The Trampoline



It is a beautiful warm and sunny fall day. You pull into the driveway and I watch as you get out of your car. Today you are wearing a dress, it almost looks like a sun dress but it looks to be a little heavier material. You glide up to the door and go to knock but smile when you see me standing there looking at you through the glass.

I open the door and you walk in with your arms held open wide. You wrap your arms around me and mine go around you. Our bodies press tightly against one another as we embrace. You whisper in my ear that you have missed me and I whisper “I missed you too” into yours. You take my hand and guide me to the couch.

You wait for me to sit down first and once I am seated you turn and sit right on my lap. You turn to me as our faces are just inches apart and I lean into you and kiss your lips. I feel your hand against the back of my head as our lips and then tongues greet each other. You feel my arm tightly grip you across your waist and you let out a slight moan… Your fingers intertwine with my hair and my lips leave yours only to move to your inviting neck. As my lips caress the nape of your neck I feel your fingers tightening in my hair… you then feel my teeth as I nibble at your soft skin on your neck. You feel my teeth digging in but you feel no pain only excitement. Your slight moans change to sighs as my teeth dig in and my hand caresses your body through your dress.

As my hands feel their way down your body I find you wearing no bra and can feel your nipples through the thin material, from there they travel down to your waist again and slide to the inside between your legs. You feel the pressure of my hand as it rubs you gently between your legs. I feel you spread your legs apart as you invite my hand in for a more closer examination but my hands only tease you for a moment as they head further down. I reach as far as your knees before I can go no further. You then feel my fingers as they start to pull up your dress.

Our lips are locked back together as my finger tips touch the soft skin on your leg. You then feel my fingers as they travel up above your knee and you open your legs once again. With each touch I hear a soft moan escape you and for every inch I travel up you pull at my hair harder and harder. I can now feel the heat emanating from between your legs.

As you begin to lose yourself with every touch you start to slide off my lap. Quickly you pull away from me, stand up, and turn facing directly at me. You pull up your dress and straddle my leg. Your knees are resting on the couch as you lean into me and take my face in your hands. Your lips kiss mine and you even nibble at my lip! I feel your mid-section grinding into me and your hips sliding up and down my leg. I run my hands up your sides and begin to caress your tits. Bostancı Escort You can feel me rolling your rock hard nipples with my fingers as you move slowly. Your breathing becomes heavy and the spot between your legs that is riding me is becoming hotter.

You pull away from my lips and pull my head against your chest. You feel my hot breath against your skin and then the touch of my tongue. I slide my nose across your breast and you feel my lips nipping at your nipples under your dress. You reach up and pull the low cut dress open in the front and your bare tits fall out in my face. I begin to caress them as I start licking and sucking your nipples. My wet tongue plays with your nipples as you ride my leg harder. You begin to arch your back and move faster as you rub your pussy hard against my leg. As you begin to moan loudly, your panties are soaked with excitement.

I then watch as you reach down and slide your finger in your panties! You are now rubbing your wet clit as I watch you. As you enjoy yourself I continue to suck upon your nipple and nibble at your neck. Your body begins to shake as you are obviously getting off. Your face shows the pleasure you are feeling but not a sound escapes your lips. You move faster and faster against me but I want to hear you cum.

I reach down and grab your hand and pull it from your panties. Your eyes spring open as I take your hand and place your fingers in my mouth. Tasting your love juices drives me wild. I throw you over on to the couch and pin you down. I then waste no time in ramming my fingers deep inside you.

The feeling of my fingers inside you takes your breath away. I slide my fingers in and out of you and place my thumb against your throbbing clit. Almost immediately your are back to where you were just before I pulled your fingers out and enjoyed your sweet flavor. You then feel my other hand grip the back of your hair and pull tightly.

I start working your pussy like your life depended on getting off. My fingers slid in and out of you as I rub my thumb against your cit… I stare right into your eyes and see your are holding back your cries of pleasure.

I then say “Stop holding back, I want to hear you scream, I want to hear you cry out as you get off!!!” You bite your lip and shake your head no, so I work you even harder.

I pull back on your hair as I bend over you. I then bite at your neck again, this time leaving marks, but judging by the sounds you are starting to make you loved it. I then jerk your head over to the other side and bite your neck once again.

I drive my fingers deep inside the soft folds of your pussy. My fingers feel the ribbed inside deep in you, and just as I press against your clit you scream out!

“Finally!” I say “Now do it again!” but you no longer Ümraniye Escort need any encouragement from me.

