The Locked Door Pt. 02



Both slept well that night. Neither Sarah nor Fiona had any reason to question the events which had unfolded, to each of them what had happened had felt perfectly natural. Obviously, in the greater scheme of things, what they had done was wrong, but who cared? Nobody knew, why not do what feels good? Why not satisfy your own desires?

Fiona was the first to wake. Despite not bothering her much in the night, by the morning hours her skin was starting to ache from the paddling she’d received and try as she might, she couldn’t make herself fall back to sleep. Every time she touched her skin and felt the subtle welts, she thought back to the events that had caused them. It still gave her a rush of excitement to think about it. By the time she finally gave up on rest and got out of bed she had already masturbated three times.

She decided not to put her pyjamas back on and instead followed her sister’s lead from the night before. Behind the door was a silk dressing gown, similar to the one Sarah had worn the night before, only this one was a rich jade green. Otherwise naked, she slid into the luxurious gown and made her way downstairs to the kitchen.

With the whole house to herself, she decided that she needed to do something special for her sister. She had, after all, forgiven her for snooping where she shouldn’t have been and gave her one of the most intense nights of her life. She felt as though she needed more, but didn’t know if it would ever happen, it all depended on what was going on in Sarah’s head. Was she as excited by events as Fiona had been? Or was the punishment just a fun but necessary reminder to keep her nose out of other people’s business?

She danced around the kitchen happily as she prepared breakfast for her sister. Sarah had never really been one for eating much in the mornings but Fiona knew exactly what she liked and knew that there would be no better way to say thank you. She ground coffee and prepared the Bialetti, ready to warm it up as soon as Sarah arrived. She prepared grapefruit and squeezed orange juice before setting two places at the kitchen island.

She waited.

It felt like an eternity. She could not remember being so eager to have her family wake since she was a little girl at Christmas time. She considered heading upstairs and waking her sister with breakfast in bed, but knew how much she liked her sleep and how she was always later to bed than herself, and that in this instance patience would be seen as a virtue.

Eventually Sarah woke, washed and clad herself in her dressing gown before heading downstairs. She was not surprised to see her sister already awake and awaiting her arrival, although she was surprised to see her busying herself with preparations for breakfast.

“This is very unexpected, Fee, what have I done to deserve such special treatment?”

Fiona smiled, “It is the least I could do under the circumstances, I needed some way to say thank you.”

“Thank you?” Sarah asked, “You know you never have to thank me for staying with me, what’s mine is yours.”

“Not just that,” retorted Fiona with a knowing smile. There was no doubting what she was referring to.

“Well, whatever it’s purpose, it’s really appreciated. Come here.” She beckoned her sister.

Fiona made her way around to where Sarah was sitting and kissed her on the lips. She held this kiss for a fraction of a second longer than was appropriate, but those kind of things seemed not to matter any more.

They ate breakfast in relative quiet. Each of the sisters spent time looking at the other, trying to catch their eye, as if hoping to size them up and divine their intentions after the events which had transpired last night. Occasionally they caught each other’s gaze and would smile to one another, like shy schoolgirls caught staring at a crush, before turning back to the food before them.

Fiona was the first to address the elephant in the room. “Sarah, I need to talk to you, about last night.”

Sarah was taken aback, it was not like her come forward so frankly, but she appreciated it, she managed not to show any sign of her feelings, it was important that she remained in control of herself. “We can talk,” she agreed, “But not here, these chairs are uncomfortable.”

Fiona nodded, “Okay,” her eagerness was clear, “where would you like to go?”

Sarah stood up. “Let’s go and find a couch, I can’t stand these kitchen stools.” She led Fiona out of the kitchen into the hallway. Past the door, which had been the catalyst for the events last night, and towards the living room. Sarah seated herself in the corner of a studded leather couch and folded one leg over the other, resting her coffee on her knee while grasping the handle with one hand. She looked towards the opposite side of the couch, clearly as a means of instructing her sister to sit nearby. She did so immediately.

