The New Kid Next Door Pt. 05

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Ryan woke before me, he simply laid there watching me sleep. I woke to his smiling face.

“Good morning Tom.” Ryan said getting on top of me.

He leaned in and kissed me, a soft gentle good morning kind of kiss, his cock rock hard how was I not surprised.

“Feed me Ryan.” I suggested to him.

“What do you mean Tom?” Ryan asked me.

“Get on top of me and put your cock in my mouth, feed me.” I ordered him.

Ryan kind of looked at me, not sure if he should do this or not. I simply looked at him egging him on.

“Come on Ryan do it use my mouth put your cock in and fill it up with your cream.” I insisted.

Ryan sat on my chest his cock inches from my face, he grabbed the headboard then fed me his cock, I sucked down holding his cock captive, his cock pistoning my mouth, he was relentless he would feed me my morning breakfast. His balls slapped my chin, the stubble made his balls so sensitive, soon his tempo increased, his cock stiffened, he coated my mouth with his wonderful seed, I drained him dry sucking every last delicious drop. Ryan soon brought his lips to mine, I rolled us over and fed him his load.

His eyes like saucers, no one had ever fed him his own cum, Ryan sucked all the cream he could out of me. Ryan flipped us over, took my semi erect cock and soon had me flying a full mast, he was a quick learner he used all the tricks I had taught him, he had me shooting a massive load of cum into his mouth. Ryan cleaned me up proceeded to feed me my load of cum.

We lay there him on top of me our eyes on each other, we kissed, a nice long sensual kiss.

“Swim?” Ryan asked me.

“Coffee first then a swim Babe.” I said to him.

Ryan went out and dove in, I quickly made myself a coffee.

“Ryan do you want a coffee Babe?” I yelled out the window.

“Yes please two sugars and milk.” Ryan yelled back.

I came out with two cups of steaming bursa escort hot coffee, I took a seat in my lounger sipping my coffee, Ryan came up out of the pool naked and erect, of course.

“Thanks Tom you’re the best.” Ryan said leaning in for a kiss.

Ryan sat in between my legs sipping his coffee.

“So what is the plan for today Tom?” Ryan asked me.

“How this all got started Ryan, we have grass to cut.” I said laughing.

“Once done then we can play again, you can teach me a few more things Tom?” Ryan asked.

“Best part of cutting grass is what comes afterwards don’t you know.” I said to Ryan smiling.

Ryan and I ate a light breakfast then got to cutting our perspective lawns, Ryan breezed thru his, I gave him my trimmer to do all of his edging, he was such a little flirt even in our front yards I had to stop him from kissing me and feeling me up, more than once.

When we finished up I poured us each a glass of ice cold lemonade, he walked in locking the door behind him chaining it too. He took the glass and drank it down, took my hand and led me to the shower. I got the shower set and we got in under the cascade of water. Ryan soaped me up, I in turn soaped him down, from his neck to his toes. We rinsed off making sure all the soap was gone, Ryan took my hand and led me to the pool.

He wrapped his arms around my neck and his legs around my midsection, I soon let us fall into the deep water, Ryan had his lips pursed to mine the whole time. We swam a few laps then Ryan again wrapped himself around me. I walked us out of the pool settling into the lounger. Ryan sat on my cock looking into my eyes.

“Tom I want, no I need to feel you inside me tonight please.” Ryan begged me.

“Ryan you do know it will hurt a lot, it’s very painful to be fucked the first time.” I tried to explain to him.

“Then all malatya escort the more reason for you to be the one to break my cherry, I need a man I can trust, a man I love. Ryan said his eyes on mine.

Dam he had a hold on me now.

“Okay tonight I can show you but know this its going to hurt a lot.” I warned him.

“Tom with you as my first I am not worried one bit you will be extra careful with me I know that.” Ryan said to me.

“Okay but you have to listen to me everything I say to you is very important, we can tear up your insides if we are not careful or rush it, you will end up in the Emergency room, explain that one to your parents .” I said to him.

“Tom I feel so safe with you I can never see you harming me ever..” Ryan responded kissing me.

I pulled him in close, holding him so scared I may hurt him trying to break his cherry. He was right I could never intentionally hurt him. Ryan and I had leftover pizza for lunch, I took out hamburger for supper he and I would have barbecued burgers. Ryan got the pizza heated up and plated for us both, we took our lunch poolside, I was getting used to having him around, and not wearing clothes was great.

He set us up on the lounger, him at the foot me cross legged at the other end.

“Thank you Ryan this is great.” I told him as I gently kissed him

“You’re welcome Tom I love next day pizza.” Ryan said smiling.

“So what shall we do for the rest of the day Ryan?” I asked him.

“Not sure Tom do you need anything at the stores?” Ryan asked.

“Well actually we could use some lube, maybe a toy to help stretch you out some.” I suggested.

“Okay Tom lets do that then.” Ryan said.

Ryan grabbed the dishes bringing them to the kitchen, rinsing it all off then loading it in the dishwasher.

“Tom should I run the dishwasher thru it’s pretty full.” çanakkale escort Ryan asked me.

I walked up behind him.

“So domesticated, can I keep you forever?” I asked him.

“Tom I would definitely stay with you for sure.” Ryan said his arms around my neck.

I walked him to the shower, his arms around my neck his legs tightly around my waist.

“My own personal valet.” Ryan said kissing me.

I turned on the shower, getting us wet under the rain shower head. Once clean and dressed up we headed out to the sex shoppe.

Ryan was so funny in the store he had never seen any of the stuff in a place like this, his facial expressions with some of the stuff was priceless.

“Tom what does a person do with a thing like that?” Ryan asked about a massive dildo and huge butt plugs.

“Some guys like to stretch their holes to the limit, they have everything and more in here.” I said to him

“Can I help you gentlemen?” The store clerk asked.

“Yes my friend here wants to have anal sex for the very first time, what can we use to loosen him up so to speak?” I asked her.

“We have quite a few things that might work, never been fucked wow a virgin in my store such an honour.” She said looking at Ryan.

Ryan was so embarrassed, his face so red, I could see some anger in there too.

“Ryan all of us were virgins at one point in our lives, you’re lucky to have a guy like me and a person like her to help you get thru this, my first time was horrible, the guy basically raped me and left me for dead.” I told him trying to calm him down.

“Mine too the guy was rough, it hurt more than anything else and only took a few seconds, I swore I would never let anyone do that to me ever again.” The salesclerk told us.

“I’m Tom this is Ryan and you are?” I asked her

“Nice to meet you guys I’m Trudy, the sex store lady.” She said laughing.

“Okay so guys here are your options, butt plugs, or dildos lots of lube and take your time, you want this to be an enjoyable time for both of you.” She told us smiling.

Ryan and I decided on a butt plug and two different sized dildos, and lube lots and lots of lube, that should gradually open him up, without intense pain. We paid and left.

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