The Milkmans’ Wife



BY now, all of your readers know who I am and what I do. This incident happened a year ago and still goes on.


Me along with my wife and sons live with my parents. I work with the government. We are traditionally farmers and for past three generations we have moved away from direct agriculture and lead a business life. We owned acres of agricultural land before and once the city grew we along with all our agricultural community in that area in Bangalore have now become landlords. However much our community has reaped the benefit of money, we are all-natural farmers and we lead a simple life like it is. Post 2008, we have sold huge tracts of our converted land and live as landlords and developers.

One such Agriculturist family in our community was that to Venkateshappa. He earlier owned about 15 Acres of land and was also the milk man of the village. He still owns 22 cows and lives in his new bungalow which he built out of his new-found wealth. Venkateshappa has a wife and two kids, a girl (36) and a boy (38) and his wife Sowmya.

It was this that their family knew us since generations and we were one of the most affluent in the village. Today the village is part of Bangalore city.

Sowmya was always known as ‘akka’ (Akka in kannada means sister), we generally rever all women without taking their names. Somyakka was a typical village belle, mother of two married children and earned the respect of an elderly lady. But she looked plump and cute for her age which I generally thought she was too cute for a 55 yr old. A cute face, fair and oily skinned. A plump ass and a pair of huge boobs should be nothing smaller than 40′. Her hips were also a piece of envy.

His daughter got married in 2006 and her son in 2007. Daughter stays in Hoskote and Son works in Tumkur. Both Venkateshappa and his wife live alone. Normally, one needs to stay in the cattle shed in the night. So venkateshappa used to stay in the shed in the night and sowmyakka used to stay in her new house next to ours.

Sowmyakka generally spends a lot of time in our house, especially in the evenings. talking to my sowmyakka and being part of our household for the last two years. More times than not, she used to sleep with my sowmyakka as she was alone in her house.

It was during these times that I got extremely close to sowmyakka. As good luck would have it, it was in May 2017 that both my parents were visiting my sister in Delhi and my wife, kids were off to Hyderabad for vacations. And I was left to myself and at the behest of my servants and maids.

At this sowmyakkaent Sowmyakka took it upon herself to take care of me. And we spent lot of time talking in the evenings. That’s when I learnt that sowmyakka was married when she was just 13 years old and she was just 52 now. That made her 13 years older to me. Our talks discussions turned more interesting as we spent more time and I could find that sowmyakka was getting more interested in hearing me talk about various issues and the praises I showered on her for being so patient, polite, talented and yet so grounded.

At a point she could not believe that I called her ‘talented’. In all those years of marriage she was made to believe that she was so talented and such vibrant thoughts which made her woman of today. She could not believe that and I worked on her day by day to build her confidence and her new-found confidence was opening her up like a flower.

Its was almost a week and sowmyakka, was always waiting for me to return from work and sit down to talk. I could sense it. So even I started to come home a bit early to spend time with her. Our attention to each other and fascination for one to talk and the other to listen was growing day by day. My attention on her ununoticed characters turned out to be long forgotten talents and when they were spoken of, she felt very special. And happy. The confidence grew to an extent that she started to speak about discreet matters. Which was now about sex and sex alone.

Even these topics were led in a healthy way and I took the opportunity to use her as an example when I had to put forth a point or explain something of the subject. I ensured that I used the opportunity to convey her attractiveness and my interest in her.

The first and foremost thing is to make sowmayakka get attracted to me sexually — which basically involved invoking the feelings of sexual desire in her when she was with me. To make her feel sexually attracted me, I needed to make sure that what I say and do in her presence has some elements of turning her on.

In matters of the heart, there is no right or wrong. If you have fallen for a married woman, even if she is older, and want her to love you back, you need to sit back and think carefully. Getting a married woman to love you is no cakewalk and would require more efforts than what you need to put if you just want to have some fun with her.

However, you cannot go with a bouquet of flowers or some love notes if you want an escort hikayeleri older married woman to love you. You need to think and act maturely and make everything appear quite natural. This implies that everything you do to impress her should be creative, new and fresh and also natural and mature. Married woman have a certain understanding of men, and you need to excel at that. Once you have impressed her well enough, it will not take a long time for her to develop feelings for you. Eventually, love would happen. So, I did, play my cards carefully in seducing sowmyakka.

