The River Knows No Bounds Pt. 02



Million thanks to ColetteJulie, my voluntary editor for pushing me to keep the story going with her guidance and assistance. Thanks to all those who read and rated the first part of this series.


All characters in the story are above 18 years.




The annual festivities in the village temple were about to begin and the villagers began renovating Angannan’s shrine. As per tradition, members of the ‘Big House’ had to oversee the conduct of the festival. Annam felt edgy and guilty. She wondered if she had the courage to enter the shrine after beginning an incestuous relationship with her son. After their first encounter, Annam and Balu had been living like newly married couples, making use of every opportunity to have sex.

As summer approached, the village priest announced the festival dates and the news sent a shiver down Annam’s spine. She felt as if she was a child again, when she used to fear seeing the frightening statue of Angannan. This time however, she had every reason to fear their deity who represented the epitome of virtue.

Balu was his usual self, he stayed out of the house for most of the day and when he returned home in the evening, he looked for his mother and fucked her wherever she was to be found in the big house. The polished wooden staircase; the kitchen; the cattle shed; the haystack; the royal swing; the grocery room – every nook and corner of the house witnessed the animated sex of mother and son. As the festival approached, Balu’s incest with his mother became more frequent as he knew that Pushpa, his step-sister and her husband might arrive soon and his nightly adventures with Annam might not be possible.

“Pushpa is smart.” Annam cautioned her son, as they lay naked on the master bed. “If she finds out about us, she will never come again.”

Annam wasn’t convinced her son would control his sexual urges even in that short period of time. The helpless mother had realised that her son had become a sexual beast. However, she had to protect the honour of the house and keep the family intact.

Balu knew his mom was right. But he was wondering how he would be able to stay away from his sexy mother for ten full days. Moreover, as the family responsible for the festival, the male members were required to remain ‘virtuous’ which prohibited sex with anyone other than their spouse. Balu began to comprehend that he would have to control his deviant urges for ten days every year, if he was content with his mother as his only lover. Perhaps I should get married, Balu thought. As the days passed, both mother and son became restless.

Pushpa and Sundar, her husband, arrived with Suresh, their three year old boy, a day before the festival began. As Annam welcomed the couple, a sense of guilt once again resurfaced in her mind. Reality began sinking in, she was a grandmother who needed to set examples in upholding family values. After a few minutes of uneasiness, Annam noticed changes in her beloved step-daughter.

The few years Pushpa had been living in the city seemed to have brought about some significant changes in her appearance and attire. Her long hair which used to hang down to her bottom had been shortened to almost half it’s length. She wore a sleeveless blouse and a lucid saree showing the linings of the blouse, covering her swollen breasts. Surprisingly, Pushpa had applied lipstick, something she always hated before getting married. The gentle enchanting fragrance that surrounded Pushpa meant that she had become used to a few other cosmetics as well.

Sundar wasn’t looking bad either. The black hair and thin moustache remained very much intact. He looked more solidly built than last time. Balu left the house after spending a few minutes with his step-sister and brother-in-law. After a few banters, Sundar retreated upstairs for a nap leaving Annam and Pushpa to themselves. Suresh, the little boy was soon fast asleep on his grandmother’s lap.

“Balu looks different,” Pushpa said in a surprised tone. “It looks like he has become a man. His face has lost it’s innocence.”

“He will be nineteen very soon,” Annam replied, forcing a smile. “At nineteen you became a mother. Not the age to be innocent at all.”

“Then find a suitable bride for him,” Pushpa quipped with a huge smile. “Don’t you want a granddaughter?”

“I do!” Annam smiled. “Tell your husband. I want you to be blessed with a baby girl when you come next year.”

Pushpa’s face immediately froze and her vivacious smile vanished. She lowered her eyes, apparently to hide gaziantep escort bayan ilanları the drop of tears which came from nowhere.

“I can’t have another child.” Pushpa whispered.

“We are destined to be content with just this one little fellow.”