With each sliding motion of my fingers and movement of my thumb against your clit you cry out! It is obvious there is only pleasure driving you to dry out this way.

You wrap your arms tightly around my neck and it feels like you are squeezing the life out of me. The orgasm that you are feeling is ripping through your body. Y

Your cry’s turn to whimpers and back to cry’s again as it surges through you like a wave. I then feel your fingers nails dig deep into my back. Then as if someone has jabbed a knife into you, you scream out! And I do mean scream out.

Your voice cracks and your whole body trembles… You loosen your grip on my neck and I immediately pull my fingers out of you and drop to my knees.

Pulling your dress out of the way, I drive my face down on you. A whole new orgasm now begins to wreck your body. My tongue finds your hard clit easily and I start to lap up all of your love juices that are now flowing from you.

Your finger nails dig into my scalp as you grab at my head and try to pull it up but at the same time you don’t want me to stop. I bring you to the point where you are begging me to stop. Your breathing like a person starved for air and your heart is pounding like a sledge hammer. Just when you think your head is gonna pop you get off once again. I drink in your sweet juices once more and I ease back away from your blazing hot pussy.

Kissing your inner thighs, I then make my way back up to your waiting lips. Sweat is glistening on your body and I lick your breast to get a taste. Finally I arrive at your lips and you pull me right in. Your tongue enters my mouth and I hold you tightly. You lay there catching your breath and having a sip of water to calm your now sore throat from screaming.

I smile at you and tell you “I love you.” You smile back at me and say “Now what about you?” I look at you and say “I don’t know; how about we go out on the trampoline.” You give me this confused look but agree with me. You get yourself situated and then bend down to get your panties which I had pulled off at some point but I grab your hand and say “you won’t be needing those.”

We then walk outside together. You feel a little strange walking outside with no panties on but at the same time it was exciting! We walk together over to the trampoline. I then tell you to get up on it. You smile and hop up. I watch as you swing your legs up and see everything. You notice me looking and say “Do you like what you see? ” and I say “I like EVERYTHING I see when I look at you.” You give me another quick glimpse under your dress and roll out onto the trampoline. I then jump up on it and roll to the middle.

As I am laying Kartal Escort there you start to kiss me and rub my leg while you move your hand up between my legs. You find my very hard and ready, you laugh and say “it feels like someone wants to play on the trampoline.” I smile back and say “yep, and you are my playmate!”

You stand up over me and I see your still wet pussy as you smile down at me. You then back up and drop down between my legs. I watch as you unzip my pants and pull my cock out. You smile and say “Let’s see what we can do about this.”

Right out in the open you bend down over me and take my cock in your mouth. I feel your wet tongue as you begin to suck me. You take your time as you slowly stroke me with your tongue and mouth. I moan and squirm as you work it. After several minutes of pure ecstasy you say, “That should do it.”

I watch as you bring my legs together and straddle my midsection. You then squat down and as you pull your dress up you guide my cock into your still soaking wet pussy.

Once you feel me penetrate your lips you drop down against me. I gasp to catch my breath as the feeling of sliding into you takes my breath away. Then you start to bounce. You look into my eyes and say “I want you to fill me up my inside.”

Taking full advantage of the trampoline you rock back and forth and bounce on me as I watch as your breast bounce to the rhythm. The feeling of my cock sliding in and out of your wet pussy sends tingles right down to my toes and I begin to moan. You have this serious look on your face, you are totally into what you are doing. The cars driving by on the street don’t even catch your attention as you stare down at me.

You then close your eyes, sit up as straight as you can and drive down hard on to me. I can feel my blood begin to boil as you ride. Faster and faster you ride but then to both of our surprise we hear the train horn.

As the train approaches you move faster ignoring it’s warning. The excitement of the two of us fucking right out in the open is driving you crazy. The train horn blows again and both of us cry out.

I thrust up into you and you feel an explosion inside. With each thrust up you feel my hot load shoot inside you. You cry out as you feel my hot cum escape into your waiting pussy. Your pussy wraps tight around my cock as you have one final orgasm. I shoot a few more loads of my seed deep inside. The train emerges from the trees and you wave to the passengers with me still inside you! The passengers only see you so they have no clue what we were just doing on the trampoline.

Once the train has passed you drop down against my chest and our faces press against one another as we both fight to catch our breath.

You slide off me and take my cock into your mouth once again. I shake and moan as you clean me off. Each lick of your tongue sends shivers down my spine. I look down and you smile as you torture me. You finally return to my lips and we again share a long, wet kiss.

We then lay on the trampoline and enjoy the afternoon sun together…

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