Three in a Tub



This is based on a dream I had a couple of nights ago – names changed to protect the ‘innocent’.


Myself and my wife Liz had booked the cottage a few months before, hoping for a quiet getaway for just the three of us (Liz, Me and our 3 year old), so when Liz had suggested bringing Kate (an old friend of hers recently split from her partner) and her 6 year old daughter on holiday with us I had been less than enthusiastic. I was to be proved really wrong on that one. The place had 4 bedrooms (so plenty of space for all of us), 2 bathrooms a really well equipped kitchen, and unusually for England, a hot tub.

The first night, once the kids were in bed, we all sat around chatting about nothing in particular. After a while, and a few glasses of wine, someone suggested we try the hot tub, so we all got changed into our swimming gear, and settled down in the bubbling water to relax. The girls were, shall we say, moderately distracting, and as I was slightly left out of the conversation, my mind started to wander. Liz is about 5’9″, and curvy with 36DD tits, maybe a little on the chubby side, but not fat. Kate, on the other hand would struggle to hit 5′, and although I hadn’t really noticed before, now that I saw her in her swimsuit also had a really nice set of boobs, maybe 34C, and some nice curves herself. So as I sat there, half listening to the conversation, not really thinking about too much, it’s hardly surprising that I started to get more than a little aroused. I was rudely shaken from my reverie by Liz:

“Hey, lazybones, can you go fetch some more wine?”

Shit, I realised that if I got out of the tub now, they would see the sizeable tent in my shorts.

“Erm, OK, in a minute” I muttered.

“Please,” said Liz “why are you being so…oh I think I see!” she grinned and turned to Kate. “I think we have been giving my husband here some impure thoughts!” Damn her, sometimes I swear she’s psychic.

Kate looked far less shocked that I would have expected, “You mean he’s been sitting there with a hard-on?”

“Yep, and he’s all embarrassed about us seeing him” smirked Liz.

“OK, I’m going” I interrupted, my erection having miraculously gone away as all the blood rushed to my face. I got out of the tub and stalked off to the kitchen for another bottle of wine, the girls practically paralysed with laughter at my expense.

I came back with another bottle of white, and refilled the girls’ glasses before walking round to the other side of Keçiören Escort Bayan the tub to get in.

“Wait!” commanded Liz, “We’ve been thinking” she cast a smirk towards Kate “and we don’t want you to feel all restricted. Shorts off before you get in!”

“No chance!” I said back.

“Aww, you chicken?” taunted Liz, eyes twinkling.

I thought for a few seconds about how to get out of this with my dignity more or less intact, and came up with a get-out.

“No, it’s just not fair for me to be naked and you two not – I will if you will!”

“Not quite”, said Liz “there’s only one of you!”

“Fine, but I choose which one of you gets her kit off!” I responded, still thinking that I had them. I was convinced that I could choose someone who would be just as reluctant as me to get naked.

“OK,” said Liz “which one?”

“Well, considering that I see you naked all the time, Kate” I said, feeling smug at outwitting Liz’s plan to further embarrass me. No way would Kate…

“Perv!”, said Kate, as she slowly stood, the wet swimsuit clinging to her curves.

I glanced at Liz, as Kate slipped the straps of her costume down over her shoulders. Liz just sat there with that slight smile on her face. I was convinced this was a joke, and that they would both burst into fits of giggles in a second, right up to the point that Kate slipped the top of her costume down, freeing her breasts. My cock immediately sprang to attention.

“Looks like someone’s enjoying the show” said Liz smirking.

“Hmm, good to know I still have it!” purred Kate, gently running her fingers over her dark nipples and full breasts. I stood open-mouthed and staring as Kate slowly grasped the top of her costume and slipped it further down her body, exposing her stomach, not quite flat, but not far from it. With only a slight hesitation, she pushed the tight Lycra down past her hips, revealing fully her curvy figure, and to my surprise, completely shaved pussy.

Just as I thought my eyes were about to pop out of my head, Kate slipped back down into the bubbling hot tub, hiding her lower half from view before leaning forward to slip the dripping wet costume down her legs and off completely, before sitting back up. The water came to the bottom of her breasts, so I still had one hell of a view.

“Nice aren’t they?” asked Liz “your turn now!”

I was out of options, and totally confused by what was going on, so just chose to do as I was told. I pulled Escort Eryaman my shorts down and stepped out of the, my almost painfully erect cock bobbing slightly in the air. Looking at the girls, I saw them both looking intently at my knob.

