaft in, the one in front of me, a black guy, began to fuck my mouth. He was really thick, and I could barely get my lips around it.

At the last second, he pulled out and began to jack it, pointing it at my open mouth. After he blasted all over my face, I took him back in my mouth and sucked him clean, swallowing his sweet, sticky semen.

“Alright baby, give me a big smile.” Kyle said as he filmed me.

I could feel the cock that was pumping my ass grow even harder. He yanked my ponytail, jerking my head back as he grunted like an animal. The rougher he was, the more I liked it. Then his cock convulsed and I felt hot liquid fill me up, as he howled with pleasure.

I could feel every inch of him twitch as he pumped cum into my ass. Kyle directed me to get off the guy I was riding. He sat on the edge of the bed, his hard prick pointing at the ceiling.

“Ready for number three in your ass, baby?” Kyle asked, camera in hand.

“Ohh, fuck yes…” I purred.

I was in such a sexual frenzy, it was like I had lost absolutely every inhibition. It’s been this way for a while now; the sluttier I act, the hornier I get, and the hornier I get, the sluttier I become.

I slowly slid down onto his pole, my ass already well lubed with cum. As I settled all the way down, the last of my cocksmen, another black guy stood in between my legs, his manhood pointed at my swollen pussy.

I realized I didn’t even know any of these guy’s names, and they probably didn’t know mine. He eased himself in, and I was getting double penetrated yet again. I moaned with extreme pleasure, I felt like the center of the universe.

My eyes were half-closed and my mouth half open in ecstasy. I smiled sweetly for the camera.

“So you like having two dicks in you at once” Kyle questioned as he filmed.


“Are you a good girl or a bad girl?”

“ahh…I’m….just….a dirty….little whore….”

I rubbed my clit as my two lovers stroked me, bringing myself to yet another heart-stopping orgasm, and sending my pussy into convulsions. The guy who was fucking my ass said he was going to cum.

“ohh I want it on my face…” I begged.

Both guys pulled out so I could get on my knees. Before I could even get my mouth on him, he exploded, adding to the copious amount of cum on my face.

Before I was even ready, I felt the other guys load hitting my face. I turned towards him with my mouth open, catching as much as I could, eagerly swallowing some. He shot more sperm than I had ever seen before. I literally was dripping akkent escort from every orifice, covered in sweat and semen. I climbed back onto the filthy bed.

I had never been so sexually satisfied before. As much as I wanted to get up and clean up with a nice, hot shower, I was too exhausted, and fell into a deep sleep. As I drifted off, I thought about how I had become such a sexual freak.

I was a good girl, and yes, a virgin till I reached eighteen. Despite that, I have been constantly getting hit on since a young age. I guess you could say that I’ve always given off an aura of sexuality. I’ve always been told that I’m pretty. Waist length blonde hair (usually in a ponytail), fit body, and a face that rarely needs makeup.

I go to the gym, and while my breasts are not bad, guys (and some girls) always seem to focus on my ass. I can always feel a lot of eyes on it when I’m on the treadmill, (not that I mind!), and it was forever getting touched, pinched, felt, or ‘accidently’ getting bumped into at school.

I gave my virginity to my stepdad once I turned eighteen. He and My mom have since divorced. He finally got tired of the unpleasantness known as my mother. She walked in on us together (after the divorce), and I’m afraid she is plotting my death as we speak. It’s like waiting for a shoe to drop. Regardless, Ben will always be the true love of my life, and we still occasionally get together.

My latest sexual adventure, namely being with multiple guys at the same time, started back in June when my boyfriend, Kyle, had a house party. He threw a big, Texas style BBQ for me and my friends from college. He’s got a really nice place, with a big backyard and patio, great for an outdoor party.

Since it was a kind of Texas theme party (which makes sense since we are in Texas!), I wore some very short Daisy Dukes cutoff, cowboy boots, a black t-shirt, and a cowboy hat. Most of the other girls there were dressed similarly. Everybody had a great time. Two kegs of beer were drank, (none by me, beer tastes yucky ), and everyone stayed till the early morning.

We played poker for hours. Most of the partiers had left by two am. There were about 4 people who were in no shape to drive, so we let them crash out anywhere they could find a place to lay down. Kyle and I went to his bedroom. He had gotten very worked up seeing me in my naughty country girl outfit, dancing and flirting with lots of guys, so he was ready to get down and dirty, and so was I.

He took all my clothes off, but made me leave the boots on, and we started in with my favorite foreplay, a hot and delicious 69 session. After about twenty minutes of giving each other oral love, we were both ready to fuck. I was really thirsty, so I went to the kitchen to get a drink.

I had forgotten that other people were in the house, and was walking around in nothing except a pair of cowboy boots (they had never come off). As I was making my way back through the living room, I noticed one of the guys from my college, Sean, was lying on the couch. He was awake and grinning at me.

“Oh my God, Sean, I forgot you were here!”

“Wow, look at you, naked cowgirl. I think I must be dreaming!”

“I was just going back to bed, Kyle’s waiting for me.”

“Lucky Kyle. Let him wait a minute, sit down and talk to me.”

