The Mournful Child



“Will you send Peter Gibbs to my office Ms. Codwell?” Peter heard his principal’s voice came over the class room intercom. Feeling his cheeks burning as his entire class turned to look at him.

“Come along Peter, you shouldn’t keep the principal waiting,” his teacher said writing out a hall pass for him. The tearing of the paper resounded throughout the room as Peter gathered his things. He wasn’t known as a trouble maker of any sort. Peter was a very hard working student. Always keeping his nose clean so the call from the principal had his heart racing as he took the hall pass from his teacher. Tentatively entering the school’s main office, looking confused when the secretary offered him her condolences.

“Come in Mr. Gibbs,” his principal’s voice filtered through the door. His heart hammered against his ribs as the pushed the door open. There standing on the left side of the room was a woman he vaguely recognized. Standing ridged, an air of annoyance floated around her as she held her clutch before her. It appeared to Peter the woman would rather be behind some corporate desk then in a building that advocated for a child’s learning. Those cold, hard, steely brown eyes of hers eyed him as the door closed behind him. “Please have a seat. Peter…”

“This is a family matter please kindly give us some privacy,” the woman said coldly.

“Yes, of course.” Peter wished the man wouldn’t and leave him alone with that woman.

“Hello Peter, it’s been some time since the last we saw one another,” the woman said watching how he tried to think of when the last time they saw one another. “Please don’t hurt yourself, you were but a babe when I saw you,” she sighed.

“Okay, then who are you?”

“I’m your aunt, who else would bother to come to this low class area,” she said arrogantly, “now it falls to me to inform you that there has been accident. Your parents are dead, Peter,” she said not caring how it came across. “Your father, my brother, for some odd reason thought to leave your care to me in the event of their deaths.”

“What?!” Peter shouted jumping from his seat. “What do you mean my parents are dead! How can you say it so coldly about your own brother?!” he asked his lip trembling fighting back his tears.

“Don’t make a scene Peter, yelling at me won’t bring them back,” she said reaching into her bag as her phone rang. “Yes,” she said answering the call, “yes cremation will be fine. Very well,” ending the call as if it meant nothing to her.

“You just can’t dictate my parents funeral! I don’t even know you! I’m sure as hell Dad wouldn’t want you to either!” Peter spat lashing out at the only person he could at the moment.

“Actually I can, your father gave me the power of attorney over his affairs in the event of his death,” she said knowing this was why she never had kids. They were too emotional, too needy, too demanding for her time. “Which also includes you, nephew. Now come along, we have a flight to catch. Or I could leave you behind, I wonder how your going to survive,” she mused cruelly.

“Then leave I rather live on the streets than go anywhere with someone that speaks so aloofly of my parents death!” Peter shouted becoming red in the face. His head rocked to the side from the force of her slap.

“You mistake my coldness for not caring that my brother is dead. I warned him that woman would be the death of him and I was right. If you want to stay fine, I don’t have time to baby you,” she said reaching into her purse once again. Surfing the web at what laws she would if any she be breaking if she left Peter behind. Narrowing her eyes when she saw the years she would be serving if she did. “Seems you don’t have a choice in the matter neither do I. Now come, our flight leaves for Singapore in a few hours,” she said closing her purse. That was how at the age of fifteen Peter Gibbs meet his cold distant aunt and never got to say goodbye to his beloved parents.

Three years later…

“Peter! Get in here!” Peter grumbled underneath his breath as he left his room. The skyline of that Chinese city played across the windows of the high priced condo his aunt’s company rented for the top executives.

“Yeah, what is it?” Peter asked ever since she had dragged him across the world. To a land that was as alien to him as the surface of the moon was to the people of Apollo eleven. He and his aunt were always at odds with one another. Neither spending that much time with one another, leaving Peter to figure out how to cope with the deaths of his parents when it seemed to him his aunt could care less that deep inside, he was losing himself.

“You want to explain this dismal report card?” Peter kept his amused smirk hidden at his aunt’s twitching cheek. His eyes gave his aunt a once-over, her dark brown hair was held back by an overly priced Chinese hair pin. A large blood-red ruby sat facetted on the pin’s head to show off the wealth she had accumulated over the years. To him that was all she had was vanity. Always trying to prove that she was the right person to befriend, the right person to go to expand their portfolio. The right person to schmooze if fetiş escort they wanted to get anywhere in the far east financial market. Her padded push-up bra was nothing but a sorry ploy to make the men believe her breasts were bigger than the A cups they actually were.

