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I offered you the honor of first break on the new pool table we just bought. We have had our house for about two years now, and we were talking about getting a pool table for a while. Since our finances are finally back to normal, after the honeymoon, and the wedding ceremony, we could afford it. Dressed in the skirt that you wear around the house, and your favorite shirt, I am unaware of the fact that you are not wearing any panties or a bra. Every time you take a shot, you have me stand behind you and grab your hips while at the same time kissing your neck. Each time I run my hands over your hips and thighs, you push yourself against me, which tells me that you’re clearly turned on. You’re trying to learn how to play with the ultimate distraction: a gorgeous man, who’s 6’2″, 155 lbs, with finger length brown hair, sexy dark blue eyes, an extremely athletic body, and a beautiful deep golden tan.

Lucky for you my attempts at distracting you are unsuccessful, and you end up running the table on me. As you sit on the edge of the table to accept your prize, you cross your legs to keep me from getting a sneak peek at the surprise you have for me, while I put the cues away. When I return to you, I run my hands up your thighs, while gently caressing your lips with mine, just the way I know you like it. As my hands move higher and higher, you slowly move your legs farther apart, allowing me the ability to run my fingers directly between your thighs. I gasp when they reach that special place expecting soft cotton, or silk, only to find that there’s nothing there. I give you the look that shows that I can’t believe you would do that without telling me, while at the same time, still expressing my approval for such a special surprise.

I gracefully tease you with my fingers sliding slowly and lightly across your gorgeous skin, and you instantly grow wet. I slip my fingers away from your luscious lips, and bring them up to our mouths so we can both have a taste of you. You taste better than you ever have before, and I almost can’t get enough. I slowly pull your shirt up to expose your succulent breasts, and take one in my left hand while sucking on the nipple, and teasing your wet pussy, with my right hand. You grab my head, and pull my mouth further onto your nipple, allowing me to take more of me into my mouth than I had. You start to moan and breathe heavily, enjoying your prize fully. I move now your other breast, this time taking your nipple between my teeth and nibbling lightly. With my other hand, I now slide one finger into your hot pussy, while at the same time, letting my thumb rub on your clit, and causing you to lose control of your labia, and how they react to my touch.

Bucking lightly against my touch now, you try as hard as you can to get my finger deeper inside of you, but I’m not letting you have that yet, because I’m having too much fun teasing the fuck out of you. I keep it out of you for as long as I can, then I let it slide all the way in, which causes you to whimper with pleasure. I move my tongue down a little farther now, tracing little patterns, which makes you wiggle a little. The more I trace, the farther I move, until I finally make it to your waist, at which point, I have you stand up, and I take off your shirt, then your skirt. I notice that you got so wet that you left a dark spot on the table. I try to have you sit back down, but you’re not having any of it. You grab me by the shoulders, turn me around, and have me sit down on the table now, saying that it’s my turn to be teased.

You slowly bring your lips close to me, and you gently run them across mine, while at the same time, running your hands across my thighs and hips. You slowly kiss my cheeks and my forehead, and then my eyes, and the tip of my nose. I can’t even move now I’m so mesmerized by the way you do that. My eyes are still closed, and you take your tongue, and drag it lightly across my lips before you kiss me passionately. Unbuttoning my shirt, you run your hands up and down my chest and stomach, and you rub your breasts against my legs at the same time. I can feel all of this, as my body goes into sensory overload, and you continue üvey kız kardeş porno to tease me with your tongue now moving from my lips to my earlobes, and the sides of my neck. I try to caress your sides while you’re doing these wonderful things to me, but you don’t let me, telling me that in order to tease me properly, I can’t touch you.

You pull my shirt the rest of the way off, and move your hands down to my belt. Once you’ve unfastened my pants, you have me stand up and let them drop to the floor, leaving my standing there in nothing except my boxers, and you grin, because you can clearly see just how turned on I am. You come back up slowly, giving me a sexy look the entire way, letting me know that you’re not done teasing me yet. You pull the front edge of my shorts down, revealing my erect penis, and you slowly kiss, and lick your way over my chest, down my stomach, and to my waist. You’re on your knees now, and you are about to lick and kiss the length of my shaft, when I stand you up, and tell you that you don’t have to get on your knees to do that, and with that I sit back down on the table. You stand there, and start licking and kissing my shaft, watching it get harder and bigger with every touch you grace it with.

