The Monster Pt. 17



The Monster Part 17

By Charlie Flemming

Copyright 2022 Charlie Flemming

Author’s Note: All Characters are over the age of 18

This story begins in 2022

Main Characters

Jack-18, 16″ cock, light brown hair, blue eyes, 6’3″ tall

Sara-Mom-36, GG-sized tits, black hair, brown eyes, fit but very tone and curvy.

Rita-Aunt-37, FF-sized tits, blonde hair, blue eyes, similarly amazing body to Sara but not quite as hot

Josephine (Jo)-sister, 18, EE-sized tits, twin to Jack, red hair, green eyes most popular girl in school

Clara-Cousin, 18, EE-sized tits, brown hair, kinda dumb but very kind

Beth Ryder-teacher, 28, FF-sized tits, redhead

Naomi Moore-38, doctor, FF-sized tits, African American, nymphomaniac

Rose (Ro)-18, DD-sized tits, Jo’s best friend and a popular girl in school, brunette hair, kinda mean

Thursday, September 29 (cont.)


The only other time Jack saw anyone else that day was at dinnertime. Which went like it normally did. Sara and Rita chatted about something inconsequential and Clara and Jo talked in low voices and everyone ignored Jack. Or at least that’s how it appeared on the surface so that every woman there wouldn’t make any other woman suspicious. But Jack noticed throughout dinner that every one of his family members kept giving him sideways glances when they didn’t think anyone else was paying attention.

After dinner, Rita wanted to talk to her sister about what happened that day with Jack. She was also hoping to weaken her resolve so that she could help Jack build his harem, starting with his mother…

“Sara,” Rita said as she knocked on her sister’s bedroom door, “Can I come in?”

Sara answered the door and left it open so Rita could enter. “What’s this about?” Sara asked as she sat on the bed, already feeling miserable as she could already tell what Rita came in there for.

Rita shut the door behind her and sat next to her sister on the bed, “So,” She said, trying not to sound too eager, “What happened with you and Jack today?”

Sara sighed, she knew that’s what Rita wanted to talk to her about, “Oh, you know what happened.” She didn’t look at Rita, “I posed for him, Jack jerked off and he covered me in his sperm…”

“And how did that make you feel?” Rita asked feeling her arousal rising.

“Amazing,” Sara said right away, dreamily, but then added much more bitterly, “But while I was showering the whole thing made me feel really guilty. I texted Jack and he seems okay with it but I still think it’s probably not something I should do again.”

“What’s the solution then?” Rita asked.

“I guess we’re going to have to help Jack find a girlfriend.” Sara said, “Either that or start buying hookers for him every other day. Neither sounds that appeasing to me.”

“You don’t want Jack to get a girlfriend?” Rita said, intrigued.

“No, I do,” Sara said, “I just don’t want to be the one to find her for him. Then again the way things are going, I’ll probably need to be the one to find him a girl. He’s just so incompetent when it comes to women…” Though then Sara remembered how good it felt kissing him, “Well, talking to them anyway.” She added.

Rita smirked because she knew exactly what her sister meant. Jack was a sexual dynamo, in Rita’s opinion, he just hasn’t figured it out yet, “Why a hooker only every other day?” She asked and added, “I mean, with the number of erections that boy gets he probably needs a hooker every other hour at the very least!” Rita mostly wanted her sister to think of Jack as being incredibly sexually needy.

“No,” Sara said, “Jack said that every other day was okay.”

Rita cocked an eyebrow, “Oh come on, you know he only said that because you are his mom.” She pointed out, “He doesn’t want you to know just how much he needs to cum! I mean, just when did you pose for him?” Rita asked even though she knew the answer.

“Almost right after we got back from school,” Sara answered.

“And I was home not half an hour after that.” Rita said, “and I talked to him in his room for a bit when I arrived. His cock became rock hard while I was talking to him.” Rita didn’t mention this was probably more because she had taken her top and bra off and was talking to her nephew topless in his room.

Sara gasped, “Really? Not even half an hour?…” She was becoming increasingly more aroused, which wasn’t helping, but she was also concerned, “Naomi said that we should do it as often as necessary. Maybe I should call her?” Sara glanced at the clock, “It’s far too late, though.”

“I still offer my services,” Rita said, also feeling very horny so she wasn’t hiding how she truly felt when she said, “I mean, if you feel guilty about it, maybe Jack wouldn’t mind playing with his horny aunt instead?”

