The Summer



I was looking forward to this summer. I had just graduated high school and I was going to stay with my grandparents down in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania for a few months. When I was younger I’d always go stay with them for the summer, but then my parents got divorced and my father and I moved to California for his job. Money was always tight and we couldn’t afford to fly to visit them. We always kept in contact by phone and by letters in the mail. Needless to say, I was ecstatic when my father suggested that I stay with them before I went to college down at Texas A & M.

Lancaster offered me peace and quiet compared to my hectic city life in Los Angeles. The country side was like a haven for me. I used to love going there. The people are usually friendly and I didn’t have to worry about anything at all. My dad was a little worried, but I reassured him that I would be just fine. I could definitely handle traveling alone, since I handle being in LA. He quickly agreed and left me to pack. After packing what seemed like my whole wardrobe, we stuffed my luggage in the back seat of the car and headed off to the airport.

My carry on had lots of reading material and of course, my iPod. A few snacks also were stashed away for later. Fortunately I was sitting in the back of the plane and there was no one near me. I was quite excited about this because one of the new books I had picked up was a Penthouse Letters book. One of my friends had one of these back home and lent it to me and I was quite intrigued. I was still a virgin at least by my standards. I had only fucked myself with a dildo and only had a little experience with real people, but these books were so detailed and true to life, I couldn’t help the feelings that I got when I read them.

I opened it up and started with the first story. By the time I’d finished the book I was so horny. I shoved the book into my bag and quickly picked it up and went to the restroom. As soon as I had locked the door to the restroom, I unzipped my pants and began to masturbate. My pussy was soaking wet and I reveled in the wetness as I slid two fingers into my tight virginal hole. My other hand began to stimulate my clit and rubbed it at a hurried pace.

I needed to cum so bad. After a few minutes I began to cum. I moaned softly as my legs quivered and my cum ran down my hand and down my thighs. I lifted my fingers to my mouth and suckled my cum off of them. What I wouldn’t give to be fucked with a real cock. Sure masturbating got me off and felt good, but I craved to be fucked.

I quickly washed my hands and then exited the restroom. I sat back down and put on my iPod and quickly fell asleep. The next thing I knew, I was being woken up by the flight attendant telling me that we’d be landing in a few minutes. I straightened up and put away my things and waited to land. The captain expertly landed the plane with only a few small bumps and we began to exit the plane. I spotted my grandparents waiting by the luggage carousel and ran to greet them. They welcomed me with open arms and bright smiles. We grabbed my bags and headed out to the car. The drive took about thirty minutes and finally we arrived at their home.

Gramma and Grampa lived on about 10 acres of farmland. It was a functional farm complete with cows and horses and of course pigs. I loved it here. Sure, the manure smell wasn’t my favorite, but I didn’t mind it so much. It was comforting. The best part of it was that I had my own spot on it. At least I used to. It was on the back edge of the land. There was a small pond and lots of trees nearby. Grampa would also keep it nice and landscaped for me because he knew I loved to go there and just relax. I was looking forward to spending many hours there.

Though the first thing I noticed when we arrived was a really cute Amish boy working in the front yard.

“Who’s that?” I asked as I eyed the boy curiously.

“Oh, didn’t I tell you? That’s Eli Yoder. He’s my friend Anna Yoder’s son and he’s staying with us for the summer. The Yoder’s are going to visit friends in Canada and he didn’t want to go, so they asked if we could use his help and since your grandfather’s accident we told them we could. He’s about your age. He’s going through his rumspringa (his running around time where normal forbidden things are not forbidden anymore),” Gramma said.

I didn’t say anything else, just watched as this boy worked the yard with his well chiseled muscles glistened with sweat flexed in front of me. My libido decided to then pick up and I became increasingly horny. I swallowed and turned my head away. I carried my luggage upstairs to my room and noticed that his room was right next to mine. I spent the next hour unpacking my things and getting everything to my liking. I heard Eli come in the house and get into the shower. After his shower I heard him in his bedroom dressing. Gramma then called us down for supper. As we sat at the table, Gramma introduced us formally. Eli looked at me and smiled shyly and said hello. I Anadolu Yakası Escort smiled back and we began to eat.

