Tom and Jane – The Invitation

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“Roger hit on us today.”

“He what?”

“He said, ‘We are into the lifestyle. Are you?'”

“What does that mean?”

“That’s what I asked him.”


“He said, ‘We are swingers. Denise and I want you and Jane to come to our house for an evening of sexual play.'”




“Amazing! Right?”

“Yeah.” Jane had a facial expression I had never seen before.

“At first I thought he was kidding. But he was dead serious.”

“What did you tell him?”

What did she think I told him?


“What did you tell him?” She was insistent!

“Uhhhhh. Well, I was a bit stunned. And I didn’t want to offend him, so I said that I appreciated the offer but I would have to talk to you before I could give him an answer to his invitation.”

“Good response! Talking to me is always a good idea. Has he ever mentioned before that they do that kind of thing?” Her voice had increased in clarity.

“Thinking about it, there were comments I interpreted differently. I have not suspected.”

“What else did he say?” The tone of her voice surprised me.

“He said they want us to visit next Saturday, late afternoon. He said it was most fun when no one was tired.”

“Amazing!” Then in a very soft whisper, “Yes!”


“I am hot and wet! You gotta fuck me now.”


“When does Roger want an answer?”

“By Monday. Why?”

“It’s only polite to give him an answer.”

“Oh, OK.”

“So, I think we should talk about it.”

“Talk about it?”

“It won’t hurt to talk about it.”


“Meaning, we should talk about what Roger is offering?”


“He and his wife are suggesting we use them for mutual satisfaction. Is that correct?”

“Well, yeah. Are you unhappy with our sex life?”

“No! We fucked pretty-good just now. Be alerted I’ll be ready to go again soon.” That was unusual.

“Do you think about screwing other men?”


“Have you had sex with another man during our marriage?”

“No. But dozens of guys have hit on me. Mostly I was flattered.”

“Did you want to?”

“Sure! I’m a woman and I have fantasies. But, neither of us has refused too often. You always satisfy me. And thinking about the work involved, and the possible downside, in screwing somebody else has put me off even when tempted.

“What about you? Have you had sex with another woman since we’ve been married?”


“Do you think about other women?”

“Well, yeah! I think about sex every few minutes. I fantasize about your friends. I fantasize about you. I fantasize about strangers. But I have never seriously thought about being with another woman. For all the same reasons.

“Are you really interested in doing this?”

“We’ve been married ten years. We got responsibilities. We got kids. We got each other. What could happen if someone we know found-out? What would be the consequences? What could we lose? How could our lives change?”

“I assume they would tell no one else. But can we trust them? I know I wouldn’t tell anyone. Do you think you would?”

“That is a great question.”

“What does that mean?”

She paused, moving her face in new and mysterious ways.

“I can imagine we will enjoy ourselves so immensely we will want to tell others are friends. That could be a really bad idea.” She’s speaking like we are going to do this.

“I do not want anyone Escort Sincan knowing my wife has fucked other guys and I know about it. That would just be weird. And embarrassing.”

“Yes. If my friends got just a hint they would ask too many questions. I might not be able to resist. You know how girls talk.”

“And then what if any of them want to fuck us? Not sure I could handle that.”

“This could get very stupid very quickly.”

“OK. I will tell Roger we will not accept.”

“We’re not done talking about this.” That face again.

“Really? After everything you just said about your fear of other’s knowing, you still are thinking about doing it?”

“I want to talk some more.”

“What else is there to say?”

“When will we get another invitation like this?”

“Probably never.”

“Exactly why we have to be sure about our response to Roger.”

“You do understand it will mean another man is going to put his penis in you and probably squirt his cum in you. Are you ready for that?”

“Right now I am ready for you to do that to me again.”


“So, Roger wants an answer on Monday? What time?”

“Why are you still thinking about doing this?”

Her eyes were wide, her face excited. “How can I stop imagining watching your cock move in and out of Denise’ pussy? You on top of her. Her moaning. You grunting. Wonderful orgasms for all!”


