The Theatre



Note: All names have been changed. All characters are 18 & above. Any similarity is purely fiction.


Native place and Theatres brought pleasant memory to all but to me it was horrifying till I entered the world of Sex. It was then I understood that I had wonderful experiences others would die to have. It was never horrifying instead very simulating.

One of the incident my memory recalls is the episode in the Janet theatre in my native place. The Theatre is in a complex, which has 2 more theatres, called Jain & Jincy. Jain & Janet theatre always played family movies while Jincy Theatre played only ‘A’ movies. We went to see – a love story film that had been running here for almost 3 months continuous houseful playing in Janet Theatre.

We always went to our native place as soon as the school closes. It was fun when all the relatives came together, but this time it was getting bore because majority of them couldn’t make it, though some had promised to reach as soon as possible. That was why we had decided on a film.

The ‘We’ meant Aunt Sheeja age around 32 breast whose marriage was a controversial and got married to her teacher at the age of 19, her daughter. Sonia her daughter who had a very beautiful face like a model with a small body. Her face looked like she was an adult but her body displayed her true age for which she was always angry. The next gorgeous figure with big boobs was my mom Sheila. She had a perfect ass which would bulge up in every type of dress she wore giving a knockout look. My younger sister Sowmya who was slim and looked younger than she was was another display of men’s lust. Other than the group of women the only males were Stevens & Raghav. Stevens was Aunt Sheeja son who was one year younger to me. I was 15 at that time. We only seldom went out. Though my mom & aunt were born up they were brought up at Uncles house in the town, so they could go to the class easily. They could never adjust to the city and being away from the village neither were they free here.

We arrived a little late and by that time the theatre was full. We were in despair; the thought of going back and simply sitting was unthinkable. Unable to take a decision we were standing there when suddenly a man approached us and asked mom if she was willing to buy tickets in black. After a moments hesitation and our ‘please’ look she said yes. He said it would cost 100 per ticket. The actual cost was only $40, but we didn’t think twice, we wanted to see the film so she bought it.

“Hurry up and go.” He said the film has started.

“Where’s the door?” She enquired.

“You are not from here?”

“We are from here but we live in Kochi.” She said

“Ah!” he said as if it made sense. “Please come.” He said leading the way till the door. “They are strangers here but our guest,” he said to the doorkeeper.

The ticket checker looked at us in an odd way and smiled. I thought it was because of the remote place where women came with big families consisting of many men. Women or a group of Women coming to see without husband or uncles was not heard of. Only one type of women went alone and just the thought that they were alone meant evil thoughts for them.

The film had begun and the lights were dimmed. There were only few people so we got a good seat. I was surprised because the tickets were all sold out, but then I thought maybe the black marketing people had got the main part of the ticket as there were many outside selling tickets in black. Everyone seemed to be looking at us. The print seemed a little old but since one year was over since it released, I didn’t think of it. Stevens sat in the end, followed by me with Sonia, Sowmya, mom and Aunt Sheeja. As soon as we sat some people from the back row came and sat in the row behind us, then slowly two of them came and sat near Aunt Sheeja leaving a seat empty in between them. Usually when we went to films we used to sit at the beginning of row so there wont be any trouble from people like unknown touch, smiles, etc, but since so many seats were available we had sat in the middle for the DTS effect. Also we couldn’t say anything especially since they had left a seat empty, which divided us from them. So we concentrated on the film, but as the film rolled on I began to get doubt – not on the men sitting near Aunt Sheeja but of the film.

Be it the hero or villain semi nude women always surrounded them both. There were kissing scenes and bed scenes though they did not show much. I think both mom & Aunt Sheeja had begun to feel the same doubt. They were discussing something between themselves. I saw Aunt Sheeja lean over and ask the person nearby,

“Isn’t this KNAPH II?”

They nodded; she turned towards to mom and said

“It seems so, maybe it’s the new generation films. They are always on beach or somewhere else.” Both of them giggled.

