The Two Couples: Raj and Nasreen



Part Two His Story – Raj and Nasreen

I was nervous and glanced sideways at Nasreen. She was sitting stiffly on the seat, her eyes looking ahead into nothing. I began to have misgivings about the whole affair. I cleared my throat. “Nasreen, let us be honest with each other, I am nervous about this but I am excited too. I have thought of this a few times, I find you attractive. Very attractive.”

“Me too. I am scared of what may happen afterwards.”

“We have all voted for it so it should be okay.”

“You think it will be okay?”

“I don’t know, I think yes. What I am thinking of right now is about near future, about tonight, tomorrow night and having fantasies come true.”

“You fantasized?”

“Plenty.” I grinned. “Did you?”

She blushed, looking away. “Yes.”

“Uh huh. What did you fantasize then?”

“I don’t have to tell you. But I may show it to you.” She was grinning too.

“Shall we go to the resort we went the first time, it is just an hour’s drive from here.”

“Won’t the people there remember us, that we came with different people earlier?”

“Hardly. And who gives a damn, we won’t be around anyway.”

We reached the place as the clock on the dashboard said 9.05. We booked a chalet facing the sea, threw our bags in the room, switched on the air conditioner and went for dinner. Neither was hungry, we pecked at the food, a glass of wine to wash it down. We walked together towards the chalet. Half way down the narrow path, I took her hand in mine, slightly rougher than Rita’s hands, more warm, I watched her breasts heave as she walked by my side.

“Would you like to take bath first?” I asked her as we entered the cool room.

“You go ahead first.” She said and I nodded, taking my pouch of toiletries from the bag. I took a quick shower, making sure I lathered and rinsed my genitals cleanly. I looked at my reflection in the mirror, using my palm to wipe away the steam on it. I looked good, I had shaved just a couple of days ago and my armpits and crotch had just a stubble, I liked it that way.

I wrapped a towel around me and came out of the bathroom. She was waiting for her turn, going through the television channels. I put on a pair of boxers and checked out the bed, it was springy and cool. I pulled out the blankets and slid underneath.

She came out a few minutes later in a night gown, her hair loose and flowing. I switched off the lamp by the bedside, now only he light from the bathroom lit up the room, enough to see each other, but also enough to give us the sense of relief.

“Nasreen.” I called.

“Yes.” She replied.

“Nasreen, say my name.”

“Yes, Raaj.” She always said it with an extra emphasis on the vowel.

“Come here.”

“You say my name too, it sounds good when you say it.”

“Nasreen, Nasreen. Come here girl.”

“Coming Raj.” She came by the bed and slid in. I slid my hand under the blanket and sought hers, our fingers twining into each other. I turned a little and put my other hand on her tummy, caressing her lightly.

“Nasreen, kiss me.”

She heaved a breath and said: “No, Raaj, you kiss me.”

I brought my lips to hers, hey opened in invitation, warm lips, so different from Rita’s, warmer and moister. Our kisses changed from pecks to more passionate ones. I broke off, calling her name repeatedly. “Raaj, Raaj, Raaj.” She said in return.

“Is this what you fantasized about.”

“Oh yes, and more, a lot lot more.”

I cupped her breasts, too big for my hands to hold them all, kneading them. “This?”

“Yes, and more…” My cock was scraping the thighs as her gown had come up, the skin touching it became sticky with precum.

“Then do it Nasreen. Hold my cock. Take it in your mouth.”

“I will Raaj, I promise you. I want to. But right now take off my dress and just fuck me.”

I rose on my knees and began to pull up her gown, both my hands caressing her body as they went upwards with the bunching up gown. My thumbs scraped the hard nipples, the mounds were fantastic, big as a melon, hard and ripe. I played a little making her moan. I removed the dress over her head and threw it on the floor. I began to caress her body, freely roaming the contours, feeling the bulge and the flats, feeling the sparse, thin growth of hair before they reached her wet and hot pussy. She was ready for a fuck.

“Are you sure you want it now. You don’t me to lick you there, do you like to be licked there?”

“Oh yes I do, I love it. But not now, Raaj, just put the cock in me and fuck me hard, we have enough time for everything else later.”

I spread her legs apart, pointing my cock to her entrance and pushed in. The walls opened and then shut tight around the cock, gathering them in a velvet like fist. “You are tight Nasreen.”