Once you feel that you’ve teased me enough, you come back up, kissing and licking my stomach, then my chest, and finally my neck. When you return to my lips, you kiss me with a hunger that I’ve seen you with before, but never this strong. While your lips work their magic on mine, you grind your hips against mine, making me buck a little because the silkiness of your shaved pussy makes me want you even more. You throw your legs on either side of my hips and sit back, so I can know what you feel like again, and you caress the length of my now fully erect member, with your sweet lower lips, making sure that you get me all wet. I begin to moan because it feels good to have you do that to me, and you tell me that you haven’t heard me moan in a long time, so you must be doing something right.

With that, you lean forward again, take your hand, and position my swollen cock so when you move back, it goes in. While you do that, I proceed to caress your neck, and your chest and breasts, taking your nipples into my mouth, one at a time, and sucking and nibbling gently. This causes you to move back just enough to let the tip slip in, and your legs shake because it feels so good for you. I grab your hips and move my hands over them and around to your ass, and give it a squeeze. You squeak a little bit because I caught you off guard with that one. You move yourself back a little bit more, allowing more of my shaft to enter your soft wetness, and also making your neck a prime target for my lips and tongue.

You tilt your head first to one side, then the other so that I may have a better angle for the licking, sucking, and nibbling that I’m doing, and I grab your ass again. It feels so soft under my touch, that I have to hold it tightly so that I may appreciate how it feels. I love to grab you like that, and when I move my fingers a little closer to the area in between your cheeks, that I dream about all the time, yet rarely get to visit, you grab my hand and move my fingers so that they’re touching that enticing spot on your body. I can’t wait to go there, with my tongue, my fingers or my rock hard cock, and you can see it in my eyes. Once you acknowledge that you’ve noticed, you move forward enough to let me slide all the way out, and you turn yourself around on my hips.

Now that I have a better view of your forbidden hole, you take me into your pussy again, this time more than halfway. Once I’m in far enough for your liking, you take your hand and move it behind you, and begin to trace around that hole with your fingers, so I can watch you do it. After you hear me whimper, you take a finger and gently slip it in, showing me, teasing my eyes, until I’m begging you to let me do it to you. You look back and tell me no, because you are still teasing me, and turn your head around so you can continue my show. Now you take your finger and slip it in about halfway, and xnxx porno tell me to slide my dick as far into your pussy as I can, and I oblige, grabbing your hips, and helping you down while at the same time moving my hips up to meet yours.

You are more turned on now than you have been in a long time, and you decide that you want more, as you take another finger and let it slip into your ass. I’m moving you up and down, my shaft sliding in and out of your gorgeous pussy, while you’re fingering your ass, and I can’t hold it anymore. My toes start to curl, and you can tell that I’m about to cum. Sliding your fingers out of your ass, and my cock out of that sweet spot between your thighs, you step off the table, onto the floor, and take me into your mouth so that you can taste me when it’s time. It doesn’t take much persuasion, however and your lust is satisfied swiftly, if only momentarily, as you swallow everything.

Noticing that I’m still hard, and that I still have that look in my eyes that tells you that I want to slide my cock where your fingers were, you decide to get on the table on your hands and knees, knocking a few balls out of your way in the process. I gracefully move from the table to retrieve the bottle of lube that we keep hidden because I know that since we don’t do anal all the time, every time we do, you seem tighter and tighter. When I return with the bottle, I make sure both of us are nice and wet, before I do what you want me to do. I begin by grinding my dick in between your cheeks, teasing you with it, because I know that you want to do this as much as I do. When I finally hear you beg for it, just like you made me do earlier, I decide that it’s now time and I slowly push the tip against your ass. You want it so bad that now you are pushing back against my shaft, and with a soft “plop” I manage to get the tip in. You twitch a little bit, like you always do, because it’s a little uncomfortable at first, but turns to sheer ecstasy once you get used to my size.

When you’re ready for me to slide myself in further, you tell me to go ahead, and I begin to push a little. Not wanting to hurt you, I ask you if you’re ok after every small amount of my cock you take in, and you continue to tell me that you’re fine. Once I’m in as far as I can go, I start to pull out a little bit, and you begin to make sounds that are incumbent with two people who love each other making love. I pull out far enough to have nothing in but the tip, and when I start sliding myself back in, you push yourself against me again, which signifies that you still want me to fuck you long and hard. When I get all the way in again, I reach under your stomach, and I play with your clit, caressing it softly at first and then rubbing it faster and with more pressure, sending you to an orgasm that makes you squeal with delight.

