The Same Page


Dear Readers – this is another story involving my two favourite characters – Liz and Liam. When I wrote their first story. “Removing Barriers to Bliss”, I honestly had no intention of writing others with them involved, but ended up liking the characters so much, it just kind of organically happened. If you’re new to my stories, there are references to three other stories in this one: “Complete Trust = Complete Bliss”; “Turnabout is VERY Fair Play” and “The Benefits of Being Average”. While for the most part this story can stand on its own merits, I think that the context of these stories would make your enjoyment of this one even better.

As always, I truly enjoy your ratings and your comments and criticisms, so please feel free to give me your feedback!



Fall, and perhaps, a few other things, were in the air.

It had been a few months since Liz and Liam’s “Summer of Fun” and while neither had specifically said anything, they were both starting to feel, well…restless.

So it was either blind luck or serendipity that had them on their way to Liz’s brother’s for the weekend. They were driving down the highway, talking about nothing in particular when Liz suddenly perked up.

“Why does this exit look familiar to me?” This was exceedingly strange as Liz had a brutal sense of direction.

“Well,” Liam replied, “I’m hoping that it brings back some fun memories – that’s the exit that we took to go to the nude beach a few months ago.”

Liz chuckled, “Mmmm, yeah, it definitely does bring back amazing memories. Not just of that weekend, but of the one that happened a few weeks later!”

Liam, sensing an opportunity that he had been hoping would present itself, took a chance. “You know, those weekends have been bouncing around in my head a lot lately.”

“You too?”, was Liz’s reply.

“Hehe – seems we are on the same page.”

“So, anything in particular you’ve been thinking about, Mr. Sexy Man?”

“Well, you want me to be completely honest?”

“You better be!”

“Ok, so, I’ve thought a lot about the, shall we say, opportunities, that presented themselves during those weekends, and I was wondering how you felt about exploring them?”

“Wow, same page again. I’ve been thinking about the same thing. Tell me more.”

Liam took a big breath – threshold dead ahead.

“Well, I’m getting more and more curious about the idea of adding another couple to our play.” With that he stole a glance at Liz to gauge her reaction – from what he could see it wasn’t bad, nor good – she was just sitting there staring ahead.

While Liz was secretly on board and thinking the same thing, she wanted to make Liam work a little harder for her total buy-in.

“So, I’m not enough for you?” she said with mock indignation.

A wave of panic shot through Liam and his snapped his head to look directly at his wife. Try as she might, she couldn’t keep up the pretense any longer and started laughing.

“Oh my god, I totally had you!” she laughed uproariously and Liam looked down, shook his head and said, “Girl, you are going to give me a heart attack!”

“Truth be told sweety, I’ve been trying to figure out a way to bring up the same subject to you so I’m so glad you did. It’s been in my thoughts more and more to the point that there are times that it’s all I think about. If I’m completely honest, the two weekends opened something inside me and, inside us. I’d really like to explore this further if you are feeling the same way – and I think you are.”

“I definitely am,” Liam replied. “So where do you think we should start? If you want my thoughts, I think we should discuss the options that presented themselves to us. We basically have three, maybe four. There was Steve and Susan from my weekend and from your weekend there was Jaime and her boyfriend, Sylvia and her partner and Kathy and Peter – all of whom offered to join us. You feel the same way?”

“Definitely – do you want my opinion of each of the candidates?”

“That’s the whole idea of this discussion – bring it on.”

“Well, personally, I’d rule out Susan and Steve – I really got the idea that their whole deal was the recording thing, plus we really didn’t spend enough time with them to get much of a connection .”

“Next, Jaime. While I like the idea of their youth, I don’t know her boyfriend at all. I’ve seen him and he definitely is a little biscuit, but I just wonder about their discretion. They’re young and they have nothing to lose at all and I’d have some concerns that there would be a large number of people that we don’t know, know a LOT about us.”

“Then there’s Sylvia and her partner. I KNOW you’d like to get together with her – hell, she gives ME a lady boner. I’ve also met her partner Declan and he is gorgeous. My only concern with her is that she is very, very high maintenance, but I’m pretty sure we’d have a good time with them.

“Finally there’s Peter and Kathy. Really, really like them. I felt an instant connection with them. They were, I’m guessing, ankara escort about the same age as us and seem to the most like us. The only concern I have with them is that we didn’t explicitly get an offer to play with them, it was more of a social offer – maybe I’m wrong. Your thoughts?”

