The Fragile Abandoned Ch. 08



AUTHOR’S NOTE: Again, sorry for the delay and for going all “George RR Martin” on you guys. My schedule has cleared up a bit, so I can focus on this more. If you haven’t read the other chapters, it’s probably best that you do that, or you could be lost. Enjoy!


Chloe and I said our farewells the following morning and I headed back to the airport. I had stayed a little longer than I thought I would, but at least the awkwardness between Chloe and I was gone. Better yet, she promised me that she wouldn’t send me any more needy texts.

Surprisingly enough, I was actually looking forward to Chloe visiting me out in LA. I’m sure she’d get along with Natalie just fine.

Thinking of Natalie reminded me that I needed to send her a text and let her know that I was finally coming home. I typed up something quick and sent it to her, before realizing that it was 9:00 my time and 6:00 her time. I knew it probably wouldn’t wake her up, though, as she was a heavy sleeper.

After dealing with the ridiculousness of security and the tediousness of waiting for my flight, I was on the plane and on my way home.

I couldn’t help but think about Chloe and Natalie. I had never had sex with another girl before a couple weeks ago, and I was terribly confused. Was I a lesbian? No, I was still attracted to men. So just bisexual? What makes someone bisexual? Where are those boundaries?

The best thing to do at that point was to just not worry about it, as those things probably didn’t matter. It’s not like I was going to be taking a test on it any time soon. Or any test of that matter.

I asked myself if I was making a mistake by quitting school. It wasn’t an issue of needing a degree for a job to survive, as I had enough money to last a lifetime. I knew Natalie needed me, but for how long? At what point did I need to just let her go? Maybe I would know “when the time came” or some such clichéd bullshit. I was probably just overthinking everything.

After digging into my purse for what felt like ten minutes, I found a pair of earbuds, plugged them into my phone, and listened to music to try and drown out my thoughts. I just needed to not think about anything for the next few hours.


Natalie woke me the following morning by squeezing my torso. She had woken me several times throughout the night in the same fashion, but I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Natalie, stop!” I groaned.

She released her hold on me and looked up, concerned.

“What’s wrong?”

“You were squeezing me. I couldn’t breathe.”

“Oh. I’m sorry.”

She shrank back and buried her face in my armpit, then swiftly lifted her head again, her face scrunched in mock-disgust.

“You smell gross,” Natalie said.

I chuckled. “Sorry,” I said. “I haven’t showered in a while.”

“That’s okay, Andy. I kind of like it.”

Natalie raised her face to meet mine and kissed me. Then she pulled her face an inch away and looked down at my chest. Her forehead was right at my lips and I kissed it.

“Do you still love me?” Natalie whispered. Her voice quivered and I could tell that she was trying hard not to cry.

“Yes,” I said.

I lifted her little chin up and gave her a soft, passionate kiss. She melted in my arms and pressed her body against mine. Her smooth leg rubbed my crotch and I could feel her warm pussy against my thigh. I ran my hand down her body, grabbed hold of her ass, and flipped Natalie on her back.

Natalie spread her legs for me dutifully and her arms clung to me. I lined my morning wood up with her pussy and dove in.

“Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!” Natalie hissed, as she pulled her body away from me.

“What’s wrong?!”

Natalie’s eyes were shut and she calmed herself down.

“Nothing, nothing. I’m just sore,” she said. Her eyes opened and she gave me a sly smile. “You were pretty rough with me last night.”

I shrugged my shoulders and smirked. “Sorry.”

“It’s okay,” Natalie said. She reached her hand down and started stroking my cock. “I can still take care of you.”

She slid out from under me and started to leave the bed, but grabbed my arm to follow her. She left me standing, but got on her knees and started stroking my cock.

Natalie’s little mouth engulfed the head of my cock as she kept stroking. Her wide eyes looked up at me, as if asking me if she was good enough. I moaned in response. Her cocksucking was wet and thorough. She removed her mouth from the head of my cock and licked up and down my shaft, before going back. She was able to fit more of my cock in her mouth this time and started going faster.

Every suck and lick was done with tenderness and adoration and drove me insane. I could feel my orgasm building up and so could Natalie. She went even faster and tried to keep my cock in her mouth, but I forced it out of her and held her head in place as I showered her with my cum.

When my cock had finished spurting, I looked down at my baby sister. Her face was covered in my cum and she looked up at me with escort numaraları a big, bright smile. She used her index finger to lick the cum off of her face and she used her other hand to continue stroking me.