Suddenly the heroine in the film went to riverside and stripped down to her bra & panties, wadded into the river and started taking bath. With her back towards us the girl began to undo her bra and wrapped herself in gaziantep escort kadın a white flimsy cloth. She dipped in the river and arose facing the audience. I focused on her cloth as her nipples were beginning to be visible through the flimsy cloth. I could trace her breast in their oval shape. Suddenly the villain jumped in and pulled her to the side and started to grab her. I held my breath as he pulled off the flimsy cloth. With the flimsy cloth gone she had only her red panties, which the villain was tugging at. They were rolling all over giving the view of her swollen breasts at every angle and her ass in the red underwear. They rolled on for some time with the villain grabbing and squeezing her breast and ass and sometimes sucking her nipples. They were rolling on when 4 other people came and surrounded them. Instead of saving her they grabbed her hands and leg as the villain pulled of the last piece of shame from her. She was held naked, spread eagle as the main villain arose and pushed down his shorts to project a stern long dick.

“What the…” Stevens exclaimed

My face turned red seeing his huge dick. Without turning my head I looked sideways. Both Sonia & Sowmya were watching dumbfounded. They never had seen anything like this. Come to think of I doubt if they have seen any other dick other than children’s small penis. To them such a long dick was sure to shock them. I looked at my mother & Aunt. They too were sitting and watching dumbfounded afraid to turn around in shame and fear. Had they been alone they would have just walked away in shame, leaving none the wiser but to see this with the children and the fear that they might spread it were making it worse. This was the first rape scene I hoped would end soon, usually I would get angry when the hero rescues the girl.

I stared back at the screen.

The girl was moved into sitting position facing the villains hanging dick. The other villains held her head and were teasingly pushing her head towards his dick as she continued to struggle. Slowly her face touched his dick. Her lips kissed his dick as she tried to move her face. They forced her to suck his dick. Holding her head he began pushing it deep into her mouth.

I looked at sis who was really startled at the change of the scene, and then I looked at mom again. It was then I noticed the seat near Aunt Sheeja wasn’t vacant anymore. Someone was sitting on it. His hands were moving on her thigh and she was trying to push it away without attracting anyone. I turned to get a view but he had removed his hand so I sat back to see the film which was a mistake, because the fucking scene wasn’t over.

The screen now showed 5 people rubbing their dicks and the girl spread eagle. One of them squatted in front of her and pushed his dick into her mouth while the other had lifted her legs sky-high and was trying to insert his dick in her while others were grabbing her ass & boobs. One fellow inserted his finger in her ass and she wriggled and in a way it helped the other person’s dick to enter her.

I looked at Aunt Sheeja. The other person had begun again. This time he was lifting her sari up. As he pulled it up I got a glimpse of her milky thighs. My dick began to grow. I sat as if I didn’t see the person undressing her. I was watching the screen while my eyes was watching the real grope. She was trying real hard to push him off without distracting anyone, when 2 hands came from above and began to squeeze her boobs. She jumped up in sheer surprise. Mom looked at her then turned around and shouted at him. But the shout was like a whisper. For some time they sat like school students. The moment she turned the assault continued from all sides. Now the attack included mom also. More than sexual grab it was fun for the people behind her. As soon as she turns they would bring their hand over her head and squeeze her boobs or insert 2 fingers through the gap in her seat poking at her ass. The same was happening with Aunt Sheeja, only a little more. Other than the grope from above she had to wade off the hand tugging her saree.

Suddenly the screen changed and a fighting scene appeared with great noise and bomb blasts. For a moment the assault on their boobs stopped. Mom signaled us to come and pushed Aunt Sheeja to move. Together hand in hand we moved crouched towards the door. We pushed and pulled the door but it would not budge. We knocked on it, afraid to make noise, fearing that the people who troubled us would come here. But they seem to have lost interest in us and were watching the film ardently. Mom knocked on the door and began to shake the door. Suddenly it was opened and the ticket checker entered closing the door behind him.

“Yes madam” he said with great respect.

“What kind of dirty theatre is this?” Mom exploded

“Madam, if you come to such dirty films you will see dirty films.” He replied

“We didn’t came for any dirty film” Aunt Sheeja said, “We came for KNAPH.”

“Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.” He laughed rolling his head backwards, “Then escort gaziantep kadın why did you come here.”

“Because we were told this theatre is where the film is playing.” Mom said annoyed.

“Very true madam, very true.” He said in his down to earth manner ” but this is Jincy not Janet.”

