The Tropical Massage Pt. 02



Love Cove…

After relaxing from your massage / post massage activities, we step into the 87 degree water, walking along the white sandy bottom, till the water is just lapping at your crotch. We kneel down, feeling the warm water envelope our nude, tan bodies. The water is dead calm in the cove, with finger reefs on the bottom. Max depth in the cove is 20 feet (perfect for what I have in mind). You didn’t know I had come out earlier, to preposition some additional equipment for our post massage swim. We swam outward, toward one of the shallow reefs. Upon reaching it, we floated, bobbing gently, watching the small, colorful fish swimming around the coral.

We swam toward another reef, deeper than the first, go do some surface diving. I let u take the lead, allowing me to watch u swim, gazing at your breasts weightless in the water and glimpse your pussy as you kick. I could feel myself begin to stir, and I desperately began to think of anything to keep me from getting hard (yet). Reaching the reef, u jack knifed and dove, into 12 feet of water, and began to explore the coral, looking for the small reef creatures who make a home there. After several dives, we proceeded to the center of the cove, a large sandy bottom, about 25 feet deep.

As we are swimming, I let go of your hand and begin to tease your nipples. U push my hand away, but i noticed that your nipples are at attention and pointy. When we reach the center of the cove, you notice the extra gear on the bottom. Two pairs of twin 100 cf tanks with extra long regulator hoses and a pair of weigh belts is waiting for us. U smile mischievous at me and dive to the gear. U easily reach the bottom and put on your weight belt. Afterwards, u turn on your air and begin breathing from your regulator. U settle down on the sandy bottom, on your back looking up at me. I see u wink and smile, as u begin to caress yourself. As your rubbing and squeezing your nipples and cupping your full breasts, I float above u watching the show u are putting on. U smile as u see my cock growing hard, sticking out from my body, then choosing this moment to move your right hand down to your waiting cunt. You’re spreading your legs, drawing your knees up to tilt your pelvis, giving me a perfect view of u spreading your lips, exposing your love canal, and beginning to finger your love box. Tracing a finger around your pussy, along the flesh between your inner and outer lips, I can imagine the electric jolts u feel, I see u shudder as your finger rubs across your clit.

After watching u for a few more moments, I dive down to you and grasp your thighs, and begin to run my tongue along the same path u traced with your finger. I found your clit, extended and sensitive, protruding from it’s protective hood. I feel u jump as I flick my tongue across it, sending waves of pleasure through out thru your body. U grab my head with your hands and firmly pull my mouth to your waiting pussy, clamping your thighs firmly against my ears. It been about 45 seconds since I dove and I am beginning to feel the urge to breathe. I exhaled a little air against your clit, sending more waves thru your body as the bubbles stream past it. You begin to buck against my face and I ride your wave, probing your folds with my tongue, tasting your honey mixed with the saltiness of the sea water. After a 1:15 of licking u, I free myself from your legs, and u give me your reg to breathe from. As I take a few breaths, I continue to finger you, slipping 1 then 2 fingers up your warm pussy. I take one more deep breath and pass the reg back to u, then continue to suck and nibble on your clit and pussy lips, while continuing to thrust my fingers deeply into you.

As I lavish undivided attention to u, I feel u buck and thrust faster and harder against my mouth, Ataşehir Escort holding my head with both your hands. I can feel your pending organism building within u, as I continue to working your cunt, licking your inner lips back to forth, teasing your clit with each pass, your movements become more frantic, and I can hear u moaning into your regulator, your increased breathing sending large amounts of air to the surface. Even though, my urge to breathe isn’t necessary, I free myself from the sweet prison of your legs and pussy and I thought of taking your reg again, but with your increased breathing, and frantic desire to cum again, I grab my reg and turn the tank valve on and take several deep breathes, flushing the CO2 from my lungs so I won’t breathe again till u cum. While I was breathing, u were strumming your clit, pumping 2 and 3 fingers into your cunt, attempting to cum.