“Wow – remarkably similar thoughts. Totally agree with you about Susan and Steve and Jaime and her partner. As far as Sylvia and Declan is it? I can’t lie, I would LOVE a chance to bump uglies with her – she’s crazy hot. I agree with you though – I can see her being totally high maintenance – but I think it might be totally worth it.”

“Oh God,” Liz laughed, “You’re so transparent!”

Liam soldiered on, “That brings us to Kathy and Peter. I’m with you. Felt a very strong connection with them and I’m not so sure you need to worry about their intentions. Let’s face it, we all but had sex with them before – those massages were about a sexual as you can get without actually having sex.”

“Well, you’re right there.”

“So, let’s put it this way. I don’t want to put words in your mouth, but I think we’re both most comfortable with Kathy and Peter and I’d say this. Why don’t we contact them and see if they truly have any interest in getting together. If they do, let’s invite them for dinner and just let ourselves be open to the idea of extras, but if it doesn’t happen, we’ll at least have an enjoyable evening and it may lay the groundwork for some future fun.”

“Wow…it’s like you took the words right out of my mouth.” And with that she grabbed her phone and started scrolling through it.

“What are you looking for babe?” Liam inquired.

“I’m looking for the email confirmation from Kathy so I can call her.”

“Really? Not wasting any time are we!”

“Well, if we think about it, we’ll chicken out. Plus I know they are busy so the sooner we call, the better our chances of finding a date that works for them. To be honest, I’m hoping that they are free not this Friday, but next. Remember, Emma is going to that Tosh Sultana concert? She asked the other day if it was ok if she stayed downtown with Nancy’s cousin so they don’t have to worry about getting home so we’ll have the house to ourselves.”

“I think the odds of them being free on a Friday are remote, but no harm in asking.”

A minute later, Liz found the email and punched the number into her phone and after only a single ring, they heard Kathy’s voice fill the car through the Bluetooth.”

“Best Night of the Year – this is Kathy – how can I help you!”

“Oh, hi Kathy, it’s Liz Jacobs calling – I don’t know if you remember me; you and Peter came to my husband Liam’s and my home back in the summer.”

There was a noticeable pause at the other end of the line and then Kathy spoke, “You have GOT to be kidding me.”

Liz and Liam shot panicked looks at each other and Liz replied, “Ummmm, no, I’m not, I’m sorry if the call has upset you or if I called at a bad time.”

Kathy laughed, “Oh my god no…it’s me that should be apologizing for my reaction. I said what I said because when you called, I was literally scrolling through my phone trying to find my email confirmation to you so we could call you – I’ve just put you on speaker with Peter as well.”

Both Liz and Liam breathed a sigh of relief and then Liz continued, “Wow, that’s a relief. I don’t know why you were calling us, but the reason for our call was to see if you guys might be free sometime to come for dinner.”

“Wow, this is serendipity. We were calling you to ask the same thing!”

Liam spoke up and said, “Well, we feel like it’s our turn to cook as long as you guys don’t expect the kind of meal you prepared for us.”

Now it was Peter’s turn. “Liam,” he said, “You be surprised and probably a little shocked if you saw what we made for ourselves. Lots of times it’s a grilled cheese sandwich and soup so anything you prepare I’m sure will be just fine.”

Liz said, “I know it’s a longshot, but is there any chance that you guys might be available a week from this coming Friday? We have the house to ourselves that night and we thought it would be a great opportunity to get to know you guys better.”

Another quasi uncomfortable silence. “My god,” Kathy said, “I think this is meant to be! We are fully booked from tonight until the end of the month with the single exception of that night. We could have booked it, but we knew if we did we would just be burned out so that’s what started us on this idea of what can we do that night and getting together with you guys was the first thing both of us said. It seems like we are on the same page!”

A quick glance and a knowing smile between Liz and Liam and then he said, “shall we say somewhere around 4 o’clock? We can have cocktails and then target dinner for 5:30-6 and then we have the entire evening to ourselves.”

Kathy spoke up, “I wonder what trouble the four of us can get into?”

Liz replied, “I really looking forward to finding out! If anything changes let us know, ankara escort bayan but really looking forward to seeing you guys next week – take care!”