I could sense that she felt safe and secure in my company and was always forward that I break the line and treat her like a normal woman. Or any normal woman I would know in my work circles. She desired to go to the next stage given the importance i gave her and the way i made her feel special. After all, these are the things all womenfolk crave, married or unmarried, young or old.

Just when our fascination was flowering into something more meaningful and bold. Venkateshappa received the news of an elder passing away in Anantapur in Andhra Pradesh. And he had to attend the funeral. Both Sowmyakka and I were sad at this development. But little could we do anything. Venkateshappa had to leave that evening.

That evening, Sowmyakka and venkateshappa came home together. Venkateshappa explained that he needed to go to the funeral and would like to leave sowmyakka behind as she could take care of the cattles and milk supplies. He requested If I would take care of her and keep her safe. I assuringly told venkateshappa not to worry and he can come back as he wishes. And if need be I will sleep in his cattle shed. Assuringly Venkateshappa left. And I could see the smile on sowmyakka’s face.

After venkateshappa left, I told sowmyakka either you come to my house or I will come to yours. You can choose. She said ‘why don’t you come to my house, I will cook something nice for you today’. I agreed to meet her at 8:30 pm for dinner.

A glint of hope in my eyes. I sat down watching the IPL match telecast that day. Sipping my single malt. The single malt was definitely doing me good in terms of mood uplift, so I decided to make another and looked forward to the special dinner sowmyakka was making for me tonight.

I called sowmyakka to see if she had her dinner ready and I was happy to know that she is waiting for me to join her. I hurried up to her house and when entered, sowmyakka was no where to be seen. Sowmyakka was in the shower, I could hear her humming some nice kannada romantic song. I sat on the sofa and started to watch the IPL match on TV.

A good 20 odd minutes passed by as I heard the batch room door open and my sowmyakka calling, ‘putta (my pet name) can you pass me my nightie’ I casually picked the garment from the bed and walked up to the bathroom door and called. She opened the door and just shoved her hand through the crack. I stretched up to hand it over, and then my world went upside down.

The Bathroom was designed in such a way that the bath was on the right, once you enter and wash basin and the dresser were on left. The Door was hinged on the right side of the frame. So when the door is opened completely, the bathing enclosure stays partially obscured behind the door. But when sowmyakka opened just a crack and hid herself behind, she was standing in front of a full sized mirror fitted on the dresser platform and me standing out diagonally, had full access to her nude image in the mirror.

Now before I go any further let me describe my Sowmyakka, she is around 48 for sure, exact age I do not know. She has retained perkiness of her breasts and has a figure like a pear, unlike mothers in most of the fantasies. She is a typical Indian housewife with kids and a grand kid, overweight by at least 10 Kgs with huge breasts, slightly sagged sitting pretty on fairly large wide hips flaring in the shape of a pear, below her fleshy, waist.

However, her waist did appear smaller when compared to her ample bosom which flowed and hung outside with them facing either side and an extra wide bottom. She stood tall at 5feet 7 inches, taller than an average Indian female. Her complexion was on the brighter side. With silken skin without any freckles.

Standing there at the door, I saw her full nude image in the mirror and was transfixed. Her breasts were huge and bulky. They were just luscious. I could see her large brown areola topped with an erect nipple, thick and big as first digit of my thumb. Her midriff was fleshy and swelled, giving her a curvaceously sexy look. Her thighs were big and fleshy but had shape to them. They were stout and tapering down beautifully just above the knee, like that of a sumo wrestler, and then her lower legs which were beautiful and had shapely calves. Since she worked a lot at home and in the cattle shed.

I was shaken out of my trance as she spoke ‘yenu nodtha idhiya putta, bega kodu, gaziantep escort hikayeleri chali aagtha ide” (what are you doing, hand it quick, I am freezing). I hurriedly handed her the garment and went back to watch TV.

