The Sweet Taste of Honey



Author’s note: All sexual acts and situations depicted in this story are between legally consenting adults who are at least 18 years of age or older when the sexual encounters occur. No sexual situations involving persons under the age of 18 are included or depicted in any manner.


“Oh God yes Roger baby take me,” Honey panted as she gasped for breath. “I am your naughty little trashy slut to do with as you please.”

Roger was fucking Honey from behind as his hard pulsating 8 inch monster cock was thrusting in and out of Honey’s soaking wet pussy. Honey was upright on her knees and Roger had his arm around Honey’s neck holding her next to him while he continued to hammer her.

Roger was whispering naughty sayings in French into Honey’s ear as he nibbled and softly bit her on the neck. Roger was telling Honey how naughty she had been and that she had to be punished.

This only made Honey that much hotter and hornier and she responded by pleading that Roger spank her so he did, which only turned Honey on that much more.

Honey could feel the next wave of pleasure build deep inside of her and as it did, she tried her best to hold it off and keep her body in the upright position but it was a losing battle.

Honey’s body began to tremble and her knees became weak so Roger let her go and she fell back onto her hands and knees and braced herself for the next shockwave of pleasure that rippled through her body.

Honey arched back as the next wave of pleasure hit her with all the force of the world’s most powerful Tsunami as it crashed through her body sending torrents of pure inexplicable carnal pleasure coursing through her being.

Honey gasped for breath as she tried to cry out but she couldn’t; The pleasure was too intense and all she could manage to get out was a faint whimper.

Honey then dropped down to her elbows but she still had her knees the way they were. She grasped the king sized fleece throw that was lying on the floor in front of the fire place and buried her head biting the pillow as she braced herself for the next orgasm that had began to overcome her.

Suddenly, without warning, Honey’s orgasm overtook her and she cried out in pleasure as she climaxed flooding Roger’s soaking wet cock with more of her sweet cream.

Honey cried out in pleasure screaming at the top of her lungs wailing like the banshee.

“Gimme more,” Honey panted as she fought to get the words out. “I want you to cram your hard tool into my ass and butt fuck me.”

Roger was intrigued and turned on by that notion. He had never done that with any of the women he had been with before. He had wanted to but they had either been turned off by it or just too scared to try it.

Honey handed back a tube of KY gel and Roger smoothed it on his cock and around Honey’s tight little asshole. He then inserted his cock into her ass. It was a very tight fit at first and he had to make some effort to squeeze it in, but slowly and surely he continued until it went all the way in.

Holly gasped as Roger’s cock filled her bun hole “Oh god yes baby give me all of it,” Holly crooned. “Treat me like the nasty little whore I am.”

Fucking Honey in the ass was slower than doing her pussy but soon her muscles relaxed and it got easier. Roger was still careful in that he didn’t want to damage her sphincter muscle and run the risk of making Honey incontinent.

Honey was thoroughly enjoying being taken in the ass. It made her feel like a dirty little filthy trashy whore and she loved it. Sure it was a painful but the pleasure made the pain worth it.

It wasn’t long until Honey was ready to cum again and she creamed her sweet nectar all over the place as it dripped out of her pussy and down her legs and on to the comforter.

Roger felt his cock swell with cum and he knew it wasn’t long until he was ready to cum. He grunted as he told Honey he was on the verge of cumming.

“Cum on my ass baby,” Honey crooned. “I wanna feel your hot spunk splatter on my butt cheeks.”

Roger did just what Honey asked. Just as he was on the verge of cumming, he withdrew his cock and placed the head of it next to Honey’s butt cheeks. Roger then took his hand and stroked his cock to cause himself to cum.

Seconds later Roger’s hot semen splattered on Honey’s butt cheeks and near her ass hole and the backside of her pussy. Honey just moaned with pleasure as she purred like a contented kitten.

Honey then laid over on her back and spread her legs inviting Roger to take her missionary style. Roger wasted no time and laid on top of Honey. Honey took her hand and guided Roger’s still hard cock into her soaking wet pussy It slid in like a hand into a glove.

