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Yesterday after work I went to the post office to check my post box, I do this most days after work. Yesterday among the bills was a little white note card, saying I had a parcel for collection . I buy lots of stuff online so these little cards are a very common find in my PO box. I love getting them it is like Christmas, I wonder what it could be, I am waiting on some books, computer parts, Camera lens or maybe my toy as arrived.

I feel a spark of anticipation build in me as I enter the post office and head straight to the back where the collections desk is. Luckily there is no line, I hand the card over to a board middle age looking woman, who takes the card with out saying anything and heads out to the back room to collect my parcel. I savour the excitement of the moment, an old gentleman lines up behind me, what is taking her so long I wonder. Have they lost my package, how long does it take to go get a parcel – what’s she doing out the back, maybe it is my new toy and she is out the back with her friends laughing at me.

After what seems an eternity she comes back with a large~ish cardboard box and hands it to me. I put it in my lap and push my wheelchair to the side so she can serve the next person. Other than packing labels and customs declarations the box is plain and unmarked. I don’t think it is my book that’s coming from Amazon their box usually has their logo. I flip it over and look for the label saying where it was coming from, my computer parts are coming from Hong Kong and my new camera lens from Japan. But the label says Sweden, well I guess it’s my new toy. But such a huge box.

I want to open it right away. The little voice in my head Bostancı Yabancı Escort say “No what if it is you new toy people will see – so embarrassing” but the other voice in my head says “No one will know what it is, it just looks like a digital radio or something – go on open it”

I put it back in my lap, the sensible voice wins, but the box keeps taunting me from my lap as I head for the exit. “OPEN ME”

I make it back to my apartment, a little surprised that the box taunting me from my lap has made it this far with out being opened – not for long. I un-sling my messenger bag from the back of my wheelchair and dump it at the door. I go straight through the living room and into the bedroom, stopping at the bed. I pick up the box, I weigh it in my hand it’s very light like it’s almost empty, I turn the box over and then realize to my horror – packing tape – everywhere. I’m not getting this open with out help. I put it back in my lap and go to the kitchen for a sharp knife. At the kitchen table I slit the packing tape at the seams, now the box’s secrets are mine to have. I open the box to find another box. This new box is bright blue, with large bright yellow text emblazoned across the front saying “ZEUSE ELECTROSEX”. Lucky I didn’t open the box at the post office 😉

I open the blue box and dump the content on the table, so much unnecessary packing for a small toy the device is very much like a digital radio about 5 inches across. It is silver coloured plastic and has some buttons arranged around a digital screen. I’m thankful that batteries are included, I put the batteries in the device. I discard the instruction manual Bostancı Yeni Escort away, not time to read that, real men don’t need instructions, besides I’ve already read the instructions online. I grab the electrodes and place them and the box in my lap and head back to the bedroom.

I park my chair parallel to the bed and lock the brakes, putting the toy on the bed. I lean forward and remove my shoes and socks, I stuff them under the bed, no time to put them neatly away in the cupboard. I lean on to the bed and transfer quickly my limp legs falling out of the wheelchair and tangling up under me. I shimmy up the bed a little so I won’t fall off when I let go of my hold, then straighten my legs. I quickly remove my shirt and throw it up to the other end of the bed. My belt is next, I unbuckle it and whip it through the loops like a lion tamer at the circus, it joins my shirt.

I unbutton my pants and unzip, sliding my thumbs down the small of my back and gathering up both waist bands of my pants and underwear, I push them down under my butt and shimmy and push them underneath me. Sliding them down my thighs and over my knees, at this point I let go and they fall under their weight to pool at my feet. I lean back and pull my self up the bed until the back of my knees catch on the side of the bed and I can’t go any further.

I look down at my nakedness, my limp cock is sleeping on my upper right thigh, it usually prefers my right side. I like to keep my pubic area clean shaven. I notice a little bit of stubble on my pubic area, I’ll have to shave again tonight or tomorrow at the latest. I pick up the large electrode and peal off Bostancı Masaj Salonu the backing paper like pealing off a postal label. I stick it to the pubic area at the base of my limp cock. then repeating the process with the long thin electrode, I stick it around the ridge of the helmet head of my penis. It is a strange site to see my cock lying it my lap with electrodes connected, strange but also exciting..

I plug in the electrodes and turn the toy on .. it starts blinking slowly blink.. blink.. blink…


I turn the intensity up a bit …


I turn it up to half way blink blink twitch with each blink of the toy my cock twitched, it was exciting to watch

blink twitch blink twitch my cock twitched under the control of the toy, each twitch making my penis grow a little longer and a little fatter. blink blink twitch twitch – before long my member was standing to attention, so hard you could hang a wet towel off it . I played with the different settings on the toy; acupuncture, tapping, scraping, etc. I switched it to auto mode blink blink .. bllllinnnk – twitch twitch twwwiiitttccchhh my cock twitched and jinked to the beat of the toy

A tear of precum formed at the eye of my hard cock. I watch in fascination as my ridged hard cock twitches to the beat of the toy.

My cock continued twitching and jinking all the time. All of a sudden my left foot raised up off the floor and my leg went ridged as a ram rod.

My foot contorted in a powerful cramp and my left leg spasmed in sympathy with my cock. At the same time an eruption of hot milky cum squirted onto my chest and dribbled down to my belly button. My cock still twitched under the control of the toy but I was spent, my leg spasm was starting to wane.

I switched off the toy and pealed off the electrodes, putting them away carefully. I looked down at my nakedness, my limp legs and my hard cock.

Time to clean up and bathe I think .

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