The Seeds of Sin Ch. 01



Note to reader: This story is my first attempt at writing erotica and writing in general. I’m very open to constructive criticism as well opinions of where this should go. I would also like to warn the reader that while this is classified under incest/taboo, the story hasn’t quite advanced there yet. Also there is potential for situations involving gay sex (mostly oral). Hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1

Bryan was home alone on a July Saturday afternoon while his wife Lisa was out grocery shopping amongst other things. He found himself procrastinating yard work, making up little excuses to himself about the heat and his hangover from last night’s get together. He could mow later. No need to rush it anyways, well other than avoiding the anger of his wife but that would only be mild and very temporary. This afternoon Bryan had other ideas on how to spend his time, and almost all of them involved stroking his 24 year old cock and some homemade porn on the world wide web.

He quickly got on his favorite site, one full of home made clips. Rubbed his growing bulge briefly before sliding down his athletic shorts, and taking his rock hard cock in hand. He watched several clips each with a different theme to feed his diverse sexual appetite. Precum flowed out of the head of his cock and quickly got worked into his skin as his hands, with that gentle but strong squeeze that all men master on themselves, pumped up and down with purpose. He was in the zone, caressing his nuts, squeezing out precum, watching titties bounce on some amateur sex fiend as a stranger gave her a good fucking.

The next clip he clicked on looked to be a good oral video. It started with the male’s tongue lapping away at the girl’s clit before burying it in her soaking pussy. He loved this stuff. It wouldn’t be long before he’d bust his nut right on the desk. The man stood back and the girl undid his belt and jeans, revealing a massive bulge. Bryan watched intently, he was very curious about what was under that bulge though he wouldn’t admit it to himself. The girl grabbed the waistband and yanked down the tight underwear and out sprang that glorious cock, the girl’s mouth hung agape as it bounced up and down before she reached out to grab it. Her little hand stroked the beast reluctantly, “Come on, suck that huge cock,” Bryan mumbled in lust at the monitor and is if she could hear him, she took the head in between the stretched lips of her mouth. This was enough to send Bryan over the top, cum quickly flew out of his raging cock, escaping it as moans of ecstasy left his lips simultaneously.

His cum landed on the desk where he had aimed, luckily missing the monitor, his cock softening, he wiped his hand on a towel he had brought for this very purpose. “Bravo honey, but how’s that yard coming along?” his wife’s gaziantep escort bayan voice jolted him back into reality, letting out a natural startled cry.

“What the hell are you doing here?” he asked her, it was a stupid question. He was unsure how to react to the situation. He got caught by his wife, not his mom, but nonetheless felt shameful.

Lisa was very amused at this boyish innocence that his demeanor was displaying, “I live here Bryan, I’m your wife. I decided not to clothes shopping since I’m tired from last night. I think the better question is what are you doing?”

Bryan knew that that rebuttal was coming as soon as his last words left his mouth but he was still unprepared for it, he stammered, “It’s way hot outside. Can’t a guy watch some porn?” He was trying to play cool but lacked the confidence to pull it off.

Lisa smirked, “I suppose you’re right. What are you watching anyways?” She glanced at the monitor already knowing what was there. She had watched the last five minutes of exhibition but he needn’t know that just yet. “Oh my that’s a huge cock isn’t it Bryan?” His expression was priceless, “Come on Bryan, you said it yourself.” She was eager to see how he’d react to this, it was an indirect accusation that maybe he enjoyed looking at that big cock. He would either admit it, get defensive, or maybe just try to play it off. “You said….what was it, oh yeah, ‘come on, suck that huge cock’.”

“So what if I did, I was jerking off.”

“Do you like that man’s large dick, it is pretty erotic don’t you think?” She was on to him, he couldn’t hide his blush, this had never come up before, “Babe, I’m your wife, you can be honest with me, I’m only teasing you.” She gave him a kiss.

Bryan caved in and gave her the truth, “I guess I find it a bit … erotic.”

Lisa smiled and smacked his ass, “Let’s go get the yard done and I’ll give you a little treat after we finish since we were to drunk last night.” Bryan responded with a love filled smile of his own and quickly cleaned up and headed out the door.

Chapter 2

Lisa had always suspected that Bryan was at least a little curious, It wasn’t a glaring thing but it was always sort of there. He always seemed to be a little more into guys then he would let on, at least when they watched porn. She kept these thoughts to herself though, even today after catching him ogling that cock on the screen and even acknowledging its massive nature. After she teased him a bit she let it go and they went about their day like two young adults who love each other.

