The Toy Ch. 01



It had been a long day. For the both of them. While she had been busy meeting with and keeping happy some high profile guests at her hotel, he had been slogging at work before he decided that it was enough. He had quit on the spot, left work and come straight to this hotel to drink himself away. And she had just walked in, having just seen her guests off.

That was an odd sight to her. A man, about 5’10”, sitting at the bar alone, drinking. He seemed averagely built, but on the leaner side. He was not a hotel guest, she knew. Nor was he waiting for someone. He looked like a man broken. By love, or by life, she couldn’t tell. Feeling a nudge inside her, she walked over to him and occupied the adjacent stool.

He felt her presence and glanced over at her. For a second, he wasn’t sure if the girl looked hot because he was drunk, or because it was true. She looked like a fine beauty, clad in a dark blue skirt and a sea blue blouse. Heels, that seemed high enough. She seemed almost as tall as him, but she’d probably be a few inches taller in heels. She looked corporate. He almost turned back to his drink before he realised that she was looking at him. He turned his head again to look at her, and their eyes locked. She smiled.

“Hard day?”

“Yeah.” He smiled a resignation-like smile.

She looked at him. Almost as if into him.

“And drinking yourself until you pass out and have to be dragged into a room here sounds appealing to you?”

He sat up a little. She was inquisitive. But she was also almost telling him to not do something so stupid. It was in her tone. On her face.

“I wasn’t exactly planning on partying THAT hard.” He smiled.

And so did she. He was smart. Not like other guys – who were all either butch, wannabe butch, or plain stupid. He seemed like neither.

“Would you want to do a different kind of party?”

“What kind of party?”

“Don’t worry. Nothing too bad. Just say.. yes, or no?”

He looked back at her, trying to figure her out. But maybe it was the alcohol, maybe his brains left him because guys’ brains always do when they see a beautiful woman. But he couldn’t. Her question seemed almost like a nudge, as if she had already known what he was going to say.

“Sure! I don’t mind.. What is this party?”

“Come with me!” She extended a hand to him.

He paused for a second and told her he needed to pay the bill. But her hand glided forward and held his forearm lightly.

“It won’t be necessary. I’ll bill it to the tab.”

“You’ll bill it?”

“Yeah. I didn’t get a chance to mention it yet, but this place is mine. And it will all be taken care of. Now shall we?”

There was a hint of impatience in her tone, but he couldn’t be sure. She was pleasant enough. And polite enough. He could not complain.

“Alright.” He got up from his seat and she walked a step ahead of him. Her hand was no longer available to him, he noticed. But that was okay. They were still both going toward the elevator.

“Quick question. Why are you so keen to “party” with a lone drunk at the bar? Am I one of your regular hook ups?”

She looked back at him, a little surprised, a little taken aback. She didn’t expect him to say anything such. But it was probably the alcohol that was making him talk. She took a deep breath, stepped into the elevator as it opened, and pressed 30. The doors slowly shut.

“I don’t usually do this. Let’s just say that I have had a long yet a successful day and I want to let it all out.”

No sooner had she finished her sentence than she turned to him and pressed him into the back wall. One of her hands was on his chest, and the other on his waist. The sudden rush she felt while describing her day to him sent her over the edge. It had to be now. And she had him right where she wanted him.

Her hand slid up his chest, up his cheek, and into his hair. Her fingers found their way to the back of his head and grabbed a bunch of his hair. She pulled down on them, and his face tilted upward as if automatically. She looked down at his cute face, caught by surprise. He was almost stunned. Her other hand played around his waist and abs and she pressed herself into him. Her firm but soft C cups pressed into his chest and her lips caught his open mouth in a sultry kiss. She kissed him hard and deep for a few seconds before pulling back away. Her hand let go of his hair and she turned to stand beside him again, as if they were just two people in an Anadolu Yakası Escort elevator. He hadn’t said a word, nor had he tried to take control. She knew this was going to be fun.

Within the next ten seconds, the elevator rang and opened its doors on the 30th floor. But there was no corridor. They seemed to enter straight into an apartment.

She walked straight in, and he took a moment to accustom himself to what was going on around him. He walked out of the elevator, looking around, half in awe, half in admiration. And then he turned to look at her.

She was already looking at him, smiling as she did. She walked over to a sofa in the living and patted on the seat beside herself.

“Come, sit.”

He saw no better option. He walked over to her and sat down beside her, almost expecting her to begin kissing him again. But she didn’t.

“We need to talk first.” She began, as if she had read his mind about the kissing. She looked back up into his eyes, and began.

“I don’t need to tell you that everything that happens within this house, stays within this house. I have a name I need to keep away from controversies. Controversies not only hurt me, they hurt the hotel too.” She was watching him all the time she was speaking. She needed to make sure that he was paying attention. And oh he was.

“Second thing. Whatever that happens in this house, happens because I want it to happen. If that is not clear, I could put it another way.?”