After supper I went back upstairs to lie down. After all my traveling, I was exhausted. As I lay in my bed listening to the crickets chirping and the cicada’s song, I heard Eli next door in his bedroom. I heard his bed creak and I got up and went over to the vent that was on the wall and looked to where his light was filtering in. As I peaked through the vent, I saw Eli sitting on the bed with a Playboy magazine in his hands. His eyes were eagerly eating up the images in front of him. Dark lust and desires flitted through his mind and was quite visible in his eyes.

He then set the magazine aside and he slid his pajama shorts down to his ankles releasing his thick erect member. My god! He had the biggest cock I’d ever seen in my life. It was at least 9 inches long and 2.5-3 inches around. His balls were also big and heavy, he was really what you would call well hung. He ran his hand over his engorged shaft while his other hand flipped the pages of his magazine.

He then stopped flipping through the magazine and grabbed some lotion off of his nightstand and squirted some onto his rigid cock and then took it in both hands and started jerking off quickly. He moaned softly as his hands swept up and down his long rod. His breathing became more erratic and he pumped his hands up and down faster and harder. His body tensed and stiffened as he began to cum. His cock pulsed as jets of cum hit his chest and his all over his belly. After he finished cumming he pulled his shorts off and then he grabbed a towel from his laundry basket and cleaned himself off. He then switched off his light and got into bed.

Watching Eli jerk off turned me on so much. My pussy was drenched and throbbing. I quietly went over to my purse and pulled out my lipstick vibrator and laid down on my bed. I then slid my panties off and began to pleasure myself. I closed my eyes and replayed what I had just seen over and over in my mind. I watched Eli’s big strong hands grip his cock and jerk himself off while I vibrated my clit in a furious pace and fingered myself.

Within a few short minutes, I came. I quietly moaned as my cum ran over my hand and spilled onto the sheets beneath me. I shut off the vibrator then and suckled my cum from it and my fingers. I pulled my panties back on and put my vibrator away and climbed back into bed and fell into a satisfied sleep.

The next morning I woke up to an awful ruckus. I got up and looked out the window to see a bunch of guys working up at the barn. Hammers were pounding and giving me a huge headache. I looked at the clock and it was about 11:30. Holy crap! I couldn’t believe Gramma let me sleep so long. I quickly dressed in shorts and a tank top and headed downstairs.

“Well there’s the sleeping beauty,” Gramma greeted me as I came into the kitchen.

“Why’d you let me sleep so long,” I asked.

“Well I knew you were tired from traveling and I wanted you to get your rest dear,” she replied. “Now you’re just in time to help me finish getting things ready for the noon meal. The men out there have been working since 6:00 this morning and are bound to be hungry. Everything’s about ready, I just need your help carrying it all out to the picnic tables out there.”

“Sure Gramma, I can help you,” I said with a smile. I really didn’t mind helping her out.

We carried the lunch stuff out and set it all up at the table. Then the hard working men herded over and began to eat away. I watched in amazement as the men gobbled the food and left hardly a crumb. All the while I noticed Eli staring at me as he ate. I caught him once and smiled and he quickly looked away.

After about an hour they thanked us and went back to work. We cleaned up the mess and after we got the kitchen cleaned up we went to Gramma’s back porch and she began to knit. She handed me a few knitting needles and asked me to start a blanket for a baby that was being born in a few weeks. I took the needles and yarn and began knitting. I learned to knit when I was just a young girl. I always enjoyed working with the yarn and I was pretty good at it.

After working in silence for a while, Gramma began to speak.

“I noticed Eli looking at you during the noon meal. He seemed pretty interested in you dear.”

“Gramma! He just smiled at me,” I said.

“He is your age dear. And he’s in rumspringa. And he’s very handsome,” she said all the while not losing her rhythm knitting.

“Are you trying to match us up?” I asked eyeing her.

“Well, I was just saying dear. He would be a fine man to be with. He has many fine qualities that are good to have in a man,” she replied.

After that, the conversation didn’t go any further. After quite a while of knitting, Gramma announced that we should start supper. We worked in a pleasant silence preparing supper. Beef pot roast trimmed with carrots, onions, and potatoes and dinner rolls Bostancı Escort completed our menu. Homemade apple pie a la mode was what was for dessert. After a while Eli and Grampa both had showered and dressed and were seated at the table when Gramma and I started placing the laden filled dishes on the table.