“What are you talking about aunt Rachel?”

“There’s two B’s on this report card! I don’t spend all this money for you to not to have straight A’s,” Rachel said disappointed.

“Oh please! Spare me your fake outrage,” Peter said rolling his eyes, “you don’t give a damn one way other another. If you did, you’d be in there with me helping me to understand all this crap you levied on me when you dragged my ass to fucking China!”

“You do not speak to me in that manner,” Rachel seethed.

“Oh? Should I tell you to get down on your knees and suck my cock like all those guys you bring home knowing I’m here?” Peter asked his voice rising. “Oh right,” he said snapping his fingers, “you only do that for “Very” special guys,” Peter said flashing air quotes.

“Get. Out,” Rachel said her face burning red in her anger.

“With pleasure,” Peter said flipping his aunt the bird as he walked out. His hand lingering in the doorway long after he had rounded the corner. Walking into his room grabbing his coat, cell phone, and his Chinese dictionary for some words he hadn’t mastered yet. Slamming the condo door just to piss his aunt off even more as he left. He couldn’t wait for when he be free of her influence. He knew his father left him money he just had to endure his aunt for another few months then it was back to the States on the fastest flight he could get. Peter was greeted by two well-dressed middle aged Chinese men as the doors of the elevator rolled open. Giving them a curt nod as he entered the cab, trying not to glance at them when they thought he couldn’t understand them. Enjoying their shocked looks as he spoke somewhat fluent Chinese that he understood everything when they were mocking him as they got off on the fourth floor. Which housed numerous restaurants and shops to cater to that sixty story building. Yet he was hungering for something that reminded him of home, well as close as he could get so far from the shores of his home. Flipping up his collar to fight off the chill that was coming off of the south china sea.

Rachel pulled out her phone, she wasn’t going to have him speak to her in such a manner. If he thought what he heard before was annoying, then her nephew didn’t know how vindictive she could be. What better way to punish Peter than to fuck one of the interns on his bed and have the man cover his bed in his spunk.

“Yes, Ms. Baden?” A cruel smile spread across her lips as the voice of one of her favorites came over the line.

“My place, fifteen minutes,” Rachel said before hanging up.

Peter returned an hour later after grabbing something to eat at one of the few restaurants that served American cuisine so far from home. He wasn’t expecting to be greeted by the sounds that filled their condo. His eyes narrowed dangerously as he stood at the entrance to the hall that led to his room.

“She wouldn’t?” Peter asked himself.

“Oh you’re back,” Rachel said spitefully as she rode her favorite at the time on Peter’s bed. “Fuck me hard!” she growled slapping the man’s hip. “See Peter,” Rachel moaned cradling her breasts as she felt his six and a half inch cock surging into her cunt. “You can never be like this man here,” she said smiling cruel at Peter.

“Well, what do I expect from a whore?” Peter spat slamming his door closed.

“Did you just cum in me!” Rachel shouted only to have her blood boil when heard Peter’s laughter from the living room. “You were told you couldn’t!” she said thrashing the man beneath her. “Get out! We’re done!” Rachel huffed feeling the man’s cum running down her thigh. He wasn’t worthy to cum inside her pussy. His cock wasn’t that great that she would even allow that.

“You done?” Peter sneered ignoring his naked aunt as he held new clean sheets in his arm. “Good. Then get the fuck out of my room,” he said shoving her and her little boy toy out. “Fucking disgusting!” Peter said ripping off the soiled sheets. Taking joy out of the stomping of his aunts feet as she marched towards her room.

“What?! I told you we are done! Now get out!” Peter heard her yelling at whomever that guy was.

Late that night, Peter crept down the hall towards his aunt’s room. He wasn’t about to let her defile his bed without repercussions. He had stripped out of his pajamas for this purpose, so he wouldn’t have do it when he got there. If she had the audacity to do that to his bed. Peter saw it only fitting to do the same to hers. His eyes zeroed in on his sleeping aunt’s form. His hand reached down grasping his cock. Stroking it to life. Peter wanted his aunt to awaken the moment he came and not with him standing over her as he jacked his cock. Although seeing her scream out as he stood over her with his nine inch cock in hand did put a smile on his face. The lights of the city flooded his aunt’s room as he pulled gaziantep fetiş escort down her covers. Stepping lightly onto her bed so not to wake her. Ginning madly as his hand ran up and down his shaft. His eyes rolled in the back of his head as he neared his climax.

