The Storm



John was older than Lisa by a few years – he’d been in the Navy for 8 years before returning for school. He was 27, she was 20. She had a great figure, large breasts, small waist, nice hips – a 38, 28, 38, just what John liked. He worked out and had a muscular chest and great legs, just what Lisa liked. They were both sophomores at the University and lived on the same floor. Although they had separate rooms, Lisa spent nearly every night in John’s room.

One Saturday morning he invited her to go with him to his parents’ farm. “Bring your suit,” he added. “We have a pond.”

Lisa expected something like you’d see on TV, a large farmhouse and lots of animals. What she found was nothing like it.

“We don’t live on the farm,” John laughed. “Mom and dad have a house in town. We just have all this land. We lease it out to a farmer down the road, and he uses it to raise hay for his cows. He won’t be here today,” he added. “The hay’s already been harvested.”

Lisa still felt a little self-conscious as they walked down to the pond. John could tell she wasn’t ready for skinny-dipping, so he left his trunks on and waded out until he could swim. Lisa had her one-piece on under her clothes, so she stripped and followed him into the water.

There was a raft out in the middle of the pond. They swam out to it and John helped Lisa climb up on İstanbul Escort it.

“I’ve seen these on TV,” Lisa laughed, “but I’ve never been on one before,”

John moved close to hold her in his arms and kissed her. The unusual motion under her feet made her unsteady, so she clung to his shoulders as his hands caressed her ribs and cupped her ass, pulling her close.

He carefully pulled her down on the raft, nibbling on her ears, licking at her neck. She gasped and moaned. Supporting himself on one arm, he pulled the straps from her shoulders and cupped her breast with one hand as he nuzzled her nipples, one after the other.

Lisa started to struggle. “Not out here!” she gasped, pulling away from him and tugging her suit back up. “Anyone coming up the drive could see us!”

John swallowed his disappointment. He’d already assured her that no one ever came out here, but he wasn’t going to fight her. Instead he turned the moment teasing, pushing her off the raft when she tried to stand up.

The next few moments were a wrestling match in the water as he dove in beside her and grabbed her by the legs, pulling her under. She retaliated by pushing him under as soon as she came up. They played a little while longer then swam to the shore.

“Wait here,” he said, and jogged up to the barn.

Lisa wrapped her Anadolu Yakası Escort towel around her waist while she watched him. He had such a cute ass! She hugged herself briefly, happy that he was hers.

She heard a loud motor in the barn, and John came out on a four-wheeler and pulled up beside her. “Come on,” he shouted over the noise of the motor. “Let’s go for a ride.”

She climbed on behind him and clung to his waist. He turned the four-wheeler and took off toward the woods. They rode all through the woods and around the boundary of the property. As Lisa relaxed she started rubbing on John’s leg. At one point her hand snuck all the way around so she could stroke his cock. Finally, as they were passing through a wide spot in the path in the woods, John pulled the four-wheeler over.

He pulled Lisa off the four-wheeler and pulled her close, kissing her hard. He pulled her bathing suit down and suckled her nipples roughly. Lisa groaned and arched her back, raising her nipples into his face, inviting him to take more.

Before she realized what had happened he had pulled her suit down over her hips. He turned briefly as he shook the towel out and spread it on the ground, then he turned back and lowered her onto it. He hands and mouth were everywhere, on her breasts, her clit, her mouth. She whimpered at Kartal Escort the onslaught.

“Please, John,” she whispered, “I need you. I need you inside me.”

She wriggled under him, trying to get her hands on his trunks, helping him to pull them down. He entered her in one swift motion, causing her to cry out.

A gentle rain started to fall as he plunged into her again and again. He pulled her legs up over his shoulders so he could fuck her deeper. Suddenly the storm was upon them, rain slashing across them as John pounded away at her pussy. The storm seemed to magnify their arousal, or maybe it was the mere chance of being seen. Maybe it was both.

They couldn’t stop; the pleasure was too intense. This wasn’t the simple, gentle lovemaking they’d experienced in the past. This was raw sex; mating of man and woman.

Lightning struck as they came simultaneously, their cries drowned out in the thunder. John’s body locked in place, his cock deeper inside Lisa than it had ever been. She thrashed beneath him as she came again and again.

He fell across her, both of them completely drained. The storm pounded at them, its fury unabated.

“We need to get back to the barn,” he told her. She could barely hear him, but she nodded. He pulled her to her feet and helped her get her suit on, then pulled on his trunks. She grabbed the towel and they got on the four-wheeler.

They drove straight into the barn and sat on the four-wheeler for a while, cuddling and watching the storm.

“That was incredible,” he said at one point.

She just nodded. It would definitely be a storm she’d never forget.

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