I always was a sucker for cute guys, so I demurely sat next to him, keeping my legs tight together.

“So…what do you want to talk about…”

“Oh, well, for starters, how much I’d like to kiss your mouth..”

“Well then, what’s stopping you?”

He leaned over and put his lips against mine. My mouth opened, and he slipped his tongue in. He put one hand against the back of my head, and slipped the other around my waist. It was so hot, and on the verge of leading to other things. I pulled back and got up.

“Oh, you are about to get me in lot of trouble, boy, I gotta go..”

When I got back to the bedroom, Kyle was still rock hard and ready. He was lying on his back, so I straddled him. He grabbed my ass cheeks and slowly entered me. I couldn’t help but think of Sean as I rode Kyle, how hot that kiss was.

A sudden, dirty thought entered my wicked little mind. Kyle was not the jealous type, and in fact enjoyed seeing me with other men. He had watched as I let the pizza delivery guy suck on my tits, as the shoe salesman licked my pussy, and he was there watching when I let a complete stranger at the Laundromat fuck me. It couldn’t hurt to ask.

“Baby….would you mind if we let my friend Sean come back here to play with us?”

“You mean you want both of us?” he asked.

I smiled.

“You know I can’t say no to you, go get him.”

I climbed off him, and went back out to the living room. Without saying anything, I took Sean’s hand and led him to the bedroom. I was sooo excited at what was about to happen. Two men at the same time, how sexy is that!

“Hey Sean. What’s up buddy?”

“Not much, so…is this cool with you?”

“What akkent escort bayan baby wants, baby gets!”

Sean peeled off his clothes, and I got on my knees in front of him. I started sucking and licking his cock. Not to brag or anything, but giving head is my specialty, and I’ve always been orally fixated. Kyle came over, and I was going back and forth between them.

Two hard cocks in my face, it was so wrong and so right at the same time! Soon I climbed onto the bed. I continued to blow Kyle, sticking my ass in the air, hoping Sean would get the hint. He did, and very slowly, pushed just the head in. I was done with teasing and foreplay, I needed a good, hard pounding. I think it surprised him when I backed up all the way on him. He got the message and started banging. He really knew what to do! I was in heaven, this was soo dirty.

Now, I need to go back a little here. My sex life had been pretty vigorous for the last couple years. I wanted to make sure my…um…love hole stayed nice and tight, so I started doing these things called Kegel exercises.

I was to the point now where I could really grip with my pussy, and since I started doing these exercises, my orgasms have become even more intense. They literally wrack my entire body. Guys thought it was amazing! I clenched down on Sean, and he howled.

“Ha! She just put the clench on ya, didn’t she?” Kyle laughed, knowing my newfound skill.

“Oh my God! She’s incredible!” Sean replied.

I could feel him meeting my intensity by fucking me harder. Sean started to stroke really hard and fast. I raised my ass higher.

“ohh yeah…right there….right there….” I moaned.

I think it was the way his balls were

slapping against my clit, or maybe the angle, but whatever it was, I came so hard that my juices spritzed around his dick, and my pussy started spasming.

“Oh wow!” Sean exclaimed.

“Yeah, when my girl cums, she really cums. Let me show you how it’s really done.”

They switched places, as this was turning into some kind of contest; who could make me cum the hardest. I really liked this contest! I could taste myself on Sean’s cock. Kyle, who knows just the right moves with me, pulled my ponytail as he fucked me hard.

His slaps across my ass cheeks brought me to the brink, and I came yet again. But between the reader and me, Sean’s was better, and I was going to want more of that.

The next weekend I was waiting for Kyle to come over. He phoned me instead.

“Hey baby, not going to make it this weekend, I’m taking the new girl from work down to Padre.”

I was a bit taken back. I don’t know why though. We were in a totally open relationship. Kyle encouraged me to explore my sexuality, even with other people, which I readily did. He never minded my occasional weekends with Ben when he was in town. He had even watched as I had sex with a total stranger, so it wasn’t fair for me to be jealous. But still….could it be that deep down, I was?

Feeling a bit sad, and more than a little horny (the thought of Kyle with some other girl), I decided not to sit around moping. There was a cool little pub just down the street from my apartment, and I was going to walk down and check it out. I couldn’t get last week’s experience with Kyle and Sean out of my head. Maybe I could repeat that performance!

I was disappointed when I walked in. It was nearly empty. Just a few drunk looking guys sitting at the bar, a group of loud women, and a gay couple I recognized from the apartments playing pool. I had never spoke to them before, just waved in passing.

At least I assumed they were gay, I mean when two well groomed, good looking guys share an apartment, you just assume they are. They saw me come in and waved. Oh well, maybe we could talk girl talk. I went over and said hi.

“Hi guys, you live in my apartment complex, right?”

They said they did, and asked if I wanted to play winner. They didn’t act fem or fey or anything, and they were both very good looking, so I said yes. Their names were Brett and Michael. Michael lost, so I got ready to take a shot after Brett broke.

Now, I’ve found that when a pretty girl in a short skirt acts like she doesn’t know how to play pool, there are usually plenty of volunteers to ‘show her how to shoot’. To my surprise Michael asked if I would mind if showed me how to shoot. He got behind me as I leaned over the table.

