The Stroll Home



The night was pleasant as I walked you home; the air was cool but not enough to be chilly. It was a new moon but we both knew that if we could’ve seen the night sky it would have been totally clear.

We arrived at your street knowing that you parents would still be up, they were staying with you for the weekend, and so I was to go home that night as they didn’t know how “good friends” we were.

We stood at the edge of the driveway between your house and the neighbours and looked at each other. Normally we would have gone in the house and to bed but tonight had to be different.

We stood facing each other our arms wrapped around each other’s waist mine trapping yours as we made small talk. Without warning you moved you’re hands down to my bottom and started to feel my arse while your lips found mine in a passionate kiss. Your tongue finding mine as my hands also moved down to your bottom caressing it through your short leather skirt.

I don’t know if it was the alcohol or the cool night air that did but you’re hands moved around and started to stroke my cock through my jeans. My hands moved up under your arms and I could feel the swell of your breasts as our kiss intensified. You break the kiss and look up at me with lust in your eyes, and before I know what’s happening you have my jeans undone and are pulling my cock out, wanking it gently. You whisper that it’s late and no one will see, but before I can protest you have bent over and have taken me deep in your mouth.

Looking down I can see you working on me hungrily, and I’m as hard as I can ever remember. İstanbul Escort You have always been good at this but never like this, it only takes a couple of minutes and I’m already feeling that I’m not going to last.

I pull you up towards me and kiss you hard, I can feel the heat of my cock on your lips and my desire grows even higher. I move my hands down the back of your legs and up under your short skirt. I can feel your bare bottom as you’re wearing your customary thong.

I break the kiss and step back half a yard, ” take your panties off,” I tell you. Your eyes quickly take a look around and your hands disappear under your skirt. You take your time in removing them, knowing that I am enjoying every second. Once they are off you hold them up to me showing me the large damp patch at the crotch before smiling and putting them in your jacket pocket.

“Now show me your pussy,” I tell you. Again a quick cursory glance as your hands deftly lift up the hem of your skirt. The glow of the streetlights is more than adequate to reveal the sight before me. My heart skips a beat as I realise that you’ve shaved it completely, you know how much I like it like that.

I move toward you but you tell me to stop, you’ve got an idea. You move back and lean on the wall, one hand moving down towards your glistening pussy. Your hand starts to caress your lips and before I know it your stood in front of me masturbating. Your fingers start move inside you as you start to finger fuck yourself in front of me. Your free hand pulls your top open and fumbles with Anadolu Yakası Escort the clasp at the front of your bra, it’s soon open and your naked breasts spill out into the cool night air. Your nipples are stuck out, and I don’t know if it’s the chill of the breeze or your arousal that makes them so hard. Your hand cups your one of your large breasts and brings it up to your mouth; you start sucking on your nipple, flicking it with your tongue while your other hand starts to rub your clit with renewed vigour. You look up at me while you are doing this and I can see the lust in your eyes. Glancing down you can see my cock starting to harden again as I watch you pleasuring yourself before me.

It seems like ages but suddenly you close your eyes, throw your head back and start to shake. This is it, you’re orgasm rips through you like a tornado, you’re legs almost giving way. You slowly regain your senses as I move towards you, raising your fingers to my mouth as I do. I take them in my mouth and suck you’re cum from them.

Then as you go to kiss me again I turn you around, bending you over the wall as I do so. I pull your skirt up over your arse and reach down; steadying my cock at your pussy lips I tease you slightly before pushing it all the way inside you with one stroke. You gasp as I enter you, the walls of your pussy almost dragging me inside you. I reach around to play with your tits as they hang down, your nipples still hard as I caress them. My cock moving in and out of you faster and faster, “Oh my god, fuck me hard and fast baby” you say Üsküdar Escort as I let go of one of your tits and move my hand down to play with your clit. Within seconds you’re shaking again and you start to cum for the second time, I can feel my own orgasm building as yours subsides. As if knowing what it would do you push yourself up and look over your shoulder, a look of pure lust on your face as we make eye contact. “Cum in my mouth, I want to feel you cumming in my mouth”

Your words act like a trigger, as soon as I here them it’s upon me. I pull my cock out and you spin around on to your knees, your hand grabbing my hard on as you do. You start to pump it with your fist and as I feel your mouth close around it I feel my release. My hands are on the back of your head as my cock twitches, pumping into your mouth. I look down as you take it out of your mouth; still stroking me you milk me onto your face and tits. My come shooting out, giving me the release I needed.

You stand up still holding my cock; you have cum on your face and also on your tits. It’s trickling down and dripping off your still very erect nipples. We kiss once again passionately, pulling away just at the right time. After tidying ourselves up, I walk you to your door and kiss you goodnight, the short walk to my house seems longer than usual.

When I get home I strip naked, playing the events of the last hour or so in my mind. I reach for my jacket to get my mobile, thinking I would send you a naughty sms before I go to bed. As I reach into my jacket pocket I feel some thing unusual, some kind of fabric is around my phone. As I take it out of my pocket I smile to myself as my cock once again starts to go hard. You’ve pushed your panties into my pocket, they feel soft in my hands and your scent is still on them. Maybe the sms can wait until the morning…

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