The Keys Pt. 02



When I awoke, the boat had warmed up substantially and I was covered in sweat. I groggily walked to the galley and grabbed a bagel and some juice, consuming it rapidly. The sun greeted me rudely as I walked through the cabin door and out into the deck of the boat. My eyes were still adjusting a bit to the light, but I didn’t see my Father anywhere around me. Then suddenly I noticed a boat anchored about 100 yards to the left of us. I suddenly felt very naked. It was a bit longer than our twenty-five footer, and more of an “open fisherman” style boat where the console is in the center of the boat and there is only a metal frame and taught canvas tarp covering it. Fishing poles jutted from their holders on either side of the boats stern, and in between were two large outboard motors, 225 hp each.

I quickly snapped out of my stupor and ran forward in the cabin to grab my shorts. When I came back out, I saw two snorkeled divers in between our boats. One appeared to be my Dad and the other, I ascertained, must have been our visitor. The sun was getting high in the sky so I figured it most be pretty late in the morning. I was hot, so I dove in and swam toward them.

As I neared them, my Dad waved and, treading water said, “Well, good morning! Looks like you crashed pretty hard last night. This is Evan. He works with me at the hospital.” I waved over to him feebly.

“Hey there. Nice to meet you. Looks like you found a nice spot over here!” he said.

“Yeah, it’s pretty nice,” I said. I dove underwater to cool off some more. They swam over to our sailboat and then I noticed they had a mesh bag each as they climbed aboard. Curious, I swam over to the side and got in as well. When I stepped aboard, I noticed two things: My Father had a bathing suit on, and they had just caught several lobsters. “Nice!” I said.

“Yeah, we found a bunch under some rocks near my boat over there. We’ll probably cook’em up tonight. Sound good?” Evan said. I looked over at my Dad and he said, “Yeah, I invited him over here for the day and told him where we’d be. Just a guy’s getaway. That ok with you?”

“Yeah, that’s fine,” I said. I was a little disappointed after what had transpired last night, but lobsters would be good too.

I looked at Evan and my Dad talking as I say up on the bow of the boat. They were drinking beer and chatting it up. Evan was a little taller than my dad, very tan and thinner. He had flowing dirty blonde hair that swept back and was kept in place behind his ears. He looked a couple years younger than my Dad and had more of an athletic physique. We had escort resimleri a canopy that could be pulled up over the stern of the boat, and the worked to get it put together. I decided to swim for a bit and left the guys on the boat. I normally can’t be kept out of the water for long, but I started getting wrinkled and hungry, so I got out and had a sandwich with my Dad and Evan.

“You wanna come see my boat?” he asked. “It’s got some pretty good power behind it.”

“Sure,” I said, with my mouth full.

“He and I spent the whole day without clothes yesterday, Evan. It was great, especially as hot as it was,” said my Father. I swallowed hard.

“Sounds great. I told you that’s the way to do it out here. I’m glad to see you guys loosening up like that. As a matter of fact, what’s keeping us from doing it now?” he said. I was frozen as he stood and quickly yanked down his shorts. His cock sprang free. He clearly had done this quite a bit. He had no tan lines at all and even his dick seemed tan. It was shaved, and unlike my Dad, circumcised. It was also quite big, easily as big as my Father’s huge cock. It was clean looking and smooth as it limply pointed to the floor. Next, my Dad followed suit and pulled his trunks off, tossing them to the side. His cock flopped freely and he sat back down. They both looked at me and I felt their pressure. I stood and pulled my swimsuit down and then the three of us sat back down.

After a few minutes, I felt completely at ease with the two of them and forgot that we were naked, save for the occasional glances at each others’ penises. It felt ordinary, and we all talked and laughed. Finally, my Dad turned to me and said, “Evan why don’t you go show my Son your boat. He’s probably looking to get some wind in his hair after sitting in this little sailboat.”

“Sure! You ready, bud?” he asked.

“Ok!” I responded, and we both jumped in. We swam to his boat and climbed in. I suddenly realized we were both still naked, so I said, “Wait, I forgot my suit!”

Evan replied, “Oh, don’t worry about it. We’re just going to drive around a little. Probably won’t see a soul, anyway.” He started the engines and pulled up the anchor. He then said, “Hold on!” and he engaged the engines. I saw next to Evan as he stood at the wheel, and I held onto the metal support pole on the side of the console. He jammed the throttle forward and we were off.