Feeling you tense up around my cock, almost sends me to my second orgasm of the evening, but I manage to keep myself calm long enough to pull myself all the way out, and I let you lay on the table for a moment while I leave the room to retrieve something to help you have even more fun that what you already are. When I return you are still breathing hard, but you have the look in your eyes that tells me that you’re ready to go again. I set a small item on the corner of the table as I climb on, and position you on your back. I slide myself in again, slowly to make sure that I’m not going to hurt you, and when I’m all the way in again, I reach for something that you didn’t realize that I had grabbed. I take the vibrator I got you for Valentine’s Day, and I slowly work it into your pussy at the same time that I’m moving in and out of your ass with my swollen member.

After you get used to having the vibe toy in your pussy, and me in and out of your ass, I turn the vibrator on, and watch as you start twitching harder and faster than you were before. When you have another orgasm, I can’t hold myself anymore and I let myself cum in your ass. When we are both finished catching our breaths, I slide myself out and help you off the table. I turn you around and enter your pussy from behind with your right leg on zenci porno the table while keeping your left leg on the floor. While I’m fucking your juicy slit hard and fast, I slip the toy in your ass, turning it on as high as it can go, and I leave it in as far as your body will allow it to fit. Within seconds your body shoots another orgasm strong enough to pull your left foot off the ground, and when you tighten your cunt around my cock, I have another one as well.

As I cum in your pussy as far as I can, it seems like I’m not going to stop, because while you may not know it, you just helped me have a multiple orgasm. When I’m finally done expending myself inside of you, I reach down with my hand, turn off the toy, and whisper in your ear “That’s the best sex I’ve ever had.” I kiss your ears, and your neck, while I’m still inside of you and the toy is still in your ass, and I help you off the table. With both of your holes still filled to the brim, we walk awkwardly to the shower, and turn on the hot water. Moving into the shower, I realize that it’s more you leading and me following, and you tell me that you’re not ready to stop just yet.

When the water’s just right, we turn on the shower head, and begin to fuck with the water running all down our bodies. You reach back and turn the toy back on, and after a few minutes of me sliding vigorously in and out of your pussy, with the toy still in your ass, you have another orgasm. I reach down, slide the toy out of your ass, and wash it off, while watching my giant boner slide back into your ass. When the toy is clean enough, I slide it back in your pussy, and let you go to town, moving it in and out of yourself as fast as you can while I try to keep my pace in your ass to match what you’re doing with your hands, but you’re having so much fun that you move the toy in and out of your pussy faster than I can fuck your ass. You rocket yourself to another orgasm and want me to stuff my cock as deep in your ass as it will go while you are cumming, and hold it there, and when I do, your ass almost squeezes another orgasm from me. When your body stops flexing itself on me, I pull out, and wash your body, caressing you with the loofah, and in return you wash my body, gently fondling my member and I notice that you still have that look in your eyes, that says “I’m still not done yet.”

Relieved that we’ve moved past the teasing portion of the evening, and satisfied that our bodies are clean enough for each other, we move to the bedroom, and I sit down on the stool we have at the min-wetbar that we keep hidden from guests. While I’m sitting there, you dance for me and you tell me that you feel sexy when I watch you dance like that because it’s the same way that you used to dance on stage, when you had a job at the “Gentleman’s Establishment”. I watch you dance and shake your ass, and then I motion for you to come over to me. You obey, but keeping your movements slow and sexy, you dance your way towards me, and when you reach my outstretched legs, you climb on top of me, and put your knees on the bar. You turn around and maneuver into a modified position of the “69”. You take me into your mouth and begin sucking my dick violently while I lick, suck and nibble on your pussy lips and your clit. When you’ve tasted my cum in your mouth again, you decide that since I’m still hard, your going to fuck me like I’ve never been fucked before.

After crawling to the floor, you stand up and sit on my lap facing me, reach your hand around behind you, and move my shaft into position. When you move back, you take me all the way into your ass in one swift motion, which causes me to groan with pleasure. Enjoying the looks my face contorts to, you sit there for a moment until my expressions return to normal. I look at you and tell you to fuck me, and you don’t hesitate. Bouncing up and down, I’ve never had you like this and it feels so good, but I’m not ready to cum just yet. I lean back against the bar and let you ride me like you’ve never ridden me before, and within just a few minutes, I grab your hips and shove myself into your ass as far as I can go, bursting with another orgasm. With me grabbing your shoulders now, I hold you on top of me, not letting go until my orgasm subsides, and then I collapse, and nearly fall out of the chair. We’ve both been well fucked tonight, and you help me to the bed now that I’m barely able to stand, and we fall asleep together, with you holding me in your arms.

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