The Great Erotic Outdoors Pt. 03



The Great Erotic Outdoors: Part 3

By D

The Lodge

Kyle hiked for 5 days without much human interaction. He enjoyed the solitude. He thought about his life so far, and what he wanted to do after the hike was over. Maybe he would become a poet, or an erotic writer, he thought to himself as he hiked. After all he was going to have some pretty exceptional adventures to write about.

He slowly started adding more clothes as the altitude got higher and the temperatures got cooler. He was running low on supplies but knew that he should be coming up on his first resupply site the next day. It was a lodge that stood almost at the highest point of the trail. It was a crowded ski lodge in the winter, but at this time of year it wasn’t very crowded, and he planned on spending two nights there before continuing on the trail. It was going to be a nice break and his sore body felt like it could use a few nights sleeping in a bed.

Kyle approached the last mile before the lodge. Unfortunately, it was also the steepest climb of the trail. The trail was steep and hard, but Kyle succeeded in making it to the top. The lodge came into view as he made it over the last ridge of the trail. Kyle was happy to see the place of his relief. As he approached the entry of the lodge, he saw several people also heading inside. None of them appeared to be backpackers like him.

Kyle approached the front desk. A beautiful woman who looked about twenty-five years old with blonde hair and blue eyes greeted him. She wore a uniform that looked influenced by traditional alps clothing, but low cut enough in the front that it showed her generous cleavage.

“Welcome to the Lodge,” She said smiling, “reservation?”

“Hi yes, for Kyle Kepler.”

“Oh, I see it here, two nights?”

“Yes, that’s me.”

“It looks like you’ve been hiking a while. Luckily for you we have a full spa, and several stand-alone saunas all open for your use.”

“Wonderful, I’m sure I smell like I’ve been hiking for days too, sorry for that,” Kyle joked.

“Its not too bad,” She joked waving a hand in front of her face, “here’s your key. Don’t hesitate to ask if you need anything.”

Kyle swore she winked at him with that. He smiled at her and turned around, so he could head to his room and shower.

“Kyle? Is that you?”

Kyle turned to see two women both mid-twenties ten yards or so away from him approaching the front desk. It took him a minute but then he recognized them. Kendra and Jenny, two of his little sister Jessica’s friends from high school. He didn’t know Kendra too well. She had always been a bit stuck up to him. She was almost as tall as him with big tits and died maroon hair. He hadn’t seen her in a few years, she had gotten several tattoos from what he could see. She had also gotten thick in all the right places. Her curves were accentuated by her tight jeans and tube top she wore under a light coat. Jenny on the other hand was petite only about 5′ 2″ with smaller curves for sure, but it was hard to tell, she wore a loose sweatshirt and looser jeans. Jenny had light brown skin and almond shaped brown eyes. She had been very close with his sister and almost like family with how often she had been around. He had teased her along with his sister. Jenny had always been kind of shy, but his sister always joked with Kyle that she had a crush on him. He was never sure if he should believe it or if Jessica was pulling his leg.

“Jenny and Kendra?” he said walking up to them, “What are you doing here?”

“Just coming up here to do a girls weekend,” stated Kendra, “Looks like you have been out in the wild.”

“Yeah, I’m hiking the entire trail.”

“Oh wow, that’s crazy,” Jenny said meekly. She was blushing a bit as she talked.

“Hey sorry about the smell, I need to get a shower. Do you guys want to get dinner later?”

The girls looked at each other and then nodded.

“Cool lets meet down here at six o’clock.”

They all agreed and the ladies walked up to the front evi olan gaziantep escort desk, while Kyle headed to his room. On the way, he passed a woman with a towel around her waist, but nothing else. She had amazing large tits with great nipples. The woman smiled at Kyle as he tried his best not to make it too obvious but failed. He was perplexed until he saw a sign in the hallway. Adults only during the off season, clothing optional. Oh wow, Kyle thought he didn’t realize there were so many areas that were clothing optional in the Great Green Forest. Something to keep in mind while he stayed at the lodge.

Kyle showered and felt more refreshed than he had since he left the secret lair of the water nymphs days earlier. He laid on the bed wrapped in his towel for a minute before getting dressed. He really didn’t have any clean clothes. He knew it would be a little informal, but he decided to only wear the robe provided in the room. The resort was clothing optional anyway.

He went to the laundry room to start a load of clothes. Sitting in the room was the woman he passed in the hall. She was reading a paperback romance novel. She looked up over the book as Kyle entered the room and grinned. Her arms partially cover her large, exposed breasts and nipples, as she held the book. A towel was still wrapped around her waist. She looked to be about 40. She was slender but not overly fit, the basic mom look. She had tan line where a backpack would be.

“Ran out of clothes too,” she joked putting down her book, exposing her tits, and brushing her brown hair out of her face.

