Together Ssn 04 Ch. 01 – Hotter in the Sun


***All characters depicted herein are of age, 18 years old at least, and all sexual activities portrayed are consensual. Enjoy!***

A soft thrum of an air conditioning unit hums, catching the attention of Pleasant, 24, and Frankie, 21, stirring them from their deep sleep. They open their eyes to the brushed steel furnishings, light grey ceramic tiles, and floor-to-ceiling glass wall of the hotel room they are staying in, with a cool, futuristic quality to the space as they settle their eyes to the soft greys of their surroundings, before being drawn to the pale yellow and deep blue beyond the tall glass, angled outward as the panels rise to the ceiling, giving the couple a perfectly framed view of beach sand, morning tide, and clear sky, unbroken and picturesque.

Pleasant greets Frankie with a kiss, feeling refreshed from her rest, as well as drinking in the feeling of her wife’s lips. Both naked amidst the crumpled sheets, the two women tumble down onto them and smooth them out with their bodies as they wriggle and writhe, rolling around, and sweeping their legs as if swimming in the soft white sheets, whilst their arms rub and brush each other from elbow to hand, with the palms, slightly clammy and sticky, smearing dried sweat all over each other.

Frankie finds herself on top amidst the course of their fumbling, thirsty for the fullness of her husband’s hot body in this hotel bed on their honeymoon. She giggles hungrily as her lips press to Pleasant’s chest, taking in the firm feeling of her lip’s flesh on her husband’s sticky skin; the lips cling to the bosom of her lover each time she lifts her face away, peeling from Pleasant with a reluctance before they are delightfully returned with another peck, and again, and again, and more. Each time feels as exciting as the first until Frankie settles around the nipples, teasing one, then the other, then alternating between them with quick nips on the hardened teets.

Pleasant is not entirely content with the molestation of her wife’s mouth on her pert breasts, and grabs an opportunity to take Frankie by surprise, hoisting her up by the waist to sit with her legs straddling her chest, and allowing her wife’s wonderful boobs to hang softly above her mouth to gorge herself on the saltiness of the sweat-sodden skin. Hearing the giddy giggles from Frankie become moans as the moistness from Pleasant’s tongue tickles the tits totally.

Frankie feels an ache stirring in her groin, growing an agonising desperation, so she sits up, and walks her legs up over her husband’s shoulders, presenting her pussy to Pleasant for her to please with her tongue. The husband obliges the unspoken want with a trained dart from the tip of the tongue to touch the feeble flesh of the vagina, and, with a flick, part the labia for a moment, then matching the motion on the other side, tasting the broiling wetness dripping with each flick as it peppers Pleasant’s mouth. Frankie arches back and rests her hands on her husband’s waist, holding firmly in place her crotch as best she can as her thighs twitch and tremble with further frequency and force.

Pleasant feels Frankie thrusting herself harder onto her head with each passing moment, allowing her greater contact from her tongue and lips to the lips of her wife, but uncomfortably so. Seizing the waist of her wife with both hands, she lifts her up, and sits herself up, with Frankie leaning to wrap her hands around Pleasant’s head like a koala clinging to a tree, and the husband playfully throws her wife down onto the bed before her, cushioned by the cloud-like softness, eliciting child-like giggles.

Resuming where she left off, Pleasant returns to tend to the welcoming wetness and warmth of her wife’s vagina, slurping up the secretions thirstily, savouring the sweet and salty tastes as the flesh from the tongue and lips intermix. Pleasant works her way up criss-crossing her tongue’s licking motions to lash her wife’s clitoris. Whilst working on that, she introduces her fingers to Frankie’s opening and invites herself in, making herself feel at home as the fingertips nestle into the sensitive g-spot.

Frankie is overcome by the brewing inside her belly of the warm tides swirling like a storm, whirling around inside her, building in ferocity as the feelings churn and pulse pleasantly, promoting a sense of relaxation amidst the compulsion to clench every muscle in her body, a contradiction of tension and release, tension and release, tension and…

Release coming as refreshing relief as the orgasm swills out, washing Pleasant’s face with burst after burst after burst spraying her. Beads of the juices cling all over Pleasant’s face as it drips onto the bed, and Frankie laughs hard from the sheer elation and excitement from their morning play, settling down after a moment to say with a giggle, “Good morning.”

Pleasant wipes her face with her hand, and replies with a smile, “Good morning. That was fun to wake up to, but now I need a shower.”

