The Family That Plays Together



It began when one day I was bustling about my early morning household chores. I bustled a bit too energetically, because forgetting it was son Ted’s late morning I raced into the bathroom.

Ted was serving his apprenticeship as a carpenter – following in his father’s footsteps – and one day a week he attended what used to be called a “Technical College” for trade training. On this day he left home at 8-30 a.m. instead of the usual 6-45 a.m. Hence my error in breaking in on him.

Ted was standing there drying himself with towel, stark naked. For a few seconds I was transfixed. I had not seen him completely undressed since he was a little boy, and now I was amazed at what I saw.

I have done some reading on sexual matters, and learned that the average size penis is around 150mm (or 6″), about my husband Ben’s size. Young Ted must have been nicely relaxed from his shower, and had an erection. His shaft was standing up at about 200+mm (or 8″), a rare phenomenon despite male boasting.

Having taken in this vision, I apologised and exited. I stood contemplating what I had seen, and I must have looked odd because daughter Doreen, just leaving for work, looked at me and said, “Are all right, mum?”

I gave myself a mental shake, and replied, “Fine love,” and got on with some other job.

During the day, I kept getting flashbacks to my sighting of Ted’s manhood. It was not only his penis that engaged my thoughts, for like his father, he is a big lad standing about 1.9m (or 6’3″), well muscled and proportioned. My thinking was; “My God, some lucky girl is going to be well served.”

I have been “well served” myself by husband Ben. He never separates from me until he is sure I have been satisfied, and he makes sure we get together very often for what he calls, “A little conviviality.” On these convivial occasions, we have the whole gamut of sexual possibilities open to us, not being reticent about anything. In short, we have a lot of fun in bed.

It is remarkable really, given the marital disharmonies and breakups current these days. Ben and I were childhood sweethearts. I think the first time we held hands was in grade two at primary school. By our mid teens we were doing a lot more than holding hands, but being the days before adequate contraceptives, and youthful ignorance of what was available anyway, I got pregnant at an age I blush to mention.

So, as was the custom at the time, we got married. Hardly out of our baby nappies, and soon to be parents, we set out on the marital voyage. Within fourteen months of Ted’s birth, I had Doreen. It was in the early days of the contraceptive pill and I went on that, bringing pregnancies to an end, but not our bedtime gambols.

In the days and nights following my stimulating vision of Ted, I found myself thinking and dreaming about him constantly. The dreams nearly always ended with Ted about to penetrate me. Sadly, I thought, “He never does. I always wake up too soon.”

I began to become obsessive about Ted, and this affected my sex life with Ben. I became more urgent and demanding. There was a sort of desperation I brought to our coupling.

Eventually I had to face the fact that I wanted Ted, my son, sexually. I had read that mothers were usually strongly attached to their sons, but most of the writers on the subject failed to spell out the important aspect. Probably they fear the slur of incest, but reading between the lines one realises that they are fully aware of the sexual nature of the attachment.

It is also known that sons have a special bond with their mothers. This bond also has a sexual content that sometimes spills over into action.

Having faced the situation, I knew it was not going to go away and I had to decide what I was going to do. I resolved that I would have him, if at all possible, so I set about using some of my female wiles.

I began to make sure he saw me in provocative positions. I sat so he could see to the tops of my legs. We “inadvertently” met around the house when I was clad only in panties and bras. A few times, and quite “by accident” of course, I happened to be bare breasted in his presence. My physical contact with him became more pressing and my kisses moister and lingering. In short, I did everything I could to awaken his erotic interest in me, and I saw it was beginning to work.

He could hardly hide his erections from me, his penis being so large, I was able to see how he started to harden even when I was not being especially provoking. When I was reasonably sure he wanted me, I took my big gamble.

I selected one of his late start mornings, and waited until I judged he was out of the shower and drying himself. I was naked, and I burst into the bathroom saying, “Now you, beast, take me.”

I am a relatively small woman, so I pulled myself against him and virtually climbed up him, then winding my legs round him I allowed myself to slip down until his crown was pressing against my opening.