“Yeah, you a hiker too?”

“I guess these tan lines gave it away,” she said looking at the strap lines on her chest. “I’m hitting the trail again tomorrow morning. I have a yoga group I’m meeting on the top of Meditation Mountain in two days. Its only eleven miles away, but I want to take my time getting there. How bout you?”

Kyle’s cock was getting harder looking at her tits. He worried it might peek through the robe and readjusted it a bit, the woman silently giggled.

“I’m actually headed the same way but will be spending the next two nights here to refresh. I’m Kyle by the way.”

The woman extended her hand. Kyle took and shook it.

“Maria, nice to meet you. If you move fast, you are more than welcome to join us for the yoga group. Just a handful of moms like me trying to get some time to themselves.”

“Sounds intriguing, you sure they won’t mind a guy like me showing up.” Maria looked at the bulge in his robe.

“Not at all.”

Kyle looked up at the clock on the wall.

“I will think about it. Unfortunately, I must go, I have some friends I’m meeting for dinner. It was nice to meet you, Maria.”

“Nice to meet you too. Hope to see you soon.”

Kyle left the room but looked back through the window of the laundry room to see Maria start reading again, but one of her hands opened her towel and exposed her hair covered mound. She started to stroke her the hair covering her pussy and her legs began to spread. Kyle’s cock sprang fully to life, he considered watching, but he was already late to dinner, and probably shouldn’t show up with a raging hardon.

Kyle tried to think of baseball as he walked towards the hotel restaurant, and his erection mainly subsided. He got to the hostess desk. The same woman that had met him at the front desk was there.

“Looking cleaner sir,” she smiled at him.

“I feel much better too. I hope this robe is appropriate for dinner.”

“Oh, for sure, you could wear even less if you wanted to,” she motioned with her hand showing that many of the guests dining were either mostly or completely undressed.

“Oh, wow this is really clothing optional.”

“Yes sir, can I get you a table?”

“I’m meeting some friends,” Kyle said before seeing Jenny and Kendra sitting in a booth. “There they are.”

The hostess motioned for him to continue to the table.

The women stood to great him. gaziantep evi olan escort He hugged Jenny first embracing her small frame and pulling her close in a brotherly hug. He then hugged Kendra much less affectionately. Kendra had changed into a tight red dress and black heels. She looked a bit like a high-end escort, Kyle thought, but it worked for her. Jenny had also changed into a short green skirt and matching sweater. It showed a bit more than her previous outfit, but by no means gave anything away. They sat and Jenny was across from him with Kendra trapped in-between them in the booth.

“Nice clothes,” Kendra joked pointing at his robe.

“Sorry my clothes were all dirty, they are being cleaned right now. Apparently, the resort is clothing optional,” Kyle explained. “Hell, some of these people are completely nude.”

“Yeah, we heard it was this way, but had no idea so many people would be naked,” Jenny said in a quiet voice her light brown cheeks turning a shade of pink.

“I don’t mind,” said Kendra. “But I’m not a prude like Jenny.” She joked and put her hand on Kyle’s leg. He wasn’t super comfortable with it but decided not to push her hand away.

They discussed his sister and the family she had started with her husband. They talked about their careers, Kendra was a film consultant and Jenny worked as an executive assistant for a high-end financial manager. Kyle discussed feeling lost in his current job and started talking about his hike so far.

“So, meet any hot ladies on the trail?” Kendra asked.

“Umm yeah, I guess a few,” Kyle stated.

“Have any wild flings?” Kendra asked raising her hand up his leg. Jenny was looking around obviously uncomfortable. Kendra’s hand was almost to his cock when he pushed it away.

“Umm, that’s story for another time,” Kyle said conscious of Jenny’s obvious discomfort.

Luckily their food arrived. Kyle was starving and ate like a man ending a hunger strike. They had a few drinks after dinner and talked about old times.

“Well, I think I’m going to hit the sauna to loosen up a bit before going to sleep tonight,” Kyle asserted.

“Mind if we join you?” Kendra asked touching his leg again.

“If you both want to come that’s fine,” Kyle answered.

“What do you say Jenny?” Kendra asked.

“Umm yeah, maybe, I guess sure,” Jenny answered awkwardly. Kyle smiled at her and she blushed covering her face.

“Well, I’m already in the right clothes, I’m guessing you guys need to change,” Kyle suggested. “I’ll be in one of the separate saunas. Just come and find me.”