Frankie pouts and playfully purrs, “Aww, but I didn’t kazak escort get to make you cum. I want to give you all of my love.”

Pleasant jokes as she gets up from the bed and heads to the en suite, “You already gave me all of your love,” indicating the dripping juice covering her face, saying, “That is more than enough for me. Perhaps later you can return the favour when we go to catch a tan? We also have the spa to check out too. I intend to be utterly relaxed in all but one place after that. I doubt they will be that thorough,” dreamily smiling as she daydreams about the day’s activities.

Frankie giggles, and says, “You are always so good to me. I have never felt a love like this.” She sees how the soft sunlight, filtered by the angle of the roof, gently graces Pleasant’s figure with cool rays, and thinks of how beautiful she looks adorned the block of light trailing across her, bathing her in a pleasing radiance.

Pleasant turns to head into the en suite bathroom, and calls back to her wife, “You never will.”

Frankie smiles harder, smitten with her feelings for Pleasant, and she settles herself down at the head of the bed, gathering the sheets to grace her skin with a coolness, and grabbing her smartphone from the bedside table. She scrolls on social media, checking in on what’s going on in her mentions, and she sees her best friend, Tiffany, online, so she calls her.

The tone from the phone’s speaker beeps, beeps, beeps, and clicks as a soft female voice asks, “Hello?”

Frankie answers, “Tiffany, hi! Is this a good time?”

Tiffany replies, “It’s early morning here. I’m up getting ready for work. It must be nearly noon there? I have time to talk though.”

Frankie checks the time to see her friend was correct in her assumption, and says, “Gosh, yeah! We really slept in well. We just woke up and had some hot sex, and Pleasant is in the shower now. I’m calling from bed. It’s cool enough in here but still we got pretty sticky from our sleep. It’s beautiful though,” gazing out of the window at the warm colours framed in the glass by the cool steel.

Tiffany giggles, and remarks, “Sounds nice.”

Frankie looks a little more serious, and enquires, “Actually, there is something I have been wanting to ask you, but didn’t know how to until now. It’s about the hen do. How you were with me then. Do you love me?”

Tiffany immediately and candidly replies, “Of course, I love you.”

Frankie almost trembles from her heart as she asks again, “Do you love me, love me?”

Tiffany takes a deep breath, and a moment to think, considering her words before giving her answer, “I do love you. Some part of me loves you in that way, yes.”

Frankie almost hesitates to ask in return, “Some… some part… of you?”

Tiffany tells her friend, “I have loved your brother for so much longer than any feelings like that for you, and my feelings for him go much deeper. I think those feelings I do have for you do feel really good, but Craig is who I want to spend the rest of my life with,” and she pauses, listening to silence, and she asks, “Why ask me this now, on your honeymoon?”

Frankie feels a knot in her throat, but swallows past it as she breathily responds, “I… was just wondering how you really felt about me. I would be lying to myself if I said I didn’t have some of those feelings for you. If I didn’t have Pleasant, I would want you,” and she gulps before asking, “So, you would always choose Craig over me?”

Tiffany assuredly answers, “Frankie, I hope that choice never needs to be made,” and concernedly asks, “Is something wrong?”

Frankie gazes out of the window, drawn out of the bed to stand at the edge of the glass, peering out over the fullness of the view, and she breathes, “No. Nothing is wrong. Everything is perfect.”

Tiffany is not reassured by her friend’s words, but says in return, “I am truly happy for you. Is there anything else you want to talk about?”

Frankie smiles, and asks, “So, it is good you are back at work.”

Tiffany giggles, and excitedly says, “Yeah, it is such a good feeling. Even when I get so tired I want to keel over, it is just so fulfilling to know that the work I do affects so many people’s lives.”

Frankie checks with her friend, “How is everything with the pregnancy?”

Tiffany allays any concern by saying, “I’m feeling pretty good, thanks. I’ve had a few bouts of morning sickness, usually hitting me late in the day, reminding me to go home and rest. I actually have an appointment at the fertility clinic tomorrow to make sure everything is as it should be. It’s barely been a couple of months but it feels like forever so far. I just want to get it out of me and raise it already,” giggling at the prospect of becoming a parent.

Frankie swoons, happy to hear her friend’s news, and tells her, “I’m sorry. I was selfish to ask about your feelings for me. I realise now everything you have in your life, and I am proud to be a part of it.”

