The First Date

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After work on Friday, Scarlett drove to the City centre to meet Shane. He’d asked her out on a date and she’d thought it best to drive so that she could leave when she wanted. Scarlett was giddy with nervous excitement, she hadn’t told Shane but this was the first time she’d ever been on a date. He was only 2 years older than her yet he’d had a serious relationship and more than a few one- night stands but Scarlett was a virgin.

As she drove past the City Hall she did double take to make sure that it was Shane standing amongst the crowd of people passing by. She didn’t remember him looking quite like that… she wondered how much she’d had to drink when she first met him at the party last month. He didn’t look as well put together as he had then. Tonight he was wearing a yellow band t-shirt and brown baggy cord jeans with his Converse shoes, his hair was roughly gelled and his beard a bit fuller than before. He was carrying a cloth bag on his left shoulder and looking up and down the road to spot her. She double- parked, wound down the window and shouted over to him.

He got in the car and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek as she drove out into the traffic. He bought her a cup of coffee in a cafe near the cinema, she was so nervous her hands were shaking and their conversation passed in a blur. He flirted and teased her. She melted at his accent, the way he looked at her and smiled and the way he said her name.

At the cinema, they took their seats long before the film started and he rested his left hand on her thigh. She felt the warmth of his hand as he stroked her thigh and she trembled more. He noticed.

“Are you cold?” Shane asked.

Scarlett felt embarrassed because she wasn’t cold, just nervous. “Ahh, no, I mean. A bit, I suppose.” she shrugged.

Shane took his hand off her thigh and wrapped his arm round her shoulders, rubbing the top of her left arm with his hand.

Scarlett looked at him while they talked about their jobs, his housemate, her studies, their mutual friends, but all she could concentrate on was his lips and how much she wanted to kiss them. Again, he noticed.

“What?” Shane asked.

Scarlett was sure she was blushing but she couldn’t do anything about it.

“Can I kiss you?” Scarlett asked quietly, looking down.

Shane laughed “You’re so cute! Of course you can, c’mere.”

He wrapped his left arm tighter around her and pulled her in to him, she rested her right hand on his thigh. His lips were warm and wet against hers and he kissed her softly. His tongue gently stroked her lips and then slid into her mouth, against her tongue and she sighed a low breath into his mouth. His beard grazed her skin and his cologne smelled sharp against the popcorn smell of the cinema.

The trailers started and Scarlett felt the need for a nervous pee so she excused herself to go to the bathroom. As she sat in the cubicle she saw her pants were damp, she brushed her hand down through her trimmed, red pubic hair and felt the soft, warm folds of her wet pussy. She involuntarily let out a low moan and her breath caught in her chest. She lifted her hand and saw her fingers glisten in the light, coated in her pussy juice. Her body was craving him.

Back in the cinema all the seats were full, Scarlett fell asleep during the film and woke up nestled against Shane’s chest with his left arm around her. Embarrassed, she sat up straight and smoothed her clothes.

Shane giggled softly and whispered in her ear “Don’t worry, you weren’t snoring so no one else noticed.”

His hot breath on her ear and neck made her breathing quicken. He began stroking his hand on her thigh again before finding her hand in the dark and entwining their fingers, every once in a while stroking the skin between her thumb and index finger with his thumb.

They went out onto the dark, emptying streets after the film. The cinema and places nearby were shutting for the night. She offered to drive him home since he lived on the outskirts of the City. He directed her up and down narrow streets of rows of terraced houses, she couldn’t figure out where exactly she was because it was dark and she wasn’t familiar with this area.

Shane invited her inside for a cup of tea. She didn’t want to give him the wrong impression but she didn’t want to go home just yet and she didn’t really know how to get home from here anyway.

They went inside and he made her a cup of tea while the TV played in the background and he explained his housemate was away most weekends and that he’d be moving from this house soon as they’d had a disagreement. Scarlett gingerly sat down on the sofa with her cup, she really wanted to kiss Shane again. His arm was tight around her and the warmth from his thigh as he sat pressed beside her on the small sofa made her thoughts race.

Scarlett finished her tea and stood up. “I should get going now” her voice didn’t sound convincing.

Still sitting on the sofa, Shane looked up at her with his eyes fixed on hers and began running his hand up the back of her leg from her knee trabzon escort to her thigh and onto her ass.

“You don’t have to go, you can stay if you want. I can sleep on the floor and you can have my bed. If you want.” Shane’s voice was deep and low, like a soothing lullaby.