I sat across from Eli and we began to eat the delicious meal that Gramma prepared. After the main course, we served dessert. We all had a piece of her homemade pie and ice cream. Then we all sat around the table, full from the meal.

“I think I might go for a walk,” I announced. “It’s such a nice evening.”

“Why that’s a wonderful idea dear. Eli why don’t you go along with her,” Gramma said as she shooed us out of the kitchen through the back door.

Eli and I walked in silence listening to the beautiful night song from the creatures of the earth. We walked a long ways out and came to my spot. Grampa had indeed fixed my spot up. I had two beautiful Adirondack chairs with footstools that we had picked up at a garage sale for $50. When we got them they were a bit beat up, but thanks to Grampa’s skilled hands, they were good as new. I had helped paint them a bright sky blue. I was quite proud of my handiwork might I add. I sighed a contented sigh as I sat down in one chair and Eli sat in the other.

“I think my Gramma is trying to set us up Eli,” I said.

“Jah, I agree with you,” he replied.

“Well what do you think about it,” I asked curiously.

“Well um, I don’t really know,” he stammered. “What do you think about it?” he asked.

“Well, I think it’s nice of her to think about me like that. I know she’s only doing it because she cares about me and wants me to be happy. But you ARE Amish, even though you are in rumspringa and I’m only going to be here for the summer. I’m going to college in Texas after the summer. But on the other hand…we could have a ton of good fun…” I trailed off.

I looked over at Eli and he was looking out over the pond. He seemed to be thinking about what I said pretty hard.

“I like you a lot Bridget. It’s true that I am in rumspringa and many of the forbidden things are not forbidden to me in this time. Even though my parents would like me not to do any of them, they will not shun me if I participate in any of them. I’m just very unsure of myself. I have never been with a girl. I don’t know what to do or how to do anything at all,” he said quietly.

“It’s okay Eli. I don’t know a lot about anything either. I’ve only had a few experiences and none of them were that much to talk about. But I have read some things. I have a couple of books that have really taught me a lot,” I said into the dark night.

A few moments went by and then Eli spoke again.

“I have these magazines. They show people naked and doing things that are forbidden to us. But I can’t help myself. I get them whenever I go to town. And then when I’m alone at night in my room…I…I touch myself. I close my eyes and imagine that I am the man in the pictures. That the girls in the pictures are touching me with their hands and mouths. Then after touching myself for a long while…something happens… white sticky stuff comes out of my penis. I’m so ashamed. It’s so forbidden and yet I can’t help myself,” he said with guilt riddling his voice.

“It’s okay Eli,” I said assuredly. “It’s normal. That’s called masturbating. The white stuff that comes out of your penis is called cum and when this happens it’s called an orgasm. Everyone does it. Even I do,” I said hoping that would make him feel better.

“You do?” he asked incredulously.

“Yes I do and as a matter of fact, I love doing it. It feels so good. Even though it’s a little different than how you do it, it produces the same results. I feel really really good afterwards,” I replied. “You are not alone. All boys your age do it and even most girls do it to. Don’t feel bad about it,” I said.

He thought this over for a little while and then told me that he would try very hard not to feel bad about it. After talking about sex and masturbating, I was really horny. My pussy was throbbing and my nipples ached. I looked over at Eli and he was sitting with his eyes closed and I decided to live in the moment. I quietly got up and moved over to him.

“Are you sure you want to do this Eli?” I asked.

“Jah, I’m sure Bridget. I can’t help myself. I need this,” he replied.

I then proceeded to kiss him. I pressed my lips against his and ran my tongue along the seam of his mouth until he opened it to me and then I delved my tongue into the depths of him and began exploring. My hands cradled his face gently as my tongue explored his mouth. He moaned a little as we began kissing more frantically. I grabbed his hands and placed them on my breasts.

“Like this Eli,” I said breathlessly as I guided him into massaging my breasts making my nipples harden into twin peaks. “Ohhh yessss….oh, it feels so good when you do that,” I said against his mouth.

While Erenköy Escort he fondled me, I reached my hands down to rub his hard cock through his pants. He jumped at my touch and then settled down.

“Does that feel good Eli? Do you like that?” I asked as I rubbed harder.

“Oh, jah Bridget. It feels mighty good. Please…more!” he cried out.