Honey then wrapped her long luscious stocking clad legs around Roger’s back and locked her ankles as she pulled Roger close to her.

Roger and Honey slowly fucked as they began to move as one. Their bodies souls minds and spirits became as one and soon they were united in a mystical cosmic gaziantep escort telefonları bond beyond words.

Time and space slowly disappeared and soon our lovers were in their own little universe. They were only aware of each other as the physical universe seemed to have vanished.

Honey and Roger could feel each other’s pleasure hear each other’s thoughts and instinctively knew what to do and how to move to please the other. Their hearts also beat as one as they could feel them.

Time seemed to be at a stand still and they were consumed by each other. Little by little their pleasures rose like the ocean tide and building ever so slowly reaching its zenith in a crescendo of passion and lustful desires.

Eventually our lovers would cum in unison. Honey arched her back and cried out in pleasure at the top of her lungs and flooded Roger’s cock with her sweet honey dew nectar. Roger in turn released his massive load spunking his hot manhood deep into Honey’s carnivorous and insatiably hungry pussy.

Our lovers fell together as they slowly came down from their orgasmic high. Honey’s body was still trembling and shaking as the pleasure from her orgasm continued to ripple through her body.

Time and space slowly came back into view. Honey then rolled Roger over so that she was on top of him and they just held each other. Soon another desire just as primitive and powerful began to consume them. No matter how hard they tried to fight this desire, the feeling over took them and our lovers were unable to escape one of the most primitive and basil forces there is– sleep.

Sleep cradled our lovers in its bosom just as the sun peaked over the horizon bringing with it the new day. Roger and Honey were nestled together in each other’s arms. Honey was on top of Roger and Roger’s hard throbbing cock was still buried inside of Honey pussy.

Honey’s head was cradled in the crook of Roger’s arm somewhere between his chest and shoulder and Honey’s right had gently rested on Roger’s chest while her left hand was lying by her side Roger’s left arm was cradling Honey with his hand on the back of her shoulder.

Our lovers enjoyed a deep blissful and dreamless sleep and would awaken late in the afternoon, alert, refreshed and ready to go for another round of hot torrid unbridled sex.

This was only one of many intimate moments our lovers shared. They were already lovers and soulmates and were destined to enjoy a lifetime of lascivious carnal delights together. Let us turn back the clock to see how Roger and Honey became lovers, but in order to do that we need to start from the very beginning.

You see, Roger and Honey are not just lovers and soulmates but they are also blood relatives. Roger is Honey’s uncle. Honey was Roger’s oldest sister Miranda’s child and was born when Roger was eight years old.

Roger took to Honey immediately and acted like a big brother and protector for Honey. As Honey grew, she and Roger became closer and closer forming a unique intimate bond that words could not begin to describe.

Roger came from a very close knit family and all of his relatives lived close to each other in the moderate sized town of Ashville North Carolina. He lived just across the street from Honey so he saw her on a daily basis and spent most of his time with her.

Also Roger and Honey came from a large family but not in the sense of numbers but size. Roger’s father and mother were both big and tall. Roger’s father was built like a linebacker and actually played high school and college football.

Roger’s father David stood about 6’7″ weighed about 260 pounds and was very muscular with very little body fat. He had broad muscular shoulders, large muscular arms and a huge barrel chest which was muscular as well.

David also had six pack abs, large hands and large feet. He worked as a fireman and was an assistant chief at the time this story takes place. In college he got the nickname “Goliath” because he was so huge. He enjoyed the irony of the name seeing that the real David who slew Goliath was small in comparison.

Roger’s mother Anne was fairly large and tall herself. She stood about 6’2″ tall and weighed about 165 pounds. She was fairly muscular and played volleyball and girls basketball in high school. She also worked as a volleyball coach and PE coach at one of the local high schools.

Roger took on his parents height and build as well. When Roger reached his full height at 17 he stood 6’6″ weighed about 235 pounds. He had large muscular arms and chest like his father and large hands and feet as well. He also had very little body fat and was just as menacing looking as his father.

After Roger graduated high school, he attended the local university in the town which they lived in. Roger pursued a double major in Computer Information Systems and Construction Management with a minor in art and graphics design.