Annam was shaken. For a few moments, neither of them spoke; letting an uneasy silence engulf the huge house. Eventually, Annam placed her hand on Pushpa’s shoulder.

“Your father’s sins keep following us around like a monstrous shadow.” Annam murmured. “A woman’s curse can stay alive for many generations. It can deprive the descendants of even ordinary moments of happiness.”

“That is why I want Balu to get married soon.” Pushpa said, dabbing off her tears. “Let him not stray like father and invite any woman’s curse. Let him live true to the values our family inherited from the deity.”

Annam was dumbfounded, she knew that her son had already belittled every value the family inherited from Angannan. And, more importantly, she was the reason for her son’s departure from the family’s virtues. Perhaps Pushpa’s suggestion was some sort of divine order for the hapless widow to make amends.

“Okay!” Annam sighed deeply.

“I will start looking for a suitable bride for Balu. We can expect to see hundreds of young girls from in and around the village during the festival. Let us find the one who would step into the big house and wipe off whatever darkness that is left.”

“Great!” Pushpa almost screamed in delight.

“If we find the girl, let us go ahead with the marriage on the last day of the festival itself. I will offer a thousand lotus buds to the deity and gift one saree to every woman in the village.”

Annam, understandably, was not as delighted as her unsuspecting step-daughter because she knew that Balu’s marriage meant that she had to share her son with another woman. But she pretended to be happy about the discussion and began wondering if Balu would ever agree to be married. She even wished that Balu would refuse to get married, at least, in the near future.

But neither Annam nor Pushpa were aware about what Balu was thinking at that moment. Sitting under the huge banyan tree, pretending to be overseeing the festival arrangements, the horny young man was struggling hard with a sudden fixation that seemed to have over taken him.

The reason for the new found excitement was – Pushpa, his step-sister! Balu always remembered Pushpa as a lean, tall and insipid girl before marriage. She had neither the curves nor the flesh to catch the imagination of the village boys. She always wore dresses that never revealed her body and never had an interest in any cosmetics. In fact, Balu could not recollect if she looked different when she visited the previous year and wondered why his step-sister suddenly looked like an angel. Slowly, it began sinking in him that sex with his mother had stimulated his urges to such an extent that his eyes began looking at his step-sister as a sex object. I am becoming an animal, Balu thought to himself. Before I let loose and start hounding women, I must get married. He decided.

Balu returned home, determined to talk to Annam about his marriage. As he entered his mother’s room he saw Pushpa’s little boy sleeping on her lap. Annam kept a finger on her lips, cautioning her son not to talk and wake up the child. After waiting for a few seconds, Balu decided to go upstairs to catch up with his brother-in-law and step-sister. Of course, his inner beast wanted him to get an eyeful of his step-sister again.

As Balu approached the guest room, he could hear giggles and whispers.

“Have as much you can,” Balu heard Pushpa saying.

“Your son is sleeping well with a full tummy.”

“With so much milk in your breasts, we should have had twins.” Sundar said mockingly, followed by another giggle from Pushpa.

Balu, who was about to turn and step down, suddenly became curious. The windows in the room were made of wooden planks with a nice gap in between to let anyone peep inside. Balu carefully walked like a cat to the window and started looking through the window split. What he saw, struck him like lightning.

Sundar was sitting on the bed with just his trouser on and his hands resting on his thighs. Pushpa was standing opposite him with her bra unlatched, playing with her fleshy tits. The top end of her saree wasn’t covering her left shoulder and breasts but rested on her left arm.

“Promise me that you will be gentle with them.” Pushpa said escort bayan gaziantep ilanları in a husky voice. “I am not getting stronger like your hands.”

“Let me try.” Sundar winked at his wife before pulling her close to him. As he placed his mouth on one of Pushpa’s breasts, Balu’s dick twitched and rose ferociously. Although he stood a fair distance away, he could still see that his step-sister’s nipple was almost an inch long with huge areola, perhaps even bigger than his mother’s.

