The Tech Guy



“Hi, I’m here to work on your computer” I said as I approached your desk. “What seems to be the trouble?”

“It keeps locking-up and I have to keep re-booting it”

“I’m sure I can take care of it for you,” I replied.

“If you would scoot your chair back from the desk please, I want to check out the connections.”

As you move back from the desk, I can’t help but notice your outfit. A blouse, buttoned modestly, with only the top button open. A typical professional skirt that passes the knees, even as you sit. It is early summer and I take note that your legs are bare, and you are wearing clogs on your feet. Your legs, at least what I can see of them, are like your arms, smooth and tan. I wonder to myself wear the tan lines are.

I crawl under the desk and begin checking the wires and connections. As I am under there, I notice you crossing your legs. Nothing to see really, I guess you are always a lady, or at least a professional, at work. Things are looking fine with the wiring, and I tell you so.

“Now what?” you ask.

“Time to check out the CPU,” I say, as I start to move from under the desk.

You uncross your legs to switch the leg on top. I swear you flashed me, but maybe I’m just dreaming.

I start by moving aside some of the things on your desk, so I can climb up and check behind the CPU.

“Be careful,” you say, “that desk can be pretty slippery.”

I have a clean space in front on me and I put my left knee up on the desk. You stand up and come toward me. “Please be careful. I have a fear of falling and I guess I worry about everyone.”

“If you would feel better, you could steady my leg,” I say. The tone was serious, but I never had anyone take me up on it, so to me, it was a joke.

Then I feel your hand on my left thigh as my right leg goes up on the desk. You are pressing against my thigh to keep it from slipping back off the desk, but I notice you are squeezing it and rubbing it, ever so slightly. Somehow this behavior doesn’t fit in with the clothes and the normal attitude I expect, but I pretend not to notice. You can’t tell I’m feeling the blood going to my dick, but then I don’t notice your face has become flush, and you feel yourself becoming moist.

“Connection are fine, all the hardware seems to be OK,” I say. “I guess I’ll get down and check out the software.”

As I move to back off the desk, you have your hand on my leg to guide it down, and as I move it to the floor, your hand comes up and cups my butt. I feel you squeeze my firm butt before you step back.

“I think we need to run a Scan Disk and then Defrag it,” I announce. “Is there something you can do for awhile? This should take an hour or two.”

You said you had lots of other work and a lunch break coming. So I start up the programs and said I would check back on their progress in a while.

After I have gone, you think to yourself about grabbing my leg and butt. You can’t believe Kartal Escort you were so forward, but the fire in your pussy is undeniable. You feel like a teenager again. There are tiny beads of sweat on your forehead. While you aren’t sure of how much I noticed, you are clearly turned on and ready for more.

You other work goes poorly because you are thinking about what happened, not about work. You make up your mind to go for it. You want this tech guy. After lunch, you go to the ladies room and put your panties in your purse. You return to your desk and wait, like a predator for the prey.

I, too, went to lunch and thought about what had happened. I know I was turned on by this lady with the long dark hair, but surely she couldn’t have known what she was doing. She looks so formal, and yet, the blouse showed an ample chest hidden underneath, and her legs looked great when she flashed me. I was ready to dive between them then, but I wasn’t ready to lose my job, so I didn’t.

As luck would have it, we return to your desk at the same time. As we walk toward it, I motion for you to go first. I see your dark hair bouncing as you walk. The scent of your perfume smells inviting and I enjoy the sway of your butt. In my mind, your skirt drops, your bend over your desk and I ram it into you. That scene ends abruptly as you turn to me and say I should go to the computer because you have no idea what to look for.

Things finished successfully and the system is yours, I announce. You say you are still worried about it and would I stay and observe it for a little while. I was already observing you as you were talking. I restart the computer and move aside for you to begin bringing up your applications.

You are working well and the system isn’t crashing. We both think this is not going according to what we what, but that is how it is supposed to be. As I see you move between applications and cutting and pasting within them, I ask if you would like to see some shortcuts. You readily agree, but instead of getting up, you stay in your seat. I decide if there is any chance, this is it.

So I reach around your arms, and whisper in your ears, “Here’s a better way to do that. Just hold down this key, and then hit this one.”

I can smell your perfume, I can even smell the shampoo in your hair. You are enjoying the feeling of my arms around you. Your nipples are getting hard and starting to push out your blouse. You wiggle your thighs, knowing you are getting wet.

“Here, now you try it,” I say. I decide to straighten up and as I do, I let my arms slide up you arms. You let out a sigh, involuntarily.

“This woman likes it!” I think to myself. I know now that I will have you before the day is out. I slide down your arms again and say, “Here, let me show you something else.”

“You can show me anything you want.”

