The Sweetest Reunion



I sat nervously waiting for him on the bench. It had been awhile since I had seen him and wasn’t sure if time would have changed him or lessened his attraction to me. I was not the type to be self-conscious in the least but I knew, beyond a shadow, of a doubt that I still wanted him…needed him. I bit my lip as I looked down at my phone checking the time. It wasn’t like him to be late at all; so, maybe he was having second thoughts.

I glanced around again searching the park for any signs of him. After another few minutes, I propped up my chin in my hand and sighed. Just then, two hands covered my eyes as a familiar whisper in my ear startled me, “Keep your eyes closed and come with me.”

His hand reached down for mine and I allowed myself to be led away. I was obliging when what I really wanted to do was pull him close, hungrily kiss his lips, and touch him until he couldn’t take it anymore. I tried to push those ideas out of my head and just allowed my fingers to lace with his.

We walked for a while. I could smell the blooming flowers and fresh cut grass. We finally stopped and he told me to open my eyes. The view was breathtaking. The sunlight glistened off the small pond; the branches of the willow trees shaded us perfectly. Although I had been to this park many times in my life, this was first time ever noticing this spot.

Just as I admired the view, he squeezed my hand and broke the silence with, “So, did you miss me?”

I turned to glance at his handsome face, one I had grown so accustomed to. The way his blue eyes gleamed and crinkled as he grinned made me catch my breath. I knew I had missed him but, at that moment, I realized just how much I really had. I grinned back and shrugged my shoulders and replied teasingly, “Maybe I did…just kinda sorta though.”

He laughed and winked at me. Then he slowly and softly whispered, “Is there a way I could make you realize that you missed me more than kinda sorta?”

His face was a few mere inches from mine. My heart started racing and my mouth went dry instantly. How on earth did this man affect me so much even though we knew each other such a relatively short while? It wasn’t a question I really needed an answer to and, frankly, I didn’t want one. I just knew he did. He had a hold on me in a way no one ever had. There was no mistaking it, I missed him and, my goodness, I needed him. I managed a reply that I knew would illicit a response. “I don’t know. What did you have in mind?”

In a brief second he pushed me back against a cool hard surface and seized my lips. He sandwiched me between the wall and himself. My hands slid around his waist to pull him tightly against me. Instantly his mouth came crushing down on mine and I rose up on my toes to meet his kiss. Our tongues tangled immediately as we both began to breathe harder suppressing loud gasps and moans.

He tore his mouth away from mine to gaze into my eyes as they slowly opened to meet his. “I had something a little more than that in mind. Do you think you can handle it?” A slow, sexy grin spread over his lips as he uttered these words.

I quirked an eyebrow and a grin curved over my lips. “Bring it,” was all I could respond Maltepe Escort before his lips found mine again.

The hunger was very apparent as our tongues pushed and fought for control. I moved my hands to his ass to pull him against me but he had other things in mind. He slid his hand with his palm pressed against my stomach into the waistband of my pants and panties without hesitation. He pressed his fingers against my mound and smiled when I moaned instantly. He expected to find my soft curls but realized I shaved my delicate parts in his absence.

He cupped my pussy hard in his hand squeezing with light pressure before sliding even further down. I parted my legs slightly, instinctively, as he slid his fingers lower, parting my lips quickly and barely rubbed them against my labia. Obviously he could sense how aroused I was by how wet I was; so, he shoved two fingers into me firmly. I had been saving myself for his return so I fit even more snugly around them.

I tore my lips away from his to toss my head to the side and gasp. He didn’t wait for my lips to return but buried his mouth into my lower neck nibbling and sucking lightly. He continued to penetrate me deeper and harder but not moving his fingers in and out at all, just in.

With his other hand, he tugged at the V-neck of my shirt to expose my breast. His teeth claimed my rounded flesh immediately biting harder and moving his chin against the fabric of my bra cup until my nipple peeked out. He captured it with a strong bite and stifled the cry ready to leave my lips.

He inserted a third finger into me sensing how badly I wanted it. I lifted my body up on my toes as the pain from him stretching me started to invade my senses but he didn’t stop. I truly didn’t want him to even think about stopping. With his strength, he applied more pressure and pushed my body up as his knee slid between my legs forcing me to rest on this thigh. His other hand traveled down to grab my ass, keeping me in place.

He started pumping his fingers in and out hitting the spots only he knew existed. His lips teased my swollen nipple as his teeth bit down. He tried inserting a fourth finger but we both knew it wouldn’t be possible in this position. Instead he slid his hand down the back of my pants to slip his forefinger between my cheeks.

I buried my head in his shoulder when his thumb pushed on my clitoris and rubbed firmly until I couldn’t take it. He growled in my ear, “Cum right now baby. We both know you need it.”

That was all it took and my juices started to flow, completely coating his fingertips until it dripped onto his hand. I heaved a sigh as one jolt after another pulsed through my core. That blinding bright light burst behind my eyes as my stomach tightened. My walls started to pulse around his fingers, constricting and releasing. I gripped his shoulders to hold on tightly until my body calmed down and returned to a normal albeit state. He truly owned every bit of me right then.

“Good girl, but I’m not done with you yet,” he muttered. He quickly pulled his fingers from inside of me and I slid down to the ground. He tugged the neck of my shirt back into place. Then, İstanbul Escort he looked me square in the eye and slid his fingers into his mouth to taste my juices on them. Suddenly, he grasped the back of my neck and pulled me to him. He kissed me firmly so I could taste myself lingering on his lips.