“What the…” Rachel groggily as she looked up. Her eyes going wide as she gazed at the biggest cock she has experienced seeing since being transferred overseas. “Peter!” she cried out as the first rope of his cum painted her face.

“Now doesn’t the whore look pretty,” Peter hissed as the last drop of his semen fell onto his aunt’s chest. “That’s for my bed,” he said not missing how his aunt’s eyes were glued to his dangling cock.

“Fuck!” Rachel hissed feeling her nephew’s cum all over her face. Rushing into her bathroom, staring at her cum covered face in the mirror. “Now that’s a cock I’d let do anything to me,” she said to herself as she cleaned off her face. Swirling her tongue around her finger as she sucked off Peter’s cum. She knew she had to have it. She had to feel it deep inside of her. The Chinese men weren’t going to cut it anymore. Not after seeing what her nephew was packing.

“Peter, wake up!” Rachel said standing beside her nephew’s bed. Wearing her most revealing see-through teddy she had. Her eyes lingering on his crotch wondering if she could see his morning wood. She couldn’t help but get wet as she stood over him. “Come on Peter, you’re going to be late for school,” she said leaning over him. Feeling his view with her 38A breasts.

“Wha…get that shit out of my face,” Peter said pushing his aunt away.

“What? You cum on me with this hard thing,” Rachel said reaching down grasping her nephew’s cock, “and you can’t be bothered to look at my breasts?”

“That was payback and you know it, not to get your damn jollies off,” Peter said batting her hand off of his cock only for his aunt’s hand shoot underneath his covers then down his boxers taking hold of his firm root.

“Doesn’t my hand feel good on your cock nephew?” Rachel purred. “Don’t you want to cum as I work you’re cock?” she said hungrily as her hand ran up and down his entire length.

“Fuck…no,” Peter said trying to get her hand out of his boxers and off of his cock. Yet her grip was like a vise not letting go of his rod.

“You just can’t tease me Peter and think you can walk around here with this cock and not fuck me with it,” Rachel hissed. When she saw it, it reminded her so much like her brother’s cock. She hated him for marrying that woman. The woman that took him away from her. She never had the idea that Peter would inherit his father’s cock. The only cock that could truly get her off.

“Have you lost your ever loving mind! I’m so not…” Peter huffed as his aunt threw her body on top of his.

“Oh? I think you will nephew,” Rachel said siting on his chest, her knees pinning his arms to the bed. Pulling her teddy over her head, her hard nipples stood erect on her perky breasts. “I already called the school and told them you would be out due to a cold,” she said smiling wickedly down at him. “So we have all day, my hung nephew,” Rachel cooed as she pulled aside her thong. “Look at it Peter, look at how wet my pussy is to be able to fuck your hard cock,” she said. Her snatch hovering over his face.

“Get the fuck off of me you crazy whore!” Peter growled turning his head trying not to look at his aunt’s cunt and to keep from feeling her juices falling down onto his face.

“Me liking sex does not make me a fucking whore!” Rachel yelled reaching down taking a handful of his hair. Thrusting his face into her cunt. “Yes! Taste me Peter,” she hissed as she rubbed her pussy along his face. Coating her nephew in her sex. “I promise you, you’re going to love fucking me like your father did,” Rachel chuckled evilly as those eyes of his stared daggers at him.

“That’s…a…fucking…lie!” Peter said his voice muffled by her labia watching his aunt tremble as he spoke.

“Oh, didn’t you know I was the one that took his virginity? Like I’m going to take yours my dear nephew. You know I loved your father. I’d would’ve given anything for him to stay with me, but no, he had to marry your mother,” Rachel said wiping a tear from her eye. “Now I have you,” she said looking down at him, “I promise if you fuck me with this thing,” Rachel said reaching back grasping his cock. Biting her lip as the heat of it soaked into the palm of her hand. “I’ll be better to you. I swear it.”

“I will!” Rachel cried out as she saw his eye roll. “You have to understand, you remind me so much of your father more ways than you know. Every time I looked at you all I ever saw was your father. The only man that I’ve ever loved. He’s the only one that could ever please me and I’m the only one that could please him. How do I know this?” she said quivering as her clit rubbed against his nose. “Because the day you were born your father took me in the empty hospital room while your mother rested. I can still remember the feel of his cock inside that pussy that’s on your gaziantep fetiş escort face this very moment. You know how hard it is to be satisfied by men that is nowhere near the size of your father? Astronomical. That’s how hard it is, so yes, I have been hard on you, but can you really blame me when I’ve been so frustrated these past eighteen years? When the only cock that can ever give me release is right here,” Rachel said squeezing his cock.