Tiffany istanbul bayan escort seriously says, “Frankie, you are more than just a part of my life. You mean the whole world to me. So does Craig, and Lucy, and George. You are all my family, and I love you all so much. You shouldn’t apologise to ask about my feelings, or confide in me your own; I want to know, and I will listen, and I won’t judge. I have had so much negativity affecting my life with you, with all of you, that I just want to focus on the positives as much as I can. We are living a good life. You are married to a very sexy woman. You have fun with her.”

Frankie giggles, and says to Tiffany, “You always know what to say. I love you.”

Tiffany says, “I love you, too. See ya.”

Frankie returns the farewell, “See ya,” and presses her smartphone screen to end the call, clutching her phone to her chest as she stares out at the vista in her view.

The time slips away from Frankie as Pleasant returns refreshed and clean from her shower, noticing her wife standing staring at the sandy view. She notices how she looks almost silhouetted by the sunlight at her front darkening her back, and the wisps of her messy hair sticking up are all individually caught by the light against the bright and colourful beach backdrop. She dabs herself off with a towel she is carrying with her, and she tosses it onto the bed, approaching her wife from behind for a warm embrace.

Frankie is comforted by her husband’s hold on her, and, as she feels Pleasant plant a sweet kiss on her neck, she sighs contented by Pleasant’s presence behind her, saying, “It would be so nice to be like this forever,” and enjoys the embrace for a moment more before letting her husband know, “But, for now, I will freshen up for you too.” She spins on the spot, and pecks a kiss on Pleasant’s mouth, smelling the fresh mint aroma from her toothpaste, and she goes to the bathroom, leaving Pleasant to get dressed.

After the couple are cleaned and clothed in their summerwear, they go to the hotel canteen, catering for themselves from a selection of breakfast foods still available as lunchtime closes in on them, choosing to consume cereal and sliced fruit with creme fraiche, clean and nutritious to ready them for the day ahead.

The afternoon is to be spent in the hospitality of the hotel’s spa staff, who welcome Frankie and Pleasant warmly, and make them feel at ease. Encouraged to disrobe, they are invited to lay down on massage tables, allowing themselves to become lost in feelings of relaxation as the masseuses work their muscles from their scalps to their toes to release and dissipate all tension within them.

Frankie feels all of her worries lifting away from her as oils are massaged into her skin, and welcomes the comforting warmth from heated stones radiating into her body to penetrate deep inside of her figure. She loses any sense of time and place as she feels a burdensome weight billow from her body like smoke, wafting away through the vents with the smoke from the burning of scented candles, filling her head with sweet aromas evoking memories of happier times.

Pleasant feels herself more relaxed than at any other time she can recall. Her thoughts coalesce on her desires with her wife, and feeling her hopes for their future pouring into her to replace her worries and anxieties. She feels emboldened with confidence from the pressure forced onto her muscles, pushing out the piled-up cocoon she has built for herself to protect her and Frankie for all of these years, and now she is feeling free for the first time in a long time, empowered and empassioned.

Suitably stress-free after their spa visit, Pleasant and Frankie think about strolling out onto the sands of the beach up to the shoreline, with the rest of the afternoon ahead of them, and the sun still shining from on high, and strong. Stepping out of the hotel lobby, they emerge onto a large patio of white ceramic tiles, holding the heat from the high sun, hot to the touch from their bare feet. Walking hand in hand, the couple wander out into the idyllic paradise, down from the tiles, following steps down to the beach as hot tiles are replaced by bright sands. A gentle, but warm, breeze graces their skin, barely disturbing their hair as they walk, and their path is recorded by perfect prints from their bare feet in the sand.

Down at the ocean’s edge, families who are also staying at the hotel play with each other, finding refuge from the heat in the wash of the calm water. Scenes of parents playing with their children with inflatable balls and frisbees, frolicking in the water, splashing each other, and treading the water to paddle and submerge themselves beneath the surface. Pleasant watches with Frankie, and comments on what they watch, hearing the inimitable sounds of children’s shouts, screams, and laughter, saying, “We could have that.”

Almost half-hearing her husband, Frankie asks, “We could have what?”

Pleasant clarifies, “I don’t think I have azeri escort ever seriously considered having children. I certainly didn’t think I would be with anyone who I could have them with. Since I was so young, I have always felt alone. Now I have you, and I feel like a completely new person. I don’t even recognise myself. I look at those people playing with their children in the sea, and I… feel like I want that.”

Frankie asks, “What are you saying?”