“Yes! I have some pretty powerful images about this. They will be difficult to forget.”

“That is just fantasy. Why are you doing this to yourself?”

“They are great images. Especially the image of Roger’s cock moving in and out of ME! Damn that is hot!”


“Wasn’t that like some of the best sex we’ve had in years, just now?”

“You were on fire. Haven’t had you ride me that hard since we were doing that outside thing.”

“I was thinking about you and me and Roger and Denise, all naked and touching and kissing and fucking.”

Almost commanding, “It does not have to be just fantasy! We have been asked to fuck strangers we probably can trust. What can be more exciting?”

“Roger’s not a stranger. I know Roger.”

“Yes, you do. But I don’t. And you do not know Denise. We will be fucking strangers. That is like way exciting.”


“Yeah! Isn’t it obvious we are having a great time just thinking about it? The real thing will be even better. They are experienced. It will be best to be with someone who knows what to do.”

“You’re talking yourself into doing it.”

“This is something we will do together. This is something we will share. If we do not like it, we can just stop. Right?” Again with the open, excited face.

“You really want to do this?”

“You need to put your cock in me. Now!”




We arrived on time. Removed our coats. We followed Denise to their “family” room. Two long, deep, sofas with lots of pillows facing each other, end tables all around, with the coffee table at the far end. We sat on one sofa, Denise on the other. Soon Roger brought a tray of various drinks and placed them on the “coffee” table. He asked what we wanted and served, then sat with Denise.

“Are you nervous?”

“Yes!” We both said at the same time. Everyone chuckled.

“So how do we do this?” Jane was wearing that face.

Denise answered, “Since you are new to this, we will go slowly. We have a few drinks. We talk. Eryaman Escort We relax.”

Roger said, “If then we are all feeling OK, you and I will trade places to sit next to each other’s wife and start kissing and touching. If we all feel comfortable, we continue. Anyone can say ‘stop’ at any time.”

We drank some wine and asked the expected questions. ‘How long have you been doing this? Do you do this often? Can we trust you to be discreet?’ And so on.

Denise asked Jane if she wanted to take the next step. She look at me and said, “Yes, I do.”

Roger and I switched places.

Since Roger and Denise took the lead, kissing and caressing us.

Jane had worn a front buttoning blouse and no bra. Roger’s fingers worked the buttons. His hands moved in to cup her bare breasts. Her moans told me she was not going to stop.

We all continued to kiss and touch and disrobe. Finally we were all naked. Jane was obviously enjoying Roger rubbing her pussy. As if I was not already hard enough, watching my Jane get kissed and fingered by Roger, expanded my penis to its total size. The base was starting to ache!

Denise moved my gaze toward her breasts, “Suck my tits.” Her breasts are about the same size as Jane’s. I was really getting into it when Denise said, “Look.” Jane was now lying on her back with her legs spread. Denise leaned down to suck on me as I watched Roger move between Jane’s legs and push his cock into her.

Since they were parallel to us I couldn’t see his cock going in her, but I knew it was. He started moving his hips. He was fucking my wife! His butt moving up and down. His cock stoking in and out of her. He was fucking my Jane. I became frozen watching my beautiful wife being fucked by another man as Denise worked my cock with her wonderful mouth.

Soon Jane was moaning like she does when she is getting close. Roger increased the speed and force of his thrusts. When Jane started grunting I knew she was cumming and I started squirting into Denise’ mouth. We were cumming together! Our first time with others and we were cumming together! OH, I did not want that moment to end.

We stared at each other. Both of us panting and amazed at what we just did. I closed my eyes and let my head fall back breathing deeply.

After a few minutes Denise pushed me to lay on the sofa, moved to straddle my face, pulled her pussy lips wide and rubbed her clit across my chin and into my mouth. She put her hands behind my head and pulled my face hard against her. “Lick my clit!” I did.

“Roger, I am sitting on his face! He is licking my clit! Roger! Hi tongue is licking my clit! Roger!”

