The Third-Tasting Both

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“Hands on the dresser. I’m gonna need you to hold yourself up.”

She stands in front of the dresser, placing them palms down and I tap her hands to scoot them further apart. I’m standing behind her, my hands on her hips. as we look at our reflections in the mirror before us.

“Such a good girl.”

I praise her for doing as I requested without hesitation. I’m conscious of you standing off to our side. I thought maybe nerves would find their way into the pit of my stomach as I show you something so intimate, but all I feel is want.

She’s only in her bra and panties, a set I know she’s bought just for us. I skim my fingers over her skin relishing in the goosebumps that arise. The bra goes first exposing more of creamy of her skin. My eyes rake over her. I can feel her eyes on my reflection studying my reaction.

“You’re beautiful sweetheart. “

“Soooo sexy”

My voice is a breathy whisper against her ear. I kiss my way from her shoulder down her back, my tongue darting out every once in a while as I go. I’m on my knees behind her now. I take my time appreciating the curve of the globes of her ass cheeks. It’s then that I notice the damp spot on her underwear.

I look over to you and pause for a moment. I’m grounding myself just for a second, reminding myself not to rush this. I want you to watch me take my time. I lean forward and press my nose into her. I close my eyes and inhale. She smells so good and I don’t know whether more moisture fills my mouth or pools between my legs at her scent.

I drag my bottom lip against her and her head falls back. She’s arching herself towards me searching for more. I hook my fingers in the elastic and pull down slowly revealing her to me. She’s just as wet as I thought she’d be. My hands grip where her thighs meet her ass as I take my first swipe with my tongue, all the way from her clit to her cunt slowly. I flatten my tongue as I do so. Up. Down. Up. Down. I use my thumbs to spread her open to me and suck tecavüz porno her clit into my mouth.

I can feel her soft moans vibrate against me. I wish I could feel them directly on my clit. I push my tongue into her and she’s dripping onto my face. She’s hot and sweet and I’m greedily lapping up everything she gives me. But I want more.

I reposition myself in front of her. It’s a snug fit the way she’s impatiently crowding me back against the dresser with her hips and I’m locked there now. The hard expanse of wood at the back of my head and her pussy caging the front against her. I let her grind herself against me. I let her lose herself in the sensations. However I have no intent to let her come yet.

I spread her legs and wrap my arms between her thighs so I can hold her against me. She’s looking down at me with hungry eyes and I’m staring back up at her. I’m just as hungry. I’m ready to devour her.

“You taste so good”

I kiss her pussy like it’s the last time I’ll ever do it and it makes me realize how I’m so fucking ready for you.

“Come here”

I motion for you to come to me. I pull you by the belt buckle to stand before us. I make sure to graze your skin with the back of my fingertips as I do. Your skin is heated. It’s on fire and I’m about to incinerate myself in that heat.

She’s watching us now, flushed with a light sheen of sweat cast over skin. I pull on your buckle twice as I sit on my knees before you, looking up at you now through my lashes. I want you to free yourself. I’m asking you for permission. I want to feel you grant it to me.

I watch as your hands slide it open. The sound of your zipper undoing is an audible onslaught of sensation and my heartbeat is pounding in my ears. My eyes are transfixed. I’m squeezing oxygen into myself and desire is coiling hot low in my belly. I’m chewing my lip in anticipation still watching your hands.

In a agonizing flash you’re before me hotter travesti porno then I think possible and hard. Shivers run through me, pebbling my nipples. I place my hands on your thighs wanting to feel the muscle there. I look to you and I meet your eyes as I run my tongue from base to tip. One long lick. I smirk up at you as I turn to her and gather her wetness on my lips. Fill my mouth with it.

She fists my hair, holding it out of my face as I turn back to you. I place my hands on my calves and readjust myself so they’re pinned below my ass. It’s just you and my mouth now. I hold eye contact with you as I slip my lips around the head of your cock, using her wetness I’ve been holding in my mouth to lubricate every inch on my way down.

My mouth creeps further over you. Centimeter by Centimeter I drag it out. It’s a slow, delicious, discovery. Back. Forth. Back. Forth. Her hand tightens in my hair angling my head back. I breathe through my nose, relaxing my throat. My eyes are still locked on yours as my lips hit your pelvis and I still.

I can feel you in the back of my throat and taste her on my tongue and this is the most erotic thing I’ve ever done. Then it’s as though the entire universe is focused on nothing but the suctioned slide of my mouth and the swirling of my tongue as I move over you. I let her keep her hand in my hair but my movements are my own. Your hand finds it’s way to her as I release one of mine to ease the pressure between my own thighs. Truthfully just having your cock in my mouth is enough to make me want to come right then and there.

I can feel the both of you watching me. I can hear both of you encouraging me now and it causes me to increase my tempo. With every “good girl” that falls from your lips. Every “keep taking him down the back of your throat” that falls from hers, I feel myself losing my composure.

I’m so close to coming apart at the seams. I can feel myself dripping over my hand, my pussy xhamster porno gripping my fingers that work at a steady pace there. And I have to finish this because I refuse to submit to the pleasure and tap out. I feel her cup the back of my head and push me forward and it pulls me from my internal reverie.

Your free hand is there now too holding me to you. My eyes water from the unexpected movement but Jesus if the visceral knowing of gagging on your dick doesn’t turn me on too. I briefly wonder if there’s anything you could do that wouldn’t obliterate my inhibitions and turn me on. Unlikely.

Tensions are high and this is going to be over quicker then anticipated as I feel the air shift in the room and we’re all approaching our orgasms together. I don’t know who’s passion starts and ends where but I fill them simultaneously course through me and match my own. I’ve never wanted to drink down someone as badly as I do now kneeling before you and I can hear her keening behind me. I know she’s coming apart having the knowing myself of how expertly you work your hands.

My nose presses against your pelvis with every thrust of your hips and I know you’re losing yourself too and I want all of it. To take everything you give me. To feel it shoot down my throat. I want to drown in it as you fill my mouth and taste the lust we’re creating in you. Before I can recognize it approaching overwhelming sensation floods over me. Your strangled “fuck” does me in and I’m cumming hard around my fingers. The coil undoing so violently my body shakes from it’s release and I feel lightheaded as my ears ring and white flashes before me as my eyes screw shut.

It sets off a chain reaction and then she’s cumming too, moaning wantonly as she braces herself against us. Your hand fists gently in my hair as you reward me with what I’ve been desperately waiting for, shooting down my throat. You taste even more amazing then I imagined to myself all those times I lay in my bed, fingers buried deep as your voice sounded over the phone. With one last playful lick and a kiss to your hipbone I move back. I wipe my mouth with my hand then suck the remnants of your cum off them. We’re nothing but loose limbs and panting breathes and fuck I can’t wait to get you onto the bed.

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