The Sunroof



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The babysitter’s with the kids and the kids are asleep. We just called to be sure. It’s hard to be away from them but this time alone together away from home is precious.

We’ve just finished dinner with friends and aren’t ready to go home just yet. The secret signals and touches that we sent each other all night put us in the proper mood. I told the babysitter that we would need 3 or 4 hours of her time tonight. We were done with dinner and gone in under 2. What to do with that extra time?

You’re driving and the music is playing low. The sunroof is open and I feel the breeze kiss my skin. It’s dark and our headlights guide us back. Time to launch my plan.

Make the next right, I say. You give me a look but do as I ask and keep going. I give you 2 more directions and then we stop. You have no idea what’s going on but I do. You turn to question me and I reach to cup your face and kiss you tenderly. “Baby, remember that fantasy you once told me,” I ask, “about doing it in the car?” Your eyes grow big as you nod. “Well, we’re here and I want you and no one can see us. Will you let me make your fantasy come true?” Again you nod emphatically.

We’re behind an old building. The cool breeze of night has once again won the battle against the heat of the day. “Get out of the car and push the seat all the way forward,” I ask. You turn off the car and leave the radio playing quietly as I do the same. I open the trunk and pull out 2 items: a blanket and a condom.

I open the back door and you do the same. It’s then that you realize Danielle’s car seat is missing. You smile at me and marvel at the amount of free space there is back here. I lay the blanket across the seat and start removing clothes. You’re watching me and suddenly it’s a race to nakedness. I win. I watch you peel off your underwear and socks and I grin. You make me so happy.

You sit there and watch me with anticipation while your cock is standing at attention. I’m running the show and you can’t wait. You hear the night sounds through the open sunroof and the soft strains of something on the radio. I reach over to caress your nipple and your eyes slide shut. I quickly lean over to suck the head of your dick and your eyes spring back open to watch me.

You feel me slowly lick your girth up and down. I swirl my tongue around you like a fireman’s pole. You grab the door handle as I suck you deep into my mouth. I drool all over your dick and you feel my fingers get involved but not for long. I use those wet fingers on your nipples and you groan as you exhale harshly. You Şişli escort bayan don’t know what to focus on.

Hearing you enjoy this heats my blood. I’m so glad that you’re enjoying this! I really get into it and I can feel myself getting wet. I’m slurping you and the wet sucking sound is nearly obscene in the car. All of the sounds seem to echo. I moan around my mouthful and you groan and trust into my throat. I swallow a little to get more of you into my throat and your torso lifts off the seat while your whole body flexes. You grab my head in indecision. You don’t know if you should pull me off or let me continue. You want this to continue but you also want to be inside of me. You don’t know where to cum!

I make your decision for you. I can read your mind. I change positions and kneel on front of you. I bob my head up and down in your lap. You grunt and tell me that you love it. I stick my tongue out and lick the head. I get you good and wet then add my hands and squeeze you firmly while swirling them up and down and add my mouth to suck and lick what my hands aren’t covering at that moment. You can feel the warm underside of my breasts on your thighs and you reach down to rub and pinch my nipples.

You’re mumbling with your eyes pinched shut and its funny listening to you say everything but nothing. You’re feeling my hot wet mouth and hands sliding up down and around your cock and balls. You’re going crazy and moaning my name. Your head is thrashing all over the place when I suddenly stop right before you’re going to cum and I suck all the way to the base and back up to let you go with a loud, wet pop!

You look haggard. I giggle at you. Poor baby! You don’t know what happened. I lean over and lick a nipple. You’re trying to recover for the best orgasm you never had and I see something in your eyes that I’ve never seen.

Relief mixed with menace. I sit back on the blanket in the seat next to you and my eyes grow big as I realize that you think to turn the tables on me. No way! This is your night to let me do you and do for you. You reach for me but I put a hand on your chest and you stop. I ask you to scoot over closer to the middle and then I crawl over to straddle you.

There’s enough headroom for you to be comfortable. Again you’re amazed and you don’t think the manufacturers had this in mind when they designed this car. Your erection is trapped between us but you want to be inside of me. I turn my head to the side and kiss your lips while rubbing my breasts on your chest. You wrap your hands around me and glide them up and down the smooth skin of my back from my shoulders to my ample ass that Escort Sultangazi you love so much. I lean forward another inch or two and suck on your ears. You groan and rest your hands on my waist.