They made quick work of the yard, guzzled some limeade and she soon found herself behind him at the sink, reaching around to run her hand on his flat stomach over escort gaziantep bayan his shirt. She loved afternoon sex but today she was especially charged due to her husband’s show earlier. She loved how into it he was, she wanted him to know that he had nothing to ashamed of, “I loved watching you earlier,” she whispered in her most seductive, soft voice. He turned and smiled, he was often a man of few words but the smile was genuine and showed that he understood.

He was slightly worried that she would bring up the ‘cock watching’ again but she silenced his unvoiced concerns by kissing his lips and grabbing his cock through his shorts. He promised himself to never take this woman for granted and admittedly he occasionally did but never for long. He watched her deep blue eyes close and open as a dirty, seductive smile grew across her face. She rubbed him through the shorts, getting it fully hard. Soon he found his high school sweetheart and wife of three years going down on him as she often did.

With passion and skill she worked her mouth and hands up and down his throbbing cock, she’d often take the whole cock in her mouth, balls deep. She’d put most of her work into pleasing his well defined cockhead. She always loved that about his dick and often told him so. Her tongue circled around expertly sending waves of pleasure through him. “Fuck Lisa… good,” was about all he could mutter at the moment.

Yes, he was a lucky man he thought to himself. Her long and straight black hair soon served as handles for him to grab her by as he pulled her off his dick. The soft features of her beautiful face staring back at him with a playful grin of disappointment. She knew what was next.

“So cute.” He said as she stood up. She had always been sexy to him with her slightly exotic look. Her father was a semi-pro white American basketball player who had played in Italy where he met her mother, giving her an olive complexion and dark hair, as well as her long, lean, athletic build. Bryan was slightly above average height but she was only an inch shorter than him.

Her long legs made the next part easy as he spun her around and bent her over the counter. He slid her little shorts off of her revealing that stunning ass in white lace boy short panties. “Mmmmm, that sight never gets old to me. So sexy.” Lisa loved to turn him on, and these were definitely his favorite cut of underwear on her, and she couldn’t blame him, they made her ass look amazing. His hand quickly found the wet spot covering her pussy mound, which was literally aching for attention. “Your poor panties are drowning Lisa.” He gently rubbed her pussy through the fabric.

She moaned in delight. His fingers felt so good but she needed more and now, “Baby, just gaziantep bayan escort fuck me god dammit.”

“Patience honey,” he teased.

“Fuck you!” she squeezed in between moans.

“Fine,” he said, while giving her ass a loud smack, “have it your way.”

With that her panties were slid off revealing her shaved and dripping slit. He grabbed his spit covered cock and rubbed the head along her pussy lips, getting it nice and lubed. He liked to build up the tension, make her beg a little. He continued to rub his cock along her slit, waiting for her to say something….. “stick it in you asshole!” she yelled back at him with a bit of a laugh. He pushed it all the way in until his balls were on her clit. She gets such a dirty mouth when she wants to fuck, she rarely curses outside of sex.

He fucked with a measured pace, making sure he left enough in the tank to get her off too. He learned over the years what and where to push with her. He was amused by the fact that neither of them had bothered to take their shirt off yet. He decided to fix that, first by taking his off without breaking rhythm, and simply sliding hers up enough to let his right hand find her right breast which was encased by her bra cup. She reached back and undid it for him and finished the undressing process. He caressed her tits while he pounded into her. He filled her pussy while her tits filled his hands. They weren’t huge but no one would ever call them small. Her rock hard nipples poked his palms as he squeezed and pinched. Her breasts are extremely sensitive. “Mmmm fuck me baby, harder!” she squealed out.

He began to fuck with more vigor, but he needed to get her off soon. While his right hand pinched and squeezed her right breast from behind and his hips pushed into her wildly, pinning her to the counter at the waist, he spat on her asshole and pushed his left thumb in slowly. This was the kind of dirty thing that usually put her over the top. A few seconds later he was rewarded with her cries of orgasm. Moments later he unloaded his seed into her pussy with strong, climactic thrusts until it was fully drained. He pulled his softening cock out as they exchanged kisses and smiles. “Love you babe,” she said to him before heading to the bathroom.

Lisa entered the shower feeling satisfied but her mind wandered back to the early afternoon when she had caught him beating off. She wanted to explore his curiosities but was unsure how she would go about doing that. She thought of various scenarios, wondered how far he would go with a man if at all. She wasn’t sure if she even liked that idea or not. Her mind even wandered to an old memory she had often tried to block out but never seemed able to and catching her husband admiring cock was certainly not helping. The memory of spying on her younger brother getting sucked by one of his friends. That was five years ago but the imagine still played vividly in her head. She watched through the window, her tall athletic brother, who she always thought a handsome young man, getting his absurdly sized cock sucked by another eighteen year old boy. The whole scene was like a train wreck. She just couldn’t look away, nor could she forget.

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