Threeway with Best Friends



During my twenties, I was married to a little pistol with an amazing sexual appetite. Teri was petite but had an awesome set of 34B breasts, a slim waist, and a firm but just-right curvy ass. She was flirty, with a mischievous smile, wavy strawberry blond hair, and haunting brown eyes. We had had various sexual adventures, visited nude beaches and resorts both together and with friends, and talked openly about our fantasies.

My best friend Dave’s birthday was approaching, and in the past Teri had flirted with him quite a bit. Teri and I had talked about how she would really like to suck and fuck him; Dave and I had talked about the same thing during some of our evenings of partying the way 20-somethings do. During that time in our lives, skinny-dipping with a group of friends was not uncommon, and Dave was part of that group. Teri had taken those opportunities to get very close to him in the water, and I was sure (and it was later confirmed) that there was more than a little touchy-feely going on between them.

Dave and I were similar in body-types: tall and slender but fairly athletic: Dave was a runner and I was more of a racquet-sports guy, and we were both avid skiers. In the cock department, we’re both about 7″; I’m a little thicker but I don’t think either one of us had complaints!

One day, a few days before Dave’s birthday, Teri and I were drinking some wine and watching some porn, getting grabby with each other. A threesome scene came on, and Teri stopped me and pointed to the screen and said “Now THAT looks like a good time!” On the screen were two guys. One was fucking a beautiful girl from behind while the other was getting a wet, sloppy blowjob. The girl was moaning and putting her all into both activities; she would alternately finger herself and rub the guy’s balls she was blowing. The guy fucking her was all smiles; looking down at her beautiful ass and his dick going in and out of her wet cunt, then looking at his buddy’s cock fucking that amazing mouth, then back again to himself.

I looked at Teri and said “I couldn’t agree with you more!”

She watched the on-screen sex for another minute, and then said “You know, Dave’s birthday is coming up soon. We’ve talked about bringing him in for some fun, and I know you two pervs have talking about banging me more than once, so let’s make it happen – I think we should ask him over here after work and give us all a present!”

I couldn’t have agreed with her faster, and we made a plan to have him over for a night we hoped would be remembered by all!

The day of Dave’s birthday, Teri spent extra time getting herself ready. She usually looked hot, but this night she had dressed to kill: a tight, thin, baby-blue button-up top paired with a tight black mini-skirt. She had on one of those “shelf” bras that held the girls up and out from the bottom, but was open in the front so her usually-hard nipples were on display, front and center! Dave and I found out later she had simply decided to pass on panties of any kind. At all. All this was on top of a pair of black, 3″ heeled CFM shoes. Her sexy sway made my dick grow just watching her walk into the room, flashing that sensual, mischievous smile of hers! I knew then that this was going to be a night like no other we’d had so far.

Dave rang the doorbell and Teri raced/bounced ahead of me so she could open the door. She flung the door open and threw her arms around Dave, pressing her tits into his chest, and gave him a mind-blowing kiss that seemed to last forever. His eyes were nearly popping out of his head, and he nearly dropped the six-pack he had brought, but I knew he was enjoying the tongue-lashing my wife was giving him.

She finally let go of him and, as she grabbed his pants by the waistband, announced “Let’s get inside and start the celebration!” pulling him into our living room. She finally let go when they got to the living room, but before she did her hand did a little dip into his pants (and probably his underwear – I never did get clarification on that one). Dave just stood there, looking rather stunned, and it seemed like he was a little wobbly from his intense greeting. But he did have a very large grin forming on his face! I took the beer from him, which he had somehow managed to hang onto, grabbed three, popped them open, and put the rest in the fridge.

We sat down in some chairs and started to drink and chat about our day, but Teri could barely contain herself. She said “Dave, it’s your birthday, and I know you two perverts have talked more than once about fucking me. And I’ve told hubby here that I want to fuck you. So – HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Only this is how it’s going to work: I’m in charge, and you will do what I say. Both of you. The first time one of you says ‘No’ the night’s over. Got it? And no touching me until I say so!”

We both shook our heads yes like a couple of dumb puppies and waited for instructions.

“You, hubby, will put some porn on the TV” Teri said to me. Then she turned to Dave and gaziantep rus escort said “Take off your shoes and socks. You too, hubby. ‘Cause when it’s going to be time to get naked, you both need to be NAKED!”

I quickly had a movie playing – the one Teri and I had watched when we had decided to have our threesome with Dave – and we both had our shoes and socks off. Teri told us “Dave – you on one side of my chair, and hubby on the other side.” We did as we were told again (wouldn’t you?!) “Now stand still and watch.” Teri commanded.