“You are big too, Raaj.” I began to fuck her, slowly increasing the tempo, slowing down when I felt she was coming close and increasing the speed as her breath got a little slower. “What are you doing Raaj, I was about to Maltepe Escort cum.” She moaned in feigned anger, hitting me on the chest, grabbing the hair on my chest.

“What’s the hurry?” I asked in broken words.

“Don’t know, I feel like I want it fast and then take y time slowly for a long long fuck.”

So be it I thought and began to pump my beautiful neighbor for the orgasm. Both were panting, kiss me she panted. And she came as my lips met hers. Her moans stifled by my lips, her pussy massaged my cock in a throbbing manner, my cock too increased in girth as it began to shoot globs of my semen into her womb.

We lay panting side by side.

I lay flat on my back and she first snuggled up close, then her lips began to plant wet kisses on my shoulder, her tongue licking my salty skin, spreading their areas of conquest to my chest, her mouth sucked at my hard small nipples. They began to go down. My cock was already beginning to get hard. She took my sticky cock between her forefinger and thumb, then looking at me, her eyes smoldering making my hard beat faster. She popped the cock out of her mouth. “While I suck you Raaj look into my eyes and keep calling my name.”

I looked into her eyes. Charcoal black eyes that told me of the pleasures still to come: “Nasreen, my sweet baby Nasreen. My sexy cock sucker Nasreen!” She moaned with my cock in her mouth, making the vibrations send a thrill up my spine.

“Cock sucker Nasreen.” I said again and she moaned again. “Nasreen, Nasreen” She shook her head, her cheeks sunken, Eyes sparkling. “Cock sucker Nasreen.” She moaned nodding her head. “My slut.” She moaned even harder. “My cock sucker Slut. My whore slut Nasreen.”

Her hand came up and began to massage my balls, the contracted sac churning in her warm hand. “My tight cunt Nasreen, my special slut Nasreen. My fucking beautiful Nasreen, my sweet whore Nasreen.” I was coming to close to control it, I let go, she gurgled even louder sucked even harder draining me of my juices. “Ahh…. Yes my whore drink my juice…” I reached forward, sinking my cock further into her throat and grabbed each ass cheek and began to knead them. Her hands sneaked up and pushed me back on the bed, she let the softening cock out of her mouth.

“Was it good?”

“Good? Nasreen you are among the top few. Rana is a lucky bastard.”

“That is true.” She said with exaggerated nod. “But tell you the truth, the first time I did it was here in Malaysia.”

“Don’t joke. Really? I would say you had years of experience.”

“Remember the first time we went to your house and Rita offered me wine? The wine and the whiskey did it for us. I pushed his head towards there and made him lick me. Soon I was sucking him too.”

“There? What is there? It is called pussy darling, cunt, twat, choot.”

“Of course I know that. Pussy, Choot. And you have a lund, a lauda a cock.”

“You really are a great cock sucker.”

“I practiced on eggplants.” She grinned.

“Like a real slut. And how is he at licking pussy?”

“I wouldn’t know, I have nothing to compare it with. But when he does it, I feel like I am in heaven. Tell me do you guys do it often.”

“Rita and I were doing it before we married. She is good at it. And she says I am good at giving head too. I think at least from her squeals she means it. Anyway after now you will have something to compare it with.” I grinned back at her.

“Tell me what else you guys do.”

“Pretty anything that takes our fancy. Though one thing I really enjoy she doesn’t like. I like to slap her ass and back when I am taking her from behind, she can’t stand pain. That is reason also why she rarely lets me take her ass.”

“That is interesting, I actually like the pain when Rana squeezes by tits hard when he fucks me. I like it when he bites me. I have never done it in my ass, want to try a virgin ass.”

“Tomorrow darling we will go out and buy a few things, a tube of lubricant, a shaving razor.”

“Shaving razor?”

“Oh yeah I want to see how my whore’s cunt looks like in all its glory.”

She came over on top, her melons crushing on my chest, her nipples still hard. “On one condition, you shave me.”

“My the greatest pleasure darling.”

“And don’t call me darling. Call my name, call me a slut. I am your slut am I not?”

“Then you are the best slut in the world.”

“Tell me about your fantasies. You said you fantasized about me.”

“Yeah I did, and I am sure am going to do more now that I know how tight and wet my slut Nasreen is. I will tell you one fantasy: I always dreamed of taking you in a public place, standing up, in a hurry.”

She knit her brow? “How?”