Natalie stood up, winked at me, then pranced into the bathroom, leaving me breathless and admiring her cute little ass as it jiggled away.


I felt like a goddess.

The look on Andy’s face as he came was orgasmic in and of itself. I wish he could have fucked me again, but my stupid vag had to go and get all sensitive.

I hopped in the shower and thoroughly washed my hair to get all the cum out of it. I rubbed my breasts and mound, hopped around a little, and could not stop giggling.

Then I felt two strong arms wrap around my belly and a softening cock against the small of my back. I melted against Andy and I let out a small moan as I let him rub his hands all over me. I turned around and kissed his lips and he kissed mine. It was so passionate and sweet and gentle and I had never felt more loved before.

We finished our shower in silence, except for the occasional giggle and yelp (from me) whenever he’d grope me. We got out of the shower and dried ourselves off. I put on a thong and a tank-top with no bra to entice Andy, who just put on some sexy boxer briefs. We went downstairs with the plan of watching movies all day, like we used to do before he moved away. Except it was much more innocent back then.

Andy let me put on a romantic movie and we spooned on the couch, under a blanket. Before Andy started the movie, I turned around to face him, my body pressed against his and our faces just an inch away from each other.

“Andy, can I ask you something?” I said.

“Sure, what’s up?”

“Do you still talk to Dad?”

Andy arched an eyebrow and moved away from me, slightly.

“Why do you ask?” Andy said, cautiously.

“It’s just… I’ve never met him and you guys never talk about him. I had a dream about him recently. Well, not him, exactly, but some dream version of my father. It doesn’t matter.”

“You want to meet him?”

I looked up into Andy’s eyes and nodded. He scratched his head.

“I don’t know if that’s a great idea, Natalie.”


“The timing… I don’t know.”

I furrowed my brow. Timing? What did that have to do with anything? Andy was clearly making excuses and I couldn’t figure out why. I turned back around to face the TV. Andy rubbed my shoulder.

“I’m sorry,” Andy said. “I promise you’ll meet him, when the time’s right.”

I didn’t respond. I reached out to the coffee table, grabbed the remote, and started the movie. I let the remote plop back down on the coffee table and relaxed, making sure to let Andy know that he had disappointed me.

We were ten minutes into the movie, when Andy started and lightly kissing my neck. I brushed him off and smoothed my hair, without my eyes ever leaving the TV. Andy then started licking and sucking on my neck. I tried pushing him away, but he pinned my arm to my side, forcing a small moan out of me. He kept teasing me until I was so wet that I was uncomfortable in my thong. I squirmed under the blanket as I took it off.

“What are you doing?” Andy whispered. I gave him a mischievous smile, presented the thong to him, and dropped it on the ground. I grabbed his hand and guided it down to my wet pussy. He lightly pressed my clit and rubbed it. I moaned and pressed my body against his, feeling his erection and wanting it inside me again.

“I want to fuck you so bad,” Andy growled in my ear, which made me whimper and squirm a little more.

“Then fuck me,” I said. “Just be gentle.”

Andy’s underwear was on the floor in a second and he lined up his cock from behind. When he was at my soaked opening, he slowly entered me and I shut my eyes as I whimpered. I was still a little sore, but I was so wet that it didn’t matter.

When Andy’s entire erection was nestled deep inside of me, Andy stopped moving. I looked back and Andy was serenely watching the movie.

“Fuck me, Andy!” I breathed in protest. Andy put a finger to his lips and shushed me. He was teasing me like some kind of asshole.

Determined to get off, I grabbed the edge of the couch, pulled forward, then back onto Andy’s cock with a small moan. I kept doing this over and over, until I was getting close to climaxing.

At the edge of my climax, however, Andy pulled out of me and flipped me over, letting the blanket fall on the ground. He tore off my tank-top and left me completely naked and vulnerable to him. I opened my legs and rubbed my wet pussy, inviting my big brother inside. But Andy just kneeled over me, slowly stroking his cock. Too slow to ejaculate, but fast enough to stay hard. He was teasing me some more.

“Andy, you asshole,” I said. He chuckled, as I’d never called him an asshole before. I rubbed my clit to get myself off. I just looked at Andy’s muscular body, with him stroking his throbbing erection gaziantep escort bayan numaraları and staring me down with a fiery desire, and I was already on the brink of my climax again.