“Here, make a bridge with your left hand, like this.”

His groin was tight against my butt, and I could feel a hard bulge. The evening was beginning to show some promise! I’m pretty sure Brett let me win just so he could have a turn giving me some ‘pointers’. Judging from their crotches, I wasn’t so sure these guys were gay anymore. We sat down and chatted, and the conversation began to take a subtle turn.

“Can I get you another drink?” Brett asked.

“Oh yes, make it a double…I love doubles…” I hinted.

By now each of them had a hand on my thigh.

“So, escort akkent I’m just going to ask you…I thought you guys were gay.”

“Well, would a gay man kiss you like this!”

Michael said, before leaning in to lock lips with me. It was deep and soulful, and really got my engine purring.

“Hey dude, don’t be a hog.” Brett said. I turned towards him and was treated to another wonderful, wet kiss.

One of the loud women gave me a dirty look, another looked over with a hint of envy.

“Look guys…I don’t care which way you lean….you’re both getting me a little randy. Why don’t we stroll back to my apartment.”

They eagerly agreed, and we walked out hand in hand.

When we got inside, I led them to my bedroom, and the three of us sat on the edge of the bed. I took turns kissing both of them, while their hands explored my breasts. Brett then stood me up, while Michael stood behind me. They pulled my top off, and both started kissing my neck, front, back, and sides.

It sent chills down my spine. Brett’s kisses moved from my neck to my breasts. His oral ministrations soon had my breasts wet with his saliva, and my nipples were at full attention. Meanwhile, Michael licked and kissed his way down my spine. Soon they were both kneeling, covering my stomach and lower back with their tongues. Their need to go lower was obvious, as Brett unbuttoned my jeans , and they slowly pushed my jeans and panties down to my ankles.

Brett kissed his way down to the top of my landing strip, as Michael’s tongue explored my butt cheeks, slowly working his way inward. I bent over in order to present my flower to him. Brett moved behind me, and they took turns exploring my pussy and anus with tongues and fingers. They brought me to the edge of climax when I stopped them.

“My turn.” Was all I said as I got on my knees in front of them and pulled their pants down.

They were already hard when I took them in my mouth. Soon, they had both their cocks in my mouth at the same time. They had no problems with their cocks touching each other, which made me think they were bi. Not that it mattered in the least to me. Two dicks in the mouth was just the right medicine for a little nympho like me. Michael then picked me up in his strong arms and turned me upside down!

“Whooo!” I gasped.

I instinctively wrapped my legs around his neck. Our mouths found each other. I was in a standing, upside down sixty nine! It was a thrill, but I soon got a little dizzy and demanded to be let down. Brett was lying on the bed, so I straddled his head and we started sixty-nining. I soon felt another pair of hands on my hips.

I looked behind me and saw that Brett was ready to bang me doggy style. He pounded me for several minutes, then I felt Michaels lips on my pussy again. It was heavenly! They continued this treatment on me for a long time. The repetition of cock and tongue brought me to screaming orgasm. I was ready for them to baste me, so I got on my knees on the floor.

Now, I just love to seeing a cock shoot cum all over my face. After a few seconds of working them with my tongue and hands, they had both covered my face and tits with cum.

After washing my face off, I rejoined my two lovers on the bed. I sat between them on the bed, the three of us still naked. We chatted about the apartment complex, our neighbors, college, etc. The feeling of being between these two hot guys was getting me aroused again, and my hands found their way back to their strong thighs. Soon, the conversation was back to sex.

“So, is this the first time you’ve ever been with two guys?” Michael asked.

“Well…I guess this makes me sound really slutty…but no.”

“I don’t think its slutty, it just means you have a very eclectic sex life.” Brett said.

“Another question…have you ever done anal?”

“Oh… yes, a few times.”

“Did you like it?”

“Well, yes, especially if I’m feeling really naughty!”

“When you with those two guys before….did you do a double penetration?”

“A what?” I had never heard of this before.

“It’s when one guy fucks your pussy, while the other guy fucks your butt at the same time.” Michael explained.

I was instantly intrigued, but also doubtful if such a thing was possible.

“Wow, that sounds amazing, but I don’t know if I could do it….you guys are both pretty big, and you felt how tight I am…”

“Well, how about we just try some fingers first?”

“Oooh, that sounds fun!”

“Ok, just roll over and we’ll give it try!”

I rolled onto my tummy and raised my butt up. Michael slowly inserted a finger into my puss. After a little bit of fingering, he put a second one in. He kept going until I was really wet again.

“Ok, now just relax your asshole…”

He slipped another finger into my butt. It felt wonderful. When I looked back at him and saw how hard his cock was, I knew he was enjoying this to. This was sooo dirty, I know God will never forgive me for my behavior. My bottom wiggled with joy as he finger-fucked both of my holes.

“What do you think dude, maybe you better try this?” he suggested.

Brett took over and continued this digital exercise. I was extremely wet, horny, and ready for cocks to replace these fingers. They asked if I thought I was ready to try this, and I purred that I was most definitely ready.

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