Sarah knew that she was in control at this point. She had no idea what she wanted to do about the events of last night, but luckily for her Fiona had been the one to bring it up, and her shyness about the escort reklamları subject would put her at a bit of a disadvantage. Fiona may have been her sister but now was not the time to go easy on her, she was going to use all the techniques she had developed over the years to make her sister feel uncomfortable, to put her on the back-foot and take control of the conversation.

She allowed the silence to fill the room. She was not going to be the first to speak.

“So,” began Fiona, her earlier confidence beginning to wane, “You know that I’ve never… never done anything like that before.”

Sarah nodded, silence was her ally.

“With anyone I mean, let alone… my sister!”

Again, Sarah merely nodded.

Fiona looked embarrassed but it was clear that she was going to say what she needed to say. “What I’m saying is, that I don’t want it to stop. It’s something I’ve known that I need for a long time, and now that I’ve tasted it, I need to do more. At least before I didn’t know what I was missing, or could pretend to myself that maybe I wouldn’t like it, given the opportunity. But now I know, now I understand that this is something I need. Like a missing piece or something?” She stopped suddenly, she had allowed herself to ramble, had she even made sense?

Sarah waited a moment, she knew exactly how Fiona felt, she had been the same when she’d first dominated someone. The rush had been so intense that it couldn’t be denied, it was as though she never really knew who she was until that day. “I understand.” she said, finally.

Fiona looked relieved, “You do?”

“Yes,” Sarah continued, “I know that this is something you need. Once you discover this part of yourself there is no going back, you can’t exactly put it back in the box.”

“Yes, exactly!”

“If it’s something that you want to explore more, I’d be more than happy to let you and Mike use the dungeon as much as you like. Like I’ve always said, what’s mine is yours.”

Fiona’s face fell. That was not what she meant. “Sarah,” she began to speak, her voice almost pleading, “You don’t understand, Mike is not that guy, he’s probably the same as me. You could put him in there and the best he could do would be to act, he wouldn’t enjoy it, he wouldn’t know what to do, but you… I know you enjoyed last night.”

Sarah stared at her sister, she wasn’t wrong, but what was the best way forward? “I enjoyed it, yes,” she admitted, “But that doesn’t mean that it should continue.” She placed her cup of coffee down on the side table and draped her arm along the back of the sofa.

“What do you mean? Why can’t it continue? We both enjoyed it!” there was a touch of desperation in her voice.

“It’s not just about enjoyment. There are a few things to be considered. Firstly, I am your sister, and despite how we feel that does have to mean something. Secondly, you are married, and one way or another your husband will find the truth of this, and most importantly, I have very high expectation of those who serve me, and you being my sister is incompatible with that level of expectation.”

Fiona looked forlorn, but she wouldn’t give up. “Yes, we are sisters, but that doesn’t matter to me and it shouldn’t to you. The fact that we already love each other unconditionally should only make things easier, not harder.”

Sarah thought for a moment, she certainly had a point. Of all her objections the fact that they were related was one of the least important to her.

“As for Mike, yes that is a problem, but the genie is out of the bottle with him already, I love him dearly, but he can never satisfy me sexually, nor I him, so it’s inevitable that we will break up. He’s been sleeping around the past few months, probably because he knows how he cant satisfy me in bed and it’s the only way he can feel like a man.”

“Mike needs to be considered either way, although you didn’t say that he’d cheated on you. I don’t think that is acceptable, no matter how much you love him.”

Fiona didn’t want to get caught up talking about her husband, “And as for your expectations, you know how strong I am, you know how devoted to you I could be, and I know how much you care for me. I can’t see how anyone would stand a chance of meeting your expectations half as well as I could if you just gave me a chance.”

Sarah knew this to be true. Maybe domination was not incompatible with sisterly love, but surely it was too much of a risk to find out. “Well regardless of what you say, it is barely ten o’clock. Twelve hours ago this conversation was as improbable as aliens landing! Whatever you think you want, or whatever either of us wants we should think on it more.” She paused for a moment, “What happened last night was a bit of fun between sisters, unconventional fun for sure, but fun. At this point in time we have an opportunity to leave it as that, just a bit of fun. I think that I need time to think about things, to clear my head.”