Roger then spent another 21 months escort gaziantep telefonları pursuing his masters in Construction Management. After college, Roger landed a great paying career as a project designer for a large commercial construction company.

Roger was making about 80 thousand per year net after taxes so he was doing quite well for himself. Six months later Roger decided to launch his own sideline business known as Titan Information Systems.

His primary mission was developing web pages along with Inventory Tracking and Finance and Cash Flow accounting programs for businesses.

However, Since Roger also was into Science Fiction and fantasy art he created his own repertoire of pictures and published them.

He did very well for himself at both ventures in this new company so after a year or so after starting his own company(15 months after to be exact) he decided to leave the company he was working for and work on contract basis doing Construction design as a third part of his own business.

Roger was doing extremely well for himself and had built up a huge cliental. He was generating close to a million and a quarter dollars in revenues and by the time all the business expenses and taxes were paid(including income tax) Roger pulled in about 225K per year net income.

Roger used the money he had saved all his life as well as accrued since he graduated and purchased some land on a hillside out in the county close enough to have city services.

The land backed up to some woods which had a small river in and he didn’t have to worry about his neighbors being right on top of him. The closest house was about a quarter of a mile away which afforded him the privacy he desired.

Roger built him a spacious two story 5400 square foot log cabin house with all the modern creature comforts and amenities he could ever want. He built a smaller detached 1300 square foot log cabin that connected to the main house by an enclosed breezeway. This served as the office for his business.

During this time, Honey matured and emerged from puberty as a very desirable young woman who had all the boys in school knocking each other down to get to her.

Forget about Honey’s father being the one the boys would have to be careful about when trying to date Honey. Roger was far worse and much more overprotective of Honey than her father could have ever dreamed of being.

Roger was every teenage guy’s worse nightmare in the way that he acted. Honey’s prospective dates even had their own dubious and derogatory nickname for him. They called him “The High Inquisitor,” a name which Roger wore with pride and like a badge of honor. It meant he was doing his job as a protector.

Honey’s prospective suitors would much rather have had to face the stereotypical good ole boy redneck father who brought out his big sons on the porch each cleaning their shotguns in a menacing sort of fashion while the father interrogated the fellow wanting to take Honey out on a date, leaving the hint to the would be suitor that he better answer the questions to the father’s desired choice or else.

Looking at Honey one could see why Roger was so over protective Honey was an absolute knock out. Honey had also taken on some of her mother’s size. Now at 16 years old, Honey stood just over six feet tall, weighed 165-170 pounds and had a curvaceous voluptuous body measuring 36DD-26-37.

Honey also had luscious pouty and kissable ruby red lips that beckoned you to partake of their sweeter than wine nectar and piercing and mesmerizing crystal ice blue eyes that captivated your soul and held it hostage.

However Honey’s most striking feature was her long(shoulder length) naturally curly(wavy) Golden Honey blonde hair. It was this hair that gave Honey her name. Honey’s actual birth name was Cassandra Leann but when she was two her mother nick-named her Honey after her gorgeous honey blonde hair.

Picture the famous pornstar Danielle from the “Danielle FTV” Franchise Internet site( do a Google search if needed) but make her taller(six feet tall) and give her the looks of the famous country music star Carrie Underwood and you would have Honey.

Roger could not believe his eyes when he saw Honey in all of her glory. Roger had been so busy studying and attaining his degree he hadn’t noticed that Honey was maturing right in front of his eyes. It is likened to the case when a parent still sees their child as a “little one” until they wake up one day to find that he or she is no longer a child but a mature young adult.

That was the case with Roger and Honey. Honey had matured and blossomed into a young lady who and was no longer a little girl any more but a sexy succulent and desirable young woman with guys chasing her left and right and an overprotective uncle doing his best to chase them away.

You would most likely think that as a teenager Honey would have been embarrassed and even mortified gaziantep escort bayan telefonları to have her uncle treating her would be suitors that way and bringing what most would consider unwanted attention. However, Honey didn’t see it that way. In fact, surprisingly enough, she was actually flattered and quite turned on by the fact that Roger was acting as her protector.

