The Hidden Truth Ch. 02



When I woke up the next morning I discovered I was naked still, under a blanket on the couch. After having sex last night Troy and I talked for hours about our feelings for each other, but I felt uncomfortable seeing him today in broad daylight. I wrapped the blanket around my body and rubbed my eyes before heading to the bathroom.

It didn’t seem like anyone was home. Troy’s apartment – my apartment – I really have to get used to that – was a large loft-type place with pine floors and steel beams for support. The ceilings must have been twelve feet tall and the windows were easily eight feet. “How could he afford this place when he was a student?” I wondered. Troy had some things to tell me – in particular, how were we going to deal with our new relationship? It’s not like I couldn’t deal with being a “fuck-friend”, I’ve done that before, but I had to know where we stood. How could he just leave me here like this the day after something so important? I felt a little bruised, physically and emotionally. I was worried about Troy and worried about us and he was nowhere to be found.

I washed my face and headed to Troy’s bedroom to find some clothes for the day. I rummaged through the nearest garbage bag (they were still sitting on the floor; we fell asleep before we got to unpack yesterday) and found a denim skirt and a white peasant top. I looked for a while longer but I couldn’t find a pair of panties, so I decided to go commando – not something I normally do but have done in a pinch. I suddenly realized I was really hungry and headed to the kitchen.

After I ate some cereal I found in the cupboard I heard a knock at the door. I still hadn’t heard anything from Troy – not even a note to say where he was. It was only ten in the morning, so I wasn’t sure who would be visiting but I decided to answer the door anyway. If anyone asked questions I would tell them I was his cleaning lady. No need for him to get caught having a roommate he wasn’t allowed to have or something. I was still really naïve about the city.

“Can I help you?” I asked the girl who stood on the other side of the door. She was blonde, petite, and wore a tennis outfit.

“I’m looking for Troy – who are you?” she asked, obviously a little annoyed that he had another woman in his apartment.

I nearly boiled over when I saw Troy come bounding up the steps behind the girl.

“Sandy!” he exclaimed, a tiny guilty look escaping from the corner of his eye. “You’re a little early, sweetheart, it’s only ten.”

“You said ten last Saturday, Troy. You told me your bus would be in town early Friday night and ten would be fine.” Sandy gave him a pointed glance and then looked at me rather meaningfully. “You should introduce us, Troy.”

“Who, her?” Troy said, laughing. “That’s my sister, babe. Can’t you tell the resemblance? Her name is Callie.”

“Oh.” Sandy was visibly relieved. I still hadn’t said anything – but Troy was clearly a little uncomfortable.

“I’ll leave you two alone,” I said, glaring at Troy briefly before closing the door.


When I got back inside I headed straight for Troy’s bedroom. I picked up all the clothes I had scattered over the floor this morning and stuffed them back into my garbage bags, choking back sobs. “That fucking bastard,” I muttered. “He’s just like every other guy, only I’m his sister and he does this to me.” I couldn’t see straight anymore because of the tears in my eyes. “I guess yesterday doesn’t mean anything to him. I guess he only wanted me out here to wait on him. What the hell is he thinking? Did he think I’d just stick around and take it? I’ll go back home, I’ll go back to Dad…”

“Callie, what the fuck are you doing?” Troy walked in the room as I was stuffing clothes back into my bags.

“I’m escort portalı leaving, Troy. Is she still here? Go entertain your guest.” I spat the words out at him, looking at him with tear-filled eyes.

“You’re not leaving, Callie. Christ, that was my ex-girlfriend. Ex. And besides, I’m not letting you go.”

“You can’t stop me! You can’t make me stay…” Troy came over and grabbed my wrists to keep me from packing. “I won’t, I won’t stay…”

“Damn it, Callie, I didn’t ask you to come out here just so you would go back home! And I don’t want you to go home like this, after what happened.” Troy looked away from me and dropped my wrists. “We still have to talk.”

“Yeah, we do, Troy. Talk about how you had sex with me, your little sister, and then your “ex” girlfriend came over the next day. Talk about how you can afford a loft apartment in downtown Dallas when you’re a student. Talk about playing tennis on a Saturday morning – when did you start playing tennis? What the hell is going on, Troy?” I brushed my tears away angrily and backed away from him. “Your turn to talk now.”

Troy paused. “Well, I don’t wanna sound rude, Cal, but I didn’t think you’d catch on this quick.” He sighed and sat down on the bed. “Put down the bags will ya? You’re making me nervous. I want you to stay, damn it. Will you stay if I try to explain this to you?”

“I’ll consider it,” I said before sitting down grudgingly beside him.