For a moment mom & Aunt Sheeja stood blank as if the doorkeeper was mad, then it hit them. Janet theatre played the family movie. They had got in to the wrong theatre. Since all 3 theatres were in the same complex we had got in the wrong door. Janet theatre was on the other side.

“Oh!” Mom & Aunt Sheeja exclaimed together.

“So you see madam, we are not at fault.”

“You should have warned us at least.” Aunt Sheeja said

“How could I – You came with the ticket of Jincy theatre escorted by a person, so I thought you came to see this movie.” He said humbly.

“Jincy Theater’s ticket?” both exclaimed together

He nodded his head. In the hurry we had not checked the ticket especially when he took us to the door. The black ticket selling person had cheated us.

“Well you should know women don’t come to see such films.” She said angrily

“Oh, the times have changed.” He said sadly as if saying a poem “Now days women do come.”

“Well we are not that kind and we want to go.” Mom said.

“Oh Why didn’t you tell me that earlier. As soon as I entered the owner has locked it. The doors will open only at the interval.”

“What are we going to do now?” Mom asked as if to herself.

“Well maybe the top door is not closed. Let me check it. Please follow me.”

We followed him to the top row where a portion of the balcony was modeled to a box like a separate balcony. It was covered with glass and had a small door barring the entrance giving a look of an office. He opened the entrance to let us in. We had to bow low to enter. The module consisted of around 15 seats in three rows of 5 each.

“This is the new VIP box.” He said as if we were taking a round of the theatre. He climbed the steps and tried the door. To the utter despair of Mom & Aunt Sheeja it was locked. He shook his head and motioned us to go down.

“Maybe” he said as if an afterthought “You would like to sit here till the interval.”

Aunt Sheeja and Mom looked at each other, then nodded to him and offered their thanks for his help. As he left she motioned us to sit. Stevens & me sat in the upper row while the women group filled the middle row. Mom told us all to lie on the seat with our head down and not to watch the film. The girls began giggling at each other angering mom as she scolded them and told to behave like us. We meanwhile had our head down with our hands covering our head, but slowly we would peep and watch the screen. Silently we put our head down and as she turned we all giggled quietly looking at each other. Suddenly we heard someone coming. It was the people who had groped Mom & Aunt Sheeja.

“What are you doing here?” Mom said, “This is private place. Go or I will call the ticket checker.”

“We just purchased the VIP tickets.” He said waving some ticket counterfoils.

Mom started shouting ” Hello there, Mr. ticket checker, Hello.”

The ticket checker was standing down. Hearing the commotion he climbed up quickly.

“What is the meaning of this outrage Madam?” he said quite annoyed

“These people have come here.” Mom said

“Madam this is a theatre. People come here. What is wrong in it?

“But these people….” She said as he interrupted

“Madam these people has VIP tickets. VIP ticket holders are allowed to sit anywhere as long as there are vacant seats. I have helped you now please don’t make anymore trouble or I will be forced to send you down to your old seats.”

She stammered losing confidence as he moved near. The thought of sitting in the midst of all was a humiliating thing.

“Sis there might be relatives or friends or neighbors in the hall. Creating a scene and attracting attention might worsen the problem.” Aunt Sheeja said to mom.

With a stubborn look at both the ticket checker and the youths she led us all to our seats. The ticket checker told the men to take their seats and went down closing the door behind him. As soon as he closed the door the sound was cut off. I was sure since no sound entered no sound would go out. There were 8 of them. 5 of them took the front row, 2 came and sat with us. One of them came and sat near Mom who began to tell him to go.

“We don’t have seat.”

“So” mom asked angry

“Can we sit on your laps?” he said and all roared to laughter.

Ignoring them she turned her head as if to watch the film. Unluckily for her another bedroom scene had begun in which a person was squeezing the girl’s boobs.

“Hmmmm too much interested in the film. Can I help?” he asked bending near her as if to grab her melons frightening, but instead he adjusted a knob under her seat and we could hear the film. He got up and smiled at mom. She ignored him. As gaziantep kadın escort she moved her eyes he grabbed her melons. She turned green as all roared.

Two of them from the front row got up. There was little space in front arranged like a box. They climbed on it, like actors on the stage they began to take off their shirt with an excuse of hot. With a quick move they turned towards one another and removed each other’s pants. Standing in their underwear they grabbed their dick and pointed towards us. We all got up as mom motioned us and went to the door, but it was locked. As we were trying to open the door, they came from behind and lifted us, pushing back to our seats.