Sundar took his wife’s nipple into his mouth relishing the sensational taste. Soon, he began taking more of her breast letting his mouth open wider and wider.

“Good boy!” Pushpa patted her husband as he began sucking her flowing milk from her breast. While he sucked one breast, his hands kept playing with the other, teasing the nipple with his fingers. Pushpa caressed her husband’s hair, as she closed her eyes and enjoyed.

Balu’s eyes widened as he watched Pushpa sighing in joy letting her husband drink her breast milk. She was holding her husband in a tight grip, thrusting her tit into his mouth. Sundar kept alternating between each of her boobs, sucking her milk intensely while gripping and squeezing her other tit with passion. Soon, he cupped Pushpa’s bum and began massaging it. Pushpa moaned and hissed while holding her husband’s face firmly on her tit.

Balu’s dick had hardened beyond imagination watching the breast feeding inside the room. He pulled out his enlarged cock out of his pants and he began stroking it while his eyes devoured the scene inside the room. He wished that it was his mouth sucking his step-sister’s breasts and his hands that were massaging her tits and ass. As he watched Pushpa’s hands caressing her husband’s shoulders and hands, Balu assumed that she was thoroughly enjoying being sucked by her husband.

“Damn if you ever stop sucking,” Pushpa said biting her lips. “I want you to get as hard as you can.”

‘Oh Pushpa!’ Balu whispered. ‘I wish you would let me suck your tits like that. I won’t stop the whole day.’

Sundar, in the meantime had become restless as he suddenly released his wife’s breasts to pull down his trousers. Balu saw his brother-in-law’s engorged cock and somehow began envying him. His dick seems to be bigger and longer than mine, thought Sundar.

“You always rush up,” Pushpa said mockingly.”Can’t you wait for a few more minutes?”

“Not anymore,” Sundar replied with a grin and pulled Pushpa’s saree. Pushpa untwined her saree by turning around and around, spinning slowly, letting her husband pull off her skimpy saree. With her blouse opened and bra unclasped, she jumped on her husband and the couple rolled over themselves a few times on the sprawling bed. Soon, the intimate couple began kissing each other while their hands eagerly stroked each other’s backs.

Balu began stroking his dick feverishly as he watched his step-sister behave like a slut with her husband. Sundar, highly aroused pulled down her panties leaving her stark naked. Sundar slipped a finger in her slit and began rubbing her up and down for a while letting his wife moan and squeak. Then, he resumed sucking her breasts while his hand kept rubbing her mound, occasionally letting a finger to go in and out of her slit. Suddenly, Sundar seemed to have another idea as he moved his head down between his wife’s spread legs and began licking her oozing pussy. Pushpa’s fingers were pulling her husband’s head into her cunt so that he could lick and suck harder. She arched her body when Sundar’s tongue intruded the opened folds and dug deeper inside her. Her moan was louder and her legs were split wider. Her fleshy tits heaved and wobbled as her body rose up and down on the bed. Sundar’s tongue did all the talking all over and inside his wife’s swollen pussy and clit. Soon, Pushpa writhed in ecstasy as her clit hardened and Sundar licked it faster and faster, she jerked up into Sundar’s mouth almost shouting as streams of juices gushed out of her pussy.

Balu watched Sundar lapping Pushpa’s cunt juice while Pushpa held the back of his head pressing his face on her oozing cunt. Sundar kept licking and sucking her pussy even as his wife kept moaning and squealing in pleasure. Balu’s cock was throbbing in his hand and he had to stop jerking it or he wouldn’t last until the end. He feverishly watched further scenes unfold inside the room.

“You owe me a blow-job,” Sundar was telling Pushpa with a smirk.

“Not now,” Pushpa’s voice sounded utterly unfamiliar gaziantep bayan escort ilanları to Balu, with so much of lust soaked in it. “I want you to put your cock inside me and fuck my brains out.”

Balu was stunned to hear those words, coming from a sister whom he had always considered to be a conservative girl. Then he remembered the wild calls of his mother while she had sex with him and presumed that no woman is conservative when it comes to sex.