“Well you have suck beautiful tits – so full and round and such a nice ass it is best displayed when you are standing. I put against a wall and slightly bent forward, I lift your one leg and enter you. Sometimes in the ass.”

“Can it be done?”

“Yes it can, Rita loves hat pose.”

“You did it in public Anadolu Yakası Escort place?”

“You bet.”

“Will you take me like that, outside.”

“If I see a chance to do it, I will.”

“That’s hot. Fuck me again Raaaj. Fuck me nice and slow, then hard. Bite me tiger, hurt me a little. Fuck, hurt me a lot. I will give you a going away present, take me from behind and slap my back I will tell you to stop if it hurts too much.”

Her hand snaked down to my waking cock, stroking it to full erection. “You are the only cock I have seen other than Rana’s. You are so different, so soft and still so hard. I like the way the skin go forward and backwards.

I turned her around, spooned her and my cock found the cunt. Slow shallow thrusts followed, I could not go too deep in this position but the feeling was good and Rita says this position stimulates her G-Spot. Perhaps it did to Nasreen too, she was taking deep breaths and moaning long. I took one tit in my hand and began to squeeze.


I squeezed harder. “Be a man, be rough, harder and pinch my nipples.”

This was a territory I had hardly traveled. I had wanted to but Rita was not in favor of any pain. I first pulled her up by the waist, bringing her to a position from where my cock could assault better, long hard thrusts. Then leaning forward I grabbed both the tits and began to squeeze them real hard, pinching the nipples. Her moans were blood curdling, sending out a sense of electricity into the whole room. We were like make love with lightening striking everywhere around.

My hand went high up and my palm came down flat on her back. The suddenness of the attack jolted her first but when the hand came second time, she cried yeah. Then there was just the noise of slaps, my hand kept coming down on her back and ass and she kept squealing, never telling me to stop.

Her ass and back were beet red, I was afraid they might bleed any moment, but my own cock was so rock hard and insensitive that I knew I could go on for another half an hour.

I turned her around, putting legs apart, reentered the hot and slushy pussy. My teeth sank into her big breasts, biting her nipples the flesh on the sides, leaving my teeth marks all over her tits. She came with a force that almost threw me off her. I pinned her back holding her wrists and assaulted her lips, feeling them swell in my mouth.

When I came at last her whole body was throbbing, my stiff cock dug deeper into her and released its cum. Sweat was dripping from my brow to chin to her chest. I kept pumping her even after I had released all I could, I wanted to make use of the hardness as much as I could.

It was with great reluctance that she pushed me off her. “Enough Raaaj. Enough. I am dead. That was one good fuck tiger.”

“It was really.” I replied still panting.

We hugged each other and slept. We woke up late the next day, both exhausted by the frenetic fucking last night, specially the last one that had sapped our energy. She woke me up with a cup of coffee, back again in the gown she had been wearing. I threw the blanket off me and realized that I was naked and pulled them back over me.

She laughed at my state. “It is okay, I don’t mind.”

I took the cup of coffee and suddenly felt famished. “I am hungry. Lets get ready fast and see if we can get some breakfast.”

“All right. I have showered already. You go take your shower while I change.”

She was wearing a pale blue salwar khameez when I came out, a light shade of lipstick on her lips. I realized that I had not seen her in any other dress. I put on a khaki pants and a T-shirt and we headed out. The last dregs of food were left in the trays at the restaurant but the guy making eggs was still around, the tea was there. I ordered eggs for both of us, with everything thrown in.

The omelets came and we both finished our plates and relaxed back. “What shall we do today.”

“Its up to you.”

“We have been to sea side but I have never seen you enter the water. Why don’t you do it this time, and come to think I have never seen you in any other dress too.”

“I used to wear jeans sometimes in college.”

“Jeans? Nasreen! I am thinking short skirts, spaghetti tops, I am thinking two piece swimming suite.”

“No way!”

“Nasreen. It is a crime to hide such beautiful body all the time. Here there is no one who will recognize you and I won’t tell.”

“Will I look good in them, my ass is too big.”

“That is what you say. But honestly I have never seen such a perfect ass. It is better than Rita’s and I think she has a killer ass.”

“Okay, then. We will try out some clothes and only if I feel comfortable….”

“Done… lets go shopping then.”