“Nice” said Kate.

“I know” replied Liz, lightly “you can get in now.”

I slowly walked to the tub, aware that I was about to get into the water with my wife, and her totally naked friend. I climbed over the edge, and was about to sit down when Liz reached out and took a firm hold of my cock.


“Just sit on the edge for a bit,” she said, guiding me to sit on the edge of the hot tub. The next thing I knew, Liz leant forward and took me into her mouth. I looked down in disbelief at Liz as she started bobbing up and down on my cock, swirling her tongue around the head on each upstroke, and taking it deep into her throat on the way down. Liz has always given amazing head. I struggled to process the fact that my wife was now sucking me off in full view of her friend, who was sat a couple of feet away totally naked.

I looked towards Kate, her breasts still visible and jiggling above the surface of the water, her hands hidden underneath. It took me a few seconds to realise what she was doing, but when I did I almost came right then – Kate was looking intently at Liz sucking me, and she was definitely fingering herself under the water.

“Someone else enjoying the view?” I asked.

“Mm-mm” Kate agreed.

“Perv” I said. Kate looked me I the eye and gave the filthiest smile I have ever seen in my life. Liz seemed to speed up and suck harder, now pumping her hand now the base of my cock as she worked her tongue round the head.

Liz deep throated me one last time before withdrawing my cock from her mouth, she kept pumping away with her hand. “Enjoying yourself my love?”

“Mm yeah” I responded. Liz kissed the tip of my penis, causing me to breathe in sharply.

What happened next totally took that breath away. Liz turned slightly, and reached out to Kate, drawing her closer before kissing her full on the lips. I don’t care what anyone says, two women kissing is hot, especially when one of them is tossing you off. They broke their kiss after about 30 seconds. Liz glanced at me, then turned back to Kate “I need to get naked, can you take over for me with this”

Time seemed to freeze, had I just heard right? My cock certainly thought so, as it seemed to get even harder in Liz’s hand. Sincan Escort Bayan Kate turned to look at me, then gave that same filthy grin before taking over the hand-job from Liz, who stood up in the tub. Kate glanced up at her “Go on” smiled Liz. Kate leant forward, and kissed the tip of my cock, pausing for what seemed an eternity, before ever so slowly easing my cock into her mouth.

I looked at Liz in shock. Was she really watching me get a blow-job from her friend? Liz winked and blew me a kiss before slipping her own costume down and off, revealing her gorgeous big tits, and slightly plump curvy body, full hips and neat landing strip.

Kate was working my cock with her mouth and hands, and Liz sat opposite me, and behind Kate on the edge of the tub. Kate kept going on my cock; sometimes fast, sometimes slow; sometimes taking it deep in her throat, sometimes keeping just the tip in her mouth as she worked her tongue over the head. I looked on amazed as Liz sat with her legs apart, watching me get a blow-job from her friend and started to stroke her pussy and clit.

I have always been turned on by watching a woman masturbate, and Liz knew it. She looked me in the eye as she kept fingering her pussy, her breathing starting to speed up as she became more aroused.

I was completely in heaven with Kate sucking me as I watched Liz finger herself. I reached down and cupped Kate’s breast, gently squeezing the nipple and was rewarded by a groan of pleasure from her. Liz saw this, and still with her left hand stroking her clit, reached forward between Kate’s legs from behind.

Kate’s efforts on my cock became even more intense as Liz stroked her clit, and after a few minutes, I could feel her whole body starting to tremble with her building orgasm. Liz’s eyes were closed and her head back as she panted with her own approaching climax.

I could feel myself beginning to lose control as the inevitable orgasm started to build in my balls, as Kate’s grunting intensified while Liz continued working her nimble finger in both pussies.

“Ah, cumming!” gasped Liz as she started to buck with the throes of her orgasm. This seemed to tip Kate over the edge, as she began to shake with her own orgasm.

Kate continued to pump my cock with her hand, but let it slip from her mouth as she shook and groaned with her climax.

Just as my cock slipped from Kate’s mouth, I lost it and erupted with my own orgasm, hot cum spraying from me all over Kate’s face again and again.

Kate released my cock and sat back in the tub, resting her head against Liz’s thighs as my cum dripped from her face onto her full tits. Liz looked at me as I shook with the aftershocks of my orgasm and winked.

“That was fun, what should we do tomorrow night?”

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