But then Andy grabbed both my arms and pinned them above my head. I just couldn’t take it anymore and I started to tear up out of frustration.

“Stop it, please! You’re being mean!” I cried.

“Don’t cry, baby,” he said in a low, soothing voice.

I felt him enter me again and he moved one of his arms to the small of my back and the other behind my head. I wrapped my arms around his neck and we made out as he slowly fucked me. I stopped kissing him and looked up to see a soft, passionate, loving look in his eyes. I returned his stare and we moaned, breathing into each others faces and making each other even hotter.

This was the most gentle and loving sex I ever had and it was just as passionate as the furious fucking he gave me the night before.

“I love you, Andy,” I squeaked.

“I love you, Natalie,” he said.

Both of our bodies were dripping in sweat and I’m sure the couch was ruined with the combination of our sweat and my vaginal fluids. None of it mattered, though, because my big brother, the love of my life, was making sweet love to me. His thick cock, sliding in and out of my pussy, which was much too small for him. Yet, all of him was inside of me and I felt no pain at all. I just felt Andy keeping me full of his hot, throbbing cock.

This was so much better than him thrusting in and out of me, all fast and furious (although that was pretty amazing too). With this, I knew he loved me and that I was special to him. I felt so loved and so beautiful and I wanted to give up everything, just so we could do this for the rest of our lives.

“Is it okay if I go a little faster?” Andy breathed.

“Mm-hmm,” was all I could say.

Andy started going faster and it still managed to be loving and incredible. Then I felt a small tickling inside of me that rose more and more, until I was screaming out, moaning, and writhing under Andy. My legs wrapped tightly around his ass and I pumped myself on his cock to the best of my ability. My kegel muscles fluttered and squeezed Andy’s cock, yet he was still fucking me. My small breasts were pressed against his chest and my sensitive, erect nipples rubbed through his chest hair. His tongue was suddenly in my throat and he was fucking me fast and furious like last night, making me cum over and over, before I became limp and melted into the couch.

Amazingly, Andy had yet to cum. He kept fucking my feeble body and making animalistic grunts. I just laid there and whimpered, wanting to help him, but not having the energy to do so.

Tendrils of my hair were plastered to my face and beads of sweat ran down my cheeks. I looked up at Andy’s intense face and became even weaker. My eyes softened as they looked up into his and I gently bit the corner of my lip.

Andy’s brow furrowed and his two strong hands gripped both sides of my hips as he pumped into me harder. Then his mouth dropped and he shuddered as he thrust into me as deep as he could and I came again, squeezing his ejaculating penis. His cum sprayed out and coated my insides, filling me up with more of his cum than ever. His cock kept pulsating and I sighed as my final orgasm went away.

When he finally stopped cumming, Andy collapsed on top of me and we kissed softly, before falling asleep.


I woke up to the sound of the DVD menu looping loudly. Natalie was underneath me and my dick was still kind of inside of her. Sweaty strands of her hair were plastered onto her face and I pushed them back to look down at my serene little sister.

That was hands down, the best sex I ever had, and it was all because of Natalie. Her tiny body was perfect, with her tight cunt, cute butt, and tiny tits. Best of all, she was madly and completely in love with me.

I pulled out of her and her pussy made a little plop sound. I looked down to see a good amount of my cum dribbling out of her. We definitely needed to get her on birth control.

Natalie stirred and murmured as she woke up. She looked up at me, bit her lip, and smiled.

“I’m hungry,” she said.

“Let’s see what we’ve got upstairs,” I said.

She sat up and shivered, wrapping her arms around herself and pulling her legs close to her chest. I shut off the TV, slipped on my boxer briefs, and grabbed Natalie’s favorite cashmere blanket in a nearby cupboard. I wrapped her up in it and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

“Thank you,” she said, then kissed me on the lips.

Natalie stood up on her trembling legs and wobbled back and forth. I grabbed her and pulled her close to me. She giggled and kissed me again.

“Do you need me to carry you?” I asked, to which Natalie laughed.

“No, I’ll be okay. Thank you, though.”

I closely followed Natalie upstairs to make sure she didn’t fall backwards. At the top of the steps, gaziantep escort numaraları I wrapped an arm around her shoulders and we went into the kitchen.

Natalie and I both gasped when we saw Jessica at the kitchen table, quietly eating a salad.

“Jesus Christ, Jess!” I exclaimed.

“How long have you been here?” Natalie asked.

