Three’s Company



Leah hung up the telephone and smiled. Her half-brother, whom she had not seen in years, was coming in from Houston for a few days’ stay. Idly, she wondered what was going on in his life, why he’d come to Baton Rouge on such short notice, and how he’d take her “outing”. They’d get all brought up to speed when he arrived, she thought. She’d given him her exact address, and told him where the spare key was.

All of a sudden, the buzzer sounded in her second-and-third-floor loft. She quickened to hear the sultry voice of her girlfriend, Connie, over the intercom; she’d bought “a little something new” and wondered if Leah’d like to see it. “Of course I would!” she exclaimed, and buzzed her up impatiently.

When she opened the door, they shared a warm kiss of greeting, with lots of tongue. Then, stepping momentarily clear, her friend produced a dark blue metalflake strap-on dildo from a plastic bag and said, “Here it is – do you like it?” She took it into her hands and examined it; large and stiff, it was attached to some very business-like straps. Leah smiled coyly at her friend and ripped the snappers on her house-dress open, revealing her excellent body clad in only a pair of panties, which were soon shucked. She licked the head of the dildo, thoroughly wetting it with saliva, then opened her legs and inserted it deep inside her. “Now,” she said, “you can strap it on and we’ll field-test it!” Walking a bit spraddle-legged, Leah led Connie into the bathroom and closed the door. “My half-brother’s come in from out-of-state and he’ll be here soon – but some things won’t wait”

Spreading a couple of thick Turkish towels on the shower-stall floor, she lay supine on them and began to work the dildo in and out. “Just my size,” she said as Connie, having quickly stripped, reclined alongside her, kissing her wantonly, then lowering her mouth to suck her hardened nipples, taking each between her lips in its turn while she gently kneaded the full globes on which they provided the crowning touch. Eventually, Connie crawled sensually atop her and strapped the dildo around her trim hips. Then, lifting her upper body on her arms, she began to thrust into her, slowly, getting used to the unaccustomed feeling of actually fucking her lover, like a man would. As, with each stroke, the base of the dildo pressed against her clitoris, she sighed audibly as Leah moaned with pleasure at the long shaft easing into her, then slowly withdrawing….

Through the open bathroom window, she heard the unmistakable sound of a big V-twin motorcycle decelerating, then revving briefly before being shut off. Please, she thought, let that not be him – then returned her entire concentration to the delights Connie was giving her, and wondering how she’d do when it Ankara Escort became her turn, as it surely would.

She heard a key turn in her door, then a masculine voice call her name. Moistening her finger, Leah made an “X” over her lover’s lips, then curled up to lick converging spirals around Connie’s nipples, kissing each with deep suction as her friend began again to fuck her, perhaps a bit harder and more insistently than before….

Suddenly, they froze in mid-stroke as they heard the bathroom door open, then the characteristic sound of a man urinating in the toilet. Connie, who definitely had “bi” tendencies, as Leah, to be honest, still had, slowly opened the shower-stall door and peeked out – and then the door creaked on its hinges!

Still holding his cock in his right hand, the man reached his left around and opened the door fully. Looking down, a brief shocked expression flitted over his face, only to be replaced with a widening smile as he beheld the scene on the shower-stall floor. He began to stroke his lengthening cock lightly back and forth as he softly said, “Well, looky here!”

Leah, considerably chagrined and self-consciously beet-red, stammered, “Uh, Dave… ah… this is my, umm… lover, Connie… I guess you didn’t know… I mean, I’m….” Her discomfiture did not extend between her legs, however, and she gave the dildo, which felt so good inside her, a Kegel-like squeeze, involuntarily but not at all unwillingly. Connie felt the constriction twitch the device strapped securely to her crotch and began again to stroke it in and out of Leah, filling her with each leisurely thrust, as she said “… And you’re Leah’s half-brother! Well, Dave….” She smiled saucily at him and winked, opening her mouth in an inviting “O”. Dave was naked in split seconds and he gently steered his cock, by now fully rampant, toward Connie’s open lips. She took him in her hand, then in her mouth. Gently rolling his balls while she worked on both siblings, she fucked Leah even harder, and more than a little faster, as she moved her mouth back and forth over Dave’s rigid cock, sucking it deeply as her tongue caressed his head, contented murmurings coming from her. Connie looked unblinkingly up at him, seeing his excitement become greater and greater. He closed his eyes and ran his fingers through her hair as she did so, feeling the waves of pleasure she brought him wash over the shores of his soul….

Leah, by now past any embarrassment over Dave’s intrusion, wrapped her legs around her lover’s bottom and bucked feverishly up against Connie, her swollen breasts dancing on her velvet ribs as she came loudly and shudderingly, her lover continuing to drive the strap-on into her with increasing enthusiasm….

