The Puritan Family Ch. 02



It was Saturday night and Richard and Robyn had one more night to explore their sexuality before their parents returned home. Monday morning, her father would drive Robyn to a two day cheerleading competition.

Richard was standing at the bathroom sink, shaving, dressed only in his boxers when Robyn came up behind him and ran her hands and lips over his broad muscular back.

“Sis! Don’t you ever get enough? There’s a word for you, and that word is nymphomaniac.”

She proceeded to run her hands down his body and into the back of his boxers to stroke up and down the crack of his muscular ass.

“Mmmmmm..I just love the feel of your sexy body.”

“Do you realize dear sister that we have been fucking and sucking practically nonstop for over twelve hours? I don’t think I have anything left.”

Robyn gently parted the cheeks of his ass and slowly inserted a finger as she let her other hand move around him to his stiffening penis.

“Hmm, looks like part of you is still up for a little action. What do you say we do it in the living room?”

Richard removed the last of his shaving cream and spread his legs, enjoying his twin sister’s roaming talented hands.

“You must have a death wish Sis. You know Mother doesn’t allow anyone to go in there. That is a sacred room reserved only while entertaining company.”

“That’s what makes it so cool Bro. Doesn’t the thought of making it being off limits make it even more enticing?”

Turning and taking his beautiful naked sister into his arms, his lips captured hers in a probing, demanding kiss. Breaking the kiss, he shoved his boxers over his feet and tossed them on the floor beside the toilet and grabbed his sister’s hand and they headed downstairs naked.

They stood at the entrance to the spacious living room, taking in the marble fireplace, fine mahogany furniture, sculptures and original oil paintings.

Robyn took Richard’s hand and dragged him to the couch. She pushed the heavy coffee table closer to the center of the room, then lay down on the couch and spread her arms out to invite Richard to join her.

He bent to begin to kiss her, but she held out a hand to stop him.

“Let’s kiss when we fuck. Right now I want that delicious cock of yours in my mouth.”

Robyn liked Richard to be on top because he had greater arm strength and could support himself easier, and also she could relax her throat easier to accommodate his full 9 inches.

She watched him slowly move above her to position his hairy ass and dangling ball sac inches from her face. As he lowered himself, she became lost in the strong male scent of his spread legs. She cupped his large balls in one had as she took his fat cock in the other and licked the pre cum from the tip. She took the large purple head of his dick into her mouth and gently moaned as she felt her twin slowly explore her moist slit with his tongue and fingers.

Richard lapped her sweet juices and sucked on the hardened clit as she devoured him and caused him to thrust deeply into her throat. Moans of pleasure filled the living room as they brought each other to a feverish pitch, making them oblivious to their surroundings, and making them unaware of the front door as it opened.

They could not however filter out the scream from Victoria Puritan as she saw her twins locked in their embrace on her sacred couch.

“My God in heaven!! Stop that instantly this minute.”

She roared into the living room as Richard and Robyn disengaged their bodies and sat bare assed on the couch studying their folded hands and ready for the worst.

“I never thought I would see my own children, my own flesh and blood doing something so disgusting as licking each other. The is vile, and pure filth. We will talk about this tomorrow after your father and I have had a chance to determine your punishment. For now, both of you get to your rooms and don’t come out for the rest of the evening.”

Both teens rose and answered simultaneously, “Yes Mother,” as they headed toward their rooms.

Wellington Puritan had remained silent during the whole ordeal, but for some reason he could not remove his eyes from the naked beauty of his daughter. Unlike his wife who thought body hair was unfeminine and unsightly and removed it all from her body, Robyn had a thick rich patch of unruly black hair between her legs. She also had noticeable feminine muscle on her legs, stomach and hips, which Wellington could not take his eyes off of as his daughter moved up the stairs to her room.

He felt his heart begin to pound faster, and silently berating himself for feeling arousal over looking at his own daughter. “By God, I am a Puritan, and we are above such loathsome feelings.” As much as he tried, he couldn’t tear his eyes away from her sleek animal body as it disappeared up the stairs.