Denise again moved her clit to my chin and rubbed and then slid it up across my chin and nose and back to push it against my mouth. I sucked it hard.

“Roger he is sucking my clit! My clit! He is sucking my clit! Roger!”

Again Denise rubbed her clit to my chin and up past my nose and back to hold her pussy hole above my mouth. I reflexively stuck my tongue in as far as I could.

“Roger, his tongue is fucking my pussy hole! Roger! Roger!”

She matched my tongue’s thrusts. Lifting her butt and smashing her pussy against my face.

I could hear Jane increasing the loudness and frequency of her moans as Roger continued to fuck her. She was going to cum again, already!

Denise repeatedly rubbed her pussy across my chin and nose. I held my tongue flat and pushed at whatever was passing over my mouth. She was wet and slippery and pushing Keçiören Escort and rubbing faster and faster.

“Roger! I’m fucking his face! I’m fucking his face! Roger, I am going to cum soon. Roger tell me when! Roger I’m fucking his face! He is licking my pussy! Roger! Roger! Roger!”

“Denise, I’m going to cum in her! I’m going to cum in her! Denise! I am cumming in her now!”

Denise stopped with her clit over my mouth and pushed down hard, pulling on my head with both hands. I pushed with my tongue as hard as I could rubbing it side-to-side. She started quivering and squealing.

I could hear Roger grunting loudly as he pounded his cum into my wife.

Jane was yelling, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”, as she joined Roger’s orgasm.

All three of them groaned and moaned and panted for a minute of shared ecstasy.

Denise fell forward to lay her head and breasts on the sofa above my head. This raised her pussy over my eyes. I could see her pussy lips were swollen and red and dripping.

Everyone lay panting for a few minutes, including me. Her pussy covering my mouth and nose had made it difficult to catch my breath.

We rested. Just when I thought I could move, Denise moved to sit on me with her pussy on my cock and started rubbing. I was way hard way fast.

“Good, you’re ready.” Denise moved her legs to squat on me. She grabbed me and pushed herself onto my happiest part, laid her head on my shoulder, and said, “Fuck me now.” I gripped her ass and started pumping my hips, thrusting my cock up into her. She was positioned just right. In and out and in and out. I was totally focused on what my penis was doing. All of my body was focused on what my penis was doing. I was fucking this gorgeous woman. And she wanted me to do it! And she didn’t want me to stop! How exciting is that?

“Roger! His cock is in me! He is fucking me! Roger! Roger!”

Denise again took control, pushing my cock in as far as it could go, and grinding that luscious pussy against me. She was obviously on her way to another orgasm. She was hot. She was fucking. She was fucking! She was fucking! It did not matter at that moment who or what or where. She was fucking her way to an orgasm. No stopping her now.

“Roger! I am fucking him! His cock is in me! Roger! Roger!”

My face was covered with pussy juice, my cock was moving into and out of a wonderfully equipped pussy, and my wife was lying naked with another man’s cock in her, watching me fucking another woman! This is not a fantasy.

I was pushing hard against this woman. Pushing my cock into her as far as possible. We were grinding each other. Her pussy and clit rubbing against me like I have always wanted.

“Roger! He’s making me cum! He’s making me cum! Roger! Roger! I’m cumming! Rogerrrrrrrrrrraaaa hhhhoooohhhhh!”

Again she started squealing, pushing her groin down on me with all her might.

It didn’t take much of that before I was exploding in her! I had to have lifted her at least a foot with each of my cumming thrusts. I bounced and jerked and pushed my cock into this amazingly beautiful woman.

I was pushing my cum into her! With every pounding of my hips I was putting part of me in her. I was fucking cumming in a woman not my wife! Again! Again!

I was spent. Breathing like I would never recover.

She lay on me, gasping, matching my own fast, deep panting.

Both of us were having little hip spasms that resulted in both of us moaning. I did not want to move.


When we were both starting to breathe normally, Roger said, “That was great! You guys were really rutting. Very good show.”

Jane had a big grin on her face. And then very wide eyes. No doubt the result of Roger starting to fuck her again.


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