Now my thoughts were a mix of emotions, I was aroused and at the same time feeling guilty of harbouring such thoughts about sowmyakka. Thinking sexually about someone else’s wife is not something unusual. But she has known me ever since I was a kid and now her husband has handed me the responsibility to take care of her. I was dying of that guilt and at the same time was unable to erase her image from my mind. It was like I exploded into two different personalities, good one is forcing me ahead to think about at her nudity and the greater one is dictating terms to my mind and body and keeping me in a continuous state of arousal.

The guilt was unbearable and even greater was the desire, I was torn between these two. Before that moment sowmyakka was someone I never seriously looked upon. I have masturbated in her thoughts when I attained adolescence and even wet my bed sometimes in her thoughts, but that was it. Off late I never had any sexual feelings for her, but the last week or so I came to lust for her. It was unthinkable to me.

She came out of the bathroom wearing yellow cotton nightie. She looked beautiful in the yellow nightie with her wet hair tied up in a white cotton towel. I noticed she was not wearing any jewels, maybe she removes them while she bathes. She was not wearing any bra and her magnificent breasts swayed when she walked. She stood before the mirror in bedroom tying up her hair again. Both of her arms were raised I was treated with a savoury sight of her breasts moving in unison with her arms. The Lamp over the mirror shed light on the front of her form, her naked silhouette could be seen through the garment.

I was brought back to reality when sowmyakka said, ‘sorry putta swalpa late aayithu” (Sorry putta, it’s a bit late) I replied ‘paravagilla akka, nanagenu urgent illa” (its ok akka, I am no hurry). She hurried into the kitchen and served food for me. And invited me to the dining table. I said I would prefer eating in the hall while watching the match. She brought my plate and sat beside me to serve. I was taken aback as she was not eating until I finished. I insisted she eat along for which she said its not the culture. I instantly held her hand and told her that from the last one week we have become friends and there need to be no formality and insisted again that eats with or I shall leave. With no option and a sense of pride in her eyes, sowmyakka brought out a place for herself.

We sat down having dinner and watching the match. I was totally conscious of my surroundings and was consciously looking at the TV to avoid staring at sowmyakka. I heard my sowmyakka say something, her voice appeared to be coming from a distance and I couldn’t make out what she exactly said. This kind of frustrated her and she almost shook me and said, ‘you shouldn’t be drinking so much.’

It caught me unawares, I said ‘oh! I am sorry akka, it is not the drink its just the work which is tiring me out’. As I said I threw a glance towards her and again couldn’t help noticing her cleavage that was visible through the neck of the garment. It was modest but showed a little as she had to bend forward a little to eat her dinner. She wasn’t wearing a bra, I noticed that soft flowing fabric was caressing her breasts outlining them well and her nipples were quite prominently impressed. I almost felt like slapping myself, no matter how much I tried I couldn’t stop myself from ogling at her.

She replied ‘ putta these last seven days or so has made me realise so much about myself. I have seen you ever since you were a kid. I always wanted to get to know you better. But you avoided me. Today, you speak so much better than me. You are so matured. You are so manly and so decent. You know how to treat a woman’. This embarrassed me , I apologized to her.

She got up and came to sit beside me, she smiled lovingly and pulled me to her. My head was resting on her ample bosom, for a moment I forgot the world around me and felt like a child once again. I hugged her and snuggled in. She drew me tighter into her and comforted me with soothing words which I couldn’t make out. She thought I am feeling guilty for avoiding her in my teen days, but I had an entirely different reason to snuggle in. I felt nice for thinking sexually about sowmyakka who had been so concerned about my wellbeing.

After about ten minutes I regained my composure and became conscious. It is then I realized that I am resting on those huge mound of my new found passion. No matter how much I tried, I couldn’t help my arousal. My right cheek was resting just below her shoulder, from where flesh begins to rise gently. I opened my eyes and was greeted with the sight of her enormous cleavage. Her nightie was pulled down escort gaziantep hikayeleri a bit and the top of her breasts were exposed more than what the neck of the garment usually allowed.

