The Initiation Ch. 04



I would suggest you read the first three chapters in order to gain continuity to the story. This is the final chapter.

Susan and Bob received a reminder invitation to their next party. As Bob had already spoken to Chuck about bringing their mother’s as guests, Chuck’s letter stated some of the provisions for having Sheri and Tina attend the party.

“Mom, Sheri please listen to what is expected of you if you decide to attend the swingers party on Saturday, which is three days from now” Bob stated to his mother and mother-in-law. Bob’s wife, Susan, Sheri’s daughter was in the room as well listening intently. Bob started to read the letter. “As guests to our secret party, you will be expected to have sex with members of our group which will include your respective siblings. If you are in agreement, you need to refrain from any sex over the next few days.

Additionally, you will need to be dressed appropriately. Shower prior to getting dressed, wear a loose fitting dress. Undergarments are prohibited and most importantly, do not shave your pussy. Lastly, when you arrive at the house, you will be blindfolded before you enter the house.”

“Any question?” Bob asked the very good looking moms. Both shook their heads in agreement.

“We have no problems, with any of this, except the no sex part” bemoaned Tina. “But we can wait a few days if it means going to a great party.”

Bob and Susan were also somewhat curious about the party as this was going to be the first one they attended since they became members. Susan could not think of a time when she was so sexually turned on when as when she was at the last meeting. Both women and men had taken her in various ways. She came so much that night that she replays that night often, watching the video that was presented to her by Chuck at the end of that evening.

“Let me give Chuck a call” Bob said to Susan, “so I can let him know that our mom’s will be coming.”

“I have to go over to meet with Marie” in about thirty minutes, so let me tell her and she will tell Chuck,” Susan replied. “Marie and I are going to the mall to pick out some sexy lingerie for the party.”

“Fine with me” Bob said.

While driving to Marie, Susan could not stop thinking about the way Marie played her that first night. Marie had on the brink of cumming so many times, that when Marie finally hit the right spots, Susan saw stars. Being watched all during the time Marie had me under her charms made it even more exciting. To be naked, legs spread with her very hairy black bush on display had the men jerking off and the women wanting to touch her. She was trying to think of a way to pay back her friend.

Marie and Chuck greeted Susan and after Susan told both of them that her mom and Bob’s mom were going to attend the party, Marie and Susan left for the mall. They arrived at the mall and headed straight to the Pleasure Cove clothing store. The home of intimate apparel and other sexy lines of clothing, it was the fanciest store in the mall. When they walked in Susan was taken aback by the lack of customers in this very fancy store.

Just then a very good looking red headed lady came out from behind the curtain separating the front of the store from what Susan believed was the store room. “Barbara, I would like you to meet my good friend, Susan,” Marie said. “Barbara is a dear friend of mine and has always been able to provide some sexy things for me to wear.”

“Nice to meet you Susan, glad you were able to come today” Barbara remarked.

“I am glad to be here but I am curious why the store is not crowded as we seem to be the only ones in the store at this time,” Susan asked.

“I guess Marie didn’t tell you that we operate by appointment only. She booked the next hour for both of you,” Barbara replied. “Let’s get started. What are you looking for?”

“We are going to a very special party on Saturday, and we need something really sexy to wear to the party,” Susan noted.

“Should we start with some sexy undergarments?” Barbara asked.

“No,” Marie quickly replied with a grin and a subtle wink toward Barbara. “We are not going to need underwear for this party.”

“Okay, let me bring out a few of my sexiest dresses for you to try on. Marie, let’s start with your friend first. What size dress do you wear, Susan?” Barbara asked.

“Normally I wear a size 8, but with a 38D bra size, I may need the next size.”

Barbara stopped by the front door to lock it as Marie and Susan followed Barbara into the back of the store. Susan stopped in her tracks when she saw how the back room was set up. The room was the size of a living room and furnished with very expensive furniture.

“I try to treat my customers as family. When you come here the experience should be one of being comfortable with your surroundings. What better way to try on sexy clothes than to have everything at your disposal,” Barbara said as she spread her hand in a way to show her guests what she meant. Large floor to gaziantep escort pornoları ceiling mirrors, some portable. Three-sided mirrors to get the best view when trying on clothes. Plush chairs with foot stools to be used when trying on shoes were placed strategically throughout the room. A fully stocked bar was in one corner as was small sandwiches.