Jessica just sat there, chewing on her salad. She swallowed her bite, set down her fork, and wiped her mouth on her napkin. She looked up and glared at me.

“What the hell is wrong with you, Andy?” Jessica said.

“What?” Was all I could say.

Jessica got up from the table, walked past Natalie, and got in my face.

“You haven’t done enough to her? You have to come back for round two? What happens when you get bored with her this time? Are you gonna just throw your little sister away again?!”

Natalie jumped in front of Jessica. “It’s not like that, Jess, believe me!”

“You’re too nice, Natalie.”

Jessica shoved her out of the way and then shoved me.

“Oh, fuck you!” I yelled. “What I did was wrong and I admitted that and said I was sorry. Natalie-“

“You just said sorry? And you think that’ll make what you did okay? I held her and took care of her for days! Where were you? Off fucking some models and promoting your fucking movie?!”

“I needed space and I needed to think!”

“And all the while, Natalie’s over here with a broken heart, unable to do anything except cry her fucking eyes out! Jesus, Andy, what the fuck were you thinking? She’s still a little girl!”

“No, I’m not!” Natalie squeaked.

Jessica and I both turned to look at her. She was shaking and crying quietly. Natalie’s blanket was wrapped tightly around her. Jessica walked over to her and wiped away her tears, cradling Natalie’s cheeks in her hands.

“Honey, I know you’re eighteen, but you’re still so naïve,” Jessica said to her, softly. Natalie pulled away from her.

“He just made a mistake. We all make mistakes,” Natalie said. “Jessie, I love him.”

Jessica’s lip tightened and her face became redder.

“Do whatever the fuck you want. I’m not going to help you anymore,” she said. Jessica stormed out of the room, leaving Natalie and I alone.

I went to my baby sister and wrapped my arms around her.

“I’m sorry,” she said.

“What? Why? Don’t be sorry.”

“I feel like this is all my fault.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, it’s my fault.”

“Still, I want to talk to her.” Natalie looked up at me and kissed me on the lips. When she pulled back, she gazed into my eyes.

“Promise me that everything’s going to be okay,” she said.



I slammed my bedroom door shut, slipped out of my clothes, and got under the covers. My mind was racing and I was trying hard not to cry.

Natalie had no idea what she was doing. Andy was just going to break her heart all over again and I would have to be there to pick up the pieces. Again. How many more times would this have to happen before she saw him for the shitty person he was?

And yet, I felt like it was all my fault. I should have just left my stuff in my dorm and let the school take them, fine me, whatever. It was just stuff. If I had stayed home with Natalie, she might not have fallen back in Andy’s arms.

I felt something else, too. Total blinding jealousy. Why did they have the special sibling relationship, while I had nobody? I had Katie, before she went to go live with Dad, but when she left, I just had Natalie. Natalie was great and everything, but I always felt like she was way more attached to Andy than to me.

The question I always asked myself: why doesn’t Natalie like me more? Then, while watching her interact Andy, I asked: why doesn’t Andy like me more?

Was Natalie nicer than I was? Was she funnier? Was she prettier?

I heard my bedroom door creak open and I looked over to see Natalie, still wrapped in her favorite blanket, padding over to my bed. She sat next to me, then laid herself down against my body.

“You smell like sex,” I said.

Natalie didn’t say anything back

“Why? Why would you go back to him after all he’s done?” I couldn’t hide the emotion that was so thick in my voice.

“I told you, Jess, I love him,” Natalie said, softly.

“More than me?”

Natalie wrapped her arms around me from behind and kissed my cheek. I started to cry.

“I love you both,” she said. “I love him in a different way than the way I love you.”

“But you and I…” My voice trailed off involuntarily.

“You said that was a one time thing.”

“So it suddenly doesn’t mean anything?” I cried.

“That’s not what I meant. What is this all about, Jess?”

“I’m fucking jealous! Can’t you tell?” I snapped. She didn’t say anything and her grip on me weakened. Her arms started pulling away from me and I regretted yelling at her.

I whipped the covers off of me, turned around, wrapped my arms around Natalie, and pulled her close. My mouth engulfed her’s and my tongue forced its way into her surprised mouth. Natalie didn’t fight back, but didn’t return my affections either. I pulled her blanket off and pressed my naked body against her bare flesh.

My hand snaked down her back and cupped her ass, squeezing and caressing her cute butt cheeks. Then I slowly pulled my hand between her legs and gently slipped a finger inside her.

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