As we watched the movie, I looked over at Dave, and he was grinning ear to ear. You would be, too, if your best friend’s wife had her hand in your pants! Teri had undone Dave’s pants and was reaching inside, rubbing from side to side and up and down. Then Teri reached over and pulled Dave’s pants down past his waist. As she did, his cock popped out right in front of her face, hard as a rock! Teri heard me starting to unzip my pants, and told me “NO! Not yet! You just watch for a few minutes.” I grudgingly obliged, feeling by dick growing harder by the minute, filling up my jeans completely. Then Teri turned back to Dave, grabbed his cock, and told him “You need to strip those pants off, mister! Underwear, too!” Dave kicked off his clothes in seconds, all the while Teri was holding on to his dick.

Then Teri made her move, leaning into Dave’s cock and teasing it with her tongue. She licked the head, taking in his pre-cum with a softly audible “Mmmmm!” Then she started to lick his shaft, first the underside, then on top, and back again. I looked at Dave and his eyes were closed a bit, still smiling. Then he looked at me and we just smiled at each other, and I said “Happy Birthday, buddy!” At that time, Teri decided it was time to get a mouth full. She turned Dave toward her so his cock was right in front of her mouth, and guided him in. She took a few inches, sucked a little, and then took it out. She repeated this motion, slowly taking in more and more of his iron-hard cock. As he would withdraw, Teri made slurping sounds as she sucked in his pre-cum. This went on for a few minutes, until Teri said “Dave – you may now touch me! You, too, hubby!”

Dave reached down and started to rub her right breast, tweaking her nipple that was poking into the sheer top; I started working on her left side. Teri then pulled Dave’s cock up and started to lick his balls, swirling them around her tongue and then taking them into her mouth, first one, then the other. I seriously didn’t know how Dave kept from blowing his load right then! Dave then started to unbutton Teri’s top, pulling the bottom out of her tight skirt. As he pulled her top off, I unhooked her shelf bra and flung it to the floor. Her amazing tits jiggled free, and Dave and I kept rubbing and pinching them.

Teri stopped sucking Dave’s cock to tell him “Dave – take off your shirt, and then go and drop your best friends pants and undies to the floor. He needs to be as nekkid as you for now!” My now naked best friend walked over to my side of the chair, undid my belt and pants, and in one motion pantsed me like a 7th grader! My engorged cock popped out like Dave’s had, right toward my now flushed and panting wife.

“OK, hubby, off with your shirt” Teri said. As I stripped out of my shirt and became fully naked for both Teri and Dave, Teri commanded Dave to return to his side of her chair. “Well, back to work!” Teri said, engulfing Dave’s steel-hard cock back in her mouth. But now she had cock

to attend to, and she started to stroke my dick at the same time. She sucked and fucked his dick with her mouth while rubbing mine; then she swapped, swallowing my rigid pole and jacking Dave’s spit-lubricated cock. Back and forth she went, pulling our swollen cocks closer and closer together, until Teri finally pulled us in toward each other to the point that our cockheads were touching! She was licking, sucking, slurping, and rubbing them at the same time. Dave and I were both moaning in blowjob ecstasy, and Teri kept repeating “Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm!” as she switched from dick to dick. Dave, from all the amazing action and surprise of it all, let us know “Ohhhhh – I’m going to cum!” and Teri turned just to him, taking his cock into her mouth and mouth-fucking him, all the way to his balls! With a scream, Dave unloaded his jizz to the back of Teri’s throat, bucking his hips with every spray. I thought I counted 7 or 8 thrusts, and Teri managed to swallow almost all of it, with just a dribble coming out of the corner of her mouth. She caught that with a finger and sucked that down, too!