Barbara brought out several dresses, tops and very short skirts. “Susan, you need to get out of what you are wearing in order to try these on to see if they accentuate your shape”

“Come on, I’ve seen you naked before,” exclaimed Marie. “Knowing you, you probably are not wearing underwear.” With that, Marie snaked her hand under the hem of Susan’s dress. “I thought so, and by the way, Barbara, Susan’s pussy is soaking wet.”

Embarrassed, a little, nevertheless, Susan, in one motion, pulled her hem up and took her dress off all in one motion. “Oh my!” sighed Barbara. “She really is a beauty, Marie.” There stood Susan, her tits standing tall, her nipples hard as diamonds, with her hands placed on her hips. Barbara’s eyes moved from Susan’s chest to the thicket of lush, black pubic hair that surrounded her pussy. Taking it all in, Susan thought to herself; let me tease Barbara just a bit. With that thought Susan spread her legs ever so slightly, allowing her hairy slit to be seen with a hint of her clit sticking out.

“Where’s the first dress for me to try on?” Susan asked. Barbara snapped out of her trance and handed her a very short skirt and matching top. Susan put both of them on, struggling a little with the top as it appeared to be a little too small. “I think I need a larger size on the top.”

“Let’s get it over your tits first then look at it with the skirt on and if we have to I will get another top” Barbara said. Barbara nodded subtly to Marie, words unspoken but it appeared as though Marie know what Barbara wanted her to do. After Susan got her top over her tits, both Marie and Barbara agreed that the top was too small.

“Here, let me help you with that” Barbara mentioned to Susan as Susan struggled to get her hands out of the sleeves. The top was now over her tits, blocking her view as Susan tried to get the sleeves off.

Before she knew it, one of the girls had pushed her legs apart while the other girl had held her arms above her head.

“Hey, what’s going on?”

Marie spoke up. “Relax and enjoy. Barbara is also a member of our exclusive club who unfortunately could not make it the night of your initiation. We made plans for you to be here so Barbara can enjoy what I enjoyed a few weeks ago.” Barbara kept her hands between Susan’s legs and began to finger-fuck her new friend. Susan’s pussy was soaking wet. She responded to the finger fucking by throwing her hips out trying to get the fingers deeper into her cunt.

In a matter of moments, the girls had Susan talking.

“Faster, please go faster and deeper. It feels so good.” While Barbara kept Susan in a constant state of want, Marie lost her clothes and was also naked.

“Let’s get her more comfortable” Marie said. With that, she took out a pair of scissors and cut off the top that was binding Susan’s hands. Without letting go of Susan’s cunt, both women lead Susan to the large sofa in the middle of the room. Marie went behind Susan and started to caress her tits, rolling the hard nipples. Now Susan was being stimulated by two women, who were going to do their best to make Susan cum and cum again.

Barbara stopped the fingering for a second as Marie lead Susan to the sofa. Marie sat down first and backed up Susan so that they were sitting with Susan in front which allowed Marie to continue to play with her nipples. As Susan was being manipulated by Marie, Barbara removed her clothes. “Look how sexy Barbara looks” Marie said.

She was not wrong. Although her tits were somewhat smaller that Susan’s, the nipples were the longest she had ever seen. Easily, when hard as they now were, they stood out al least-one inch. As Barbara removed her skirt, both women were treated by a very hairy and thick bush of red hair. While fair skinned, her bush was a wild mass of red curls that started as a thin line by her belly button, developed into the thicket that covered her pussy, and when Barbara placed one foot on the sofa and spread her legs, they saw that her bush continued all the way up to her asshole. They could also see that Barbara’s pussy was leaking some serious fluids.

Barbara sank to her knees, pried Susan’s legs apart and pulled her face away from Susan’s cunt so she could see just how hairy Susan was. Her black bush was very thick, having not shaved for more than two months. As hard as it was to see her slit, Barbara moved forward, ran a finger through the mass of hair and found Susan’s wet cunt.

As Barbara inserted two fingers into Susan’s cunt, she lowered her head and found Susan’s hard clit peeking through the forest of hair. She started escort pornoları to run her tongue around the most sensitive button. At the same time Marie continued to play with Susan’s nipples. Susan instinctively moved her legs farther apart and began humping Barbara’s face. She became a woman possessed as Barbara’s fingers and tongue worked magic on her cunt.

