The Truth is Found



David Brown saw the flashing sign of the Hampton Inn nearing as he drove his Mustang down the highway and he began to wonder if this was such a good idea. His marriage was in shambles, him and his wife were constantly at tooth and nail with one another, but was it so bad that he had to resort to adultery? Confide his deepest emotions in the arms of another? He let out a sigh as such thoughts were pushed to the back of his mind as he turned into the hotel and quickly found a parking spot.

Turning off the engine, he took out the keys and opened his door, stepping out. He brushed large hands down the front and back of his blue jeans, making sure there were no unsightly wrinkles, and the large swell of his dormant cock was outlined to the fullest extent. He wanted to seduce, he wanted to be suave, he wanted to be what he hasn’t been since he married that wench of a wife.

He dug a hand into his pocket, retrieving a note he jotted down before he left the office. Room 202 was where she would be. He turned baby blue eyes upwards to peer at the row of doors, he spotted the needed door and inhaled a deep breath, trying to slow the rapid beat of his heart. He made his way across the parking lot and climbed up the stairs and down the hall until he was outside the room. He combed back long locks of black hair as a twinge of guilt fingered the base of his spine. He had to put all his worries, doubts, and regrets aside if this was even going to have a glimmer of hope in working out. He knocked on the door.

The seconds seemed to tick by at an agonizing slowness, and he almost got to the point where he turned and left and forgot about the whole thing. Just as he was about to do so, he heard shuffling on the other side of the door before it swung open and there she stood. He knew who she was, he knew her name, but seeing her dressed as she was immediately caused his hidden cock to give a rough twitch and begin a steady rise in those pants. He viewed the woman before him, dressed in a black mini skirt and white blouse top which hugged around the large swell of her breasts. Her legs were left bare, and she wore no shoes, obviously she had gotten comfortable in the room. Her skin was of a carmel hue, tanned to perfection. Much like himself, she had left early from work to meet him here.

“I’m glad you came, David.” She whispered at him, her lips twitching upwards to reveal a sultry smile. She stepped aside to allow him entrance, motioning him with a delicate hand.

“I almost didn’t come Claire. I almost didn’t.” He let out a melodramatic sigh as he stepped inside the room and kicked off his shoes. He turned to face her just as she closed the door and stepped in front of him. He breathed in her alluring scent, squinting his eyes to mere slits in the process. His hands came to settle down upon her hips, drawing her close until their fronts collided and she could feel the steady throb of his manhood pressed to her crotch. “I’m glad I did, though.”

She leaned forward then and pressed her lips to the hollow of his throat, drawing a bit of skin between twin rows of teeth and nibbling down upon it. He felt her shifting, rocking her hips Anadolu Yakası Escort to his own in her dire need. It floored him, and made his cock harden even more if it were possible. He hadn’t felt such strong desire from any women, not even his own wife.

Shivers made their way through his body as she manipulated him so. He had come here wanting to be the seducer, but it was quite apparent that Claire was going to be the one on top. He tipped his head down and ran his cheek along the top of her head, stroking through the long brown hair she adorned.

Their hips danced along one anothers, and David’s hands lowered down from their placement upon her hip to clutch at the hem of her skirt, lifting it up to bare the black lace of her panties and fully expose the onslaught of their grind.

“Oh god, I want you so bad, David.” She rasped at him before their lips collided in a fervent kiss of pent up passion. He hooked a hand beneath her toned thigh and lifted it up so her leg was curled about his waist, and he aimed the bulge of his prick at the front of her crotch. The denim of his pants dragged along her covered pussy, digging the panties up between swelled lips and played hell on the engorged clit beneath. They moaned into the kiss they shared, and her tongue was soon nudging it’s way between his lips to slide along his own.

Pre cum was felt seeping out from the piss hole at the tip of his head, and soaked into his pants as their hips ground together. His free hand came to cup a firmed globe of her ass, pulling it apart from it’s pair before mashing it back together, ultimately encouraging her to roll further into him.

He backed her slowly until she pressed to the wall, and it was then that he made his move downwards. He broke their kiss and dropped to his knees. Now wasn’t a time for love, now wasn’t a time for holding back, now was a time to let everything out. She cooed down at him as he hooked his fingers into the waistband of her panties and tugged downwards until the trimmed chocolate bush of her vagina was presented before him. She stepped out of her panties as they reached her ankles and slowly walked her feet apart to expose the puffed out lines that lay beneath.

David then reached to the front of his pants and unzipped them before digging inside and pulling out the length of his cock, drooling in it’s aroused state. He grasped the prick at it’s base and pressed the tip to one of her tanned calves. He ran the head up and down the side, groaning gently in pleasure as he leaned his head forward and pressed a kiss to the protruding nub of her clit. His lips parted and moistened tongue darted outwards to flick the nub back and forth as he ran his cock up and down her leg.

“Fuck! Unggh. Do it David, suck my clit.” Her hips rolled into his tongue as he bathed her clit in his saliva, before he did just as she asked and took the swollen button within his lips and sucked on it. The tip of his tongue pressed to the clit and swirled it as he sucked. She arched her back from the wall and let loose a loud groan of pleasure while flexing her calf against him. Pre cum was smearing all along her leg as he Kurtköy Escort flicked the cock up and down, but he never stopped his torment upon her pussy.