Sara sneered, “What? ‘Play’ with?”

Rita laughed, “I misspoke is all. I meant it as a joke.” she lied.

Sara nodded, her expression lightened, “I kapalı gaziantep escort don’t know. I still don’t know who I can trust around Jack. I mean, I feel I can’t even trust myself around him.”

Rita decided to take the low road, the really low road, “Have you tried masturbating?”

“I’ve been masturbating so much I think my clit is going to fall off.” Sara admitted.

Rita was impressed. Her sister would have been greatly offended by the very question a month ago. “Do you use toys?” She asked.

Sara looked away from her sister, embarrassed, “No, never.”

“Well, I think the added stimulation might help you…” Rita held her breath for a second, she and Sara had never, ever done anything sexual together and Rita knew this next suggestion might seriously freak her out, “If you want, I could, um, bring in a couple of my toys and, um, show you how to use them?” Rita then held her breath again, feeling like she just freaked herself out…

Sara didn’t completely lose it, but she was confused, “Show me? I think I understand how to insert something into my pussy.”

Rita shrugged as she took a breath in relief that Sara didn’t lose her mind just now, “Well, I’ll just go grab some and you can pick out whatever you want then.”

Rita turned to go but Sara stopped her, “Not today, I just, I dunno…” Sara said, “Just not today, let’s talk about it some other time.”

Rita agreed but still went to her room, picked out her largest toy, and masturbated for an hour and a half straight picturing her sister being covered in her nephew’s cum the entire time.


Jack was the first to come down to the basement. He came down in the dark and walked over to where the inflatable mattress is just from memory. He switched the light on just for a moment to make sure no one else was there yet and then switched it off. He waited in the dark in anticipation, not sure at all what was in store for tonight.

All he really knew for sure was that he wanted to talk to Jo about their continued relationship. Even though Jack knew for absolute certainty that it was an intensely bad idea, he still wanted to continue exploring sexual things with his sister.

He still wasn’t sure what would happen when Clara got there. Jack was so inexperienced the idea of two girls at once was making his nerves run laps around his body.

It didn’t matter because Jo got there first. She crept down the stairs in the dark as her brother had and walked over and around the boxes. She didn’t turn on the light though, “Is anyone else there?” Jo whispered in the dark.

“Yeah,” Jack replied. He was laying on the bed already. He had taken his shoes off but still had his pants and shirt on.

Jo pursed her lips, excited her brother was there, but then thought of something, “Um, is it just you?” She asked.

“Um, yeah,” Jack told her.

“Oh good,” Jo said and got on the bed with her brother, she snuggled up to him, laying her head and a hand on his chest, just enjoying the feeling of him breathing. “MMmmm” she breathed happily.

“Um, I thought you want to talk,” Jack said, though he was also enjoying the feeling of being so close to his sister.

“I do,” Jo said, “but we can do it like this.” She started lightly running her hand across her brother’s chest, “I thought about what you said.”


Jo took another breath, “Yeah, about how I was being unreasonable. And you’re right. I can’t have you all to myself. At least…” She said a little hopefully, “At least, not right now.”

“What do you mean by that?” Jack asked.

Jo moved her body up. “Okay, I know this is just me dreaming,” as Jo spoke, Jack put a hand on her back and he felt her bare skin, as he moved it down her back he felt her ass with no panties to stop him from feeling her firm cheeks in all their glory, “but I figure once we’re in college maybe we could-“

“Are you naked?” Jack wasn’t listening anyway since he had just figured out the answer to his question already.

“Yeah, I took off my clothes before lying down next to you,” Jo explained as if that were evident, “Anyway, in college…”

Jack’s cock was surging with need, he’d been so nervous, but this was his sexy sister pushing her naked body up to him, he just didn’t care about his doubts right then. He put a hand behind her head and pulled her into him. They kissed, their tongues fighting for supremacy of the other’s oral cavity, and Jack took his sister’s large tits in his other hand while palming her ass simultaneously. It was just like Jo had shown him that very first time…

“MMmm,” Jo moaned into his mouth, her arousal skyrocketing as Jack did what he did best and found all the buttons on her body he needed to push and pushed them. She was hornier than she thought she’d ever felt. Jo wasn’t letting her brother off the hook this time. She didn’t care that he’d been dishonest. All she knew was that she needed to fuck his monster gaziantep kapalı escort cock and the consequences be damned.