“You’re fucking beautiful, baby sister, you know that?”

“Stop trying to butter me up,” I said. I was melting under his eyes anyway and I knew he could tell I was giving in.

“I’m not trying to butter you up, little girl,” he whispered, leaning towards me to kiss my throat. “I’m trying to lube you up.”

“Well we’ll talk about sex later. Tell me about this shit now, Troy,” I said threateningly.

“Mmm how about sex now and talk later?” he asked, nibbling softly on my lower lip.

“Troy…” I breathed. “Stop…” His hand slipped under my skirt and a finger slipped between the folds of my wet pussy.

“I don’t think you want me to stop, little sister,” he smiled. He took his hand away from my skirt and pushed me gently back onto the bed. “Just a quickie, sweetheart.”

He slipped his pants down and took out his cock, already engorged with blood and looking larger than it had last night. Pushing up my skirt roughly he slid deep inside me, making me shiver all over with the full feeling. He moved slowly at first, then more quickly as my breathing sped up and my pulse started to race. I could feel the tingling sensation move through my body, my nipples hardening and my eyes dilating.

“Thinking… about your… girlfriend, Troy? Or…sorry… “ex” girlfriend…” I was panting as I said it, lashing out at him for hurting me this morning.

“You fucking little bitch,” he growled, shoving himself deep inside me. I wanted it, I wanted him to hurt me and fuck me. I wanted the pain and the pleasure to mix like a swirled rainbow. “You like this, don’t you, you little slut,” he spit at me. “Like to see me angry at you, little girl. Well, I’m angry now, so take it, bitch! Tell me you like it.”

“I… like it, big brother,” I whimpered. “I…want more…”

“Ohh, Callie,” he groaned. “I mean it, baby, you’re the one for me, your pussy’s so fucking wet…”

“Fuck me, Troy, come on! Harder. Fuck me harder. Come in me, baby.”

“Ohhhh, yeah that’s it…. Take it! I’m coming baby, I’m coming…”

He collapsed beside me when he finished, his cock slipping out of me quickly. I could feel his come leaking out of me onto the comforter below me.

“Cal…I know we need to talk, baby,” he whispered, his hand reaching over to me and cupping my breast, escort gaziantep portalı playing with my nipple as he talked.

“Troy…I love you. You know I do. But…I’m scared, I’m scared of the city and I’m scared of what’s going on with you. You’re hiding something, I know it. And I need to understand this if I’m going to stay here. And I need to know…about us. And what’s going to happen with us.” I turned my head to look at him and saw his eyes after sex – Troy has gorgeous eyes. I knew I wouldn’t leave, no matter what the secret was. But what was the secret?

“Callie…I’m not giving you details, okay sweetheart? I don’t want you to know everything. Is that okay with you? Don’t press me afterwards.”

“Okay,” I said cautiously.

“Alright…this is how it goes. I’m still in school, so don’t worry about that. I mean, I’m not right now, because it’s summer. But I am still in school. And yeah, I have a lot more money than the average student. And…it’s because of Mom.”

“What?” I said slowly. “You’ve talked to Mom?”

“Callie, you’ve got to promise me you won’t tell Dad. Don’t tell anyone, Cal! Or it’s all over. For her, and for me. Don’t tell anyone.”

“What do you mean, for her? When did you talk to her? Why didn’t she call me?” I was hurt and betrayed and sick all at the same time. I sat up and dropped my skirt to change. I wasn’t wearing a come-stained skirt all day. I dug into the bag next to me and pulled out a pair of capri pants. “Tell me what’s going on, Troy.” I said calmly. I wasn’t going to lose control again today. That’d be way too often in the past two days.

“Okay…remember Mom’s road trip? To Los Angeles?”

I nodded. She did that when I was twelve. What could that have to do with this situation almost eight years later?

“Well she called when I was eighteen – you were thirteen. She got there alright. She’s a director for low-budget films. She brings in a nice chunk of change now. She made me promise to get you away from home as soon as I could but she couldn’t call there ever again. She was scared Dad was going to go looking for her or something. She’s got a trust fund set up for you, honey. I’ve been taking care of it for six years. There’s probably half a million dollars in that account now. You understand now? I met Sandy at one of the clubs in Dallas. Her daddy runs a country club somewhere in the suburbs. We dated for a bit but it’s been over for a year now. We’re still friends. Are you okay with all this?”