I move your hand away, slip 3 fingers into your love tunnel, and suck on your clit again, flicking and rolling it with my tongue. U arch your back, seeking to drive your pussy deeper onto my fingers, bucking wildly. I pull my mouth and fingers away, stealing the needed attention u desperately crave in your desire to cum. You’re pleading with me with your eyes, as I keep u from pleasuring yourself. As I hear u grunt and moan into your reg, I return to your waiting pussy, flicking my tongue across your abused clit, then plunge it deeply into your waiting hole. I ride your bucking hips, fingering your love nub as I tongue fuck u, caressing your pussy’s velvety lining. Your thrusting harder and harder, I feel the tension quickly build in your body, and hear the reg struggle with keeping up with your breathing. Then, I feel u begin to spasm over and over, as u reach your release, bucking against me, screaming into your regulator. I continue to lick as the waves of ecstasy subside and u release the death grip u had on my head.

I retrieve my regulator and caress u as u come down from your intense organism, your breathing slows down as your body recovers. You squirm a little as I stroke and squeeze your tits and circle your nipples. I feel u run your hand down my body, slowly moving and finally reaching my raging hard on. You begin to stroke my cock, watching me and smiling mischievous. After a couple of minutes of gentle stroking, u push off the bottom and float toward my legs, gently spinning till u settle on the sand, kneeling, facing my stiff member. Your reg hose extends to your tanks, with plenty of slack. I watch u hyperventilate, then remove the reg from your mouth and hold it in your hand. I feel u grasp my dick and watch u bend downwards toward me, waiting for the first contact of your tongue against my cock, twitching in anticipation for it’s velvetly softness to caress my skin. Moments later, I feel the tip of your tongue flick across my head, teasingly brushing my slit, I involuntary respond, thrusting my cock slightly upwards, wanting, craving, and waiting for more of your touch. I feel your tongue brush against me again, knowing that u are teasing me as revenge when I pulled away as u were ready to cum. I swore that I would return the favor when the time was right. Then as I felt you licking and sucking on my head, I begin to thrust upwards, wanting, trying to slip my straining cock past your lips, into the warm velvetly chamber of your mouth. I know that u are in total control of me, as u lift your head up, keeping me from what I desire so badly, I love you and hate you so much for keeping me away from the pleasure I want, that I desperately seek.

It’s been about 1:30 that you’ve been holding your breath and even though you’re comfortable holding it for 2 minutes, u take several deep breaths and return to my stiff member. You teasing lick Acıbadem Escort the tip a couple of more times, then I feel u slide your mouth over my waiting head, your lips sliding downwards on my shaft. I keep from thrusting into your mouth, not wanting to cause u to gag underwater, I let u determine the pace and how deeply you will suck me, even though I want to thrust as deep into your mouth as far as I can go! I force myself to relax, to enjoy the sensation of your tongue and lips, as you bob up and down on my shaft, flicking the tip of my cock before your next downward stroke. I love watchin your hair floating as u bob on my dick, watching me disappear into u. On each successive stroke, I feel you taking a little more of me, soon you have swallowed 3/4 of my love. U stop to take a breath and you stroke me for a moment, till u resume your oral exam of my penis. I love the sensation of the warm water and your warm mouth, as you continue inhaling me, quickly taking more and more of my pleasure rod, till u bump up against my abs, with my entire length swallowed.

I feel your tongue swirling and running the underside of me, as u begin to cup and gently squeeze my balls, the vibrations spreading thru my dick as you moan with me deep in your throat. Thoroughly enjoying the feelings of pleasure, I didn’t notice that u had began to bob on my shaft again, increasing your pace, trying to get me to cum before u felt the urge to breathe again. I struggled against the mounting urge, trying not to surrender to your almost frantic sucking, trying to hold on as long as I can, to prolong the pleasure as long as possible. But, as the urge to breathe is becoming more prevalent, I feel u exhale from around my cock, reducing the level of CO2, in your lungs, alleviating your urge to breathe. I feel you do things to my cock with your mouth I can’t describe, the sensations are non stop and I finally succumb, feeling the waves of muscular spasms, propelling my juice into your mouth, thrusting with each wave of pleasure. You continue to suck as my orgasm fades, finally freeing me from your mouth. U swish my cum into the water, a cloud of my seed floating by your face. U retrieve your reg and take a well deserved breath.