All four Puritans tossed and turned during the night, but Wellington and Robyn were able to dress and pull out of the drive at 8:00 a.m. to begin the journey to the cheerleading contest. Wellington tried to focus gaziantep bayan eskort all his attention on the road ahead, but he constantly snuck glances at her daughter’s firm bronzed legs with the cheerleading skirt ending halfway up her thigh. He also studied her young full breasts remembering how they had bounced so provocatively and freely the previous evening. He refocused his efforts for the rest of the trip and thanked God when they finally pulled into the motel where they would be staying.

It was 8:30 when Richard heard someone rummaging around in the bathroom he and his sister shared, and he thought it was unusual since the staff had the weekend off. He crawled out of bed, dressed in his boxers and slowly moved to the bathroom where he got the shock of his life.

Dressed in a floor length black sheer nightgown was his mother, crouched, with her legs spread and one of her hands caressing her crotch. Her eyes were closed, and she held the pair of boxers which Richard had left on the floor up to her nose, and was inhaling deeply.

Richard watched in shock as her breathing became more ragged as her fingers moved faster and faster at her crotch. He had to admit that for a 40 year old, his mother had a beautiful body. It wasn’t as full or hard as his twin, but years of tennis and aerobics had kept her body young and vital.

“Enjoying yourself?”

“Oh my God! Richard. Don’t ever do that to me. You nearly scared the life out of me.”

Richard crossed his arms as he leaned against the door frame and studied his mother as she tossed the boxers aside and straightened her hair with both hands.

“I was just straightening up a bit…. And we still need to discuss your incredibly lewd behavior of last evening. I will not have such disgusting antics in my home and will never accept or condone what you were doing to your own sister.”

Richard could sense a false sense of bravado, and wondered just how far he could push his mother. He uncrossed his arms and entered the bathroom so he was standing a foot from her.

“Could it be that you are a little jealous of what I was doing to Robyn?”

“What?! Young man, I have never heard anything so ridiculous in my life. Licking another’s private organs, where they urinate and have bowel movements is disgusting and no better than common animals. We are civilized human beings, and you will conduct yourself in such a manner.”

Richard studied her as she was unable to meet his eyes and kept letting her eyes wander to his muscular bare chest and arms. He had to take the chance while it was offered to him, and quickly wrapped his arms around his mother and drew her body into his and kissed her deeply.

His captive mother gave a muffled scream and pounded on Richard’s chest, but there was no escape, and as his tongue explored her mouth, she quieted her resistance and returned the kiss with great fervor. Her mind told her it was wrong to embrace your son, but her body responded to his advance as her hands traveled over his massive hard body.

When he broke the kiss and bent to pick her up, all resistance had faded, and she let herself be carried into her bedroom. Richard set her down and once again took her in his arms spreading love bites all over her neck, ears and lips.

“Richard, this is wrong. We must stop.”

“I would if I thought you meant it Mother, but I don’t think you want to stop.”

Still kissing her face, he gently pulled the nightgown over her head, so she was standing only in a sheer pair of black panties. She tried to cover her naked breasts with her arms, but Richard gently moved them down by her side and looked at them longingly.

“You’re very beautiful Mother.”

“Um…You really think so?”

“Yes I do, and I want to taste your body.”

“Oh No, Richard. Absolutely not! I meant what I said about it being a filthy practice, and I will not condone such acts.”

Richard calmly bent to remove her panties, then led her to the bed.

“You don’t have to take part in it mother, but I WILL taste you, with or without your permission.”

Knowing that there was no way she could overpower her muscular son, she meekly lay her naked body on the bed and closed her eyes to drive away what her son was about to do to her.

When she opened her eyes once again Richard had positioned his naked body just inches from her face. Never had she seen a man’s penis and testicles so close to her face, and the scent and texture of his cock and balls held a fascination for her.

She knew she was losing her mind when she almost shyly moved her head up to inhale deeply the scent of his balls and ass. Richard trailed a stream of kisses from her navel down to her the top of her smoothly shaved pussy and ran his hot moist tongue down one moist lip and up the other, causing a gasp to come from his Mother.

“Please Richard. I’m begging you. Don’t do this to me.”

Richard ignored her pleas and slowly licked at her moist opening, capturing her clit and gaziantep eskort bayan sucking it until his Mother’s lower body began to jerk and buck. He stiffened his large tongue and inserted it into her love canal over and over, then surprised her by drawing up her legs and hips and run his tongue over the rim of her ass.

“Oh my God. You nasty Bastard! Eat my pussy and asshole. Make me your whore.”