I looked up him in surprise and but with a soft gaze. What is it about this man that had me wanting him so bad? Every single thing he did exuded sex appeal and I was trapped by my need.

I became lost in my own thoughts as he suddenly grabbed my hand and led me around the building where he instantly reached down for a bag and a basket. I looked up into his eyes quizzically.

“I have a feeling you didn’t eat well while I was gone,” he remarked as he searched my eyes. I looked away as my cheeks blushed. He chuckled at my silent admission and added, “So, of course, I packed us something. I need you to be strong and healthy for what I have in mind.”

I blushed an even brighter shade of pink as he reached into the bag to remove a blanket and spread it out on the lush, green grass. He picked up the basket to lay it on the fabric and then took my hand as he led me to a spot and beckoned me to sit. He joined me and opened the basket to produce a plate of small sandwiches and another of fruit. Finally, he pulled out two bottles of water. He smiled at me then leaned over to place a small, light kiss on my lips before saying, “Now you need to eat darling.”

He never ceased to amaze me. One minute he was widely sexy and the next smooth and caring. He held an air of mystery which just made me curiously aware of how much I was drawn to him.

I took a sandwich and brought it to my lips to nibble slowly. Taking small bites and chewing gently, “So how was your trip?” I spoke only to break the silence. Just being next to him caused a calm, peaceful aura; so, words were not entirely necessary.

He smiled, knowingly, at me before answering in his typical, nondescript way, “It was nice. Everything was pleasing.” He winked at me as a grin spread across his face which caused his eyes to crinkle. He handed me a bottle of water. “Here, drink. You might want to eat more quickly to get to what I have planned next.” He smirked adorably and chuckled when he saw me look away in a slightly embarrassed manner.

I did as he requested and set the bottle down before leaning to my left to run my fingertips up his bare forearm. “What did you have in mind?” I asked teasingly.

He tilted his head to nibble my earlobe before whispering, “Oh, I think you know.”

He quickly discarded his bottle back into the basket before pulling me into his lap. I nestled my bottom between his thighs. My fingertips stroked his knee just below the hem of his shorts and my thoughts instantly began to wander.

“I need him so badly right now,” I thought to myself. Just being close to him like this made me think of how much I wanted to touch his cock and stroke him gently until he responded and would urgently pull me into his lap to straddle his legs. Right then, I wished I’d worn a skirt so I would just hike it up to shield us, pull my panties to the side, and have him Anadolu Yakası Escort right there. But, I didn’t; I’d stupidly worn pants. Why on earth hadn’t I planned ahead? We were both discreet people and wouldn’t want to appear to be doing anything more than kissing.

He trailed his fingers softly over my sides, tickling his way up to just under my armpits. He wiggled them under my arms to touch the sides of my breasts. I rested my head back against his shoulder to look up at him, letting him see in my eyes just how apparent my desire was. I whispered breathily, “Can we go to my place?”

“Not yet,” he responded.

“You like torturing me, don’t you?” I muttered as a silly, fake pout appeared on my face.

He burst into laughter, “Of course, my dear. You are adorable when you try to get your own way.” He reached over and tugged another blanket from the bag. “Little do you know you’re going to get what you want sooner than you think.”

My eyes instantly lit up as he moved to spread the blanket over us. Without hesitation, his fingers went to the button of my pants and unfastened it before sliding my zipper down. His slipped his fingers inside my panties to tease me again. This time he didn’t slide his fingers into me but spread my lips and found my clitoris right away and massaged it with ferocity.

I moaned as my fingers reached behind me to touch him through his shorts; feeling him respond with a moan as he tucked his nose in the crook of my neck. He whispered lowly, “Raise your hips up and slip your pants and panties down but don’t sit on my lap.”

I did what I was told and waited until I felt his strong hands on my waist. He spoke softly, “Now put your feet on either side of my legs.” I obliged once more and he spoke one final direction, “Take my cock in your hand and guide me into you as I lower you.”

My eyes went wide with excitement and surprise. I reached down between my legs to grasp his cock and he helped me descend. He assisted until the head of his cock found my cunt and the he dropped me instantly causing him to impale my eager pussy. My walls hugged around him tightly but I was wet enough from earlier so it didn’t hurt in the least. He leaned back resting himself on his arms as we spread out into the grass. I leaned back against his chest and spread the blanket across us so we just looked like a couple cuddling while admiring the sunset.

I was careful to not move quickly but planted my heels in the blanket to raise and lower myself over him. I paid attend to my muscles and kegeled to make myself clench around him. I was careful to not moan loudly but was getting more aroused every time I heard his breath quicken or heard him sigh softly. I was getting so close to climaxing but wanted to prolong it to have him cum too.

Without warning, he sat up sharply pushing me slightly forward to sit upright. He reached under the blanket to grasp both of my inner thighs tightly as he shot into me the second my pussy constricted around him. He squeezed roughly as I felt us both begin to pulse. He gruffly whispered in my ear, “Fuck baby, I missed you.”

He leaned back again on his arms and I snuggled back against him. He still was nestled inside of me as we watched the sun slowly dip down behind the trees.

He brushed my hair away from my shoulder and let his lips find the side of my neck, “Want to go home now?” he asked.

“Home…,” I whispered wistfully. No word had ever sounded so amazing.

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