“Can you?” He replied, to make sure he understood her correctly.

She leaned in closer to him, her hands moving toward him. She rested a palm on his thigh and spoke again.

“It means that if you agree to be here with me…” her hand slid up and she leaned closer, gradually making him lean back against the sofa while she put a leg over him. She pulled her hand away behind her and grabbed his balls from between her legs as she straddled him.

“… your balls are mine. It means that as long as you are in this house, *you*, are mine.”

She squeezed his balls a little and let them go. The flinch on his face was adorable. But she didn’t want to pressure him. So she got off him and stood up. She walked over to the open kitchen and began to prepare herself a glass of wine.

“No need to worry. I won’t do anything to you if you don’t want. You are free to take that elevator back down to the bar. Your drinks will be paid for. Your car will be polished clean. And you can keep coming back here as many times as you want. You will always be treated as a special customer. But this offer will probably not be available again. So think carefully.”

She had had a roller coaster of a day. But she had managed to tackle all her problems, and that made her feel almost invincible. That’s when she realised that she needed someone, someone to spoil and ruin. And wreck. She felt powerful in a different way and she was not going to not use this mood. She knew her answer before he even gave it to her. She was an artist. Instead of being a savage who would banish him for rejecting her, she had given him everything she could. And yet, he would choose to stay… for her.

“Sure! I think I can do that..” He replied.

She smiled, having already seen it from a mile away. The confirmation only seemed to boost her mood. She gulped her glass of wine down, her head tilted back as she let the last drop fall from the glass into her mouth. When she brought her head back down, her eyes found him immediately. She set the glass down and walked over to him, her heels clicking on the floor with each step.

“Stand up.” She said, as she walked.

He stood up. She grabbed his face by the chin and gave him another sloppy kiss. Her lips slid all over his while her other hand toyed with his package. She could feel her influence on it. But no. Not yet. She pulled away and just looked at him. She watched his face look back up at her, like a smitten puppy, almost.

“Go over to the table. There is a pen and a pad there. Write down things you absolutely do *not* want to be done to you. It’s okay if you forget something. You can always use a safe word to let me know how you feel. Yellow means slow down. Red means stop. Got it?”

He nodded.

“Good. Now write down your limits..”

He looked at her and then began to walk to the table. She gladly planted a nice smack onto his butt, making him jump and scurry a little. She couldn’t hold back her grin at that.

“Once Avrupa Yakası Escort you’re done, bring the paper back here to me, and then go into that room.” She told him, gently placing herself gently down onto the sofa, crossing her legs, and shaking her foot.

He knew she wanted the list fast. So he began writing. About a minute later, he looked over at the slip, and walked back over to her. He held the slip out to her. She was watching him with a curious smile. But then her eyes her eyes lowered to the paper in her hand, and she nodded to him to leave for the bedroom. Once she was done looking everything over, she smiled. Folding the paper in half, she carried it to the room, and left it on the table by the door. He was standing in the middle of the room, looking around. He was nervous, she could tell. And it was about to get a little worse.

“Did I ask you to stand back up once you were inside the room?” She snapped at him. Her voice was soft enough, but the tone was unmistakable.

He looked at her as if he didn’t know what to do. But realisation dawned on him soon and he fell back to his knees. She smiled. At least he knew how to rectify his mistake. She decided to not press the matter this time. The joy it would bring her to toy around with him for his disobedience would be fun, but she had ample time for that.

Her heels clicked as she walked forward. She passed him and went right up to the bed. Turning around, she took a seat on the bottom edge of the bed, and beckoned him.

“Come here..”

He crawled over to her, and stopped a couple feet from her. He was looking up at her as a puppy would look up at his human. She thought he looked cute. But this was not the time for compliments. This was the time for… her. This was her time to finally use her mood.

“Do you like what you see?”

“Yes.. I do…”

“How much do you like it?”

“Very much…”

“What can you do to show me how much you like it?”

“Anything you want…” He trailed off as if he suddenly realised. He didn’t even know her name.

She sensed the reason immediately.

“May. But you can call me M. I like that. It’s more… versatile.” She smiled.

“Okay, M.”

She smiled at his reply. He was just so cute! But of course, things needed to be done. She didn’t even ask him for his name.

“Do you believe in God?”

“Not really…”

“Start now. Because tonight, I’m your Goddess!” She leaned down, and reached her hand out onto him. She grabbed a lock of his hair gently, and pulled him toward herself. She got back up as he got closer to her. Once he was there before her legs, she let go of his hair, and crossed her legs.

“Worship me. Starting at my feet.” A proud smirk formed on her lips. Not too cocky, but she was feeling goood. There was her toy, on his fours, at her feet, ready to treat her like she wanted.

He looked up at her, and saw the look on her face. She expected him to act fast. So he dove into her foot. He placed a gentle kiss on the top, near the point where the heel stopped to cover her foot, a little above her toes. She nudged his face upward with her foot, and he began to indulge more. He showered kisses all over her foot, some even on the shoe itself. She watched him, admiring his work, and feeling the rush of power course through her veins.