“I’m still not going to fuck you,” Peter growled underneath her.

“Peter please! I know you hate me but let me show you what I can do for you…” Yelping in surprise as she accidently ease enough pressure off of his arms to give Peter enough room to throw her off. Her eyes wide with fear as her nephew loomed over her. Trying to escape his grip as he tore her thin delicate thong from her hips. “Don’t do this, not like this Peter,” Rachel pleaded as Peter forced her legs open.

“What? Don’t want to fuck me now?” Peter sneered as he rammed his cock into his aunt.

“It hurts Peter! Slow down please!” Rachel begged as his cock spread open areas of her cunt her Chinese lovers could never touch. Beating her hands against his chest as he squeezed her breasts painfully hard. “Please stop!” she said tears reamed her eyes as she saw the anger in her nephew’s eyes.

“Why? You were about to rape me, isn’t fair that I turn the table’s on you?” Peter asked as he continued to hatefuck his aunt. “See this is what you wanted,” he spat as he watched his aunt cum on his cock. A sinister smirk graced his lips as he pulled out, flipping his aunt over, grabbing a handful of her hair as he thrust his cock hard back into his aunt’s cunt.

“Not like this,” Rachel cried out against the pain.

“Rape is rape, there is no in-between,” Peter said hammering his aunt with everything he had. “Fuck!” he hissed as he dumped his load into his aunt’s cunt.

“How could you?” Rachel whimpered as she curled herself into a ball.

“Easy. I’m not about to have you think you have any hold on me,” Peter said seeing his cum leaking out of her cunt and onto his bed.

“Do you really hate me that much, that you would rape me?”

“You were about to do the same damn thing to me, so don’t even think you have any kind of moral high ground,” Peter said crossing his arms as he stood at the end of his bed.

“Okay, I admit that was what I had in mind,” Rachel said fighting back a wince. “But did you have to be so rough with me?”

“Of course, how else are you going to learn, I’m not yours to fuck with,” Peter said growing tired of this conversation. He knew the moment he did it she wouldn’t keep him around. Was he proud of it? Of course not, but he wanted out from underneath her thumb and that was the only way he saw a way out without her constantly in his life. He watched as his aunt ran towards her room. Shrugging his shoulders he waited for her to relinquish her hold on him so he could escape China.

That was how Peter sent the next two months. His things had long been packed just waiting for her to yell at him to get out of her home. To never shadow her doorstep ever again, yet those words never came. He couldn’t understand why. He would have thought his aunt would have tossed him out posthaste. Those same thoughts were going through his head as he sat at his desk as he worked on his homework.

“Peter?” Rachel said softly as she stood nude in his doorway. “Just hear me out, okay?” she said as she saw that he was about to speak.

“Fine, what is it?” Peter said spinning in his seat towards her.

“I know I have been hard on you, and you have every right to hate me for it,” Rachel said stepping into his room. “And we both did some very bad things,” she said glancing at his bed as she approached him. “I thought long and hard on this. It was wrong of me to try and force you to fuck me, as it was for you to rape me; but I can’t stop thinking about that night. If I think hard enough I can still feel you here,” Rachel said placing her hands along her waistline.

“Okay, what are you getting at?” Peter asked tilting his head as he arched an eyebrow.

“I’m getting to it,” Rachel huffed causing her small breasts to bounce. The bruises that Peter had caused due to his roughness had been slow to fade. “I thought about kicking you out for what you did.” Peter’s ears perked at those words. “But then I wouldn’t be able to show you.”

“Show me what?” Peter asked clearly confused.

“What I can give you, and what you can give me when neither is forced,” Rachel said standing before him. Watching the confusion in his eyes as she opened his legs before her naked ass rested on his right leg. “I don’t want you to leave. While I was mortified at what you had done to me,” she said resting her left arm along his shoulders. “After I got over it, I began to recount how this cock made me feel,” Rachel said rubbing his crotch, “and now no man here at least will ever make me feel the same way,” she said sweetly. “Not since your father have I felt so satisfied. Just let me show you how good it can feel. Let me be the one that pleases this cock of yours nephew,” Rachel said leaning in softly kissing his lips. She knew she had become addicted to Peter’s cock the moment he forced himself onto her. She knew she had to do everything and anything to keep him with her. She couldn’t lose him like she had done with his father. Rachel wasn’t about to live out her life in Asia with subpar cocks that couldn’t get her off.

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