“We’re looking forward to it too – bye guys!”

Back in the car, Liam said, “This “on the same page” stuff is pretty freaky don’t you think? Liz…hello?”

“Oh, yeah, for sure it is.”

“Where were you just now?”

“I was trying to remember this road and if there’s exits along the way that have some seclusion.”

“Why do you need a secluded place?”

“I need you to find a secluded place because my panties are soaking wet right now and I need you to fuck me without getting charged!”

Liam looked in the rear view and seeing nothing behind him, veered hard right to the approaching exit on the highway. It was a country road and he thought to himself, “I’ll find someplace if it kills me”.

As soon as they were off the highway and on the road, Liz reached over and undid her husband’s belt, button and fly, leaned over and said, “I know you’ll find us a place, but until then, is it ok if I suck your cock?”

Liam croaked, “Oh, fuck yeah it’s ok!”

While Liz took a significant chunk of Liam’s fat cock into her mouth, he scanned the road ahead for someplace private enough that they wouldn’t be seen and then…jackpot!

A small thicket of trees with a driveway leading into it – he pulled in far enough that a passing car wouldn’t see them and parked. Liz, her eyes crazy with lust opened the door, walked to the front of the car and leaned over the hood, flipped up her short skirt revealing a hot pink thong which she quickly peeled down and off and then looked directly at her husband.

“I don’t want finesse – I just want your cock – NOW”

Liam was happy to oblige. Her earlier ministrations had him rock hard. He flung his door open, held his pants in place long enough to move to the front of the car where Liz was bent over, legs spread and the dewy folds of her bald pussy were beckoning for his cock. He moved in behind her, rubbed his cock over her outer lips and in one motion fiercely impaled his wife on his turgid cock.

“Fuck…yes…just fuck me baby!”

The coupling wasn’t long, it wasn’t romantic, but it definitely was intense. As Liam was pistoning his fat cock into his wife, he leaned over and hissed into her ear, “Does it turn you on to think that you might be watching this cock slide into a strange woman in a few days?”

“Oh fuck yes!”

“What about having another strange cock like Pete Jarvis’s sliding inside YOU! Maybe even fuck that hot ass of yours?” And with that he reached back and landed a hard smack on Liz’s firm ass cheek.

That was all it took to send Liz over the precipice. Luckily she was pinned against the hood of the car by Liam or else she would likely have collapsed with the intensity of her orgasm. She shrieked while her pussy went into convulsions around her husband’s cock.

The viselike grip on his cock made Liam reach his peak and with a guttural roar he filled his wife’s pussy full of his seed and collapsed on her back. When their breathing finally came back to normal, they started to get themselves back together when they heard a slow clapping off to their right. Both of their heads snapped over into the direction of the clapping where they saw a man, slightly older than the two of them with a broad smile on his face.

“I oughta go for a walk on my property more often – if I’m going to witness that when I do!”

Liam was first to get himself together, “Oh God, I’m very sorry if we’ve disrespected you and your property Sir”.

The farmer laughed, “Hell no, that was the hottest thing this property has seen in many years. Truth be told, my wife and I have had some fun in this very thicket in the past. I’m glad it’s getting the same kind of use again!”

Liz, who had straightened herself up, smiled, “Well, we were just driving down the highway and the urge hit us. Thank you for understanding.”

He smiled as they got into the car, backed out of the thicket onto the road and headed back to the highway.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD!!,” shrieked Liz. “I’m completely mortified!”

“Why, he enjoyed the show, he wasn’t upset and besides, with any luck, you’re going to have an audience watching you fuck next week – better get used to it chickee!”

They continued on down the highway with shit-eating grins on their faces and had a great weekend with family.

On the Tuesday before they were to meet Kathy and Peter, Liz was at work when her cell rang – it was Kathy – and Liz immediately was worried that it was a call to cancel.

“Hello – this is Liz”

“Oh hi Liz, it’s Kathy – how are you?”

“I’m fine thanks. We are really looking forward to Friday night. I hope all is well with you guys.”

“Oh god yes, we are so looking forward to it!”

“Phew, that’s good. I was concerned when you called that something had come up.”

“Oh no, not at all. However, I was wondering if you might be free for coffee escort ankara between now and Friday.”

“Sure, anytime – when were you thinking?”

“Well, I am downtown getting some groceries for our job tonight. Any chance you’re available in the next little while?”