The girls nodded and Kyle headed to the saunas as the ladies headed back to their room to change. When he got there her saw 7 or eight large barrel style saunas all around a cool outdoor swimming pool. He entered the sauna furthest from the entrance. The sauna was hot, but not overwhelming. It smelled nicely of warm cedar. There was a wooden bucket of water with a ladle. Kyle ladled some water over the hot stones and steam filled the sauna. He also noticed there was a bottle of whiskey someone had left. It had a note on it. Free for all

Kyle picked up the bottle it wasn’t a whiskey he was familiar with. The label said Bill she ripped her bikini bottoms off and immediately mounted Kyle. His hard cock plunged easily into her smooth-shaven pussy. Kendra began riding him vigorously. She started to orgasm almost immediately the whiskey was having a strange effect on her as well. Kyle reached up grasping her tits as she moaned and screamed.

Jenny now had two fingers moving in and out of her drenched pussy. She stopped for a minute and moved closer to Kendra and Kyle. She was now side by side with Kyle and she adjusted herself so that she could lick his ear as she watched Kendra pound on top of him. She reinserted her fingers and Kyle turned his head kissing her on the mouth sending her into another orgasm. Jenny trembled as she felt her pussy contract on her fingers.

Kendra was riding gaziantep evi olan escort bayan Kyle so fast that his second orgasm was around the corner. He squeezed her large tits hard before moving his hands to her hips and guiding her.

“Fuck I’m going to come again,” He uttered.

“Yeah, baby fill me up,” Kendra screamed, in full pleasure mode herself.

With that his seed shot deep inside of her. As she continued to pump on him ten or so more time before rolling off him covered in sweat and cum leaking from her cunt. She laid back temporarily spent. Kyle rolled towards Jenny, and they pressed their bodies against each other. His cock pressed against her legs as she continued to finger herself.

After a few moments of kissing Kyle stood up and pulled the other strap of Jenny’s swimsuit down exposing her other breast. Jenny covered her breasts somehow shy again but bit her lip as she looked up at Kyle. He ripped the crotch of her swimsuit apart fully exposing her drenched pussy and mound of dark pubic hair. The swimsuit was now a blue tube of fabric around her waist. He lined his still hard cock up with her slit and rubbed it there softly.

“You want this?” he asked genuinely.

She hesitated for a moment, but it felt like an eternity and then Jenny nodded her head yes. Kyle slowly slid into her. She was unbelievably tight, but so wet he entered easily. Just as he fully entered her, the door of the sauna opened and two men in their early twenties entered. Jenny gasped covering her tits with her arms and wrapped her legs around Kyle pinning him inside of her.

“Sorry, wrong sauna I guess,” one of the young men said.

“No this is the right place boys,” Kendra called out to them and stood up walking over to them with the bottle of whiskey as cum leaked down her leg.

The two men that looked like brothers entered the sauna and started talking with Kendra. They took sips of the bottle and Kendra rubbed her body against them both, soon getting them out of their swim trunks and stroking both of their cocks.

After relaxing from the initial shock, Kyle leaned forward and started kissing Jenny’s neck and she opened her grasp on him a bit so his hips could start pumping slowly into her. He felt so good inside of her, she thought, as her wildest fantasy was coming true. Kyle picked her up and sat on the bench in the sauna, so they were both in a seated position face to face. He held her ass helping her pump slowly up and down on his cock as they kissed each other passionately.

They barely noticed Kendra siting a few feet away from them on the bench, both of the new men standing in front of her as she alternated between sucking and stroking their rigid cocks. The men didn’t last long blasting their first loads all over her naked body in a few seconds. Like Kyle they miraculously stayed hard, and Kyle and Jenny couldn’t help but look over as Kendra sat back on one of their cock’s taking it up her ass, the other man then approached from the front and guided his cock into her still drenched cunt. Cum dripped down Kendra’s curvy pale body as she was fucked enthusiastically in both holes.

Jenny kissed Kyle hard before lifting herself off his dick and standing in front of him. Wordlessly she took his hand and guided him out of the sauna leaving Kendra to get her brains fucked out by the two strangers.

The cold air hit them both, immediately goosebumps formed on their skin. Jenny let her ripped swimsuit fall to the ground and Kyle removed his robe. Naked Jenny guided them to the pool and they both jumped in. The cold water strangely did nothing to calm Kyle’s raging dick. They embraced in the cold water and kissed.

They swam around playing grab ass for a while before Kyle caught her and guided his cock back into Jenny as she wrapped her arms and legs around him.

“God, you feel so huge,” she whispered in his ear before kissing him hard on the mouth.

Kyle carried her out of the water and to a towel serendipitously laid on the pool deck. He laid her on her back and began pumping into her pussy faster and faster. She put her feet on his shoulder’s allowing him to fuck her deeper and harder. Jenny began to moan in ecstasy as her orgasm hit, Kyle considered coming in her, but it was too taboo with the way he thought of her, and he pulled out at the last minute covering her light brown skin with jizz. Jenny shook in orgasm as every stream of semen sprayed across her body.

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