The Tabitha Files Pt. 02

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When I awoke the next day, Tabitha and Sarah had left without notice. I knew that Tabitha had to work her shift at the restaurant starting at 10am and she had to drop Sarah off at her parents before going home, wiping away the filth, and reporting for duty.

For my part, I awoke with a raging hardon because the memory of last night’s antics was recalled with fresh vigour. I had a cheeky wank and came with the same force and pleasure as last night, if a little dimmed in terms of output.

I spent that Sunday in a state of ecstatic bliss, wandering around in a daze of self-congratulation that I’d ticked off a sexual act that I’d only previously seen in my parents’ pirated videos of European hardcore porn (it was their preferred method of imparting knowledge of the ‘birds and the bees’ to me). I never thought that I’d achieve a threesome so early in life and I wanted to scream it to the world, except no one was around and even if my housemates were, they wouldn’t believe me. I tried to distract myself by reading the Penguin Complete Works of Sherlock Holmes but my mind drifted to the events of the previous evening and I would get hard. I couldn’t keep wanking myself stupid all day. I needed a distraction and fast.

It wasn’t forthcoming. I wondered about Tabitha, how she felt about what occurred between the three of us and what she might say to people. My worry stemmed from the fact that I worked with her mother in the bank and we had a shift together on Monday. Tabitha and I weren’t an item after she had cheated on me a few months ago but we had remained close friends but not sexual partners. I had a great relationship with her mother, she was my mentor at the bank and I didn’t want to jeopardise it.

In the end, I packed up my satchel with Arthur Conan Doyle’s greatest literary creation and headed out for a long bush walk. I ended up, hours later at the pub with beer in hand and was able to get through several short stories. The pub was full of older looking hotties and I just couldn’t get sex off my mind. I had my third wank of the day in bed – again – before drifting off to sleep. Work beckoned next day.

My Monday morning shift was uneventful, Tabitha’s mum didn’t say anything that was out of the ordinary and I clocked off at 1pm. Across the road was the supermarket and I wandered across for some grocery shopping for I had nothing but cans of Emu Bitter in the fridge at home. As I vacantly browsed the aisles, picking up this or that, I was suddenly disturbed by a familiar voice.


I turned and saw Sarah with a basket of snack food a few paces away.

“Hi, how are you?” I responded with the best smile I could muster. I was rather sheepish since I hadn’t seen Sarah or Tabitha since Saturday and I was a little nervous. Rumour and innuendo spreads like wildfire in small isolated communities such as Albany and I hate being the centre of attention, then as now.

“I’m good thanks. Getting something for dinner?” She enquired with some energy. Readers may recall, Sarah had a rather dull and plodding personality as well as a parochial attitude toward life but today she seemed unusually animated.

“Yep. Cooking for one again as the lads are still out bush.” This was a reference to my housemates who were our labouring in the farmlands, taking in the harvest.

“Cool. You want a lift home?” Sarah, like Tabitha, had recently earned the legal rights – at 18 – to drink (which they did with gusto) and drive a car.

“I’d love one!” I said with a smile. I lived on a hillside that overlooked the town. Walking up it encumbered with groceries or slabs of beer was murder. When I did walk, I thought of my physique (long since dissipated) and that powered me through.

On this day, I was more than happy to accept charity. Sarah and I continued to shop without much chit chat. We checked out and we walked to the car park which, ironically, backed on to the restaurant where Tabitha worked.

When Sarah pulled up outside the house, she turned off the engine and helped me take my groceries inside. Aside from a few house parties that Sarah had attended with Tabitha, I didn’t really know that much about her. Sure, we fucked 48 hours previously but the 30 minutes between meeting in the supermarket and her dropping me off at home was the longest I think we had been in each other’s company without anyone else being present. On this day, she was dressed in the obligatory blue woollen jumper and jeans. Some things in this universe are forever constant, I thought to myself.

Inside the kitchen, I asked Sarah if she would like a tea or coffee or an Emu Bitter (foul stuff but cheap). To my surprise, she opted for the beer and so we cracked a couple of cold tinnies and sat down at the breakfast bar, next to each other. Saturday’s fun was bound to be a topic of conversation and it was the first thing she brought up.

“Are you and Tabby back together again?”

“What do you mean?” I replied, a little bemused.

“You know. On Saturday. İstanbul Escort You guys were doing it.”