“Sit there” One of them ordered “or it will get worse.”

We sat back to our seats, as the two began their wild dances in their underwear. All were clapping hands and encouraging them. One by one all joined in till they were in their underwear. Then they began to circle us and introduced themselves till they reached full circle. Some of the names I got were – Gobi, John, Peter, Muhammad, Pan, Krishnan, and Sinu. Slowly the person in front came forward. It was Gobi. Pressing his dick slowly in a dance manner he wriggled out of his underwear to display a thick stern dick. He pulled up his fore skin and began the to & fro motion in his dance.

Mom got angry and started threatening him to complain to the police.

“On the contrary madams when the police arrive it will be my word against yours.”

It was the ticket checker.

” I shall complain that you are a prostitute, now acting a good girl when caught red-handed.”

“Go to your seats” Some screamed

“Remove your dress bitch!” another screamed

I saw mom’s stern eyes lower. She saw the reasoning. Who would believe her especially in such a situation? The ticket person would say he had warned her, which would put her in a no-back situation. Mom quickly went and sat on a nearby chair. Her eyes all full with tears in fear & shame. It was a planned action.

“At least let the children go,” she pleaded

“We shall of course” he said, “if you sit quietly and watch the film for at least 5 minutes.”

With no choice left she sat silently. The other persons were more than happy. Soon it was like a crowd around mom. They made us watch sitting near by. They couldn’t circle mom since we were 5 and had the row filled. The youngest of all was told to get up. It was sis. Into her seat Aunt Sheeja was send and sis was send to my lap. Sis was sitting on my lap in fear as I consoled her.

Gobi sat near mom and started lifting her dress revealing her thighs. She tried to push him off when 2 more hands came from above and squeezed her boobs. It was Peter’s. As she moved her hands to wade off him Gobi pulled up her dress sky high giving a glimpse of her white panties. She quickly bought her hand down, but the hands on her boobs began to open her blouse. She moved her hands back to stop him. Quickly Gobi moved his hands towards her panties and began to pull it down. Peter meanwhile grabbed her with her hands up in a locked manner and heaved her up giving space for Gobi who quickly pulled her panties down to her knee. Recognizing trouble she began to struggle when a new person came and held her making the group count 10 other than us.

I recognized him, as the person who had sold the ticket to us whose name as I later came to know was Marcellus. He stood in front of mom as she tried in vain to pull off all the hands groping and teasing her. Her hands were held as he opened her blouse teasing her. She was wearing a silk bra, which he patted. There was an ‘hmmmm’ and ‘ooooo’ sounds. He slowly pulled up her bra revealing her white milky boobs with a cherry red nipple. As he pressed her boobs I could see ripple movement like in water on her boobs. It felt very soft and his each movement would waddle her boobs. She was struggling hard but held on all sides. In the midst of onlookers he opened his zip and let his fly out. Then holding her both boobs he pressed his dick on it and teased her nipples with his dick. She pushed him off and tried to run away only to be pulled down to the person near her seat. She ended up in his lap struggling.

I looked as The Ticket Checker pulled up her skirt and made her sit on his throbbing dick. Mom began to fight like a cat giving a good display of her panties and the secret passage covered by her panties. Marcellius came and pulled her panties down to her knees and without warning gave a slap which was like a thunder strike in the hall. Mom’s struggling stopped in that shock. He caught her head and pulled her towards his dick, then forced it into her mouth. She had no option but to suck it as he pushed it deep into her throat. The Ticket Checker meanwhile was busy undressing her. He pulled of her blouse along with the bra. Her boobs began to waggle and jiggle as he pulled of her top. Her skirt was pulled over her head. Mom sat on his dick stark naked with the panties around her thighs.

It was a novel sight, which I wish I could have recorded. Her beauty in her nakedness knew no bound. She was sitting naked on a stranger’s dick with another stranger’s dick in her mouth. Soon the others joined in groping her. Some grabbed her melons while others tried to finger her pussy. Seeing my mom naked with dicks all around trying to touch her – a loving son should have got angry instead I had such a hard on and sis sitting on it made it worse.

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