“Oh yes, yes, yesssssss, it feels so fucking good. Please eat my cunt, lick my clit, lick my clit, please. It feels sooooooo good.” Susan had trouble breathing as the sensations from her tits to her cunt, were driving her crazy. She was ready to cum, but her lady friends were not ready to let her. Barbara replaced her mouth on Susan’s cunt by a very thick and long vibrator. Turning the vibrator on to the lowest setting had Susan frantically humping the toy trying to build up to the orgasm she desperately needed.

At the same time, Marie started to suck on Susan’s nipples. Barbara moved the setting on the vibrator up to the next level.

The vision of Susan bouncing up and down on the sofa, her cunt imbedded with a vibrator and now her friend chewing on her nipples was a sight to behold. Susan’s cunt was very, very wet, her cunt hair matted with the juices produced by the stimulation of her cunt.

“Please let me cum. Please, I need to cum. Oh, Oh, Oh, I need it badly. Yes, Yes, Oh please let me cum.” Barbara took pity on her and turned the vibrator up to the highest setting and at the same time, placed a strap across the vibrator which caused the vibrator to sit securely up Susan’s cunt. Barbara then began to lightly touch Susan’s clit with her fingernail. She was raking the clit in every direction only using her fingernail.

All the while Marie went back to twisting Susan’s nipples with her fingers. The picture of Susan lying back against Marie’s outspread legs, with Marie manipulating her nipples, all the while as Barbara continued to rake her clit, was a sight that would leave a lasting impression on the participants of this sexy filled adventure.

The proverbial dam broke loose.

Susan’s hips went into overdrive. She was now screaming at the top of her lungs. “I’m cumming. I’m cumming. Oh yes, I’m cumming. Oh, Oh” and with final scream, Susan came and came again as she fell back onto the sofa exhausted.

“You were right Marie, she is a great fuck toy,” Barbara said. I can’t wait to see her again on Friday. “Thanks for bringing her to the store.”

To show her appreciation, Barbara moved closer to Marie and they started to French kiss each other. One thing led to another and before you know it, both women went to another sofa and got into a 69. Two redheads locked into a passionate embrace, eating each other’s hairy cunts. At the same time, they each started to finger one another. It wasn’t too long before both of them were moaning in pleasure; building up to a great climax as they shouted their release.

It took more than a few minutes for everyone to recuperate and when they finally did, the thought of buying new clothes went by the wayside. “Marie, I can’t believe you did it to me again,” remarked Susan with a smile. “You never cease to amaze me on how you can get my juices flowing.”

With that Susan walked over to Barbara and said, “I can’t wait until Saturday when I have a chance to enjoy that red haired bush.” As she was talking she reached out and reached between Barbara’s legs, quickly rubbing her hand against Barbara’s wet pussy.

“I’m looking forward to it as well.”

When they finally got back to Susan’s house, Marie walked Susan to the door. They were greeted by Bob. “Have a good day ladies?”

“You could say that,” Marie replied with a wink. “See you guys on Saturday” as Marie left their house.

“You want to tell me?” Bob asked.

“Are our mom’s around?” Susan said.

“No, they are out shopping.”

Susan grabbed Bob’s hand and placed it under her skirt. He felt her hairy, very wet pussy. “So Marie got you all hot and bothered?”

“Both of them did. Barbara, who owns the store, is a flaming red head with a full bush of wild red hair. While Marie worked on my nipples, Barbara played with my cunt until I was begging them to let me cum. They had me on edge for a good 30 minutes until the vibrator that was impaled in my cunt, the raking of my clit by Barbara and the twisting of my nipples by Marie, had me cumming and cumming. Too many times to count.”

Bob brought his face to Susan’s cunt and in no time brought her to another great orgasm. Susan return the favor, by taking Bob’s cock out of his pants and in no time, had a mouthful of cum.

The rest of the week was uneventful as Bob and Susan were getting their mother’s ready for the upcoming Saturday night party. A couple of times, they had to remind their mom’s that this was a no sex week, as their mom’s tried to steal a few quick handful’s of each other’s cunts and tits.

Saturday arrived to great expectation. The escort gaziantep pornoları hours went by very slow. Sheri took great pride in showering and soaping her bush, trying very hard no to touch her clit which was poking through her huge forest of hair. If she just scraped her clit, she would get off, that’s how horny she was. The same thing could be said for Bob’s mom, Tina as she too took care of washing and preparing her cunt for the evening.

