The Triathlete And The Physiotherapist


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Julian was, objectively, a star. Nine ITU world championship series and three Ironman series titles in 2016 and 2017 alone, and an Olympic gold medal in Rio for good measure. At twenty-five he was a millionaire, dominating a sport that while not the planet’s most popular, was one that with excellence came hyperbolic accolades such as “world’s greatest athlete.” At 6’2” and 170 pounds he was wiry but built. Every muscle on his frame was chiseled and defined, many of them painted by the dozen or so tattoos that covered his arms, legs, chest, and abs.As such, Julian was, objectively hot. But he was also nursing an injury. He had come to the Toronto physio clinic in 2018 with a back issue that had flared up during a race in Hamburg. It could be a mild disc herniation, or it could be just the wear and tear of training six hours a day and traveling all over the world to swim, bike, and run.Naomi was star-struck the moment he came into the clinic, and her heart skipped a beat when she was assigned to be his physiotherapist. An amateur triathlete herself, she paid attention to the elite competitors of that universe. She had been competing for about six years. She took it up to keep weight off after the birth of her child, and it had worked. A thirty-five-year-old brunette, she could pass for sınırsız gaziantep escort a decade younger and had a tight, athletic body with barely an ounce of fat on her.When they started their sessions, Naomi basically played fangirl by asking Julian to regale her with tales of the triathlon circuit. Working on his lean legs and lower back didn’t necessarily arouse anything else, because working on people’s bodies was her job. It was only when he flipped on his back and she could see his gorgeous green eyes and longer, rock-star-like hair – as well as the noticeable package inside his shorts – that her mind went elsewhere.Julian knew it, too. It was clear there was a mutual attraction, and he made it his goal to bed her. He knew from their conversations that she was married, but that only served to encourage him further. As a hot young man and elite athlete, he’d never had problems getting laid. He had had sex with almost a hundred women; but the married or otherwise attached ones were his favorite, because the thrill factor was intense and there was often little commitment required.He began following Naomi on Instagram, knowing that would provide her with a glimpse into the world he knew she was tempted by, gaziantep sınırsız escort bayan while also giving them a private communications channel when needed. It worked like charm. Naomi became one of his 30,000-plus followers and quickly found herself scrolling through his feed, leering at photos of Julian in action, podium finishes, and exotic locales.Soon enough, she was looking at her husband through a critical lens. Whereas she was in shape and took care of herself, he had steadily been gaining weight for a decade. She had never cheated on him in nine years of marriage, but it dawned on her that might have been because there had never been a true opportunity to do so.Julian had responded well to three months of physio treatment and planned to make his return to competition at that fall’s Ironman in Hawaii. An MRI by Naomi’s clinic had found no disc herniation. With Labor Day weekend approaching, Naomi let it slip to Julian that her husband and son were heading out of town for a t-ball tournament.”We should meet up,” he suggested.Suddenly she realized that fantasy could become reality, and she was nervous. She battled over the possibilities in her head for days.On the Saturday of the long weekend, gaziantep sınırsız escort her husband and son left. She almost messaged Julian twice before stopping herself. The following afternoon, however, something changed. It was particularly hot and humid; the kind of weather that usually made her horny. She also had nothing to do and was bored.”What r u up to today?” she messaged Julian via Instagram DM.He replied that he had no plans other than to play soccer with some friends at a certain park. “You’re welcome to meet up,” he messaged back.Naomi quickly felt a strange sensation of freedom. With the house to herself, she drew a bath. Using a disposable razor, she shaved her legs and cleaned up her area, shaping a landing strip. When she was finished, she put on a pair of torn jean shorts and a tight black polo crop top.An hour and a half later, she was sitting in her Jeep Wrangler watching Julian play soccer on the field in front of her. He had his shirt off, and the heat seemed to have no effect on him as he dominated play, scoring two goals. As the game was wrapping up, Naomi went to the sideline.”Your back seems fine,” she said, as he greeted her with a kiss on the cheek.”You look fine,” he said.Julian suggested they go for a drink and something to eat somewhere, but with the caveat that he had to “stop at my place to change” first.Naomi felt a surge of nervous energy, but agreed.She followed him to his condo complex, where she got a look at his house for the first time. It was stunning; a glass-walled corner unit with a beautiful view of the city, and a kitchen area with two leather-backed stools at the counter. She perched herself on one as Julian disappeared into the bedroom.

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