“Well that wasn’t planned,” I said honestly, “I think it was the movie!”

“Yeah but she was sitting next to you.”

“Well, we are still friends so that was natural,” I said, referring to the seating arrangement, “But we’ve not done anything sexual since we broke up until Saturday.”

This information took some time to compute which, I suppose, was natural in this situation.

“So, you guys aren’t together?”

“No, not that I am aware of.” Which was the honest answer. I hadn’t seen Tabitha since Saturday night. To me, our threesome was a spontaneous occurrence that happened and was enjoyed by all concerned. Sarah talking about it caused a stir down below.

“Huh.” She replied, taking a tentative sip from the foul can, “So why did it happen?”

“I don’t know.” I said, shaking my head. I’d analysed the night a thousand times and four wanks later.

“It was just a thing that happened at the right time.”

“The right time?” She cocked her head to me with a quizzical glance.

“That’s all I can think of to explain it.”

There was silence for a few moments which enabled me to take a large swig from the foul can. From the corner of my eye, I sensed Sarah trying to process what had happened in to a rational argument that she could understand. Her next question floored me.

“What did you do to Tabitha?”

“What do you mean?” I replied, suddenly on guard.

“She was rolling on the floor for ages just moaning and blabbering!”

“That was an orgasm.” I said.

“That was more than an orgasm. I’ve never done that!”

Well no. Tabitha experienced anal sex for the first time and clearly enjoyed it. At that point, Tabby was the third girl in my not quite 21-year-old history to receive my cock up their rectums. I lost my anal virginity to an older lady, Jennifer, when I briefly attended Sheffield University several years earlier. “It’s just something up my bum.” Jennifer said to me when I brought up the topic of anal sex when asked if I had an unfulfilled fantasy. Of course, she hadn’t prepared properly, and I pulled out of her ample arsehole with shit streaked across my shaft. Not like in the VHS movies I’d watched, and I was horrified. The next time was with the oracle Jean – a worldly Albany blow-in like me – who taught me many things in life, and in return for her very first vaginal orgasm at age 38 (to my 21) allowed me to fuck her sweet arse. She made me a fan for life of the brown arts.

“Tabby and I had unusual sex that night.” I said, trying to be diplomatic.

We had talked about anal sex prior to breaking up. Indeed, during one house party, she had got steaming drunk (on neat vodka) and dragged me into my bedroom and fucked my brains out. And I mean she fucked me, hard. At one point during this drunken escapade, I told her to stick my cock up her arse. Without letting up from her hip grinding, she said “No, not yet.” This stuck in my mind as saying, yes, I’m interested but not now as I’m having too much fun. I filed that bit of information away for future use which happened to be last Saturday, and the results spoke for themselves.

“What do you mean?” asked an interested Sarah.

“You shouldn’t ask that.” I said dismissively, knowing the parochial attitude of this town.

Sarah playfully hit my arm, “No, tell me Jason.”

I contemplated her request for information for a second, staring into my beer.

“Do you really want to know?”

“Yes” came the stern reply.

“Ok. I fucked Tabby in her arsehole!”

The facial signs of utter revulsion took nanoseconds to register as I knew they would.

“That’s disgusting!” came the expected but boring response.

“Why?” I asked, keen to explore her typical parochial attitude.

Sarah came over embarrassed as her feeble brain attempted to string words together to justify her outrage. Her thought process was about the act rather than the fact that two of her friends had actually engaged in said act.

“That’s where you…” She trailed off and looked away from me blushing.


“Poop!” She said indignantly but not with outrage.

I was about to respond but she cut me off, “What about the smell?”

“I didn’t smell anything. Did you?”

“Well no but…” she was a bit stumped, “But doesn’t it hurt?”

“Does what hurt?” I asked. She kept on referring to the act as “it” and so I wanted her to explicitly say what “it” was.

“You know… sticking your, your…dick in her…behind”


“Ok, arse! Happy?”

I was, yes and thanks for asking.

“Did it look like Tabitha was in pain with my cock in her arse?”

Mine was a rhetorical question because Tabitha’s orgasm, if that’s what it was, amazed me and Sarah due to its intensity. Ordinarily, Tabitha orgasmed quickly, easily and fluidly. But I’d seen nothing like this in the time we were together. I Escort Bayan don’t think Sarah had much experience of orgasms at all and so the sight and sound of Tabitha writhing in the floor, speaking in tongues, within minutes of losing her anal virginity would have bemused and impressed her at the same time.