I’m so wet that I’m dripping liquid desire onto you and it’s sliding to the blanket. Thank the gods of foresight!!! You feel the light breeze catching the moisture on your sac and ask me to lean back some. I lean back and rest an arm on the center console between the 2 front seats. You eye the bounty before you, your beautiful wife on display for only you.

You see my softly rounded stomach and big breasts resting on my chest like mounds of jelly. You can’t believe this is all yours! I’m like the grand prize! I smile at you and you grin at me while sliding a finger towards my clit but at the last second, you stick it inside of me instead. You add a second finger and our eyes slam shut like the doors of a vault. You can’t wait to be inside of this tight, wet, hot passage and neither can I.

You aim for my g-spot and start rubbing. You lean forward some and start licking and sucking and lightly chewing on my nipples. I love it!!! I can feel an orgasm climbing through me. You add your thumb to my clit and its here. An orgasm takes over me and I’m growling and shouting and shifting all over the place. There’s wetness on your belly and thighs and you’re laughing as you watch me scream your name into the night through the open sunroof.

I love you! I need you. I’ve got to have you. You help me lean back on your chest and I reach behind your head to get the condom from the ledge near the rear windshield. I tear it open and scoot back a little to put it on you. You grit your teeth as I roll it all the way down and check the tip. It’s good.

I lean up and forward to take you inside of me. You lick a nipple as it passes by. I take you in my hand and put you at my entrance. I kiss you as I struggle down to get all of you inside of me. It takes some wiggling and grunting but we make it happen. Despite the breeze we’re both lightly sweating but we don’t care as I slowly grind and bounce on you. You look me in the eyes and without talking its like our souls touch.

You smile and kiss me deeply. I love you so much! Tears spring from my eyes and you kiss them away. You wrap your arms around me and pound me from below while burying your face into my cleavage. I laugh as you suck on the tops of my breasts then look me in the eyes and tell me that you love me.

O jeez! I’m going to cum! O! Oh no! O YES! You recognize the signs. I’m getting loud and energetic and my pussy’s getting tighter. You speed up just how Taksim escort I like and it crashes over me. It’s like a lightning bolt hitting me. I can only imagine what it looks like to you but when it’s over, I’m as limp as a rag doll. I don’t have the strength to be on top anymore.

You pull out of me and even in the shiny condom, your cock looks angry. I lay on my back, half on and half off the seat. You put one knee on the seat and the other foot on the floor and I spread my legs to take you in. You slide into me and get to work! You pound into me slowly and grab my nipples. Then you speed up and arch over me to kiss my neck. I’m grabbing at the chair back with one hand and the handle above the door with the other. I have my legs either wrapped around you or on the ceiling. I’m moving all over the place and somehow I get a foot through the sunroof and into the night air. We’re both blown away at my amazing flexibility and you can’t take much more stimulation. You close your eyes trying to last some more.

I’m not having that! While your eyes are pinched shut and you’re huffing and puffing trying to make this last, I reach down and start rubbing my breasts and clit. You feel the immediate change because my pussy starts to clench. I know it’s only going to take a minute or so of this to make me cum and I want you with me. I tell you to open your eyes and look at my hands.

You look from my face, past my chest and land on my fingers. Hey! A two-for-one! You get to have sex in the car and watch me play with myself too!!! I’m rubbing my clit up and down and across and u drive into me as deep as you can go and let loose a growl that I swear came from your toes. Your thighs lock up and you grip my thighs in your hands and watch me make myself cum around you. My chest is heaving and I explode inside out. I actually squirt pussy juice on you! You can feel the wave of my orgasm sweep across your dick. The rhythmic pulsing of my pussy muscles milks you. You can barely breathe and your teeth are clenched. Soon, you slowly pull out and make sure the condom is still in place. I’ve stolen a few before during orgasm before.

You sit on the blanket next to me and our chests are heaving. You link fingers with me and say “thank you.” I turn my head to smile at you, “the pleasure was all mine.” We slowly come back to normal and use the blanket to wipe our selves down. You throw the spent condom and the wrapper into a bag and tie it up. We then get dressed and set the car to rights again. We each get out and I fold up the blanket. I try to fix my hair but it’s no use. We put the front seats back where they belong and sit down. You look at me and snicker. The back seat will never look the same again. We pull away from our little getaway spot and drive home leisurely to relieve the babysitter.

We were gone for almost 4 hours. She asks how our night went. We look at each other and smile. It was beautiful.

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