Therapy Ch. 03


Group Sex

Hopefully you were able to tolerate the two previous chapters enough that this chapter makes them worth it.

Chapter Three – “A Line is Crossed”

I rested in bed and debated whether or not I should pursue anything with Jimmy and if I did, how far should it go. I spent a lot of time covering every angle I could think of before calling him to my room.

“Jimmy, could you come in here?” I yelled. He arrived a few moments later and stood at the foot of the bed.

“I need you to sit,” I said quietly.

“Mom, I think you’re about to tell me that you’ve changed your mind and – ” he started before I interrupted him.

“Jimmy, I need you to listen, okay?”

He nodded.

I waited until we were well into the awkward silence stage before asking him to sit again. He finally did and I exhaled loudly, preparing for the speech I prepared in my head.

“I know you know what I was asking you to do to me and I need to apologize for going about it that way. Don’t respond yet! What I failed to tell you in all this was a problem I’ve had since … forever.”

I told him about his father and how that whole situation went down. I told him about my growing needs and how I would always be looking for the next step. I wasn’t shy about the details, and he made me proud with his intelligent, well-thought-out questions. We shared a lot of details about each other, and it reminded me of how thoughtful men could be. I felt a growing desire begin to build inside me for him.

“Jimmy,” I whispered.

“Yeah, Mom?”

“Do you think I’m a monster?”

“You’re not a monster, Mom. You have needs that simply exceed some other people’s needs. I kind of understand how that feels, but that’s probably just because I’m a young guy who the world assumes I would never say no to a willing woman. It’s true, but still. I just don’t know what to do next,” he said as he shifted the eyes to the pink dildo on the nightstand.

I looked over at it as well and the raging debate inside my head from earlier came roaring back. I decided to stop beating around the bush and just go with what felt right in my demented mind.

“I don’t want that,” I whispered as I continued staring at it.

“What do you want, Mom?” he asked sahibe escort almost as quietly. His question and his tone told me everything I needed to know.

I shifted my gaze over to his crotch and noticed a slight outline. He was getting turned on. I must have not only been obvious in my stare but also lengthy. His hands moved to the object of my stare, and I thought he was covering up. I was almost instantly regretful of my decision to move forward until I saw him fumbling with his zipper.

“Jimmy,” I said, whispering softer than before.

He didn’t answer. Instead, I watched in slow motion as he slowly reached into his shorts and fished out his cock. It was a braver move than I would have made in his shoes. I would have made me say it before being so bold. I’m glad he didn’t make me tell him I wanted his cock. I didn’t know how I would have said it.

His hand immediately wrapped around his almost-hard cock and began to gently stroke it. As I continued to stare at it, I opened my robe completely, exposing myself to him for the first time. His eyes scanned my body from top to bottom and back again. His cock hardened completely in the process.

“What do you want me to do, Mom?” he asked.

I felt weak and out of control. I didn’t know what I wanted from my son. I just knew I needed him to do it.

“I don’t know, baby, we’re headed into uncharted waters.”

He stood up, still lightly stroking his cock and stood closer to the bed. He looked me over again and placed his hand on my tummy. He moved it slowly around my body carefully avoiding my tits and stopping just before the top of where my panties would be. His cock turned a darker red as blood continued to strengthen his steel rod.

He got brave with his movements and began to run his hands between my tits and a little closer to my slit. If he only knew what he was doing to me. Instead, he was mesmerized at the concept that he was touching his mother in a way that no son ever should. I decided to move things forward a little and reached my arm out and touched his cock as best I could with my fingers. As soon as our bodies met, I felt an electric jolt shoot up my spine. There was no doubt Jimmy felt the same as sahibe escort bayan he zapped back to reality and look down to see what was happening.

“I can’t do this right,” I reminded him.

“Slide down a little, Mom,” he said as he surveyed the situation.

As I slid down the bed, I suddenly realized what his intention was and went straight to work. I pulled him closer and leaned forward. He exhaled as I licked the tip of his cock and sucked it into my mouth for a moment. He sighed loudly as I sucked him in, and his hand slowly went further down my body. I let his cock out of my mouth and he quietly whined when he thought I was teasing him.

“I need you to move closer, baby,” I instructed him.

I opened my mouth to welcome his cock again and he took a small step forward, pushing more of it in my mouth. I wasn’t up to exercising my neck as was required in that position, but I wanted to make sure he got the thrill of a lifetime from that truly unique experience. I was not prepared for him to be as attentive to me with his limited experience. My body involuntarily shook when his fingers drifted over my clit and vagina and back up, spreading my juices over my pussy. He quickly began working my clit.

He wasn’t at the level I needed right then, but his technique was beyond his years. My body reacted quickly, and my first orgasm began to rock my body. He knew what to do and quickly inserted his fingers into my pussy and began to talk me through it.

“Cum on my fingers, Mom. Let it go as I’m about to. You want me to cum in your mouth as you cum?”

His words brought me over the edge, and I groaned deeply on his cock as I came. I was on my way down when I remembered he was about to blow his load in my mouth. I took it out and tried to give him a similar experience.

“Are you going to cum in my mouth, baby? Shoot that load down my throat and I’ll swallow it all.”

I put his cock back in my mouth and he placed his hand on the back of my head and began to fuck my mouth. I sucked him hard and felt his cock swell slightly. My son’s sperm was about to be in my mouth and down my throat. I took the next step, and my body began to shake again. Jimmy didn’t recognize escort sahibe it, but the intensity of the situation allowed the orgasm to roll through my body uninhibited and unaided.

I felt each spurt of his warm juice be deposited onto the back of my tongue and slither down my throat. He grunted loudly as he came, and it turned me on even more. I couldn’t recall a more satisfying sexual experience than what my own son provided for me. I was satisfied for the evening, but it seemed my son was not.

“Do you want more, Mom?” he asked eagerly.

I was startled by his energy but surprising to me, I was drained.

“Could we revisit this tomorrow? I have some things to tell you about tonight,” I said as I thought about the nurse. I looked down to see his cock was rising again. “I see you’re hard again, though.”

He looked down then back at me, “It’s okay. This happens all the time.”

“You get soft after you cum but then it comes right back with no effort?” I asked curiously.

He nodded proudly. I reached my hand out and touched him again. The same jolt zapped through my body, and I wanted him inside me, but I was tired.

“Does it happen when your get yourself off?” I asked.

He nodded again. I thought of an idea.

“Put your dick back in my mouth and jerk your cock until you cum on my tongue again.”

He smiled broadly and did exactly what I told him. The tip of his cock was in his right hand as he stroked it and his left was resting on my tit. He would squeeze it and pinch my nipple as he jerked his cock. Within a surprisingly little amount of time, he grunted again, and I felt his cock spew its dessert onto my tongue again. I swallowed slowly, enjoying my son’s taste as I felt him soften while still in my mouth. I played with him a little and suctioned his cock as he watched me. I was shocked to feel him begin to harden again in my mouth. I shifted my eyes up to meet his and he shrugged likely as if to say, “I told you.”

He stepped back with his hard cock slipping out of my mouth. “I’ll take care of this,” he said pointing at his cock, “you get some rest.”

I smiled and nodded at him as he leaned down to kiss me. I returned the kiss, and he smiled back at me before turning to leave. I planned to sit down with him at breakfast and discuss what we had done and what the plan for the future was. I spent a lot of time debating where I was willing to take it. I hadn’t made up my mind before I realized I was still exposed. I covered myself and drifted off to sleep still wondering where it all would ultimately lead.

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