The Poker Party


She was hurrying around to put the finishing touches on the house. She had only a couple hours more ’til her husband would be home and he would expect all to be in readiness. It would be even more than he expected. Quickly glancing around to be sure she hadn’t forgotten to do anything, she grabbed her purse and dashed out the door, jumping in her car and heading for downtown. So little time, so much to do. She first stopped at the costume shop and collected the costume she had reserved earlier by phone, examining it to be sure that everything was there… every little detail must be perfect. It was just what she had asked for, even to the little lacy cap to perch on her short hair. Then she headed to the supermarket and picked up the beer her husband had requested and some snack and dip ingredients. Next the liquor store next door to purchase bourbon and scotch for those who might want them and a bottle of HER favorite red wine.

Once safely back in the house with her purchases properly stowed away, she went to the bedroom and started the water running for a lovely bath… just enough time to make herself beautiful before her husband arrived. After relaxing for a few minutes in the warm water to which she had added her favorite herbal concoction, she emerged, toweled herself dry and applied perfume to the points all over her body which would give off the scent to best advantage. Then she wrapped herself in a huge toweling robe and went downstairs to greet her husband with his favorite light supper. Yes, this was the night of his weekly poker party and it was his turn again to host the party. He had told her that this time, he didn’t want her to hide herself away upstairs but instead she was to remain in evidence and serve his friends with drinks and snacks as they played. This wasn’t the norm for these events, but tonight he wanted to do something a little different.

Just as she finished re-checking everything to be sure all that was needed was at hand, she heard his car in the garage and looked up to see him entering the kitchen. “Hello, darling,” she greeted him with a kiss and he hugged her hard, noting with a smile that she wore nothing beneath that bulky robe.

“Hmmm, this could make us late for our own party,” he murmured into her hair as his hands slid up and down her back.

“Down boy,” she retorted, as she set their supper on the kitchen table. “We just have enough time to eat.”

Reluctantly, he sat at his place and as they ate, he told her about an idea he had to spice up the poker playing that night. Listening, she was shocked at what he wanted her to do and wondered if he knew about the costume she planned to wear tonight… but how could he know? She had not ordered it until he was safely out of the house and at work this morning. No, it was just another example of the complete rapport they experienced so often, especially where their sexual relationship was concerned. He was waiting for her response… what was it he had said? He wanted her to come on to his friends a little, let them touch her? Something about the stakes of the game being her clothes? Hmmm, that would fit right in with that costume she was planning to wear. How fortunate that there were quite a number of pieces to it.

“Yes, dear,” she said submissively. “I think that would be all right, as long as you’re right here to make sure everything is under control.”

They finished their meal and she cleared up the remains and then disappeared upstairs to dress for her “performance”. He still had no idea of what she was up to and probably shouldn’t until the first guests had arrived. Just as she was putting the finishing touches to her outfit, she heard ankara escort the doorbell and then several voices in the foyer as his friends came in.

Steeling herself against the reaction in case it should be unfavorable, she slowly descended the stairs. Hearing the voices coming now from the den where the poker table was set up, she stopped just as she entered the doorway. As if someone had signaled for silence, the voices stopped and five pairs of eyes looked in her direction. She noticed only one pair… her husband’s. Surprise registered there and then, incredibly, delight. He crossed the room to her side and ushered her into the room. “Boys,” he announced, “Tonight we have a lovely waitress to see to our needs. Gentlemen, my wife, Sandy.”

“Since I am host tonight, I want to propose a little bit of a change to our usual game. I suggest that we play for slightly different stakes, instead of our usual wagers. I will play champion and each of you will be the challengers. As we play, if I lose, Sandy will remove one article of clothing. If I win, she will replace one item. If I win and she hasn’t removed anything yet, she will receive a poker chip which she can redeem in exchange for keeping an article at any time she chooses. Does this meet with everyone’s approval?”

Surprise registered on four faces and then agreement as the other men thought about what that would mean and examined their host’s wife more closely in her little waitress costume. She wore a peasant blouse, and short black taffeta skirt… very full with a petticoat underneath, mesh hosiery, high heeled shoes and over it all, a lacy white bib apron and lace cap to match. She looked good enough to eat and one or two of the men looked as if that was what they had in mind.