Sarah thought for a second or two, replaying last Saturday night in her mind as was I, and feeling something growing between my legs.

“It didn’t look like it hurt her.” She replied.

“No and she seemed to enjoy it more than I thought she would.”

“That was the first time you did that to her?” She asked in a tone that suggested I’d given Tabitha a right cross rather than a butt fucking.

“Yes. Last Saturday was the first time since we broke up that we had sex” I reminded Sarah.

“How did you know she’d like it?”

“Well, if she didn’t, I’m sure she would have told me.” I said simply. I hadn’t seen or heard from Tabitha since her first arse reaming, so I didn’t know what she thought of it. I’m sure I would hear from her in due course.

“I still think it’s disgusting!”

“What is disgusting?” I enquired but Sarah shoot me a glance indicating she wasn’t going to fall for it again.

“Don’t knock it till you try it!”

“What do you mean?”

“Anal sex.” As a raging hormonal teenager, I became obsessed with anal from watching my parents’ pirated VHS Euro hardcore films. That hawk-like Jean had given me my first rimjob which I returned to her with delight, so I knew about how much pleasure could be derived from the anus. In addition, anal sex is just so nasty, so taboo and so there is a sense of conquest when a female submits. Jennifer, who took my anal virginity, loved it and my future wife was addicted to it (and golden showers).

“It’s disgusting!” Persisted Sarah.

“You’ve said that several times, but you haven’t given me a reason why you think it’s disgusting especially since you saw Tabitha enjoying it.”

Being truthful, real-life anal sex sometimes doesn’t resemble what’s depicted on the silver screen, so I could understand Sarah’s stance but, in my opinion, the positives are overwhelming.

“Well I didn’t know that was happening and I didn’t know people did that.” Replied a befuddled Sarah.

“They do and it’s probably the most intimate act a couple can do together.” I countered truthfully.

“Why?” Quizzed a sceptical Sarah.

I recounted my brief experience with anal sex, especially the pleasure of rimming but left out the porno obsession bit.

“Has Tabitha licked your…bum before? She asked.

“No, not at all but I’d like her too. I didn’t get chance to eat her before I fucked her arsehole. But I did use plenty of saliva” I delighted in the explicit language that made Sarah wince.


“To get her ready for my cock. You need to be lubed up before anal as that’s one of the keys to enjoying it.” Or some such advice someone gave to me which I think it was from the oracle, Jean, “Even if anal penetration doesn’t occur, licking a woman’s butt turns me on no end and I love receiving that pleasure back.”

“Really?” There seemed to be no shifting her attitude.

“Really. Wait till you get rimmed, I bet you’ll like it.

“Hmm, I doubt it.” she replied, dismissively.

“Well, keep an open mind.” I said with a smile as I drank down a large swig of beer. All this talk of anal sex and of Tabitha had made he uncomfortably hard and I didn’t think Sarah was going to be accommodating for that or anything else sexual today nevertheless, whilst the conversation was on sex, I decided to change tack a little.

“What do you think about Saturday?”

At this, Sarah went beetroot red and turned away again.

“Well?” I persisted.

“I really enjoyed it.” She replied after regaining some composure.

“What did you like about it?”

“Everything!” Came the simplistic reply.

“Yeah, me too.” I answered without wanting to push for detail that Sarah was unwilling or incapable of giving.

“Really? What did you like?” Hers was a simple tactic to gain a compliment or two.

“I like the intimacy of the three of us together. I liked what you did to me, how you made me feel and I liked kissing you and exploring your body.” I said truthfully. Whilst Sarah couldn’t compete with arse fucking Tabitha but, in her own right, she was a lovely girl and sexually pleasing.

“I liked what you did to me too”. Came an embarrassed reply.

We sat in silence together and Sarah took a big gulp of filthy beer. Would I fuck Sarah again? Yes. Solo, yes! In company with Tabitha again, double yes. Would I date Sarah? Hell no. She was nice, but she was less mature and more parochial that Tabitha and Tabitha frustrated me no end with her small mindedness (she’d never been on an aeroplane).

“Have you and Tabitha talked about what happened?” I asked, breaking the silence.

“No and I haven’t seen her since she drove me home.” Same as me.

“Didn’t Eskort you talk about it in the car?”