Richard could not believe his ears that his prim and proper mother was using such language, but he kept devouring her as she thrashed around the bed losing all control.

Then he felt it. His mother extended her own tongue and bathed the crack of his ass in her own saliva, coming back to suck on his balls and then his immense cock.

“Forgive me Lord, but he tastes so good and I can’t stop myself.”

Not as experienced as Robyn, she let her instincts take over, and as her son devoured her center, she sucked his massive pole until neither of them could take it any longer and both shot their juices into the others’ awaiting mouth.

Victoria had never experienced anything so decedent, or so delicious as she swallowed and savored every drop until he was totally drained. She wrapped her legs around her son’s head as she exploded in an orgasm of her own.

Richard moved off of her and lay down beside her, letting her rest her head on his shoulder and loved the sigh of deep satisfaction that came from her talented lips.

“That was so so nasty Richard, but we must do it again in the future…but only if you are willing.”

“I would like nothing better Mother.”

“On two conditions Richard: That you do not show me a lack of respect in our daily life because of my sluttish ways, and that you never ever breathe a word of this to your father.”

“Mother, I only hold you in a deeper respect for what you just did, and as far as Father goes, our little secret is safe with me.”

Wellington Puritan pulled into the parking lot of the Ramada Inn and he and Robyn approached the front desk for two rooms. When he found out that they only had a single room with a double bed left because of the cheerleading competition business, he blew his top.

“What are we supposed to do? We drove 210 miles to attend this competition, and we must have a place to stay.”

“I’m sorry sir, but as I said, all we have available is the single room, with a double bed. You can take it or leave it.”

“Fine fine. I’ll take it. I can sleep in the car, and my daughter can have the bed.”

He grabbed the key from the desk, and he and Robyn rode the elevator up to the room in silence, when Robyn finally spoke.

“Father, you really weren’t serious about sleeping in the car were you?”

“Of course I was. We certainly can’t sleep in the same bed…..can we?”

“Well…I don’t see why not. I’m fine with it if you are, and I promise not to hog the covers.”

Wellington couldn’t believe his daughter’s matter of fact joviality about the situation. What if he should become aroused by his beautiful young daughter, and wake up with an erection? He reasoned with himself that that would never happen. “She is after all my daughter, for God’s sake.”

They entered the room and Robyn immediately kicked of her sneakers.

“I didn’t sleep well last night, so would you mind if I took a nap so I will be fresh for tonight’s competition?”

“Not at all Sweetie. Will the TV bother you if I watch ESPN?”

“No. That will be fine. I think I could sleep through a hurricane.”

Robyn then plucked off her socks and pushed the short cheerleading dress down over her legs, causing Wellington to gasp.

“What are you doing Robyn?”

“I’m worried about getting my skirt wrinkled, plus I can never fall asleep in anything except a shirt and panties. You don’t mind do you?”

Wellington tried to act nonchalant, though his heard was racing a mile a minute and his palms were sweating.

“No Honey. That’s fine.”

Both lay down on the bed, with Wellington watching TV and Robyn catching a nap. After 30 minutes, Robyn’s breathing was deep and steady, so Wellington knew she had fallen asleep. He tried to keep his mind on the game but he couldn’t help look to his left to see the beautiful young woman sleeping next to him.

Her pouty full lips were moist and slightly opened and her beautiful round breasts under the short crop top rose and fell with each breath. He could see the dark black curls coming out of the top and sides of her panties, and the firm beautiful legs were provocatively spread.

A thought occurred to him which disgusted him, but at the same time, he couldn’t get it out of his mind and he slowly reached over to the waistband of her panties and gently lifted them, so her full bush was exposed for him to see. He gave out a low moan of admiration which caused her to stir and he quickly let her waistband to fall back into place.

After ten minutes he was once again satisfied that she was still asleep, and could eskort gaziantep bayan not resist lifting her waistband once again. Silently he admired her beautiful nest of curls and began to stroke his hard penis through his pants. God he hated himself, but he couldn’t stop.

“It would be a lot easier if I just took them off wouldn’t it?”

Wellington removed his hand as if he had touched a burning stove, and stammered, “I…I was just”….. Unable to come up with a believable excuse, he bowed his head and asked for forgiveness.