Sundar began fucking his wife in the missionary position, with his hands firmly on the cot. Pushpa’s legs were planted against Sundar’s hips while her ass cheeks jumped on the cot, letting her husband’s cock drive in and out of her pussy. Her tits jumped to the thunderous poundings from her strong husband and her legs shook as though she had a convulsion.

“Faster… Faster… Faster…” Pushpa kept snarling at her husband as the loud sounds of two bodies slapping against each other echoed inside the large room. Sundar never looked like slowing down as his hips moved as though it was mechanically designed to fuck.

Soon the couple growled and heaved long sighs after reaching their respective orgasms.

Balu’s cock exploded like a grenade spewing cum onto the floor in huge loads. He quickly backed away from the window slit and pulled an empty sack over the cum to cover it before quietly going down the stairs.

Annam had gone to the kitchen after leaving the sleeping boy in the cradle. Balu took advantage of that and rushed to the bathroom to clean himself up. It took a while before he regained his senses but he could still see images of his step-sister breast feeding her husband.

I should get a chance to feel her tits; to suck her pussy and to drive my cock all the way inside her fleshy cunt, was Balu’s foremost thought. He found it extremely difficult to brush off his sinful, dirty thoughts as all he could see was the naked beauty of his step-sister.

Balu entered the kitchen and saw Annam peeling bananas, perhaps for the evening snacks. Balu could see her huge ass and boobs quiver as her hands kept peeling the thick skin of the country bananas. He quickly moved behind her, gripped her waist and planted a kiss on her shoulder.

“Balu!” Annam admonished him. “Why are you always horny? We are not alone in this house anymore.”

“We are going to be alone for a while.” Balu whispered pushing his hand between her thighs to rub her pussy from behind. Annam pushed his hand, turned around and glared at her son with genuine anger.

“Balu, we have talked about this before. We can’t do this now. Not until the festival is over.”

“But the festival begins only tomorrow.” Balu complained and pulled her into a tight embrace. “Don’t let tomorrow arrive so soon.”

“Get off!” Annam pushed Balu forcefully. “Don’t think you are the only one whom I should look after. We have a small child in our house. I have to take care of Pushpa and Sundar as well.”

“Pushpa and Sundar are taking care of themselves.” Balu retorted with a smug smile. The smirk in his voice sounded so mischievous that Annam instantly realised what her son actually meant.

“What?” Annam almost growled. “What did you say? Have you been spying on them? What a pervert you are!”

Balu’s smile disappeared in a flash as he watched the fuming anger in his mother’s eyes.

“You must be ashamed of yourself.” Annam spoke in a voice of contempt and disgust. “I thought you will control your urges and behave like a responsible brother. I was stupid.”

“Mom!” Balu realised his foolishness and tried to get closer to his mother but Annam almost jumped backwards.

“Stop there!”

Balu couldn’t meet his mother’s eyes as they were spitting fire in anger.

“Pushpa was right,” Annam continued talking but her voice was beginning to break. “You need to get married and very soon. I will find a bride for you before the festival is over. We need to forget what happened and begin our lives afresh. Start learning to be a good husband like Sundar. I will spend the rest of my life as a good mother to you and your spouse. Let us make our lives simple. Do you understand me?”

Balu didn’t answer but kept staring at his angry mother for a while. Just as he gathered some courage to reply, they heard footsteps on the staircase.

“Pushpa is coming,” Annam hushed. “Get out of here at once.”

Pushpa watched Balu rushing out of the house in a hurry as she came to the cradle. The child was still fast asleep.

“Let him sleep Pushpa,” Annam emerged out of the kitchen with a smile that did not even hint of what had happened a few seconds ago.

“What happened to Balu?” Pushpa queried. “He seems to be angry about something.”

“Let him be,” Annam forced a laugh. “After all, you said that he has become a man.”

Pushpa joined her mother’s laughter. Annam turned around and headed towards the kitchen with emotions running high and tears flowing down her cheeks.



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