Teri looked up at Dave, stared in his eyes, then down to his cock, licked her lips and told him “That was deee-licious, but now it’s my turn, Dave. Or rather, it’s your turn – to lick my pussy the way you’ve told your best bud you’d like to! On your knees in front of me – hurry up, now!” This is when Teri lifted her hips a little and flung the bottom of her skirt gaziantep rus escort bayan up, exposing her uncovered pussy. These were not the days of shaving bare, but Teri liked to wear sexy bikinis so her pussy hair was cut short and trimmed to the shape of her very tiny bikini bottoms. Even with a little hair, we could both see her swollen cunt lips and engorged clit glistening through. As Dave leaned in and started licking and kissing her exposed pussy, Teri turned back to me and started sucking my harder-than-ever dick. She went right back to a nicely paced blowjob, again taking more and more with every stroke, until I could feel my cock hitting the back of her throat. Meanwhile, Dave had definitely hit a sweet spot! As he licked her pussy he easily found her swollen clit, and he took turns licking her flowing juices and sucking her tender nub. Teri’s pussy was flowing, and she was going wild! Her hips were bucking hard into Dave’s face, all the while paying keen attention to my blowjob. As she mouth-fucked my cock, between my best friend with his mouth on my wife’s pussy and the moaning of Teri’s approaching orgasm, I couldn’t take any more, and blew stream after stream of cum down her throat. As I came, so did Teri, her screams of pleasure muffled by my cock.

It quickly became clear that Teri was just getting us started – more of that in part 2!

You should really read part one of this story to get caught up to an amazing night of three-way sex, but the evening continues here after the three of us all had our first orgasms of the night.

Teri let go of my still hard dick, stood up, and dropped her skirt the rest of the way off. Seeing that Dave’s cock had recovered during his successful eating of her pussy, with a devilish smile and lust in her eyes she grabbed Dave by his raging hard-on and started to guide him to our bedroom. She stopped just long enough to tell me “Don’t just stand there – follow us!”

Teri got Dave to our bed, leaned him into the edge ass-backward, and pushed him down. He flew back with his cock pointing straight up in the air, and Teri attacked! She athletically spun around so her sopping cunt was above his face, lowered down on him, and started to alternately suck and deep-throat his cock. She stopped long enough to look at me and command “You, hubby, need to start licking my ass!” What’s a guy to do? So I did!

Teri was like a banshee on Dave’s cock. She sucked it in, licked it around, and took it all the way to his balls, over and over, for about 15 minutes. They were both moaning in erotic pleasure, and I was impressed by Dave’s staying power. I was doing as told, licking her delicious ass, but things were a little crowded down there, so I took advantage of her sloppy-wet rear and slid my middle finger up into her. With all the lubrications present, I slid in easily and finger-fucked her butt as Dave ate her pussy and Teri devoured Dave’s cock.

Teri finally said “It’s time for me to take a ride on this bad boy!” and got up, spun around again, and settled her pussy over Dave’s spit-soaked cock. Of course, Dave had done quite a job on her pussy, and as she hovered over his dick, both their juices started to drip and drop onto Dave’s monster hard-on. I thought she was going to impale herself on him, but this was her show, and she surprised us both by gliding her cunt lips across back and forth over the tip of Dave’s purple cockhead. I watched, transfixed, as my wife’s beautiful pussy floated over my best friends dick. Dave’s eyes were fixed, too, the anticipation of finally fucking Teri almost too much to bear. Teri said to Dave “I know you’ve wanted this for a long time. Are you ready?” Dave was barely able to utter “uh huh” when Teri started to lower herself on his pulsing member.

But she was going to make this birthday gift last. She lowered herself down about two inches, then came back off! Then she lowered herself again, maybe three inches, and again came off! The sloshing and then slight ‘pop’ as she pulled off his cock was amazing! She was writhing on his dick, and Dave was doing his best to raise his hips to penetrate her more. My cock was still sporting a full-on erection, and I absentmindedly began to stroke it. Finally for Dave, and I must admit for my voyeuristic enjoyment, Teri fully took in Dave’s cock to the hilt. She threw her head back and started to grind herself on Dave’s cock, her moans increasing with every movement. Dave was now getting vocal, yelling out “Oh God, yes! Oh my God! Fuck me fuck me fuck me!” Teri started to wail “OH. MY. GOOOOOOODDDDDDDD!!” as another intense orgasm wracked her body. But she kept moving, and as her orgasm subsided, she started to piston up and down on Dave’s purple-headed monster.

They were both now in a different world: Teri was riding Dave’s cock like a jockey on a thoroughbred; Dave grabbed Teri by the hips and was pounding her with all his might. I thought I had been forgotten, but Teri yelled at me, “Get escort rus gaziantep behind me! Grab my tits, squeeze, and help me fuck your buddy!” I knelt between Dave’s legs and did as she commanded. The bed was rockin’, and we were all into this fuck-fest for all we were worth. Almost together, Dave and Teri started to get vocal again. With every thrust of his cock into my wife’s dripping wet pussy, Dave was yelling “Yes! Yes! Yes!” At the same time, Teri was screaming the same “Yes! Yes! Yes!” The harder they fucked, the louder they got. My cock was rubbing against Teri’s ass as I squeezed her tits and she rode Dave. The smell of sex filled the room as much as the sounds we were all making.