Without warning, she took her foot and moved it away while he was still kissing it, and brought the other one forward. She tilted her head back while he did the same things to this foot. Oh how good it felt, to have a man kneeling, serving at her feet. Literally. But she had had enough of this.

May reached a hand down into his hair again, and pulled him upward, making him kiss her shin. Uncrossing her legs, she made sure he covered all ground, even going as far as making him kiss the back of her calves.

“Yeess… Good job…” She gasped out, moving him yet upward to her thighs, just about where her skirt was.

“Excuse me for a moment…” She shoved him backward, stood up, and removed her skirt in one smooth motion. Her blouse hung down, so she pulled it up over herself and chucked it to a corner with the skirt. Her body looked gorgeous in the black lace underwear. Almost athletic, with just the right amount of flesh in there.

Once she had let him soak in a look, she sat back down and yanked his face to her thigh again. She made him kiss each portion of her skin.

“Oh wait, İstanbul Escort I want to do this part juuust right.” She got up again, and turned around. Her arm reach back to find his head again. Once she had him, she made him kiss her ass too. When she was done with both the cheeks, she pushed his face into her crack and wiggled it over his face just for giggles. But she didn’t keep him there too long. Once she was done having her little fun, she turned back around and pulled him up further. She held his face right in front of her pussy, and then tilted his face up to look at hers.

“You want that?”

“Yes… M.”


She let his hair go, and gestured him to stand up.


He wasn’t sure what she wanted. Did she want him to eat her naked, or did she want him inside her already? He was clueless, but he had no choice. He lowered his pants, and stepped out of them. She noticed his legs. Not muscular, but shapely. He then undid his buttons on the shirt, and she waited as she bit her lip in anticipation. And there it was. His torso. It was nothing compared to how good her body was. He had toning, and a bit of a tummy flab. But she would fix that. It would be one among the many plans she had for him.

He looked back at her as he stood there in his briefs. She had stripped down to her underwear, so he decided to strip down to his too. She looked at him and smiled. Without breaking eye contact, she slid her thumbs into the waistband of her panties, and began to slide it off her waist. Revealing her pussy, she slowly slid the panties down her legs. The legs he had just kissed a thousand times in worship. He looked back at her, her eyes still fixed on him. They flickered down to his briefs for a second before shooting a stare right back at his own. He watched her and slid his own briefs down too. They seemed to stick a little around his growing cock, which was protruding outward like a rod now. She smiled.

Once his briefs were completely off and he had stepped out of them, she beckoned him again. He walked up to her, and she took his cock in her hand.

“Not bad!” She cooed before sliding her hands further down the shaft, grabbing hold of his balls. But this time she wasn’t gentle. She pulled down on them until he was on his knees again.

“Yees. You’re so good!” She said in an almost loving voice. Her fingers let go of his balls and traced back down his shaft before resting on her lap again.

“Take my heels off, please!” She said, talking like a rich, spoiled girl.

He took off her heels off her feet, and placed them on the side of the bed. Her feet looked freshly pedicured. The toenails were painted a rich shade of purple. He looked at them and then back up at her.

“Show me how bad you want me. I want to see how fast you can come for me.”

“I’m sorry, what?”

She looked down at his cock and back up at him, making a masturbating gesture with an imaginary cock in her hand. He gulped with disappointment. This is now how he wanted it to go.

“I know what I’m asking you to do.”

She leaned down into his ear.

“Trust me – if this goes well, there will be achievements unlocked.” She retreated back to her sitting position, shooting him a little wink as she did.

He couldn’t believe it. But he had come so far. He knew she had him cornered. With no choice left, he began stroking himself.

May crossed her legs again, and watched him as he did.

“Eyes on me, babe.” Her voice was sweet and stern at the same time.

He looked up at her. Their eyes met, and she made sure they stayed that way. He head was constantly shaking from the movement, but the eye contact remained. She could feel her power over him. How he couldn’t resist her, and how she had him doing every thing she wanted. He was her toy.

It didn’t take him too long to spill his cum all over her legs and feet. Somehow, looking at her made it all the more intense, and he kept feeling the waves of pleasure wash over him again and again and again… until they stopped. He was spent.

May looked down at him, at his face, pride and pleasure filling her up looking at her broken little toy.

“C’mere!” She said, grabbing his hair again, albeit gently this time. As soon as he was standing up on his knees, she planted yet another kiss onto his mouth. But this time, she let herself go. Her tongue invaded his mouth and she never even gave him a chance. She wanted it all for herself. She sucked on his lips, long and slow, before finally pulling back up. Their lips made a small wet sound as she did. Her eyes were closed, as if she was still feeling the kiss. She gave her lips another lick before opening her eyes again. She looked down at him, and said,

“I have an offer for you.”

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