“You may do, but I know what I want.” Fiona was defiant, she had made up her mind. gaziantep escort reklamları She knew herself in this moment and knew what she wanted.

“Well that’s all fine and good, but you need to think about your husband.” Sarah stood up. “I’m going to go out for a few hours, I think we need some time apart — please Fee, use this time to think things through. Whatever you say, I will love you always. I’m just worried that you are letting your heart get ahead of your head.” She left the room.

Fiona knew that there were things to think about. She knew better than to push it further now, but she was also sure about what she wanted. All she could do is wait, and be ready.

Sarah spent the day in London, thinking about what had transpired. She could not deny that she had enjoyed it, nor could she pretend that she hadn’t felt something more with her sister than she had with any of her past submissives. She didn’t know if the taboo nature of the encounter had made it more intense, or if it was her deep love for her sister, but those feeling were true and there was no denying them.

She tried to imagine what life would be like should she take Fiona as requested. Would she be able to dominate her? Would she be able to treat her harshly when the situation required? Could she humiliate her? Regardless of the answer of any of these questions, she could not deny that the thought of it excited her greatly. She could easily imagine putting Fiona into all manner of different situations, the very idea of it made her blood run a little hotter through her veins.

The only major problem was Michael, Fiona’s husband. He too was submissive, his own submissive nature had been what made him sexually incompatible with Fiona, he had never risen to the challenge set out before him by his wife. And now he had indulged himself in infidelities, that could not go unremarked upon. He was the major issue in all of this. Although there was one possible solution…

By the time Sarah returned home the sun was setting and the sky blazed orange in the twilight. She stepped through the door, her high heels clicking on the chequerboard tiles of the hallway as she made her way into the living room. She was tired, she could feel it in her bones. Every part of her body ached.

She had barely been inside the house for a minute when Fiona appeared. She was clearly happy to see her sister and by the looks of things she had been preparing for her return. She had done her make-up to an exceptional standard and her hair had obviously been agonized over, each strand was perfectly formed into the correct shape, each wave of her hair as perfect as the last. She had been preparing to impress, and impress she did.

She didn’t join her sister in sitting, she knew what she wanted, but didn’t know how to go about getting it. At first she stood awkwardly in the middle of the sitting room, in front of Sarah who was sat on a large velvet armchair. She knew that she looked awkward so adjusted herself and sat down with her legs folded one over the other on the rug. Her position on the floor, she decided was suitably submissive, perhaps by small gestures she could influence her sister’s decision.

“You really want more, don’t you?” asked Sarah.

Fiona nodded, she was so nervous that her throat was dry, she could barely croak out a single, “yes” syllable.

“You know that I have plenty of friends with similar interests who…”

Fiona was shaking her head, interrupting her sister. She already knew what she was about to say and she wasn’t interested. “It has to be you,” she said.

“Why me?” asked Sarah, “Why, can it not be anyone else?”

“Because you’re my sister!” replied Fiona.

Sarah was slightly exasperated, she knew this was how this conversation was going to go. “Surely that’s the main reason why it can’t be me.”

“You are the only person I can trust. Please, Sarah, I really need this.”

She thought for a moment. “If we were to do this — If!” she pointed a finger at her sister, cutting her brief excitement short. “If we were to do this, then I would be in total control.”

Fiona began to smile, she was nodding in agreement but did not want to interrupt her sister’s train of thought.

“Which means that you would do anything that I ask of you — anything at all, no matter how hard it is, or difficult to bear, no matter how embarrassing or humiliating. Any kind of arrangement would see your needs become totally secondary to my own. Do you really think you could handle that?”

Fiona nodded again, enthusiastically.

“I want to hear you say it.”

“Yes, Mistress,” her cheeks flushed red slightly at the word, “I can handle anything.”

“If we ever get to a point where you are unable to do something I command, be it through pain, humiliation, tiredness, whatever… If we ever get to that point then this whole thing will stop, do you understand that?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“You need to be prepared that this wont work out long-term. Maybe you’ll gaziantep escort bayan reklamları last a day, maybe a week, a month, I don’t know. But when the day comes when you can no longer serve me then we both need to be mature enough to carry on with our lives as sisters, without any bitterness or anger, only the memory of what came before.”