Then, after what seemed like an eternity of fucking, grabbing, squeezing, and rubbing, Dave announced “I’M CUMMING! OH LORD I’M CUMMING!” He pulled Teri down hard one last time, raised his hips, and started pumping his thick cum into my wife’s pussy! As Dave came, Teri was hitting her peak as well, and just let go with a scream of “AHHHHHHHHH – MY GOD I’M CUMMING SO HARD!” Her juices spilled all over Dave’s cock and balls, and his large load began to seep out as well. As Teri’s orgasm started to subside, her heavy breathing and moaning turned into one of those “happy laughs.” We all looked at each other with huge smiles, then Teri rolled off of Dave next to him, and I laid down next to Teri. We were all breathing hard, and a little sweaty, but my rigid cock was standing straight up, and Dave’s, surprisingly, was still fairly erect as well.

Finally, still between heavy breaths, Dave said “Damn! This was definitely one of the best birthdays EVER!” We all just laughed some more, catching our breaths, and relaxing a little. But it wasn’t too long before I felt my wife’s hand starting to fondle my cock again. I raised my head and looked over Teri to Dave, and saw that she was stroking his dick as well, double-fisting a pair of happy but not-yet done cocks. Teri looked back and forth at us both, and then said “Oh, this party’s not done yet! I’m still waiting to reenact the movie scene that got this idea going!”

Teri was starting to make more “Mmmmm” sounds, so I reached over to start rubbing Teri’s pussy, but when my hand got there, Dave had beat me to it. He had Teri’s clit pinched between two fingers, massaging it with skill. Well, Teri had plenty to share so I reached up and started to rub her boobs, alternating between her sensitive nipples, pinching and pulling just the right amount that I had learned over the years.

Teri’s whole body started to wriggle and writhe, slowly at first, then more and more, until her back arched, her legs clamped around Dave’s hand, and the grip on my cock became quite a bit firmer! She started to moan, and that morphed into an “AHHHHHH” rising in pitch until she ended with WOWWW!!

After her orgasm, Teri popped up onto her knees, looked at Dave, then me, and said “OK, boys – time for some reenactment! We’re doing that scene from the movie!” She bounced off the bed, grabbing us both, and pulled us back out to the living room. “Dave,” she said, “over there on the side of the couch!” Dave did as he was told. When he got to his spot, Teri climbed up on the couch, face in front of his hard cock. She looked at me and said “get behind me, sweetheart – you know how I like it doggy!” With that, she engulfed Dave’s rigid rod in her mouth and started a blowjob to end blowjobs. I slid in behind her, and she was so wet I slid my cock into her with ease. No need to take it slow – I pushed in to the balls and started to work her pussy with slow but steady, full-length strokes. Holding Teri by the hips, fucking her with a steady rhythm, I looked up at Dave and smiled. He was in heaven, and so was I, sandwiching this hot and sexy beauty!

As I fucked my wife, Teri grabbed Dave with one hand on the butt and pushed his cock deep into her throat. She held it there, making a guttural sound, then slid back off and sucked a few quick thrusts, and repeated the action. Watching this thing of beauty, I unconsciously started to pick up my pace. The faster I went, the longer Teri throated Dave, until his hips started rocking his dick in and out of her mouth. We both kept picking up the pace, and as we did Teri reached down to her pussy with one hand and started rubbing herself. It was all becoming a frenzy of fucking; hips thrusting, balls slapping, bodies shaking, until I was ready. With one last thrust, I buried my cock into Teri’s pussy all the way and started cumming with a loud moan. Dave yelled “I’M CUMMING!” as he shoved his dick into Teri’s mouth one last time and started filling her mouth with stream after stream of cum. All the while, Teri’s body was shaking, and she was moaning as much as one can with a mouthful of cock and sperm, cumming one last time.

As we all came down from our orgasms, Teri made sure she swallowed all of Dave’s cum – some had dribbled out of her mouth but she scooped it with her fingers and licked them clean. I pulled out of my wife and leaned back onto the couch; Teri sat back onto the middle of the couch, and Dave stumbled over the arm next to Teri. As we started to catch our breath one more time, Teri turned to Dave and said “Happy Birthday!”, then leaned over and kissed him hard on the mouth. Then she turned to me and said “Thanks, baby!” and kissed me hard, too. It was sweet and salty and sexy all at once.

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