The water was still mostly calm with a very light chop, and we were flying across its surface easily. We turned toward the ocean gaziantep escort resimleri from around the small island we had anchored next to and began circling it toward the other side. Evan said, “There are a lot of Dolphin out here, I may try to catch some later today.” He was referring to what most people call Mahi-Mahi – a popular fish in Florida. He backed down the throttle and switched places with me, letting me drive a little. It was great flying along with all that power propelling us forward. I did some S-turns in the water and had a blast. We backed down the throttle and bobbed in the ocean for a few.

“The depth finder says it’s about 50 feet deep here. It’s a great reef down there. You should dive it sometime. Check it out,” he said. He turned off the engines, and leaned over the side, looking down into the water. I walked next to him and leaned over as well. The sides of the boat were a little higher than the sailboat, so I had to try to balance on my stomach with my feel off the floor to get a good look. He put his hand on my back to balance me and as he did, his penis grazed my left hand. An electric shock went through me. “Do you see anything down there?” he asked.

“I can see some coral and some fish down there on the bottom. It’s cool,” I responded. I righted myself, and he caught me as I landed on my feet. A small wave rocked the boat, and made me fall forward. My face landed into his stomach, and my hand landed right on his dick. I quickly yanked my hand away, muttering an apology, and stood.

He chuckled and said, “No problem, buddy. Things get in the way when don’t have clothes on, right?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” I said, smiling back.

“So,” he said, “you like being naked, too? Good for you. There’s nothing wrong with it and it feels so much better out here. You guys stayed out of your clothes all night, too?”

His mention of last night made me remember my Dad’s cock and what it felt like to hold it. The flood of thoughts rushing through my head caused my dick to begin to swell. I started to stand sideways so he wouldn’t notice. “Yeah, we kept them off last night too,” I said. I was trying to prevent myself from getting an erection, but it was definitely a losing battle.

“You ok, bud?” he asked me as I faced away from him.

“Oh yeah, I’m just…looking around and stuff,” I said.

“Ok, you just suddenly looked like you were ill or something.”

“No, I’m fine. I’m…” I started. Evan then came around my side to look at my face and saw me holding gaziantep escort bayan resimleri my now fully erect penis, trying hard to conceal it.

“Ah, is that all it is? Don’t worry about it. We’re all guys out here. Lord knows it happens to me all the time,” he said.

“Really?” I asked.

“Oh yeah,” he replied. “If the wind changes I get a hard on. In fact, now that you’ve got one, I feel one starting on me.”

I looked down at his uncovered crotch and saw his tanned, smooth penis slowly lengthening and rising. It was beautiful to watch and I took my hands away from my own dick. “I hope you don’t mind,” he said, “but I’m going to have to take care of this now that it’s getting hard. You can too, if you want.” He sat down in the captain’s chair and started to jack his smooth, thick cock back and forth. It was semi hard now and flopped around as he stroked its length. In no time it was fully erect and about the same size as my Dad’s.

“Here, have a seat,” he said, and padded the seat next to him with his hand. I sat down obediently and watched him stoke his long cock. His balls were tighter than my Dad’s and there was no foreskin to move back and forth. He had a lot precum oozing from the tip which lubricated his cock slowly as he jacked it up and down. I started doing the same and looked down at me. “That’s nice,” he said as he watched me stroke my young cock up and down.

My hips were bucking back and forth as were his. He moved closer to me until our thighs were touching. He was shifting his body to lean his cock in my direction as he masturbated. I loved watching him stoke his big dick up and down. He moved his left hand onto my thigh as we both jacked off, finally touching my other hand as it slid up and down on my erect tool. He stroked its length gently, asking, “Is this ok? You’re an adult now, you can aalways tell me no if it bothers you.”

I nodded my head at him and then he said, “Why don’t you touch mine?” and he pulled my hand over to his huge cock. Then he started jacking me off as I began to stroke him. If felt incredible to be doing this to each other. He started breathing heavier, saying, “Oh god, yeah, that’s good. Stroke my cock, buddy. Yeah!”

Suddenly, his hip bucked and he grunted loudly. Cum shot through the air, landing on the deck of the boat. I gripped his cock hard as he shot and continued to jerk him up and down. As I did, I felt myself about to come and said, “Oh god, oh god!” and shot a wad of semen onto the deck as well. Semen dripped down our hands as we caught our breath.

“That was great, man. Thanks for helping me out like that!” he said.

“No problem,” I replied. I rinsed my hand in the water around the back of the boat and cleaned off the cum dripping from my softened penis. He did the same. We then took our places at the console, turned the engines on and headed back around the other side of the island to where the sailboat and my Dad awaited our return.

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