Honey had developed an almost school girl like crush on Roger and saw him as the one she wanted to spend her life with but was afraid to mention it or act on it out of fear of being ridiculed or made light of so she kept it to herself

Honey also knew that until she was 18, she couldn’t act on the feeling anyway because she was still underage and if anything was to happen, Roger could have been thrown in jail for rape. To her the idea of that was totally unfair and ludicrous but it was still a fact she couldn’t change. So, as a result, Honey would bide her time until she was 18 and then make her move.

Eventually the day came when Honey turned 18 and she was ready to make her move but how to do it. Roger loved her yes, but Honey was still afraid that he didn’t see her the same way she saw him. Unbeknownst to Honey however that wasn’t necessarily the case.

The night of Honey’s senior prom Roger saw her in her sexy prom dress and nearly creamed his pants. This was a month after Honey had turned 18 and about three weeks before her graduation.

Honey was wearing a sexy little light blue prom dress that showed lots of leg and had an plunging neck line that showed ample cleavage and Honey filled that dress out very nicely.

Anyone with a set of working eyes would have found her ravishing and attractive and a guy would have had to be either blind, dead have no sex drive at all not to have at least had the a fleeting thought.

Call this sacrilegious, but I dare say that even the Pope himself would have found it difficult to fight the lust to jump Honey’s bones even if it was just a split second thought.

Anyhow, Roger managed to keep his composure about him and complement Honey on how well she looked. Honey was now of legal age and nothing was stopping Roger from jumping her bones right then and there except for his own will power which Roger was doing his best to muster and keep strong, along with the fact that his sister, Honey’s mom was with them in the room.

Honey went to the prom and had a good time seeing that she went with a group of her girl friends but she was secretly wishing Roger could have been her date. A few weeks later Honey graduated high school and then the time came when she entered college.

While in college Honey studied art and graphics design. She was very good and a natural She also loved to model and did some shoots for some local agencies modeling dresses and formal wear It was here that she was given the opportunity to go overseas the next fall and study art as well as do some modeling.

Honey jumped at the chance. She would find out later that it would involve lingerie modeling as well as “adult content” but she didn’t mind Honey was proud of her body and loved to show it off and this was her chance to do just that.

Before Honey left to go overseas, Roger made sure he could stay in contact with her so he bought her a laptop(a 15 inch Mac Book Pro) with all the latest software and maximum memory plus a digital web cam. He also bought her an I pad and an I phone. Lastly, Roger would set Honey up with a Skype account so they could video chat and stay in touch.

The night before Honey was set to leave, her family had planned to take her out to dinner and throw her a going away party. They were all to meet at Roger’s house and leave from there. Honey saw this as her last chance to make her move on Roger before she was to leave so she decided she would arrive about an hour or so before hand.

She used her key she had to Roger’s house get in and found that Roger wasn’t in the main room. She walked through the house and then went upstairs towards his bedroom. She heard the water running in the shower and then it hit her. She would surprise him when he came out of the shower.

Honey stripped out of her clothes and undergarments and laid back on Roger’s bed in a very seductive pose. Roger finished his shower and walked out of the bathroom naked and wet drying his hair with the towel.

He lowered the towel and saw Honey lying naked on the bed with her legs spread wide smiling at him. He nearly spunked his load right then and there as he looked on Honey’s succulent body.

Honey’s sweet firm and supple breasts were sizable oh so round and inviting. Her nipples seemed to be calling to him beckoning him to suck them. Honey’s nicely shaven sweet and oh so perfectly pink pussy was equally inviting. It glistened as Honey’s sweet nectar seemed to be trickling from its lips.

“Hey handsome” Honey said in a sensual seductive purr with a wicked grin. “My oh my we are a big boy aren’t we,” Honey added as she noticed Roger’s nearly erect cock which was now growing in size.

“So do you like what you see,” Honey purred as she stretched her body out over the bed like a huge cat and ran her hands over her sweet inviting form.

“Uh huh,” was all Roger was able to get out. He swallowed hard and did his best to control his orgasm that was building inside of him. It was all he could do to keep from coming but was able to regain his composure.

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