I was in a trance, my right arm was around her back and I wrapped my left around the front of her, which took its course through the top and brushed her nipples. I held her right shoulder and let my arm loosely hang over her breasts. I was completely taken over by the intense desire, pushing sanity and virtues behind, I was about to put my lips on her cleavage when she suddenly but gently pushed me upright and said, ‘OK putta lets get done with the dinner’. This got the evening to an end.

She went to bed and instantly started snoring. Confused though I was but by now the good putta was overpowered by the bad putta and I resorted to masturbating thinking of her. I kept playing with my dick imagining her dripping wet and completely naked in the bathroom. When I realized I cannot hold back anymore, I got up to visit the bathroom and unload.

As I got up I threw a casual glance towards sowmyakka what I saw made my boner harder, there she was lying on her right, and her nightie was hiked all the way up to where those mammoth thighs were ending in to her big rounded hip. Her Entire leg was open to my eyes with rounding white butt.

I realized that it was warm due to the weather around this time of the year.

I stood transfixed, slowly my hand found my dick and I started to stroke it there itself looking at my sowmyakka’s nudity. I didn’t realize how close I was to the bed till I started to spurt. When satiated I became immediately worried about my proximity to the bed. I was wondering if my sperms landed on her. The thought gave me an erotic feeling of having my sperms on sowmyakka’s’ body and at the same time got me a little worried.

My desire of running my hand on her thighs made me overlook the risk. while I was thinking what to do, I felt a strange aroma, the fragrance of a woman’s vagina is not new to me but this was an intense musk with a hint of raw pungency. I think she uses some sort of scent on her pubic region to kill odour of sweat and slime.

By now I was completely overtaken by desire to copulate with sowmyakka. Strangely I was not feeling guilty; I looked upon her as a heavenly being with whom I yearned to engage in sex with purity. The contradiction between social norms, relationships and desire to achieve the essence of of pure love, but with a feeling which I could never ever describe.

I saw her lying straight with her left leg completely exposed up to the top of her thighs. Her breasts were mountains of flesh gracefully parked to their sides. It was a sight to behold; I stood there soaking up the beauty and after a while decided to go to bed.

I woke up in the morning and saw sowmyakka giving final touches to her saree. She was looking radiant in green cotton saree with orange border. My eyes instantly went to her breasts hidden beneath the folds. Their shape could be seen well outlined in her blouse.

Never before I had such minutely observed her bust, but now that I am doing I can see that she takes good care of her assets. Her breasts were upright and tightly encased giving them an erotic rounded appearance. I sighed and started to get to my house.

As usual I left to work and that day seemed so long. The thoughts of Sowmyakka were running in my head over time. And time seemed to stand still. I was waiting for the clock to strike 6. I left office and reached home at about 7 pm.

When i reached home, I saw sowmyakka waiting for me and on seeing me she went in and came out with a tumbler of freshly brewed coffee. She was seemingly radiant and bright. We started our usual banter and time just flew. it was past 8 PM and both, me and sowmyakka, were at the end of our wits. After taking shower I sought her permission to leave the room for a while, she smiled and said ok but do not get drunk, I Promised I wouldn’t and left.

I went to my room and had a couple of pegs of my regular, which I needed to clear my head. After few drinks I was mulling over what to do about my desire to have intercourse with sowmyakka. Even though everything went as I had dreamt but I did not have a clue as to how I shall approach the subject. Thinking and making plans and so on I ended up with a drink more than I had planned. I took the last one and resigned from making plans as none seem to be even remotely realistic and happening.

I reached room to find sowmyakka lazing on the sofa watching TV, she was wearing a sleeveless nightie today that was drawn up to level of her knees, this was totally unsual. A Mix of alcohol and her skin got me extremely hot and bothered. She offered me some snacks and sat down on the couch across the bed. She was busy watching TV and I kept soaking in her beauty.

The doorbell rang and I got up to open, she jumped off the bed went straight to the kitchen. It was the cable guy and After he left, I told her to come out. which is when it dawned on me why she did not want anyone to see her. The nightie she was wearing was reaching just few inches below her knee but had a wide round neck with sleeveless shoulders. Since she was still wearing bra she was showing an ample cleavage. It wasn’t exposing by any standards but for her standards and living so far it sure wasn’t modest.

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