I then began to undo his pants and was pleasantly surprised to find that he did not wear any underwear. When I undid his pants his huge member sprang free from the straining material. I pushed his pants down to his ankles and I began running my hands up and down his thick shaft drawing moans of pleasure from Eli’s mouth. I grasped him in my hand and I began to pump my small fist up and down. I started out slow and languidly building up to a faster pace. All the while Eli kept fondling my titties and moaning and speaking in Pennsylvania Dutch.

“Do you want me to put it in my mouth Eli? Do you want me to suck you and lick you like your magazines show? Tell me Eli. Tell me to suck your cock,” I said my voice husky with hot lust.

“Oh Bridget! Jah! Oh jah, suck me! Run your tongue up and down my cock! Suck it like the girls in the magazines please!” he cried out.

I moved down so I was kneeling on the grass in front of Eli and I pressed my mouth to his cockhead. He was so big, I wondered if I would be able to take all of him in. I started by licking him up and down. I ran my tongue all along his thick shaft up and down and then I started sucking him. I started at the tip of his broad head and slowly worked him into my mouth. It took a little while, but I managed to get all of his cock into my mouth and throat.

I then began to deep throat him. I’d heard about girls deep throating, but I’d never experienced it. I heard that some girls couldn’t do it, but I didn’t seem to be having a problem. I reached my hand up and fondled his heavy nut sack, rolling his balls in my palm while I sucked him hard.

“Ohhh…Bridget! Oh my! This feels amazing, you are so good at this!” he cried out in pleasure. “I think…I think I’m ready to…to orgasm!” he cried.

I sucked harder and I felt Eli’s hands grabbing my head, driving himself deeper and deeper down my throat and then he began to cum. His body tightened as his cock pulsed and his hot cum shot down my throat. I swallowed what seemed like gallons of his cum and then finally his cock began to soften and I released him.

I sat back, reveling in how salty Eli’s cum was and how much I liked the taste of it and I looked up at Eli as he recovered from his orgasm. He didn’t speak for a while and we sat listening to the night song. He took a breath and then said, “that was more than I’d ever imagined Bridget. Danki so much.”

I smiled and softly replied,” your kind words are much appreciated, but there is some other way that you can thank me Eli.”

“How?” he inquired.

“Come here to me,” I said as I lay down on the soft freshly mown grass.

He laid down next to me and I asked him to kiss me and he did so, just like we did before. I told him to touch me everywhere and he ran his hands all over my body. Shivers of pleasure soared through me and my body tingled as his hands lingered on my breasts and he squeezed them through my tank top.

“Eli, I want you to pleasure me with your mouth on my pussy. I want you to taste me as I tasted you,” I said huskily.

He moved between my legs and I slid my shorts and my panties down to my ankles and I instructed him to kiss it like he would kiss my lips. As he moved into position, I heard him breath heavily. I soon felt his lips tenderly kissing my pussy. His tongue lapped at my sweet hole slowly with long forceful strokes. I moaned as he ate me out.

“Oh Bridget, you taste so good. Your juice is sweet like nectar,” he breathed into my hot sex.

I urged him on, to go faster with his strokes and he eagerly complied. My orgasm was just minutes away. I could feel the tension building and building in my womb. I buried my hands in his hair, holding his head close to my body and I ground my pussy against his mouth. His tongue stabbed me deep and he tongue fucked me, while his hands squeezed my tits, my nipples hardening into tight peaks. I began to cum then. My hips rocketed off the ground as my orgasm swept through my body.

My juices ran from my body into Eli’s open mouth. I stifled a cry as the pleasure burned through my veins like liquid fire. Eli lapped up all of my cum and with a final kiss he stopped eating me out. I pulled him up and kissed him deep and hard tasting myself on his lips. We lay in silence for a long while and then decided to head back to the house. We came back to a dark and silent home for Gramma and Grampa were sleeping. We crept quietly up the stairs and Eli kissed me quickly and we both went into our rooms feeling complete. Needless to say, I fell asleep with no problem.

The next day I woke and clambered downstairs to find that my grandparents had taken off for the day. She left me a note saying that they wouldn’t be back until late this evening. She also said that she left food in the refrigerator for us and for us not to worry about the chores since it was Saturday. How pleasantly pleased I was to find this note.

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