The Squirter



I used to run a social group for professionals in San Francisco. A few days before our last event, a new member, Lucille, emailed me and said she wanted to come to the Happy Hour but was shy in big groups (our group usually attracts 70 or so people ). No problem, I emailed her back, come find me or one of the other organizers and I’ll introduce you to a few people.

The night of the Happy Hour, she shows up and I realize I’m fucked. She’s Vietnamese, cute, petite, dresses well – I’m instantly attracted to her. But I was on this ‘no-shorties’ kick so I introduce her to one of the other organizers and leave her there – it’s the best way to stay out of trouble. Afterwards I feel a little guilty and email her a few days later, something to the tune of: sorry, I didn’t get a chance to talk to you more. Hope you had a good time. Blah blah blah. She emails me back, says thanks, and tells me she’ll probably see me again.

About a week later, she finds me on LinkedIn and emails me. We start a dialogue. I find out that she’s smart and kind of funny in addition to being short – ha! She finds out that I also do therapeutic massage, which is important because she hurt her knee. We decide to meet up and have dinner together. I’m actually not investing a hell of a lot of time or effort into this. I like emailing different people, especially new people, simply I like the shotgun approach.

After a entire day of laboring in the sweltering sun for a street festival, I arrive at her apartment wearing a pair of shorts and a sleeveless T-shirt (no I didn’t take a shower in between). She meets me downstairs in the lobby and going up the stairs I realize she’s got a great ass. We hang out in her apartment for a while and chat about various topics, all the while I’m checking her out – she’s short but well proportioned. She’s got tits in addition to the great ass. But the conversation turns darker when she reveals that she hurt her knee in jiu-jitsu class, after her ex-boyfriend, now her stalker, showed up. He’s become quite a nuisance, so much that she’s had to file two police reports and slips a piece of plastic in her doorway when she leaves so she knows when someone’s been in the apartment. I sense there’s something else Ümraniye Escort she’s not telling me but I pray it’s not true and don’t press. later, we both get hungry and decide to have dinner in the hood. The conversation goes well and I find myself not even wanting to look at the other women in the restaurant. Although dinner itself is poor, I make her laugh and inquire about her knee. She tells me that her knee is okay but her neck is sore. We had planned for me to do acupuncture on her knee but II said I’d take a look at her neck when we finished dinner.

We end up back at her place and I tell her to lie down on her bed. I start massaging her neck and shoulders but the clothes she’s wearing (long sleeved top and jeans) aren’t helping. She offers to change into something more comfortable and disappears in the closet for a few minutes, reappearing in a tank top and skirt. With a smile, she lies down on her bed, face-down. She’s thin and easy to massage – not tense at all. After a few minutes, I work my way down her back but her top gets in the way. I slowly push up her shirt and undo the clasp of her bra. Without getting up or even opening her eyes, she helps me take off her bra and top. It’s spring and the sun still hasn’t set yet and so she asks me to close the blinds. I get up and do as I’m asked then kneel back down next to her. As if nothing happened, I continue my massage. I decide to push the envelope and in between shoulder and back massages, start massaging her ass and legs. She doesn’t seem to notice but remains relaxed, with her head to the side and her arms outstretched. I push up the skirt she’s wearing to reveal her black lace panties. Her skin is very fair compared to mine and the whiteness of her ass contrasts well with the black lace that surrounds it. I massage her thighs, her calves, and even her feet. I work my way up her legs again but this time take off her skirt and panties. She doesn’t move or protest but keeps lying there, as still as when I first started. Taking it as my cue to continue, I keep massaging her, literally from head to toe, working joints, muscles, and skin with varying degrees of firmness. My knuckles press the points on her skull, my fingertips work İstanbul Escort the muscles of her neck, my thumbs her back, and my palms her ass. Whenever I stroke the inside of her thigh, I gently graze the lips of her pussy, which causes her to shudder slightly. I work my way up then down then back up – as predictable as I can be – she knows what is coming and when.

I guess that’s when she decided to take a break and sit on the side of the bed, naked. I try to hide the fact that I have a rock hard erection and sit back against the wall, facing her and we talk for about thirty min. My eyes keep going to her pussy – it’s not shaved but there’s only wisps of black hair. Her tits are on the smaller side but have a nice shape to them and her brown button nipples are calling out for me to suck. It’s a little surreal, being fully clothed while you’re talking to beautiful, naked woman who you have really just met. But we all get lucky once in a while, don’t we?

We continue to talk and then she decides to finally lie down on the bed. I lie down next to her and we continue to talk. I’m relaxed, unhurried, and not apprehensive at all. The room is dark except for the cast-off from the streetlights, which allow me to take in her full silhouette. Finally, at one point, I lean over and kiss her. She kisses me back, deeply.

I hold her face in my hands as I kiss her lips then gently stroke her hair with my hand. From the first kiss, it feels real and sincere, if those are terms that can be applied to making love. My lips leave hers, and move to her cheek, her ear and then the contours of her neck, which I trace with the tip of my tongue. I kiss my way along her collarbones, down her side, and reach the outside of her breasts. My tongue winds its way down to her breasts, and I blow gently across her nipples. I hesitate and then place my lips around her nipples, which swell in my mouth. Lucille gasps slightly as I lick concentric circles on her breasts, from outside to in.

I spend a few minutes on each breast and then plant kisses down her front, and whispers along the insides of her legs. My breath dampens the whisper of hair covering her pussy and I slowly lick the space below. “There’s Anadolu Yakası Escort something you should know,” she says timidly, “I squirt.” I’m more curious than shocked and look at the sheets. Even in the half-light, I can see several dark spots the size of volleyballs which could only have come from her. I’ve never experienced this before and so I push. I lift her upright and pull her legs apart so that she straddles my face and begin licking her clit. She whispers, “oh my god..” A few minutes later, my face is wet – it’s not a waterfall like you see in porno films, but it’s enough to dribble down the side of my face. It doesn’t have much of a taste but smells very faintly of ammonia. I’m pretty psyched.

Lucille asks me if I want to have sex. I tell her she doesn’t have to do anything she doesn’t want to. She hesitates for a second as if to acknowledge my answer and leans forward to kiss me. A few seconds later, she gets up and goes to the closet. She comes back with a square shaped piece of foil in her hand. Are you sure? I ask and she responds, “Yes – you’ve earned it.”

I put the condom on and she straddles me, placing my dick at the entrance to her pussy. She sits down slowly and exhales. We have sex in various positions: on her back, with her legs in the air, doggy-style, sitting upright with her back against the wall… She tells me that “some of my ex’s have told me I’m sexually insatiable.” With me standing-up and her back up against the wall, I throw her up and let her land on my dick – she gasps as I enter her, then whimpers when I take it out. After a few minutes, she comes then I come. She tells me, “that was hot,” with a smile on her face. We take turns taking showers and then lie back down in the bed. She lays her head in the crook of my shoulder as we talk and intertwines her fingers with mine. We fall asleep holding each other.

In the morning, we start afresh. I brush my teeth then return to the bed. We kiss, which turns into the promise of more. She returns from the closet with another condom but this time after making her come, I’m content and don’t feel the need to cum (I regret this decision later). I have lunch plans but want to cancel as I don’t want to leave. Lucille tells me to go and turns down my offer of joining us. Any longer and I’ll be late so I get dressed and kiss her several times before I leave. It’s cute – she stands on her tiptoes to kiss me goodbye. I leave but have a deep ache in my groin the rest of the day, thinking about her.

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