Jack’s hands were busy but he helped his sister take his pants off and kicked them away. Jack wasn’t really thinking about it, thinking she wanted to jerk him off as she felt him up.

Jo kissed her brother as she straddled him, lining his humongous cock up with her pussy as she did so. Jack was so caught up in the moment as he made out with his sister and gripped her tits and ass, he didn’t realize what was going on but felt like something very tight, hot, and wet gripped around the head of his dick.

It was then that the light above them was switched on and their mother’s voice cried, “JUST WHAT THE FUCK IS-” But when Sara saw they were in the process of fucking her coherent sentence switched to random swearing, “FUCK! SHIT! FUCK! ASS FUCKED IN THE ASS! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TWO FUCKING DOING!?”


Sara came down to get a glass of water. When she did she caught Clara sneaking around and got suspicious. She sent her niece to bed and took out her phone to use the flashlight. Had the boxes been stacked slightly lower, Jack and Jo would have seen the light as she came down the stairs. But that didn’t happen and Sara could hear sounds of soft moaning when she got to the bottom. She turned off her light, getting the drop on her children.

After the light came on, Jo jumped away from her brother and covered her naked body in one of the blankets down there. She wrapped it tightly around her, “We weren’t-“

“I saw EXACTLY what you two were doing, young lady!” Sara shouted, her anger seething.

Jack quickly pulled his pants back up, shoving his hard-on down one of his pantlegs. He didn’t say anything and blushed profusely as he stared in a corner as he hoped that, if there was a God, he struck him down right then.

Sara took a breath to calm down, but she was still completely pissed off when she told Jo, “Get out of here, I’ll deal with you in the morning.”

Jo bit her lip nervously but kept the blanket wrapped around her as she got up. She took her clothes from the ground and walked out of the room with the blanket. She went back up the stairs, only hearing her mom getting loud, “AND YOU!” She shouted.”I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU LIED TO ME!”

Fuck, Jo thought as she closed the basement door and could no longer hear anything as she crossed the kitchen, I know I’ll get mine in the morning, but I really pity Jack right now…

Jo was feeling very depressed and worried as she got into bed. She probably would have stayed up tossing and turning as she mulled it over in her mind. But she was also incredibly tired and was asleep within a few minutes. Because of that, she didn’t notice that her mother and brother didn’t come back upstairs for a very long time after that…


“AND YOU!” Sara shouted at her son, staring him right in the eyes as her rage encapsulated her body, “I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU LIED TO ME!”

“I’m sorry Mom I-” Jack started but his mother wasn’t listening.

“After what I did for you! After letting me bathe in your cum! I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU WOULD THEN FUCK YOUR SISTER! YOU LIED! YOU’RE A FUCKING LIAR!”

“Mom I-“


Wait, Jack thought, That’s what she’s mad about? He was very confused, “I mean-“

“Don’t even start!” Sara said through clenched teeth. “Stand up.” She ordered.

Jack chewed his lip, sure he was about to be spanked until his ass was raw, or something even worse. He stood. His mother paced in front of him less than a foot away. She looked down at the tent in his pants as if she was about to bite it off in her rage.

“You and your fucking erections!” Sara spat at her son, Jack looking like he was on the verge of tears but she didn’t care, “Every time I turn around you have another fucking erection! And now your sister is lusting after you like a fucking cat in heat! And you’re just encouraging her! You fucking little-” She cut herself off and stopped pacing to face him like she was an army drill sergeant. She ordered, “DROP YOUR PANTS!”

“What, I-” Jack said.

“ARE YOU DISOBEYING ME!” Sara snarled. Jack had never seen his mother like this, but he’d also never been caught seconds away from fucking his sister by her either.

He dropped his pants. His large erect cock stuck out from his midsection. Sara stared at it like she was seconds away from cutting it off. Jack’s eyes were wide with fear.

Sara then grabbed the bottom of her nightgown and threw it off her body in one swift motion. She stood in front of her son, completely naked. “Now jerk your fucking cock you little shitball.” She ordered.

Jack stared at her body, his eyes wide with disbelief that his mother was still so angry at him but wanted him to masturbate gaziantep kapalı escort bayan while looking at her body anyway.

He gripped his cock and started to stroke it. His fear was completely forgotten as he stared at his mother’s amazing body. Her large, bouncing boobs with no sag at all, her shaved pussy with swollen lips, though she was still very angry, Jack got the impression that his mom was also very turned on.