Scarlett’s knees felt weak as she sat back down on the sofa, she thought for a moment, swallowed hard and her voice flickered “Yeah, ok, sure.”

Shane put his left arm around her waist and pulled her into him, tucking her long red hair behind her ear as he kissed her. Quickly, he was kissing her with a powerful hunger that both shocked and excited her. His tongue pushed into her mouth, his breath hot and his body leaning heavily onto hers.

Scarlett gasped for breath “Shane… slow… down”.

He pulled back, still kissing her and flicking his tongue against hers and let out a frustrated moan.

“Sorry Scarlett, sorry.” Shane spluttered breathlessly. He sat back briefly, cleared his throat and began stroking her thighs, up round her hips, over her ass to the small of her back and back down again. “You look so hot tonight, I’ve been watching all night – how those jeans cling around your thighs and your hips and your ass.” Shane said through gritted teeth and his eyes rolled in his head.

He began kissing her again, this time he was nearly on top of her, his right arm had scooped up her left leg and he caressed her pussy over her clothes. Scarlett could feel how swollen she was now and she was sure he could feel how wet she was through her clothes. Shane let out a low groan. She panted as he whispered in her ear “Are you wet babe? Is your pussy wet for me?”

She let out a moan and sighed. Shane’s left leg, knee bent, was straddling her right leg on the sofa. They were both sweating and breathless. She put her right hand on his thigh to gently push him back so she could breathe for a moment when she felt his hard cock. She lifted her hand away immediately and gasped. She’d never felt a cock before and she was shocked at how big and hard it actually was. Shane looked down at the outline of his rock hard cock in his jeans and smirked. He lifted her chin in his left hand and kissed Scarlett in short soft kisses. Scarlett felt her breath tighten in her chest, she didn’t know what to do because this was new to her but she didn’t want to seem too nervous.

Shane realised her hesitation and looked her in the eyes between each short kiss. “It’s ok babe, you can touch it. It’s hard for you” he whispered.

Scarlett sat back from him, into the sofa. She felt embarrassed and she was glad her cheeks were probably red from his beard rubbing on her face while they were kissing. “It’s just…I…ah…I’ve never… I’m…I haven’t…” Scarlett stumbled over the words, avoiding looking at Shane’s face.

“Do you want to go to bed babe? Shall we go upstairs?” asked Shane in a soft tone. Scarlett began to tremble again and Shane stroked her hair and kissed her mouth softly.

Scarlett’s throat was dry and her voice cracked slightly “Yes but…I…I don’t want to have sex. Not just yet… sorry Shane.”

He smiled at her “Oh Scarlett, don’t worry. I won’t do anything you don’t want me to. I’ll get us some water and we can go to bed.”

Upstairs, Scarlett splashed her face with cold water in the bathroom and took a calming breath before going into Shane’s room. There was a faint tang of sweat and jizz, the TV was on and Shane was busy making a bed for himself on the floor. She sat down on his bed and drank some water as she noticed him settling onto his makeshift floor bed.

She laughed “Shane! You are not sleeping on the floor, get up! You can’t be comfy there and if I get up in the middle of the night I’ll trip over you!”

Shane looked up at her, raising his eyebrows. “Only if you’re sure?” he asked. Scarlett nodded, smiling at him.

He lay down to her right, propping himself up on his left elbow and stretching his legs down the bed as they half paid attention to the TV. Scarlett was tired but she wasn’t sleepy, she was uncomfortable and sweaty in her clothes but she didn’t want to take them off. She wished she could relax, she knew her body was telling her she could but her mind was in overdrive.

Shane began to kiss her gently as she lay beside him. He stroked her hair and dragged his fingers gently down her neck. Scarlet ran her fingers through his hair, stroked his beard, the back of his neck and melted into his mouth. He ran his hands down her side, she was ticklish and she squirmed. They both laughed. He bent her left knee and ran his hand up to her hip, grabbing it and pulling her towards him as his right leg hooked in between both of hers. He kissed her furiously, his tongue making her pant and moan as she tried to breath steadily. He slipped his right hand up under her top. Her skin was cold and clammy under his big warm hand and they both moaned into each other’s mouths. She felt his cock stiffen even more against her leg as he gently squeezed her breast and felt her hard nipple under her lacy uşak escort bra.

“Take this off, let me take this off you Scarlett” Shane murmured, lifting her top.