A little asking gave us direction to the nearest biggest mall. We entered the cool building and looked around. An hour later we had several bags in our hands. A swimming trunk for me and a bikini for her in matching colors. We had a mini skirt with matching İstanbul Escort top that she had protested a lot about. We had a normal skirt and blouse that she was not against. We had matching underwear for them. I insisted that no bra should be bought, her tits were hard and tight enough to stand on their own. The panties we bough were skimpy, mere thongs.

We went back to the chalet and I made her put on the bikini and go splash in the sea. When after a lot of protestations she put on the bikini, I lead her to the full length mirror in the bathroom and showed her how stunning she looked. We took a couple of towels along with us and found a nice bench close by to spread it. I saw a waiter passing by and ordered couple of drinks for us.

She attracted a lot of attention and after some time I began to feel she liked the attention she was getting. I liked it too. When Rita and I went out to such places she deliberately wore revealing clothes and I liked the looks guys gave her. I loved to see the lust in their eyes and knowing while they might fantasize about her I was he one who could fuck her.

A while later when it got too hot we took a dip in the sea. The cool water hardened her nipples and they poked out through the flimsy bra. Her wet clothes left nothing to imagination, her tight ass swayed a little more as he walked on the sand, her tits jiggles and the aureoles could be seen. We kept playing in the water and out till we became tired and walked back to the chalet.

We showered together. I took my time lathering her and washing her. The pleasure of being able to massage those large and firm breasts and ass was indescribable. The ten minutes I spent on her pussy was worth it. We had bought the lubricant with razors and I had shaving cream in my bag. I spread a towel on the bed and made her lie down while I shaved her pussy. I had done this a million times with Rita and was quite an expert. Her legs did not need any shaving as they hardly had any hair, I turned her around and removed the few strands of hair from her ass. She looked good enough

After she had rinsed off the soap she returned to bed and I ate her. Her pussy produced more juice than I have seen before. Her clitoris stood up like a tiny cock and demanded attention. It sucked it to her delight. And entering her at last felt again the tight and soft warmth of her pussy. We dozed off and woke up when the sun was going down.

We showered and dressed, I insisted she wear the shorter skirt and again showed her in the mirror how fabulous her body was. We went out to dinner and while men stared at her and imagined how she must look naked, I rejoiced. We had a cocktail. She was drinking something stronger than wine for the first time. She warned me saying she could get wild when drunk. I told her I wanted a wild and slutty Nasreen anyway.

When we reached the chalet she stopped just outside. “Raaj, fuck me here and now. A quick one.”


“You chicken, just unzip your pants and get that big hard cock, lift my skirt and fuck me standing up.”

I pushed her towards the wall, nobody calls me a chicken. I unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out, it was hardening in manner that made me proud. Quickly I lifted her skirt up her tight ass and pushing aside the thong fingered her pussy, she was wet. Then without much ado, I place a hand on her back and holding my cock drove in. I fucked her hard and fast. Driving in and out with ferocity, uttering profanities.

“Is this what the bitch Nasreen wants? Huh? Fucked in public while people watch, or does she want another cock in her mouth too.”


“Is this hot enough Nasreen. Is this cock big enough? Wait till I get it in your tight ass you feel like a horse is tearing you apart.”

“Oh yeah, harder you bastard.”

I rammed harder, my cock hitting the end of her love tunnel, poking into her insides. My one hand was holding her under her knee, bringing her leg up, my other I laced on her shoulder gripping it tight for balance and to hold her back towards the wall while I began to fuck in silence. I came hard in hard, her body stiffening as she reached that final crescendo of orgasm and began to pant.

We stumbled into the chalet, my dick still out and half hard, dripping a strand of cum. She was disheveled. As soon as we reached the inside, I grabbed her hair and brought her mouth to my cock, she began to lick it clean, fumbling with my trouser buttons to get it off. Her clothes came off too. With just her thong on her she walked drunkenly to the bed and fell face down on it. I rummaged through the shopping bags and found the bottle lubricant.

I knew it would be a while before I got after the hard fuck, but I needed time, I needed time to prepare her ass for the assault.

“Oh Raaaj, please, give me a little time.”

“Since when do sluts need time? But don’t worry I will be gentle and soft. You will enjoy it, I promise.”

I took some gel and put it on the crack of her ass, spending a lot of time just massaging the outer area. She began to relax and moaned deep. “That feels good Raaj.”

I massaged her ass cheeks and kneaded them, when I felt she had relaxed I added more lubricant and slid a finger into her puckered hole. She moaned and squeezed against my finger, her inside hot.

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