“Yeah…sure…I’m just a little dazed, is all. I’ll be alright.” I sat back down and took a deep breath. “Half a million? She never called me. She never even called to say hello…”

“Callie she calls here. That’s why she wanted you here, so she could talk to you again. There are some things you need to know later about Dad. Later. Right now we need to talk about us. Are you okay with this? I mean, seriously. Sandy knows you’re my sister…I shouldn’t have said that, damn it…but no one else in Dallas knows. I would love to be with you, sweetheart.”

“And when you run into Sandy?” I glanced at Troy with a questioning look in my eyes.

“I guess we’ll have to pretend to be ‘just’ brother and sister,” he smiled. “Look, honey, Dallas is still pretty ‘down home’. They won’t be too accepting of this relationship. Does that matter to you? It doesn’t matter to me. I love you, Cal.”

I melted into Troy’s arms and leaned my head on his shoulder. “No, it doesn’t matter to me, either.”


Troy and I had sex again that afternoon. He took my shirt off slowly, exposing my tanned and naked breasts. It was the first time we had fucked completely naked in daylight, and I was a little self-conscious, particularly when I saw Troy’s muscular chest and arms. My nipples stood out as he removed my top and he leaned forward to nibble at them as I rode him. His cock fit in me perfectly, and I was amazed again at how good it felt to fuck my big brother. If God made human bodies, he made brother and sister to fit together, without a doubt. Troy was the only person I’d ever want to sleep with, and I knew he felt the same way about me. Our sex was slow, gentle, passionate. I don’t remember ever being licked so gently before. Troy’s tongue penetrated my hole and flicked over my clit like he’d been doing it his whole life. When I felt my release coming, I shuddered all over just as he slid his cock deep into me. Nothing would ever feel this good.

“Troy?” I said softly as we lay on the bed, naked. “I want to go out, I want us to go out and be lovers for everyone to see.”

“Sure, baby,” he grinned lazily. “Not today, though, okay hon? I’m just exhausted. And Mom said she was calling.”

“Today, Mom’s calling today?” I sat bolt upright, my tangled hair dropping onto my breasts and back. “I can’t talk to her today, Troy. I’m just not prepared for that.”

“Relax, baby, she’s only calling to see if you made it here okay. She won’t expect to talk to you yet. In fact, she won’t even expect you know yet. So don’t worry.” He reached up and pinched my nipple, letting his hand slide downward to my pussy. “God, I can’t get enough of you! I just want to keep fucking you.”

“Um, that reminds me…” I said softly. “I think we’re safe, but we should probably start to use protection.”

“You can’t mean you’re not on the pill.” Troy stared at me.

“Well, I was, but when I had to quit my job last fall I had to stop. It didn’t matter then; I wasn’t sleeping with anyone. It’s probably okay, anyway.”

“Probably.” Troy was obviously rattled. “You are not old enough to be a mother, yet, baby.”

“Would you ever want to have children, Troy?” I asked timidly.

“Well I’m just not thinking about kids, Cal,” he said, trying to smile. “I guess I’m thinking about a lot of other stuff. Finishing school. Getting a job.”

“Yeah, I understand that.” I sighed. “I was thinking about applying to college for the fall, what do you think about that?”

“I like to think about that idea. Making out with you on campus.” He squeezed my breast playfully. “Maybe fucking you behind the library stacks.”

“Sucking your big cock at a frat party,” I whispered, reaching down to unzip his pants. “Like this,” I said softly, bending to take his cock in my mouth. He groaned as my lips slid past the head and down the shaft. I began to slide slowly up and down and he reached down to rest his hand gently on the back of my head.

“God, Callie, that feels amazing,” he whispered. “Your mouth is so fucking warm…”

“You like me sucking you off, big brother?” I asked. “You’re a very bad boy, making your baby sister do these things to you.” Might as well play the game as have the name, I thought.

“Mmm yeah Callie, suck it,” he groaned. “Deeper, take it all.”

“I’m just a little girl, Troy,” I whispered. “Your cock is too big for my mouth.”

He reached down and grabbed my pants, pulling them down my legs. “Not too big for this little pussy though,” he said. “Look at how wet you are, little girl! Let me see you touch yourself again.”

I reached down and slipped a finger inside my pussy, feeling the slick wetness. I flicked my forefinger over my clit and moaned softly. “Your little sister’s pussy needs your big cock,” I breathed, putting my finger in my mouth to lick the juices off.

Troy growled and picked me up by my waist, depositing me on top of him. He slipped in easily, although we had fucked twice already. I just couldn’t stop lubricating for him! It felt amazing, sliding up and down him and fingering my sensitive clit.

“God, big brother, I’m going to come all over your cock,” I panted.

“Come for me, baby girl,” he groaned. And then – “Shit, Sandy!”

To be continued…(feedback welcome!

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