“I’m sorry Honey. I was looking at your body while I was masturbating…I am a disgusting father, and just hope you can forgive me.”

Robyn put a hand to his cheek and gently caressed him. “I feel very flattered that you are attracted to me. You don’t have to feel ashamed or embarrassed Daddy. I hope you don’t mind me calling you Daddy. Father sounds so pompous, and Daddy makes me feel closer to you.”

“That’s fine sweetie. I like when you call me Daddy, and thanks for not thinking of me as a sick pervert. I shouldn’t have done it, and will never do it again.”

“Um…Daddy, can I ask you a sort of personal question?”

“Sure Hon. What is it?” “Well, I was just wondering…well… if you and Mother have ever had oral sex?”

“If you mean licking each others’ private areas, heavens no. Your mother was correct in describing it as decadent.”

“Oh Daddy. It isn’t that bad at all, and it feels very good. Aren’t you the least bit curious.”

“No!…. Well, I guess at times I have thought about approaching your mother to try it, but I knew her disgusted reaction, so we have had 21 years of straight missionary intercourse and kissing.”

“I wouldn’t have a disgusted reaction Daddy if you wanted to try it with me.”

“Honey, you have to be the most beautiful young lady I have ever seen and you excite me more than I would like to admit, but you are my child…my own flesh and blood. It would be totally wrong.”

“But Daddy, don’t you think it is better to keep sex in the family where it is comforting and safe? It could destroy the family if you had an affair with a stranger, or went to a prostitute.”

“You may be right Baby; but all of this is so new to me, and I just don’t really know what to do. I feel like a 15 year old virgin.”

“Oh Daddy, that’s understandable, but I am willing to teach you. Let’s start slowly with a kiss.”

They joined lips and Robyn let her tongue explore his mouth, and invited his tongue into hers where she gently sucked on it, producing a soft moan of pleasure from her father. She removed his clothing as they explored each others mouths, then instructed her father to lay back on the bed.

Moving down between his legs, she said in a sultry voice, “I want to look at you.”

“Honey, I feel so inadequate. I’ve seen Richard, and I am only half his size.”

When Robyn looked at his erect penis, she saw that he was right, as he only measured about four inches. Instead of being turned off, she felt a strong sense of arousal. It was a little boy’s penis on a grown man, and it would be the perfect size to fit into her virgin ass, something she would like to try in the future when and if she could get her father to feel more comfortable.

“Oh Daddy. I think your penis is sexy. At times, I wish Richard was smaller because he hurts me. Do you like it when I hold you and rub up and down your shaft?”

“Oh yes baby. No woman has ever touched me like that.”

“Well I think it’s time that you experienced oral,” and she moved her body up and faced his feet as she straddled his head.

“Oh Honey, I don’t think I can do it. It’s just….wrong and nasty.”

“OK Daddy. You don’t have to do anything that you don’t feel comfortable doing. Just lay back and try to relax and enjoy.”

Bending over his stiff cock, she whispered “I love your sexy pink dick. Let me put all of you in my mouth.”

Wellington let out a deep moan of shock and pleasure at the sensation brought about by his 18 year old daughter’s mouth. It was so warm and pleasant as she moved her mouth expertly up and down his small shaft and cupped his balls in her hand.

His breath and senses were reeling as she sucked him harder and longer. He looked to her beautiful round ass above him and tentatively placed a hand on each cheek and parted them so he could see the puckered opening of her ass, covered lightly by short black hairs. Slowly he raised his head to her opening and took a quick inhale, then lay his head back, disgusted with himself thinking, “I am scum. I’m naked with my own daughter, and smelling her buttocks and vagina.”

As Robyn sucked him over and over, he was losing all control, and when she slowly moved a hand under his buttocks and inserted a finger in his asshole, he thought he would come instantly. Uncontrollably he raised his head once again, and this time, he did not stop at taking in her private fragrance, but he stuck out his tongue and licked her gingerly from the tip of her pussy up over her ass crack.

“Oh Daddy. That felt wonderful. Please lick me again.”

As Robyn returned to sucking his cock and pumping his ass with her finger, Wellington once again licked his teen daughter from her warm moist pussy slit to her asshole. Never had he experienced anything so dirty…or so exhilarating and he licked every inch of her, as her body rocked on his face, covering him in her sweet nectar.

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