The Lawn Maintenance Guy

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This story is just a dream and will most likely never come to reality, but who knows? The story is fictional but based on true events and a fantasy.


Sometimes events can happen by chance. Sometimes events can happen because they were planned. What I am about to write is a story of me and the young man who treats my lawn. His name is Michael and is 25 years of age, very friendly and well built, and is black. When he showed up to do the first lawn treatment I found myself wondering what his black cock looked like and how big it is. It was only a fantasy that I never expected to actually happen. Although I never sucked a black man’s cock it intrigues me to think about how it would feel with his penis in my mouth.

Michael did a very good job driving that little mower-like contraption that distributed the lawn mix. He was there because I called the company he worked for and paid for their service for one year and I lived in his service territory. A very friendly man, he always initiated a handshake when he first arrived and when he was finished and about to leave.

At first I didn’t think much of it but when he arrived for the third application he not only shook my hand in a provocative way but he looked right into my eyes as if he was planning to someday be much more friendly to me. I’ve always been heterosexual with a wonderful wife for over thirty years. But the way that handsome black man looked at me made my dick start to twitch a little, which was unusual because it was the first time I had any reaction to another man.

Nothing more happened that day and before he left my wife came out with some lemonade for him. He gladly accepted it and after drinking it he was on his way. My wife commented on how friendly he seemed and I told her that he was always friendly with me and was quick to share with me what he did that day.

I guess it could be said that fate rang it’s bell when I was home alone when Michael returned about three weeks later for the next application. We again shook hands when he got out of his truck and again the handshake was provocative but this time he held onto my hand longer. By provocative I mean it was a soothing handshake as he gripped my hand tightly and at the same time rubbed my hand in a way that was almost hypnotic. In fact he didn’t let go of it right away and being much stronger than me I wasn’t kocaeli escort able to pull my hand from his. He squeezed very hard until I was forced to go down on my knees right in front of him. I could see a large bulge in his pants and found myself thinking that I just wanted to reach out and kiss his crotch.

This handsome dominant black man reached around with his left hand and forcefully pulled my head into his crotch where I could feel that black snake through his shorts. It was almost as if Michael read my mind and I wished his shorts and underwear were not on. I just wanted to lick him.

“Where’s your wife?” he asked.

I replied that she’s away for a few hours and wouldn’t return until after six P.M., which was about four hours from then. I asked him why did he want to know that.

Michael then said, “Because I want to show you something in the back of my truck.”

“What is it?” I asked.

He then said, “Let’s go in there and find out.”

I thought for sure he wanted to show me some of his lawn equipment, and even though I was right about the equipment part I wasn’t right about it being for the lawn! As I went to the back of his service truck I was surprised when Michael grabbed both my wrists, held them together with his strong left hand, and quickly tied them together with a plastic wire tie. He then finished tying my wrists together with a piece of rope, reached down and tied my ankles and knees, and completed his bondage by tying my feet to my hands. He hogtied me and I was going nowhere!

He then tied me to the side of the truck compartment so I wouldn’t be able to fall over, and looking me straight in my eyes, smiling, he asked me if I was ready to be blacked. I told him I wasn’t going to allow him to put his dick in my mouth and he asked me how did I plan to stop him.

Next he stood up and removed his shorts, standing inside that truck with only his bulging underwear on. When he pulled down his underwear and revealed a gorgeous 8 inch smooth-as-silk prick I was in awe of him and half of me wanted to get up and leave and the other half wanted that thing in my mouth. It was obviously going to be the latter since I was in no position to go anywhere.

His johnson was standing tall and erect, and he at first teased me with it by rubbing it all over my kocaeli escort bayan face. His pre-cum was moist and surprisingly not smelly. He told me to open my mouth, which I obediently did, and he gently slid that lovely appendage in and out. It was hard and soft at the same time and the texture of his cock was unlike anything I ever felt before. I didn’t want this experience to end but shortly after I could tell Michael was about to explode.

What a joy it was to him and me when his cock let go of his semen right into my mouth! He kept coming and coming and I kept sucking and swallowing and shortly it was done. I had never eaten cum before but after tasting what this black hunk had to offer I was ready for some more. It was very tasty and creamy and at that time I realized my heterosexual lifestyle was most likely over.

“How did you like it?” he asked.

“That was amazing,” I replied. “When are we going to do it again? And being tied up made it even better!”

“Answer me this question; who’s your daddy now?”

I replied, “I guess in the position I’m in there’s isn’t much doubt that you are.” It sort of hurt me to state that I was under this man’s control, but on the other hand it was a wonderful experience being tied up and dominated by him and sucking his black cock and tasting his dynamite cum.

I hadn’t realized how the time had flown by and it was now pushing five o’clock P.M. Michael still had me tied up and had just come back after servicing my lawn when he stood in front of me with another raging hard on. His glistening legs were exciting to look at and when he removed his shorts I saw that big rod pushing out the fabric of his cotton underwear.

Without even asking me he pulled out his dick and slid it into my open mouth. In and out he went again. I could not get enough of the texture of that moist, hard, and leathery dick of his. I was really enjoying sucking his penis, which was good since I couldn’t do anything to stop him, when he shot a big tasty load into my waiting mouth. As soon as he was finished feeding me again I thought I heard the closing of a car door.

Michael heard it too and said to me, “I think your wife is home. Should we show her what you have learned to like?”

I tried to say no but his large cock prevented me from speaking. escort kocaeli So there I was, on my knees in front of a black dominant man who refused to take his cock out of my mouth so my wife could see the position I was in.

“Oh, what do we have here, Michael?” she asked. She didn’t even act surprised but instead walked right up to him and kissed him very passionately on his soft lips while his dick stayed in my mouth. “So you finally captured him?”

“Yes, I did, and you know what? He loves my black cock and the taste of my cum.”

“I can’t fault him for that,” she said as she softly kissed him on his lips again.

My wife then looked at me all bound up like a pig and said, “So you finally found your niche. And here I thought you were such a macho guy but now I find out you love black cock. Aren’t we all going to have some fun in the future?” She then asked Michael if he would remove his dick from my mouth so I could answer her.

“Did you really like it? I mean, how did Michael’s cum taste? Did you like the feel of it too?”

Ashamedly I answered her by saying, “Honey, can we just forget what you see here? I’m very sorry you had to see this. It’s the first time I’ve ever been with another man.”

“Right, and I guess you are going to tell me you didn’t like it? You still didn’t answer my questions,” she said.

“Well, it was different, and yes, I guess I liked it.”

“You GUESS you liked it? Tell the truth to me or I will have you remain in that position for all night.”

“Okay, okay. You win. Yes, I liked it very much. I love the taste of his cum and I loved the texture of his cock in my mouth. But I promise I won’t do it anymore. Please just untie me and let me go,” I begged.

My wife got down in front of me, sat on her knees as she displayed those gorgeous legs I always adored, looked me right in my eyes, and said, “No, I won’t let you go at least not right now. You must stay here while Michael and I go up and get into OUR bed and get busy as we have done many times before.”

“Do you mean to tell me that you two have had sex before?”

She explained to me as she placed a gag in my mouth, “Yes, we have, and I happen to be pregnant with Michael’s little black baby. And guess who’s going to be taking care of OUR little baby? Right, you are so you better get used to having Michael around.”

I was unable to say anything as Michael and my wife left me there and went into the house. I only wished they would have allowed me to watch them make love, to see my wife’s lovely creamy legs in contrast to Michael’s chocolate skin as he kept going in and out of my wife’s sexy pussy. Somehow I figured that I had had my last sex with her.

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