She sat up and let him take the top off her. She shuddered at the cold in the room and at Shane’s wet lips and coarse beard kissing her shoulders. “What do you like babe?” Shane groaned, kissing her shoulders and stroking her thighs. Scarlett didn’t reply, she didn’t know what to say. Shane asked again. Scarlett felt vulnerable. “Don’t worry about being loud babe, there’s no one else in the house. Just tell me what you like.” Shane whispered.

“I don’t know. No one has ever touched me or kissed me like this before so I don’t know” whispered Scarlett.

He kissed her reassuringly on the lips, the look in his eyes was different, almost animalistic she thought.

“Are you tired? Do you want to have a wee doze?” Shane whispered.

Scarlett nodded and closed her eyes, trying to gather her thoughts when she heard him getting up, fiddling around the room and then getting back onto the bed.

He began to lick and stroke her nipples through her lacy bra. He moaned “Your nipples are so hard babe, I want them in my mouth, can I take this off?”

Scarlett opened her eyes. She realised he was still fully clothed but she was getting more naked and she said so. He smiled at her wryly. “Well, we’ll just have to level the playing field then won’t we?” said Shane, jumping up and removing his t-shirt and undoing his belt buckle.

“If I’m taking my jeans off, I’m taking yours off too” his voice sing-songing the words. She covered her face with her hands and giggled as he pulled her legs down the bed towards him, unbuttoned her jeans and hooked his fingers in her waist band. “Up” he directed as she raised her hips off the bed and he pulled off her jeans. She lay in her lacy bra and pants, feeling exposed. He moaned as he stroked and kissed up her legs. He sat at the end of the bed and groaned, looking at her pussy in her lacy pants.

Scarlett dared to look up at him and he licked his lips and groaned “Scarlett you’re so fucking gorgeous babe. My cock is throbbing. Take off your bra, let me play with your big tits”

Scarlett sat up to unclasp her bra as Shane knelt down over her on the bed. She could see his cock was thick, hard and bouncing, barely contained inside the front of his boxers which was wet with pre-cum.

Shane growled as he cupped Scarlett’s massive soft breasts, running his thumbs over her hard nipples. He pushed her back on the bed and lay between her legs.

“Your skin is so soft” he whispered. Her pussy was so wet and swollen that she moaned, first at the friction from her lacy pants against her and then at Shane’s raging hard cock grinding against her, still in his boxers. He sucked and licked her nipples as she moaned. “Yeah, do you like that babe?” Shane groaned at her.

She didn’t really enjoy what he was doing to her nipples, she was enjoying his cock rubbing against her pussy, both still in their pants. She felt his hand move down her body and into her pants. “FUCK! your pussy is soaking babe.” Shane groaned as his hips bucked and his eyes rolled back, his brow furrowed and he frowned slightly. She wondered if this was his cum face and it made her wetter thinking about watching it.

He began stroking her pussy but she was too swollen and sensitive, she tensed up. She grabbed his hand “That’s too much Shane, I can’t take it” she said breathlessly wincing.

“Are you ok, Scarlett? Do you want me to do something else?” Shane asked.

Scarlett nodded and Shane began kissing her neck. Her knees felt weak and she melted into him, panting and moaning louder.

Shane suddenly stopped and looked down at her “So I suck your tits and play with your pussy for half an hour and there’s nothing but the minute I start kissing your neck you nearly hit the ceiling, what gives?” he said playfully.

She gave him a shy smile and shrugged “I guess you’ve found my Achilles heel.” He winked at her. “My body is saying YES PLEASE but my brain just isn’t sure yet, sorry Shane.”

She suddenly felt exhausted and told him she didn’t want anymore. Realising it was late, they settled to sleep.

His alarm woke them very early in the morning, he’d forgotten to mention he had to go to work. The bed was clammy with their sweat but the room was cold and the bright morning glaring through the window made Scarlett feel a bit dirty and embarrassed. She got up quickly, searching for her clothes on the floor and asked for a towel to have a shower. Shane was still half asleep with his arm over his eyes and Scarlett took the chance to look at him in the daylight.

His hair was messy, his beard full but trimmed round his strong jaw, his neck inviting her to snuggle in, his chest broad with dark hair that she wanted to run her hands over, his cock still so hard against the front of his boxers that it created a gap between his waistband and his waist, still wet with pre-cum, his thighs sturdy and strong.

She headed van escort to the bathroom, turned on the tap and waited for the water to run hot but it didn’t. She slipped back into the bedroom where Shane was rummaging through a drawer.

“Shane, how does the hot water work? it’s just running cold” she asked.