Both mom’s were presented with robes and when dressed came out to meet Susan and Bob. “It’s time to go, everyone ready” Bob asked. Both Tina and Sheri nodded silently as they were being lead out the door by Susan.

When they arrived at Chuck’s house the car was taken by a parking attendant and before the mom’s entered the house, Bob produced a blindfold and placed it over both Tina and Sheri’s eyes. “Glad you could make it ladies,” Chuck said.

“We would not miss this for the world,” Bob and Susan responded at the same time.

Before Sheri and Tina could answer Chuck shoved what appeared to be a ball, hollow in the center, with strops on either side, into both Sheri and Tina’s mouth then tied the ends behind their head. Basically, the women could breathe, but speaking was out of the question.

“Just a little surprise for your mom’s,” Chuck’s wife Marie said, as she seemed to appear out of nowhere.

Everyone was ushered into the main room. Aside from the twenty or so members in attendance, there were a total of six guests that night. Beside Sheri and Tina, there was an African American couple, who looked to be in their mid-thirties.

Chuck made the introductions. “Let me first introduce you to the mom’s of Susan and Bob, as he pointed first to Sheri and then to Tina. This is a first, having mother’s join in the party. Secondly, Michelle and David were brought here by my wife. Michelle works with my wife.

Chuck continued. “The first event of the evening is to see just how long it takes the women to cum. They all assured me that they have refrained from sex over the past few days and I am sure they are ready to explode.” With that, some of the members went behind the guests and opened the buttons that held the gowns in place. As the women’s gowns fell to the floor, the “oohs and ahs” started. The men’s gowns were still in place.

“Okay ladies; spread your legs a little more.” With that we all got to see the unfamiliar cunt of Michelle. Michelle’s bush was, one of very tight black curls that enveloped her entire pubic area. Her dark black nipples sitting on a fine set of tits were proudly standing straight out. For those who had yet to see Sheri or Tina’s cunts were also treated to a forest of dense hair on each of their cunts. A blonde thick bush on Sheri’s and a dark one on Tina’s.

Our mom’s nipples were also aroused as they too had their hairy pussies on display.

“Ok, now for David,” Chuck said as he pointed to the people holding David’s loose fitting shirt and pants. As David’s clothes hit the floor, it was mostly the women’s turn to ooh and ah. David’s cock was 7″ long and was very thick. He was sporting a huge erection. I guess having three naked women in front of you does that for you.

“Here are the rules. Those who brought the guests get paired up with each of them. Bob you are paired with your mom, Susan with your mom, I will pair up with Michelle. The goal is to make each woman hold out for at least five minutes before cumming. We are allowed to touch anyplace on their bodies except their clits. If they cum before the five minute mark, they will lose the contest. At the five minute mark, if they have not cum yet, then we will be allowed to get them off by touching their clits. Then, the woman that cums first wins a prize to be determined later.”

Ropes descended from the ceiling and the woman’s arms were raised and placed into the loops and the ropes were drawn tight enough to be taut, but did have some slack in case they wanted to move them. Wooden blocks appeared at their feet and their feet were put into restraints causing their legs to be spread as far as possible without causing discomfort.

Here you now have three very sexy, naked women all vulnerable to whatever pleasures that is to be conceived, with no place to go, only to enjoy. To make it more enjoyable, Chuck removed the blindfolds and mouth guards. “I think it is very sexy to hear women moan and groan in pleasure,” Chuck said.

The three of us also undressed. Chuck and I sported erections and Susan’s nipples were very hard. I would imagine her cunt was also very wet.

“David. You get to see what’s going on, but no touching your cock.” With that they brought out a chair for David who after sitting in the chair had the seat recline so that his erection was now pointing toward the ceiling. His hands were cuffed to the chair.

Some of the members had begun to remove their own clothing before the first contest got underway. All shapes and sizes of women, with one thing in common, very hairy pussies. A woman who I had not met came over and introduced herself as Barbara. Her flaming red bush was starting at me as I said, “So you’re the one, who got my wife all hot and bothered earlier in the week?”

“Yup, I am guilty of providing pleasure to your wife and I am looking forward to her returning the favor tonight.” My wife just turned and smiled.

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