“I know, Sarah, if that happened it would be hard, but we’re both strong women. We would be fine. Please, Mistress, I need this.”

Sarah thought a moment longer, there was one more thing that needed to be cleared up. “What about your husband?”

“I will leave him, get a divorce, we are never going to work out, I should let him out while he is still young.”

“No.” said Sarah, sternly. “You will not divorce him, you still love him, besides, your relationship with him may well end up being one of the best things in your life, if you can work through your issues.”

Fiona looked puzzled, she wasn’t sure what the right answer was here.

“My last stipulation is that if you are to serve me, then you must trust me to help you and Mike repair your relationship. Whatever I decide to do will go unopposed by you.”

Fiona didn’t need to consider this, “Yes, of course I agree.”

“Good. If you ever disagree with my methods, then you are to tell me, you will be free to go against me at any point with my plans for Mike, but know that if you do then our arrangement will also be terminated.”

“Yes, Mistress.” She bowed her head towards the ground, as though awaiting some kind of final judgement on her life.

“Go to bed,” Sarah ordered, “I will sleep on it and tell you my decision in the morning.”

Fiona didn’t need to be told twice. She stood sharply up, bowed her head in what she hoped was a deferential manner and then headed straight upstairs to her bedroom. Her head was spinning and she couldn’t believe that her sister was on the verge of accepting her. The conversation had been emotionally exhausting, but at least it had gone positively. Now all she could do was wait.

Sarah already knew what her decision would be. Despite all the misgivings she had presented to Fiona, she wanted it just as much as her sister and had no intention in denying herself what she wanted. She knew how strong Fiona was, and how much she would do to try and keep her happy. She knew, too, that Fiona was capable and sensible enough that if it didn’t work out she would deal with it well. Once she’d experienced a taste of that kind of life she’d be in a far better position to try and find it for herself with someone else if it ever came to that. And who better to teach her than her own sister? Who else could she be certain of caring for her welfare? Sarah was the perfect Domme for her sister.

When she was sure that Fiona was asleep, Sarah made her own way to bed and thought about how tomorrow would unfold.

She woke late as normal, she had never been one to sleep early, often not even trying until well after midnight. She looked at the clock, it was ten. Perfect, Fiona would’ve been awake for hours by now. Sarah had no intention of rushing to her sister’s side; she knew full well that every minute Fiona waited would feel like an hour and the longer she waited the more compliant she would be when Sarah told her of her decision.

She ran herself a bath, luxuriated in the bubbles, while catching up on the news of the day. She may have been retired, but she liked to keep her eye on what was going on in the world of business and finance, should she ever feel the urge to return to it.

After her bath she took her time drying herself, moisturising and applying wakeup, making sure her hair was perfect. Then she considered her outfit. She needed something that would look casual enough that Fiona wouldn’t guess her decision immediately, but also something that a Domme would wear in front of her new submissive. In the end, this did not take her long. She usually started the day naked, save for a silk dressing gown, why would today be any different? She looked in her wardrobe for one of her favourites, a deep burgundy colour with black trim. She decided that today she would not be naked underneath, she did not want Fiona to look upon her body just yet, that would be a privilege she’d have to earn. She took a matching set of lingerie and put it on beneath the gown. Looking at herself in the mirror she noted how good she looked, but also knew that she looked no different to any other morning. Her outfit would not give anything away to her sister.

By now it was almost midday. Time to change her life forever.

She headed down the stairs and into the hallway, her bare feet silent on the chequerboard floor. Despite her silence, she did not go unnoticed, Fiona had been waiting for her.

“Good morning!” she was especially cheerful, almost as though she has been anticipating this moment for hours.

Sarah turned to her sister, she looked amazing. Her hair was perfect, her make up was immaculate and she was adorned in the most beautiful white summer dress, skin tight around her chest, accentuating the perfect curves of her body and just short enough to show most of her thigh without seeming indecent. The outfit too, although clearly sexy, had enough of the casual about it for Fiona to pass it off as having not been anything special. She had clearly dressed up for her sister, but if things weren’t to go her way her outfit was passable as an everyday one.

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