“Aw no, that fucking bitch has turned the heating off again!” Shane growled.

“Sorry babe, there’s no hot water for a shower. Though I could do with a cold one this morning anyway” he said, winking at her and looking down at his massive cock which bounced in agreement.

“How is your cock still so hard??” Scarlett asked.

“It’s been hard as a rock all fucking night babe, see what you’ve done to me? Blue balls all night” Shane smiled and took Scarlett’s hand. “But since we can’t have a shower… more time to snuggle before work?”

Scarlett wrapped her arms round his neck and he hugged her waist as they began kissing passionately. He ran his fingers slowly up and down her sides where he knew she was ticklish and they both giggled as she squeaked in protest and squirmed.

He began kissing her furiously, growling and rubbing his cock in his boxers against her leg. “Take your pants off babe, let me finger you.” Shane whispered.

She stood back and placed his hands on her waistband and let him slide her pants down onto the floor. As she stepped out of them, he put his face into her crotch and inhaled “Fuck Scarlett, you smell amazing. I want my fingers inside your pussy, I want to fuck you with my fingers.”

As Scarlett lay back on the bed, Shane took his boxers off and lay down at a right angle to her. She could see for the first time how big his cock was and she felt herself getting wetter at the thought of it sliding inside her. But she didn’t want that right now.

Shane’s left hand grazed Scarlett’s pubic hair which was wet with her juice and stroked her pussy lips with his finger. Scarlett moaned and bucked her hips, desperate to feel his fingers inside her. He didn’t waste time, sliding 1 finger into her swollen, wet pussy and began to fuck her with his finger. They both groaned and he slid another finger inside her. She moaned at the sound of his fingers fucking her wet pussy. She looked over at him and saw his cock sitting straight up, twitching and he gripped it hard with his right hand. She saw that look on his face again.

“I’m so hard, I could cum in 10 seconds just watching you like this babe but I want you to cum first.” Shane moaned in a low growl.

Scarlett moaned and gasped for breath “Yes Shane, Mmmmm I want to cum.” She bucked her hips as he sped up sliding his fingers in and out of her pussy in slick, sloppy- sounding strokes. She could feel herself getting wetter and her juice running down her thighs. She held her legs apart to spread them wide as Shane’s thumb found her clit and made her jerk in pain “Ah. no. too. much. ahh it’s too. sensitive. soft…sssofter. around my clit, around, not on it.” Scarlett pleaded in jerky breaths.

Shane obeyed and felt her pussy start to grip his fingers “Aw babe you’re so fucking tight, your pussy is so tight. I love finger fucking your tight pussy. Does it feel good babe?” his breathing quickened as he tried not to stroke his cock.

Scarlett was so close to cumming, she was trying to relax and let the waves come. She’d never had anyone speak to her like that before, it turned her on more and she desperately wanted to cum.

She started to buck her hips and feel her pussy getting tighter round Shane’s fingers, she couldn’t control the noises she was making now. She groaned and panted and moaned loud “Oooh that feels so good, oh yeah don’t stop. I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum, don’t stop Shane.”

Shane continued to fuck her with his left hand and used his right to try and hold her hips on the bed, his cock bounced free, brushing pre-cum on the back of her thigh as it grazed against it and he grit his teeth so as not to cum.

“Yeah babe, cum for me, aw you’re so wet, your pussy is so tight. Aww fuck yeah, I can feel you gripping my fingers, aw cum for me babe, that’s it, cum on my fingers, you deserve it, cum for me with my fingers inside your pussy” he growled at her as she moaned loudly, her hips bucked wildly, she held her legs wide open as her internal muscles gripped and released Shane’s fingers in short strong contractions.

She collapsed back onto the bed, breathless, her mouth dry and Shane’s fingers still inside her swollen pussy. She couldn’t move or speak, her knees felt weak and she trembled all over, she felt totally blissful.

Shane slid his fingers out and she opened her eyes to see him lick them. “Mmm you taste so good babe.” he groaned as he climbed on top of her, stroking her hair and kissing her face gently until her breathing steadied.

She sat up and kissed him, she could taste her pussy juice in his mouth and it made her moan. She reached down and wrapped her right hand firmly around his massive hard cock. Shane growled and gritted his teeth, his eyes rolling shut before he opened them again looking her straight in the eye. His cock skin was soft, much softer than she had expected for something so hard. She slowly pulled back his foreskin, pre-cum dribbled out of his swollen pink head and down his cock onto her hand.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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