The Tanya Sessions Ch. 2



I came through the door to find you sitting in the center of the room on a high backed chair, with the back facing toward me, your legs spread wide around the back of the chair. I could tell just from what I could see that you were wearing nothing but a leopard print thong. As you saw me come in, you smiled and licked your lips seductively, then you propped an arm up on the back of the chair and raised up slightly, keeping your nipples concealed behind your arm as it lay across the top of the chair. You propped the elbow of your other arm on the chair and beckoned me over with a finger. I closed the door, then locked it and as I approached, you covered your nipples with one arm, and placed a hand on my shoulder as I passed the chair, then you pushed me back into the chair.

As I sat, you smiled and walked away for a moment, going over to the stereo and turning on the CD player, causing the room to fill with the sound of “Lapdance” by N.E.R.D. Then you walked over my way, keeping your back to me, and began slowly shaking and rolling your hips in front of me. When I reached for you, you looked back over your shoulder and smiled, then slowly scooted away from me, tantalizing me with the sight of your luscious hips and ass shaking in front of me. You slowly scooted back toward me, sliding your left leg back slightly and then your right, straddling my lap. You dipped down slowly and began working your ass and pussy against my legs, just brushing me, slowly sliding back to me as you did. When you finally pressed against me, you began rolling your hips, pressing your ass against my stomach and my cock, and rubbing little by little as you did, causing me to get hard almost instantly. When you felt that, you looked back again and smiled, then bit your lower lip and worked yourself against me harder and harder. It was then that I felt your hand slide down my stomach and into my shorts, then into my boxers as well.

As you shook that luscious ass against me, your hand wrapped around my cock and you began slowly working your hand on it, rubbing me in slow circles from top to bottom. You then grabbed one of my hands with your other one and guided it to the top of your thong, then guided it Göztepe Escort down into your thong in the front and I began stroking your pussy slowly, working my fingers around on you, my thumb rubbing slowly on your clit. My other fingers stroked you slowly, then after a moment I slowly plunged them into you. I heard you let out a moan as my digits penetrated you, then you pulled your hand away from mine and leaned back, grabbing my hair almost roughly as you worked yourself against my fingers and your hand stroked my cock faster and faster. You then leaned down and kissed me, our tongues massaging each other’s, both of us moaning even into the kiss as we worked each other over with our hands. Your hand came off the back of my head and you undid my pants with it, moaning and whimpering even as my fingers penetrated farther into you with each second, rolling and rubbing around on your insides even as my thumb pressed and rubbed on your clit.

You broke the kiss and looked down, still working on my pants. I threw my head back as I felt my cock begin to swell in your hand almost painfully. My free hand slid to your thong and I began slowly working it down you, first one side, then the other, over your hips, then your thighs, then I let it drop to the floor as I passed your knees, and you kicked them aside. You raised up off me slowly as you began working my pants down off me, and then you slowly pulled my fingers out of you, letting me rub along you as I did, causing you to moan slightly. All the while, your hand remained on my cock, and you took my other hand and led me to the floor.

You slowly leaned in over my cock and began running your tongue along the tip, causing it to swell a little bit with the pleasure and causing me to moan and throw my head back. All the while I noticed you were slowly working your hips and legs around toward me more and more, and I responded by grabbing your ankle and gently pulling you over on top of me so your pussy was right over my face. I wasted no time going to work with my tongue, causing you to moan loudly before you dove back down on me, now using both hands on my cock as well as your tongue and mouth. I leaned up and began sucking İstanbul Escort on and tonguing your clit, causing you to begin rolling your hips, mashing your pussy against my face. I slid a hand up and began stroking the lips of your pussy slowly again before working my fingers into you and working them around slowly inside you. As I did, I sucked on your clit, sliding my lips side to side on it while my tongue rolled it around in my mouth. You began working your mouth faster and harder down my shaft, along with your hands, keeping me hard as hell, making me swell hard inside your mouth as I felt you begin to tremble slightly from me sucking on your clit and fingering you furiously. After a few moments I couldn’t stand it anymore and I came hard. You dealt with my load, then you pitched your head up and began screaming and moaning for me to suck on you harder, which I immediately did while ramming my fingers in and out of you harder and faster. Finally I felt you tighten violently on my fingers and I pulled them from you quickly. I continued to suck on your clit until you cried out sharply and came hard.

I lifted one of your legs and slid out from under you, then I slid up behind you and, as you leaned down, thrusting your ass higher in the air, I slid up over your ass, kneeling behind you, and I began running my cock along your ass slowly. You brought your hands up and spread your ass open nice and wide for me. I responded by sliding down slightly and bringing my cock up underneath you, rubbing it against your clit along my entire length, from the head all the way to the hilt of my shaft, letting you feel me for a moment. I then raised back up and I slowly and gently worked my cock into your ass, rolling it a little bit as you kept your hands back on it, holding it open for me as I slowly thrust into you. I kept slowly working it into you for a few moments, not going very deep or hard, not trying to hurt you.

My fingers again attacked your pussy, first stroking you slowly, then plunging into you deep as my thumb molested your clit hard and fast, circling it quickly, causing you to cry out for me in ecstasy as you began building toward another strong cum. I then slowly Anadolu Yakası Escort pulled my cock from your ass and then worked it into your pussy, driving myself deep into you right away and holding myself there. I began slowly rolling my cock in circles as I pulled out of you almost all the way. I thrust again into you and held it there for a good long time, and this time worked my cock up and down as I pulled out of you.

By this time you had balanced yourself on your hands and knees before me, and while I began thrusting harder and harder, my left hand went to your left breast and I began rolling my fingers around your nipple and your nipple ring. My right hand moved up and I began playing with your hair as I began working your pussy harder with my cock, still working circles, both as I rammed myself into you and pulled out now. It didn’t take long for me to have you moaning loudly and screaming for me to go harder and faster into you, which I do quickly, working my cock into you until our skin slaps together hard. I feel you begin to grow warm and I begin to swell again, both of us building toward a huge explosion. I hold back as much as I can until I hear you tell me that you’re about to cum. Finally I let go in you almost exactly as you cum on me, the two of us collapsing on the floor, with me laying behind you, my cock still in you, although it has gone soft.

After a little while, even after the two of us have cooled down somewhat, you look back to me and kiss me deeply, then whisper in my ear that you’re still horny and that I need to just let you do the work this time. You then throw a leg over me and put your foot on the floor behind me, then you begin tensing and releasing the muscles in that leg, bringing yourself back on my cock, causing me to get hard almost immediately. Then you begin really working your hips back onto me, and it doesn’t take long at the pace that you set for me to build up again. And it also doesn’t take long for you to start getting all hot inside as you work yourself against me harder and faster, trying to get me to cum even as you moan and whimper for me. I finally feel you again about to cum and I wait until I hear you cry out and your juices coat my cock. I take over for a moment and thrust myself into you a few times after you cum, finally exploding almost violently inside you. We engage in an amazing kiss as be both begin to cool down and then we both fall asleep lying there on the floor.

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