Pleasant ponders a thought aloud, “Perhaps it is not so crazy to think that we could have children of our own one day?”

Frankie remarks, “We would need to really have a proper talk about everything that could go into us having children,” probing with the question, “Would you want to try adopting?”

Pleasant thinks about it for a moment, and replies, “I… don’t know… It doesn’t seem proper to me to raise someone else’s child. I would want one of our own,” and rubs her belly, looking down at it as she goes on to consider, “I just don’t know how I feel about being a mother.”

Frankie rubs her husband’s shoulder caringly, and asks, “Hmm, would you be willing to look into our options with me?”

Pleasant proposes, “Perhaps this is a conversation we can have at home. We have a honeymoon to enjoy.”

Frankie takes Pleasant’s hand and they run along the pristine sands, smartphone in hand, snapping photos of the perfect scene with her husband in frame, and taking selfie’s with her too, full of smiles and laughter. Frankie posts these photos on social media, almost immediately seeing Tiffany giving a like on the album, commenting:

Tiffany Bright: Aww these are so cute xx love seeing you having fun hehe.

Frankie Reid-Cummings: Thanks babe xx we are having so much fun hehe.

Tiffany Bright: I bet ;))))

Frankie gets a call from her mother, Lucy, and she picks up, putting her on speakerphone so Pleasant can hear, saying, “Hi Mom. You are on speaker so Pleasant can hear you.”

Pleasant hugs her wife’s shoulders and says into the phone, “Hello, Lucy, or, is that Mom now, I’m not sure?”

Lucy responds, “Hi, girls. Calling me, ‘Mom,’ is a bit weird I must say, Pleasant. Lucy is fine,” giggling in good humour, continuing to say, “George and I just finished a meeting and saw your posts, so I thought I would call and check up on you. How is your honeymoon so far?”

Frankie tells her mother, “Oh, the honeymoon is going great. It is so good to finally be here. We got in pretty late last night and slept in most of the morning, waking up to a little play which felt so good. Then we had breakfast, and went to the spa for a couple of hours, which also felt really good and almost orgasmic. Now we are just soaking up sun on the beach, taking in the natural beauty,” she says as she shoots a cheeky wink at her husband.

Lucy can’t see, but she senses, “Did you just check out Pleasant when you talked about taking in the natural beauty?”

Frankie giggles, and Pleasant replies, “She did. You called it pretty spot on.”

Lucy playfully admonishes her daughter, “Naughty girl,” and says with shock away from her phone’s speaker, “George! This isn’t exactly the right time…”

Frankie asks, “Mommy? What’s going on?”

Lucy gasps with some sloppy noises and crackling as her grip alters around her handset, and after a moment, she answers, “Your dad is wanting to get sucked off. His cock is in my face, mmm,” going quiet again with more wet sounds.

Pleasant curiously asks, “Where are you?”

The slopping sounds continue along with the crackling of Lucy’s grip around her smartphone as she waves it around, and she eventually replies, “Conference room D. We just finished up a meeting, and are the only ones left in here.”

Pleasant reminds Lucy, “You do know there are cameras in every room?”

Lucy moans, and responds breathily, “We are both consenting adults. Oh… Your father just walked past. I don’t think he minds. He’ll probably turn a blind eye… Ow! That’s if I don’t get a blind eye. Stop waving that thing around… Girls, have a good rest of your honeymoon, and we will speak later. Bye, come here you impatient fucker.”

Frankie and Pleasant giggle, and say, “Bye,” just before the phoneline goes dead, embracing for a kiss, and snapping more selfies to show off on social media.

Eventually, the couple settle into a spot on the beach, and they bathe in the sun’s rays, basking in the heat. They cuddle and kiss on the sands through into the evening, as the sun begins to hang low above the horizon, bringing a blanket of dark behind them, and cool air to soothe their bronzing skin.

Frankie finds herself alone on the beach with her beloved husband, and is eager to return the favour of an orgasm from earlier, so she begins to play more intimately, teasing aside the bikini bottoms to trace the labia up and down.

Drawn in by her arousal from her wife, Pleasant slips her bikini bottoms down to her ankles, showing to Frankie the tan-lines that have formed over the course of the afternoon, and she lays back to allow Frankie to be more vigorous with her teasing. Pleasant sees the mixing of the blue and black in the sky overhead, and feels the wisps of warmth and the caress of cool air glide over her skin like thousands of fingers softly stroking her.

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