Dave Çankaya Escort was thoroughly into this threesome by now. He very gently pushed Connie’s mouth away from his cock and sat alongside her, kissing her with patient passion as he kneaded her breasts, rubbing his thumbs over her tiny nipples. He dragged a long, meandering lick down her throat and began to suck them alternately as he reached back and inserted his finger into her. Noticing, as he certainly could have expected, that she was sopping wet, he joined it with another and bicycled them expertly, probing for her Graeffenberg’s Spot. Connie’s sudden gasp and cry told him he’d found it!

It was at this time that Dave noticed a hesitant but increasingly self-assured hand lightly stroking his now-unoccupied cock. He looked down at Leah, who was rising on one elbow, and gave her a big smile, extending his tongue and curling it suggestively. Leah returned his smile and gently pushed Connie off and out of her, saying, “I’d like to try the strap-on now!” Dave unclipped the straps from Connie’s hips and slowly withdrew the dildo from her, pausing to lick Leah’s copious juices from the length of it. The tiny voice in the back of his head saying it was his sister he was so appreciatively tasting was summarily ignored. He got the straps straightened out and, motioning Leah up to her knees, strapped it around her carefully as Connie leaned against his back, her arms around his stomach, rubbing her breasts against him, looking over his shoulder approvingly at his technique. He’d had to lengthen the straps a little to fit Leah’s somewhat more voluptuous carriage. He lowered Leah to the floor and, taking Connie under her arms, guided her down over and onto the dildo, knowing she was quite well lubricated. He gently pushed her down until Connie was sitting with all her weight on Leah, the entirety of the glistening gnarled shaft buried deep within her.

Connie levered herself upward and began to raise and lower herself, taking the whole thing into her every time. Leah flexed her hips to get as much penetration into Connie as possible. Dave crawled around behind Connie and, wrapping his arms around both pairs of thighs, vigorously tongued Leah, rapidly flicking her clitoris, then darting it into her as deeply as he could. He took Connie’s clit between his fingers and lightly rolled it as she rose and fell over him. Both women were beginning to climb the stairway to a shared heaven, little noises of delight escaping unbidden from their throats.

Then, having a sudden idea, Dave disengaged himself from behind Connie and straddled Leah’s mid-section. Laying his cock on her breastbone, he took hold of her hands and gently drew her large breasts, swelling even more with Etlik Escort sexual excitement, together around it, forming a tunnel through which he began to thrust. Reaching back, he firmly grasped Connie’s hips and moved her up and down, hard and fast, on the strap-on, shivering as her marble-hard nipples raked his back. Leah, seeing the head of Dave’s cock right under her chin every time he thrust forward, began to lick it on each approach, tasting the pre-come which was nearly pouring from him.

Dave encouraged the two Lesbian lovers to come together, saying, “Come on, y’all, git it, git it, git it, GIT IT!” And they did, Connie slamming herself down even harder until they both erupted as one, a dual volcano of passion blowing sky-high. Dave climbed off and, moving behind Connie and gently pressing her down on Leah’s chest, breast-to-breast, entered Leah. She gave him a brief, wild look, then flexed her pelvis to accept all of him inside her; he began, slowly at first, to fuck her. Cupping each of their right breasts in his hands, he squeezed them in rhythm with his strokes, and, thrusting his cock into Leah ever faster and harder, geysered into her, flooding her, blasting his warm, gelid come in several powerful spurts through her cervix and high into her womb. And, this time, all three climaxed jointly and uproariously.

Gradually, their ragged breaths returned to something like normal. Languorously, they all bestowed kisses on each other, basking in the tripartite after-glow, a smooth sheen of sweat glazing their skin. Dave arranged Connie and Leah side-by-side and, drawing their adjacent breasts together, sucked the nipples simultaneously, his tongue tracing leisurely figure-eights around their aureoles, struck by the subtle difference in taste between the two. Connie smiled warmly at Dave and Leah and said, “Lord’a’mercy! I’ve met thousands of people, but this is ONE introduction I’ll NEVER forget!”

Later, on the couch, newly old friends, the three talked about myriad things, leaving unmentioned the issues they might have initially had about the afternoon’s adventure. Leah and Connie had “come out” together, both knowing that they were perfect for each other. Dave had dropped out of rabbinical school in Cincinnati and took a job with a computer manufacturer in Houston, falling in, as they say, with some biker types who were amazed over having (nearly) an ex-rabbi in their midst. Then he bought a bike of his own, and had the necessary tattoos done. It was evident from the warmth of their conversation that they’d grown comfortable with each other, even if over only a single day. As the night wore on, Leah and Connie retired to the bedroom; committed lovers need their privacy, after all. Dave made do on the sofa, which opened out into a bed. All was quiet.

It dawned on Leah much later on, as she listened to the soft susurrus of Connie’s breathing, that it’d been thirteen days since the end of her last period, and that she might very well have just gotten pregnant.

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