“Gentlemen,” she said sweetly, “If you will all take your seats and give me your orders for the first round, I’ll get you all something to drink and something to munch on.”

Quickly the five men settled themselves around the game table as Sandy with her “ticket book” in hand took their orders and then disappeared into the kitchen just off the den. She poured herself a glass of the wine and sipped deeply, feeling the warmth flow into her body. Then she picked up two bowls of chips and waltzed back into the den where she set one of the bowls at each end of the table, bending slightly as she did so, allowing the man nearest her to get a glimpse of soft globes rising just under the neck of her blouse and as she swished away, her skirt swirling upward, a flash of her black satin panties underneath.

Then she returned to the kitchen and placed five mugs of beer on a tray and returned carrying it carefully. She stopped next to each man and offered the tray, with a sexy glance. As the men took their mugs from her, their free hands ventured to stroke her thigh just once each. She smiled and made herself scarce as the game got underway.

Her husband, Sam, acted as dealer for the first hand. Everyone anted up and play began in earnest. As the hand continued, it became obvious to everyone that Sam wasn’t going to win this one. The remarks became a bit ribald and Sandy peeked through the passthrough from the kitchen to see who was winning. Sam called to her as the last bids were placed and Tom won decisively. “Come here, darling, and let Tom claim his prize for this round,” he ordered.

Sandy obligingly appeared and went to Tom’s side. Sam reminded Tom that the apron would be the last thing to go but anything else was available to him. It was a hard decision, but Tom chose to have one of Sandy’s shoes first. She lifted her leg gracefully and allowed him to remove the pump and stroke ankara escort bayan her leg from foot to thigh as he did so. This position also gave him a very good look at her panty-clad pussy as well. Could he see the dampness already making her panties cling to her? Could he smell her special hot scent? A glance at his lap told her that whether or not he saw or smelled her excitement, there was plenty there of his own. She lingered a moment longer and then checked to see who needed refills. She whisked herself off to the kitchen and returned with a pitcher of beer and began to refill the mugs at each elbow, managing to move gracefully despite the absence of one of her shoes. Rick thought she looked a little unsteady and put out a hand to help her keep her balance as she filled his mug, managing to caress her thigh in the process.

So the game went for a few hands until Sandy had lost both shoes and both her fishnet stockings. Sam must be playing very badly tonight or else letting his friends win to build the excitement a bit, she thought. Between visits to the den to surrender garments and serve the beer and replenish the chips, Sandy sipped her wine in the kitchen. If Sam doesn’t win pretty soon, she thought, I’m going to be very scantily clad indeed.

Sure enough the next round was another loss for Sam. Mark claimed her blouse as his prize. Now the lacy apron bib was not very much coverage for her big, beautiful, bra-clad breasts. Mark made sure to caress them as he removed her blouse. Sandy managed to let everyone in the room have a good look at her chest as she pirouetted away, leaving her blouse behind in Mark’s hand. Deciding that perhaps Sam needed a bit of inspiration, she brought her glass of wine into the room with her and sat on a stool at the serving bar to watch the next hand. Sam wasn’t the only one who was sneaking admiring glances at her as they played out the next hand. All of the men seemed inspired by the sight.

Once again the cards were dealt. All of the men except Sam seemed a bit distracted, having trouble keeping track of which cards were where. Three of them dropped out early in the hand. Sam was showing a pair of nines while there was a probable straight in front of George. As he revealed his cards, Sam turned up a third nine. With a smile at George, Sandy leaned across the table to claim a chip. George slipped his hand up under her short skirt caressing her thigh as he did so. Sandy grabbed his hand just as it reached the dampness at the apex of her thighs and with a smile brought it to her lips and kissed the moistened fingertip.