At that point, I don’t even bother the keyboard, but take hold of your Tuzla Escort hands. I hold them and rub them and then you move your hands from the bottom to the tops of mine. Then taking my hands, you guide them to your breast and place my hands firmly on them. I begin squeezing and massaging your breasts. They are large, and soft, but the nipples are erect and beg to be pinched. I pinch them and move my mouth to your neck and kiss you softly. You moan and start to slouch in the chair. I am squeezing and pulling and pressing your breasts as I begin kissing your neck and forming a trail of kisses up to your ear. I take your lobe into my mouth and start sucking on it.

“If you have anymore tricks to show me, you had better stop this now, and go over and close the door,” you announce. “And lock it.”

“Yes, Mam.”

I close the door and lock it, and returning to you, I see you haven’t moved, so I pick up where I left off. My hands slide down your shoulders, down your arms, and as you raise your arms, my hands go to your breasts again. As I snuggle into your neck, your arms come up to hold and stroke my head and face. You turn your head and out mouths meet. I hold the back of your head with my left hand as my right hand is working hard on your left breast. Our tongues find each other. You are squirming in your chair. My right hands leaves your breast and rubs you down your stomach and down onto your skirt. I move it to your knees and slip my hand under your skirt. You slouch in the chair and your legs separate allowing me more access to your thighs. I rub them and feel the subtleness of them. You move to the edge of your chair and my hand slides all the way up to feel the moist hair on your slit. My hand moves up and down a couple of time and then a finger slips into your moist hole. Sliding it in and out and on the third stroke, I insert another finger.

You are moaning and I kiss down your chin to your neck. You bring your hands down and start unbuttoning your blouse. My kisses follow the path. I am moving my right hand in and out of your wet pussy and kissing the tops of your breasts. After unbuttoning the blouse, you pull it out of your skirt and leave it open. You reach up and unhook your front-hooking bra. You peel it back from your breasts and I begin sucking your nipples. A third finger enters your pussy and you start moving your hips back and forth.

I nibble on your breast and your grab my head and push it hard into your breast. I am sucking as much tit into my mouth as can fit. Now I slip a fourth finger into your sopping pussy and start pounding you, in and out. My tempo increases and I bite harder on you nipple. I feel you tighten up and then your hips and back seem to go limp.

I remove my hand from your pussy and stand in front of you. I lick and suck each of my fingers clean right in front of you. You can’t believe you are seeing this and you feel yourself getting hot again.

“No Anadolu Yakası Escort use wasting a clean desk,” I say. And helping you up and out of the chair, I move you to the edge of the desk and guide your head back until you are lying with your legs hanging off the desk. I move your skirt up to your stomach as you out your feet on the edge of the desk. I kiss your knee, which is now near my face. Then I kiss an alternating trail now both legs toward the middle. By the time my lips get there, you are ready. I pull your lips back and blow gently on your open slit. Then I begin licking your up and down. Your hips begin a slow rocking as the pleasure in you begins to grow. My tongue slips into you and stays in your slit up to your clit. It circles your clit and then I move in and suck it. A small short orgasm hits you. I move down your crack and up again with my tongue. After repeating this several times, I suck your clit again and another orgasm moves over you.

Now I stay sucking your clit and shove two fingers in your hole. I quickly follow with a third and then a fourth. You feel the jolt of another orgasm as my hand fills your hole. I am grunting and sucking in lustful fury, pounding your pussy with my hand and your hips are bucking as the next orgasm hits you.

I can feel that one and I remove myself from your pussy. You look up at me with questioning eyes. But your head goes back down as you see me unbuckling my pants. I push them and my drawers to the floor and move my throbbing dick to you. It slides into you effortlessly. I can’t believe I could put my fingers into you and still have you so tight on me. You fill my dick filling you and going deep into you. You move your legs behind my back and lock me in while driving me deeper into you.

Our movement is slow at first. We are both savoring the wetness and warm of our coupling. Then the movements begin to increase in speed. My hands come up to your exposed breasts and grab them. I squeeze them and begin pinching your nipples. I pull on the nipples and you start moaning. I roll them between my fingers and the feelings are sent to your throbbing pussy, causing you to buck harder. I press them into your chest and then squeeze them again. Your head is moving back and forth as my dick is pounding in and out of your pussy. I am squeezing your tits and then I pinch your nipples one more time and you feel my dick growing one last bit as my movement stops. The feeling of me shooting into you drives you over the edge one more time. You are limp as I pull out of you and put my pants on again.

When I see you coming back to reality again, I take your hand and help you to a sitting position. I look deeply into your eyes and cupping your face in my hands, I kiss you deeply.

I step back, and look at you. Then lean in and kiss you again and again. We break apart this time and you begin to pull yourself and your clothing back together. You stand and feel the juices dripping down your inner leg. You look at me, smile and say, “Thank you. You’ve fixed everything today.”

“Just another service we tech guys provide.”

“I think you’ll need to come back and be sure everything is running smoothly next week” you say.

“Count on it.”

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