“Sure, how about the Second Cup at Queen and Pearl in say, a half hour?”

“Perfect – I’ll see you then.”

When Liz arrived, she saw Kathy already seated at a booth in the corner. She got her usual – Earl Grey Tea – and joined her new friend.

“Hi Kathy – I’m so glad you called.”

“Well, thanks for meeting me on such short notice. I was hoping we could have a chat before Friday night.”

“Sure, what’s on your mind?”

Kathy looked at Liz, seemingly a bit hesitant to say what she was about to say. Finally she said, “Ok, here goes. Peter and I talked a lot about this before we decided to approach you guys. I’ve been wracking my brains trying to figure out a way to bring this up without sounding completely weird, but I can’t so I’m just going to blurt it out.”

Liz looked at Kathy and said, “Whatever it is, you certainly have my full attention.”

Kathy smiled, “Thanks. So, Peter and I really, really felt a connection with you guys. As I mentioned to Liam when we were at your place before, we never mix business and pleasure, but we’ve also never met a couple like you guys. Both Peter and I have the same feeling that you guys might become really good friends and that’s why what I’m about to say to you concerns me, because we don’t want to jeopardize that opportunity.”

“Well, short of you guys being axe murderers I honestly don’t think there’s anything you can tell me that would do that.”

Kathy chuckled, “Fair enough. Well, truth be told, Peter and I dabble into swinging. We are definitely not hard core, it’s just something that we’ve started to explore in the past three years or so.” She looked at Liz and said, “Well, the fact that you haven’t slapped my face or walked out I’ll take as a sign that I haven’t offended you.”

Liz smiled and said, “No, not at all – go on.”

“Well, we both agreed that, based on your openness when we were at your place, there may be a chance that you guys might be interested in taking things a step further on Friday night. Now before I say ANYTHING else, please, please know that if you guys aren’t interested, just say so. It’s so important here that you both know that the potential friendship is way more important to us than anything beyond that. We don’t want to take the chance that we might get off on the wrong foot and we don’t want you to feel in any way uncomfort…

“Kathy, stop…we are on the same page.”

Kathy, was momentarily stunned, “Pardon?”

Liz smiled, “We are on the same page. We have never been with another couple, but after your visit, we talked about the possibility and both agreed that if we were going to do something like this, you two would be the ones we’d like to explore that idea with. We were going to be open to that possibility when you guys came for dinner, but if the opportunity didn’t present itself, we figured we’d make some great new friends.”

“Oh my god, we ARE on the same page! So you’ve never added extras to your fun.”

“Well, I didn’t say that. We’ve never played with another couple, but we did have an incredible night a couple of years ago with a solo guy.”

“Ooooh…I really want to hear all about that, but I know Peter would too, so let’s save that discussion for Friday night. But for right now, I need to get home with the groceries. We have a job tonight and much to do. I’m so glad we had this chat – I have a feeling that Friday night is going to be amazing!”

The two new friends stood, hugged and said their good-byes with fire in their eyes – it was shaping up to be a very, very interesting evening!

After Kathy left, Liz sat finishing her tea and dialed Liam.

“Hi Babe – how’s your day going?”

“Well, I just had a very interested coffee break with Kathy.”

“Ohhh? Interesting eh – do tell!”

Liz chuckled, “Well, in keeping with the theme that seems to be developing, let’s just say they’re on the same page!”

“Wow,” Liam replied, “Really? You mean this could actually happen?”

“From my conversation with her, as long as we are all feeling comfortable, it’s all systems go. So now that it’s a pretty sure thing, are you still feeling comfortable with the idea?”

“I definitely am. I think back to our evening with Pete and also the night we met Kathy and Peter and I totally think it will be a lot of fun and a very hot addition to our fun.” He then lowered his voice and said, “Besides, they are both very attractive and I think we will have a totally hot fucking time!”

“I couldn’t agree more my love. Gotta go – see you at home!”

As with anything one greatly anticipates, the time before it happens seems to drag on. Friday finally came and both Liz and Liam took the afternoon off to make preparations. With daughter Emma happily dispatched to her concert, the pair did a final clean-up of the house and started dinner. Not surprisingly, given one of their guests was a chef, they were a little nervous about the meal they were going to serve – maybe even more so that than what was hopefully going to happen afterward.

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