He moaned against her clit, causing small vibrations to add to the pleasure he was giving her, and his free hand came up to push through the outer folds of her labia before fingers curled backwards and the index finger was jammed up into the tight grasp of her snatch. Claire was absolutely loving this, she was letting out slurred words through her moans, and her eyes were shut tight long ago.

He smacked on her clit as his finger began to gently pump in and out of the juiced box, and that index finger was soon joined by another and a pistoning motion began. He made sure to curl his fingers towards himself with each thrust forward to ensure that he struck that ever elusive G-spot, and it wasn’t long until Claire was bucking herself down upon the invading fingers and the clasp he had on her clit. Her hand came to her blouse and broke off the buttons in her haste to expose the twin mass of tits. She encased a hardened nipple with her thumb and forefinger and began to roll it as white lights flashed in the darkness of her closed eyes.

“Shit! I’m going to cum David! Make me cum, please!” Hearing this, he began to hum loudly and a third finger was added to the mix, stabbing in and out of her cunt as that ever distinct squish sound happened. Claire let loose a squeal as she pushed down hard upon his fingers while her orgasm overcame her. David pressed his fingers deep and wiggled roughly to cause friction to her G-spot as heated liquid splashed down upon his fingers and her walls clasped and spasmed over his fingers.

He never thought her orgasm was going to end. She continued to whimper and writhe against those fingers, but it did end, and she began to breathe deep in an attempt to slow her heart. She peered down at him, a grin overcoming her once pleasure lined face.

“My hero.” Was all she said as she reached down with her hands and placed them on his shoulders. She shoved hard, and David fell backwards in a rush, hitting his head to the wall as he slouched there. He blinked at her, taken aback by that, but she quickly followed him and straddled his lap. He looked into her eyes, watching her closely as he felt her hand encircle his blood-laden cock. She dragged the purpled head back and forth through the swell of her lips, before finally fitting it to her cum-lubed entrance. She leaned forward and kissed his head before dropping down on his cock. They both moaned then, and his hips rose from the floor as she wiggled atop him. She was unbelievably hot, and her walls were constantly milking his cock in a way that blew his mind.

She stayed there for a moment, getting accustomed to having such a large prick inside her, stretching her walls even further than those thick fingers did. But it wasn’t long until she rose upwards, drawing the prick out of her until just the head was nestled into the hole, before she fell back down upon him with a smack of ass to thighs. Her hands stayed to his shoulders, and he continued to look into her eyes as she began to steadily ride Pendik Escort him.

The squish of their fuck, the steady slap of their bodies, the stench of their joining, and their moans filled the small hotel room as she bounced herself upon him. His hands came to grip at her ass, guiding her along at a faster pace as he felt his cock being engulfed. Her tits bounced in front of his face, and his head whirled from the combination of the pleasure and hitting his head.

Every so often Claire would hault her buck up and down to take him to the hilt and roll her hips along, grinding her clit along his crotch and through the thick thatch of his pubic hair. She did this for a moment before continuing her momentum up and down.

“Ugh, mmm. I’m going to cum, Claire! You better pull out!” He warned her as he felt his balls tightening up and the unmistaken twinge of orgasm start to build.

“I don’t think so, cum in me David, fill me with your juice.” And her efforts were redoubled, her feet planting to the ground on either side of his hips as she squatted atop him, fucking herself along his cock.

The orgasm David had been trying to keep back until she pulled out finally hit, and he was still being fucked by her. He craned his back forward and moaned louder than previously as his cock began to spasm roughly within her. Globs of cum were undoubtedly erupted from that overworked cock, splashing along the inside of her. The electric spasms continued, and when they finally subsided, Claire collapsed atop him and placed gentle kisses to his neck.

“Do you think we’re going to get caught?” She inquired quietly.

“No, I don’t think so. She’s your Sister, so I doubt she’ll expect a thing.” And with that, she sighed and nuzzled her head beneath his chin, closing her eyes.


Dinner time was nearing, and Rebecca Brown was busily getting the food ready for her husband. Normally he was home by then, but for some reason he was late this evening. She had the TV playing in the living room, and the news was being carried throughout the house.

She was carrying a bowl of spaghetti to the table when she heard from the TV:

“This just in! Armdale Cooperation on 5th Avenue has just been destroyed! Our camera crew is en route now to see just what is going on, but our sources say that terrorists have bombed the basement of the twelve story building, and it’s foundation crumbled! Everyone is presumed dead, fire workers are busy digging through the rubble in hopes of finding any survivors. We will be updating this throughout the night, and we will keep you updated! This is Miles Smith with the channel 12 news.”

The bowl fell from her hands as she froze and starred in horror at the TV. Armdale Cooperation? That’s where her husband worked! Tears brewed in her eyes quickly, and she ran to the phone, clutching it with her hand before dialing David’s cell phone.


David’s cell phone went off as he sat against the wall holding Claire in his arms. He blinked in confusion, he had thought he had turned it off.

“Shh, don’t say anything.” He told Claire as he dug the phone from his pocket, opened it, and put it to his ear. It was his wife, she was hysterical.

“David! David!! Are you ok? Oh my god, I was so worried.”

“What do you mean? I’m fine, dear.”

“Wait a second, where are you?”

“I’m at work, why? What’s the matter?”

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