“Nope. I think she had a hangover.” Believable since Tabitha drunk vodka neat, would get raging drunk and suffer the inevitable consequences the next day. On occasion, she would go to work with a hangover and it amazed me how she managed it.

“What about the things the two of you were doing together?” I asked meaning the girl-on-girl action. Again, Sarah turned redder than a fire engine.

“We’ve practised together.” That revelation stunned me.


“For a few years.” Came a reluctant answer. Now, Sarah had my full attention and I turned my full, piercing gaze to her. She must have felt my gaze was like a laser beam chopping her up.

“Tell me more!”

“It was nothing really. Just some touching and kissing, mainly to prepare ourselves for boys. We’re not like that!”

“Like what?” I was loving her awkwardness because clearly talking about sex in this level of detail was not something Sarah was comfortable with, yet.

“Like…you know…lesbians!”

“So, all that stuff you did on Saturday, you’ve done with Tabitha before?”

“No way. What happened here was all new. I’ve never done anything like that before.” So, Saturday was an intimate evening full of firsts for the three of us.

“Did you like it? I asked.

“Yes.” Came the reply with an immature giggle.

“Well I certainly approve!”

Sarah looked at me still writhing in discomfort and said with conviction, “I prefer boys.”

“Fair enough. Interrogation over.” I said with a smile as I stood up, crushed my can and reached for another from the fridge.

“Would you like another?” I asked Sarah.

“No, I’m good thanks. I should go.”

“Was it something I said?”

“No, of course not.” She laughed, “I should take that stuff from the supermarket home to my mum.”

“Fair enough.”

“Thanks for the beer.”

“No worries.”

She stood up from the breakfast bar and began walking towards the front door. I walked behind her and whilst horny wasn’t too upset to see her go. As we approached the front door, Sarah turned around and, without meeting my gaze, said to me in a low voice that trembled, “You and Tabby are definitely not back together?”

I shook my head and with that, Sarah stepped up to me and ever so gently planted a kiss on my lips. As she stepped down, she opened her eyes and stared into mine to gauge my reaction. I must have given a green light because she stepped back in, placed an arm around my head and pulled me close. This time we kissed with open mouths; slowly, passionately and deeply. There was no urgency in Sarah’s action as opposed to the furious, clothes ripping alternative that overcomes many couples lost in desire. I placed my hands on her ample hips.

When we broke our kiss, I brushed her dark, curly hair away from her neck and began gently kissing her skin and nibbling her ear, she moaned and shook in delight. I noted that she smelled musky as if all that embarrassing talk about sex had made her release a flood of adrenaline causing her to sweat profusely. I liked the smell, it turned me on and my pan handle jumped to life and began pressing against Sarah’s leg.

I moved a hand to the clasp of her jeans, undid the button and pulled down the zipper. There was no resistance from Sarah who just held onto my shoulders as I continued to stimulate the skin around her neck and ear. As I moved my hand down her pants, across the fabric of her undies, Sarah took a step sideways to give me access to her pussy that was emanating the heat of a volcano. She was soaked! I couldn’t believe how wet her panties were. It must have been uncomfortable when she got up to leave and began walking to the door. I slipped my down the front of her panties and straight into her hairy pussy. Sarah leapt at the contact. I gently fingered her swampy snatch and tickled her clit ever so gently. Her reaction was very positive and we started kissing again, tongues dancing lightly. My fingers continued to gently explore her overstimulated female parts.

When we broke our kiss, Sarah looked up lustily into my eyes and said in a whisper, “You’re so gentle with me, like you were before!”

My guess was that she’d been with boys as immature as Sarah was and probably just roughly pawed her in ignorance as to how women should be treated.

“This is the way it should be done.” I answered back.

“Will you do that thing to me you did on Saturday?”

“What is that?” I asked knowing full well she wanted me to go down on her.

“Will you lick me where your hand is?”

“I’d love too.”

Sarah’s eyes lit up with anticipation of something that we had done on Saturday that seriously pleased her. I wondered if I was the first person to go down on her (Tabitha did as well after me and that’s what led to me butt fucking her). I also wondered who had the better technique, Tabitha or me? I made a mental note to ask Sarah later.

“Shall we go to the bedroom?” I asked, rhetorically.

Sarah simply nodded, and I gently extracted my hand from her sodden snatch and motioned her forward. I hung behind, so I could sniff and lick my fingers; musky and divine.

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