Three hands later, things had been going badly for Sandy and she had only a chip, panties and her lacy white apron and cap left. If a body could hold fingerprints visibly, Sandy could have been classified as an FBI file. The men were much rowdier now thanks to the free-flowing beer Sandy kept supplying and her state of undress which all present were appreciating. Sam’s pair of threes were edged out by a pair of fours this time. Sandy sat on Mark’s lap and slipping her finger inside the waistband of her black thong panties and withdrew the chip she had hidden there as Mark fondled her breasts and tried to steal her panties. With a seductive wiggle and a kiss on his cheek, Sandy slipped away from his questing hands and made the rounds, refilling the glasses once again.

The next three hands were tense as Sandy reclaimed her skirt and then lost it again and then lost the panties as well. Sitting on George’s lap as he claimed the panties, Sandy startled everyone as she unzipped George’s fly and set his rigid cock free with her hands. As George’s eyes closed in total escort ankara enjoyment, Sandy, looking directly at Sam, her husband, announced in a voice husky with desire…”Gentlemen, there is one more hand tonight. The winner of that hand may claim my apron and cap… and me.” As they digested that bit of information, Sandy brought refills of the snacks and beer and served each of the men with a flirtatious air.

It was Sam’s deal again and he announced that the game would be Five Card Stud. As the cards were dealt, Rick was showing a King, Mark had the eight of spades, Tom had the three of diamonds, and George the ten of clubs. Sam turned up a two of diamonds. The second round, Rick received a two, Mark the ten of spades, Tom drew a King of diamonds, and George the eight of clubs. The tension grew as Sam drew a three.

The next two rounds only increased the fever of the men as Rick added a six and Jack to his hand. Mark garnered the four and the ace of spades, leading everyone to think he was working on a flush. Tom added a Jack and a seven of diamonds. George had a nine and three of clubs, another possible flush. Sam dealt himself a five and a six.

As the final card was dealt face down, Sandy sat in Sam’s lap to watch the fateful round. Rick, looking at his last card and seeing a four, scooped his hand together and turned it face down with a fatalistic smile and sat sipping his beer as he watched the round unfold. Mark with an enigmatic smile turned his final card face up, revealing a pair of tens. Tom scored only a pair of threes and George flipped up a deuce of spades and then folded his hand also. Sandy, with a little smile at Sam, peeked at his last card and with a smile and a gentle caress to his cheek, folded his cards also.

Then with a kiss on his cheek, Sandy rose and walked around to Mark, surrendering as he quickly untied her apron and ran his hands down the length of her now-naked body as he claimed the first part of his prize. Standing, he scooped her up into his arms and carried her to the downstairs bedroom at the end of the hall. Sam indicated that all the others should follow him and they quickly entered the bedroom behind Mark and Sandy forming a circle around the bed where Mark had deposited her and, having divested himself of his garments, was kneeling between her legs.

Leaning forward, he took first one nipple and then the other into his mouth, licking them until they were totally erect and very sensitive and then, straightening, he entered her in one long smooth stroke. Sandy moaned in pleasure at the feeling of his long hard rod filling her. Then as he stroked her steadily, she reached out to the man nearest her head and pulled his cock to her mouth. All of the men’s members were in evidence now, hard and ready for attention. Sandy took one in each hand as George, Rick and Tom surrounded her on the bed. Sam was standing at the foot of the bed with the video camera trained on Sandy. What a sight for future enjoyment! His beautiful wife was filled in almost every way with hard pulsing cocks. Mark’s hands seemed to be everywhere at once as he brought himself and Sandy to the point of fulfillment. Sandy was giving attention to all of her lovers as best she could until at last she was lost in the pleasure of her own orgasm. It was one of the best she had ever experienced.

Finally, with kisses each of the men withdrew themselves and Sam escorted them to the door as they thanked him for the best poker evening yet. Sam called to Sandy that he would close up and then he heard the sound of the shower in the downstairs bath as she refreshed herself. Sam gathered up the glasses and bowls and carried them to the kitchen sink. Then he returned to the den where the cards still lay untouched on the table. Curiosity led him to turn over his final card as he prepared to put away the chips and cards. He smiled wryly as he looked down at the four that would have filled his inside straight.

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