Sara watched her son stroke his thick cock for about a minute before completely losing it, “Oh fuck,” She moaned in pleasure instead of anger. She fell to her knees as both her hands found her pussy and she rubbed her clit while fingering her wet, shaking hole as she watched her son stroke his cock from inches away from her face. “Fuck, son!” She moaned, her orgasm seconds away already from only doing that much, “Your cock drive Mommy insane! I can’t stop touching my pussy while I watch you stroke it! I need to cum too! And we need to do this all the time now! Every time you have an erection! I CAN’T LET YOU FUCK YOUR SISTER! OOOOHHHH SHHHIIIIITTT FUUUUUUCCCCKKK MMMMMEEEEE!” Sara moaned as she had the most powerful orgasm of her entire life right there on the floor of the basement directly in front of her son’s cock.

Sara’s sexy speech set off her son’s orgasm as well. Jack groaned as he started to cum. Knowing his mother loved his cum all over her body, he made sure to shoot at her face first, and then down her body, getting his cum on her neck, tits, belly, even some on her pussy, along with her hands as Sara was still furiously masturbating with them. Sara then opened her mouth so he could shoot his last few shots directly into her mouth. Jack couldn’t believe it as she watched Sara swallow an entire mouthful of his sperm a second later.

“MMmmm,” Sara moaned as she swallowed it, “I love the taste of your cum, Jack. It’s just delicious…” She licked around her lips and ate more cum from his face.”

Jack was grabbing his pants but Sara said, “What are you doing that for?”

“Huh?” Jack said dumbly, as he looked at his cum-covered Mom.

“You’re still hard.” Sara pointed at his dick with one of her sperm-covered hands. Jack was still completely rock hard, “We have to make sure you don’t have any more erections. It’s the only way I can allow you and your sister to live here under the same roof. We’re going to keep your sex drive in check, Jack. Jerk your huge cock again…NOW!” She ordered him, getting very serious at the end.

Jack gulped but grabbed his cock again as he watched his humongous load of semen dripping down his mother’s sexy body. He couldn’t help but say, “You look so sexy like that Mom.”

That caught Sara by surprise but she smiled through cum stained lips, “Well, I’m glad this is something we both enjoy.” She said as she started running her hands through the cum on her tits spreading it around, “It makes me feel so sexy when you cum on my skin…” Sara moaned as she watched Jack’s balls bouncing as her son jerked his thick cock in front of her face one more time.

“Oh my God,” Sara moaned, “You need to cum again so soon! Your father could never go twice in a row!” She moved one hand from her tits to her pussy and started jilling off again while roughly pinching her nipples, “You have a high libido! Just like Mommy! You could keep up with Mommy! You’re made for sex son!”

This made Jack start cumming even more than the first time. This time Sara opened her mouth right away and Jack came directly into her tongue, she closed her mouth as he covered her face with another load of cum. And swallowed while she mewed like a kitten. Another orgasm was set off in Sara’s body as well as she opened her mouth and swallowed another mouthful of her son’s sperm.

Sara’s orgasm was so strong, she leaned forward as she came, her son shooting his cum all over her hair and back as she did so. She moaned in pleasure as she continued cumming on her hands. But doing so, she also ran her shoulders into her son’s knees and Jack fell backward on the bed. He was still shooting sperm everywhere as he fell back, and ended up getting a fair amount all over his chest.

As Sara came down from her orgasm, feeling like a total cumslut then and very ashamed, but then she looked up, and saw that her son’s humongous cock was still standing straight up in front of her face, “What the fuck!?” She said in total disbelief, “Just how often do you need to cum per day?” Sara asked, impressed.

“Um, I don’t know,” Jack replied as he stared at his mother’s glorious body as his cum dripped down her beautiful features.

“Oh, right,” Sara said, feeling dumb, “You can’t cum without help…” She licked her lips in horniness as she stared at her son’s throbbing, licking a great deal of Jack’s delicious sperm from her face as she did so, “Let’s go shower together!” She said excitedly, “We’re both covered in your cum! We need to shower!”

She grabbed her son by the hand and Sara led Jack through the house to their bathroom on the second story. She didn’t mind that they were leaving a trail of sperm through the house (though this wasn’t too bad, actually, since semen is very sticky and just clung to her body mostly), and also didn’t concern herself that anyone could walk out into the hallway and see both of them. Despite her indiscretions, nobody caught Sara and Jack as they walked naked through the house.

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