We lay on the sandy bottom of the cove watching the reef fish swimming by, relaxing and enjoying the warm water for a moment, caressing each other. My breathing (and dick) has calmed from your efforts a few minutes ago. The little cloud of semen has dispersed, leaving no trace of the passionate moment I just experienced, just us. I noticed u grinning at me with that mischievous sparkle in your eyes, and felt u grasp my limp penis in your hand. U lifted up from the bottom and drifted over me, rotating till your pussy floated above my face. I reached up and grabbed a leg, drawing u down to my waiting mouth. As u settled on top of me, I felt u lick, then suck my flaccid cock into your mouth, your lips against my abs. As I begin to nibble and lick u, I feel u work your tongue around me. After a few moments, I can feel myself becoming hard again, thanks to the view of your pussy, your ass, and the sensation of your tongue. I can see how excited u are, your love tunnel radiating heat, grinding on my tongue. As I noticed that, I grew harder, u kept your lips against my abs, allowing my expanding cock to fill your mouth and to slide into your throat.

When u sensed I was fully extended, u pulled your mouth off me and took a breath. I felt u lift upwards, position yourself over my member. Grasping it with your hand, I watched u settle onto me, straddling me in a reverse cowgirl, feeling my head sliding past your lips, into your velvety sex. I watch as u slowly slide down on me, grunting as I fill your pussy as I disappear into u, only stopping when İstanbul Escort you’ve fully taken my cock, your crotch against mine. u begin to grind against me, pushing and rotating your hips, gently working yourself around my stiff member, relaxing your pussy walls, sliding along the front wall of your sex. While u grind against me, I slipped a small surprise I had secreted under the strap of my mask, an item for later.

U hook your heels under the small of my back, to be able to ride me without drifting off of my body. U rise up slowly, feeling me slide out, till only my tip is resting at your opening. Reversing your motion, u slide down slowly, enjoying the feeling of my hard on stretching u, expanding u as I fill your sugar shaker. Again, u rise, quicker this time, as your walls grip me tightly, but relaxed enough not to cause u any pain or discomfort. U continue to increase your pace, leaning back, allowing me to cup and squeeze you tits. I pinch your nipples, which are hard and at attention. U lean back farther and I push off the bottom, raising me to a standing position with u still impaled on my prick. With me standing on the bottom, you’re floating in front of me, doggie style, with your feet hooked behind my thighs. I have a firm grip on your hips and thrust deeply into u, while u thrust back, trying to drive me deeper into your hot, tight pussy. I can feel your snatch grip me tighter as u clench down on my dick, as I control the pace and depth of the ramming you’re getting. I vary my stroke, fast, shallow, deep, fast, slowly pulling out and rubbing my cock against your clit, re-inserting my cock into you, head tip just barely in your pussy, teasing u by keeping u from ramming back onto me, then driving deeply into u. U float effortlessly in front of me, suspended by the wonderfully warm water, caressing u while u attempt to match my pace and depth as I continue to ram your pussy.

I can feel u begin to grip my hard dick harder with your tight, little cunt. I know u will cum soon, judging from the pace u are trying to set and the volume of air u are exhaling, clouds of bubbles, your reg struggling to meet the demands u are putting on it. Suddenly, I pull out of u and flip u so u are floating on your back. U squeal in frustration from the sudden emptiness and the rush of water filling your cunt. U wrap your legs around my hips, quickly reaching for my dick and guiding it into your waiting love box and drive me fully into u. Suddenly, u feel an electric jolt against your clit while u grind against me. U reach between us and find the waterproof, vibrating, cock ring I slipped and turned on while I flipped u around. U continue to grind your clit against it for a few moments, then resumed humping me, pausing to rub against the ring on each stroke. I can watch your face, hear the moans, and feel your pussy clench my cock and spasm, as the pleasure sensations spread throughout your body.

I tweak your nipples, sending more jolts thru u, causing u to fuck me harder and harder, striving to cum again. Your frantic pace is sending me closer to my own orgasm, and I am holding on, wanting to cum with u. Then I feel u pull me as deeply as u can and plant your clit on the vibrating ring, and begin to shudder, spasm, grind wildly against me, all the while moaning and creaming into your regulator. Holding on to you, I let myself go and pump my cum deeply into u, watching a small cloud of sperm pumping out of your pussy with each successive stroke. We stay tangled up together for several minutes, then u float upwards, my cock sliding out of u, more clouds of cum floating in the water.

After a few minutes resting on the bottom, u signal for us to return to the surface. We shut off the valves on the tanks and leave the weight belts with the tanks. I noticed both sets still have about half capacity remaining. I thinking a replay tomorrow is very likely. We surface and u hug and kiss me, thanking me for a wonderful “swim”. We head back to the beach to clean up and rest before dinner. Wonder what desert will bring???

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