Therese’s Story – Chapter 21: So Much Fun



I thought Lucy didn’t miss me, but that wasn’t true. At least that’s what she said when she called me and asked where I had been for so long, and why I hadn’t even called or anything. And I was stupid and acted like a woman scorned, and said, “No, you didn’t call me. I figured you were too busy with your boyfriend.””Oh,” she said, and then after a few seconds of silence, she said, “I’m sorry,” and I felt like a jerk, and I was about to apologize for it when I realized this time she hadn’t objected when I called him her boyfriend, and suddenly I was so angry with her.”So, I’m kinda busy,” I said, even though I wasn’t at all.”Yeah, okay,” she said. “I just wanted to ask…””What?””Well,” she said. “He’s in town tomorrow, and we’re kinda going on a date, and I was hoping maybe you could come?””Come with you on the date?””Yeah.””Why?” I said.”You know, just in case.””Just in case he turns out to be a serial killer or something?” I said, and she giggled.”No, silly. I mean, just in case. Like, I don’t want us to end up just not having anything to say, or anything like that.””Is this your first date?””No. Yes. Our first date that we actually call a date, I guess.””Yeah, well,” I said. “I think I’ll pass. I’m not going with you just to sit there and be a third wheel.””Fifth wheel,” she said.”Huh?”And she said, “It’s ‘fifth wheel’, not ‘third wheel’,” and now she sounded upset and almost a little angry, but I gaziantep manken escort couldn’t be sure because I’d never seen or heard Lucy angry before.”Whatever,” I said. “I don’t want to.””Please?” she said. “Can’t you take your girlfriend and it can be like a double date?””I don’t have a girlfriend.””Fine,” she said. “Your cousin,” and she said ‘cousin’ like it was an accusation almost, and now I was angry and offended, and then she said, “Or take Veronica. She’s your girlfriend too.””No, she’s not.””Okay. I’m sorry,” she said. “But please? Please please please?” and then she started to sing; “Do you wanna build a snowman..?”And I said, “Lucy, come on,” but she kept going.”Come on let’s go and play.”And I said, “Lucy.””Please?” she said.”No.”‘We used to be best buddies,” she sang.”Lucy, don’t…””But now we’re not. I wish you would tell me whyyyyy,” and that almost made me cry, but I shook it off.So then I said, “Okay, fine.””Really?””Yes, okay, fine. If I can get someone to go with me. And if you’ll please stop singing.”But then she sang, “It doesn’t have to be a snowman,” in that singing-through-the-keyhole kind of way.”Oh, okay,” I said. “Wow, you blew it, I’m not going.””No no no no no,” she said. “I’m sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry. I won’t sing ever again, never ever, I promise. Thank you thank you thank you!”And then she said, gaziantep masaj yapan escort “You’ll love him. I just know it.”So I called Veronica.”Ooh, a foursome,” she said. “With Lucy. I’m soo in.””That’s not what I said.””I know,” she said. “And I can’t. I’m in London, darling.”And I said, “Really?””Yeah. Visiting granny.””Oh, okay.”So then I asked Cait, and she said, “No. Nuh-uh, no way.””Why not?” I said.”I don’t even like Lucy.””You don’t even know Lucy.””I know she’s the girl of your dreams,” she said.”Cait, come on. She’s not.”Then I said, “I kinda promised.””Well, I didn’t.””Please?” I said. “It’ll be fun,” but I didn’t really think it would be.”Or it’ll suck.””Then it’ll suck for us both,” I said.And she finally said, “Yeah, okay then.”So the next day we met up with Lucy and her boyfriend outside the restaurant, and we all went inside together. Lucy looked so amazing, and he was really good-looking. I would have guessed he was somewhere around thirty years old, maybe a few years older, but he was actually over forty.He was a nice guy, maybe even a great guy, I guess, but I still hated him. Lucy sat there the whole time with the biggest, most beautiful smile, and this I-told-you-so look in her eyes every time she looked at me, and I hated that too, and I hated myself because I laughed at his jokes even though gaziantep masöz escort I had decided not to. And because I listened to everything he said like it was the most interesting thing in the world, even though I tried to not be like that.And I actually had a great time.Cait did too, and when we left them, and they walked to his car so he could take her home, and Cait and I were walking to her car, Cait just said, “Wow.””What?” I said.”I like him,” she said. “Lucky Lucy.””Yeah,” I said. “Lucky Lucy,” and Cait glared at me, because of the way I said it I guess, but I smiled at her and took her hand, and she smiled back and we were okay.Then a few days later, Cait left for work early, and I hadn’t even gotten out of bed yet when she came into the bedroom and kissed me goodbye, and said, “Mom has left already.””Okay,” I mumbled.She kissed me again and whispered, “I love you.””I love you too,” I said, and then I fell asleep again. When I woke up I was horny, and I rubbed myself a little, but then I got out of bed.I was only wearing my panties, and I went upstairs to the third floor and to Cait’s parent’s bathroom, and I was probably going there to fuck myself with some of her dad’s stuff, I can’t really remember because I forgot all about everything when I walked in there and Cait’s dad was there.He was in front of the mirror brushing his teeth. He was naked, and he was looking at me in the mirror, and I couldn’t move.He spat in the sink and cupped his hand under the water and rinsed his mouth and spat again, and then he said, “Hey there,” and I couldn’t talk either.He turned around, but before he did he grabbed the towel that was hanging by the vanity and held it in front of his cock, and it didn’t cover more than it had to, and then he said, “Wrong room, or are you looking for something?”

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