My escort haberleri anticipation before I entered the room had made me thoroughly wet, so I needed no arousing. Never the less, in the awkward position I had adopted, and his crown being so large, I had a momentary battle to get him into me. Then my entrance seemed to open wide, and he slid in. I felt the breadth of his manhood filling me, and his length pressing his crown against my cervix.

Ted had had no time to come to terms with what was happening, he was simply stunned with amazement. But as he felt himself inside me, nature seemed to take over. My soft moist tunnel entranced him and his hands came under my buttocks, and he began to lift me up and down on him.

It took little time for him to come. I felt as if a volcano was erupting inside me as he cried out, “Oh mum…mum…mum.”

When he finished we were both overcome by the emotions and physical effort required in our position. He was shaking and I felt limp. I had not orgasmed, but I had not expected to. I just wanted him to sample me. I wanted to lure him on to an extended period of carnal coupling, to let him feel what I was like and perhaps sense what I could give him. It was a sort of deposit for future payment in full.

I managed to pull myself off him and I leaned against the wall, looking at him as he stared at me in disbelief.


“Because I wanted you,” I replied, not elaborating.


“Didn’t you like it?”

“Yes…it…it…was fantastic.”

“Then there’s a lot more where that came from. You’re not well enough to go to the college today. You and I are going to bed, and I’m going to give you the medicine to make you feel better.”

His sperm was running down my legs and onto the floor. I cleaned up his penis and then washed out my own genitals, and after making sure there was no traces of his discharge left on the floor, we made for my bedroom.

Having laid my big stake and seemingly won, I realised that I had not planned how to go on from here. With both of us standing naked in the bedroom, I became unexpectedly bashful. I had gone in strong, and now had lost my nerve. I needed something from Ted to get things moving again. Fortunately, he gave me just what I needed. Having lost my nerve, he found his.

He came to me and took me in his arms. “God, that was wonderful, mum. I didn’t know…I mean…I’ve wanted you like hell recently…I didn’t dare do anything. Thanks for having the guts to make a move. Now how about that medicine?”

He bent to kiss me, long and tongue probing, then lifting me to the edge of the bed, and parting my legs, he thrust into me with his tongue, licking and tasting me.

If there is one quick way to make me come, that is it. The moment he started on my clitoris I began my writhing and squealing, holding his head against me and tugging at his hair.

I heard my own voice as if it belonged to someone else: “Baby, oh baby, lovely…don’t stop…don’t stop…give it to me…”

A distant vibration within gave warning of what was coming and I cried out, “Hold me tight, baby, very tight.”

His arms came round my thighs holding me firmly against him as his licking and nibbling intensified.

The first shuddering orgasmic shock wave crashed over me. I heard my scream, then in seemingly endless succession, vibrations shook my whole body, and I was rearing in tormented rapture, shrieking out my words of love and hunger for him.

As the convulsions diminished into spasmodic tremors, I began to sob. Ted lifted me gently, to lay me in the middle of the bed. I spread my legs to receive him as he kissed away my tears, and then I felt his mighty organ press into me.

I who had started this process so aggressively, was now at his mercy, a supplicant at the door of his passion, ready to beg for any crumb from the table of his sensual feast. I had striven to make him mine – to possess him – and now I was his, silently helpless in my need.

I was tight round his beautiful spear and ready to die from the wounds I longed for him to inflict with it, wanting him to reach my heart and in slaying me, save me from my ecstatic anguish for him.

A cannon exploded into me. His seed filled me and I longed for the denouement of our deed, but in vain. There could be no yield to carry the proof of our fervent coupling.

We lay, victims of our ardour, enfolded in each other’s arms and whispering our love and gratitude. We had begun and there was no turning aside. What we had found in each other was too deep to now be denied.

As we lay together, his hand sought my breasts, shortly to be followed by his lips at my nipples. I held and stroked him as if I suckled a child, desiring to give him what I no longer had, the milk that had once nourished him. His speed of recovery was astonishing for soon he was upon me, once more ready to fill my already overflowing tunnel of love.

But gaziantep escort haberleri I refused him entry, instead taking his manhood into my mouth, I tasted the mingling of his sperm and my lubricant. I let him empty himself into my mouth, gulping down what I could of his massive discharge.

Until mid-afternoon we loved and murmured, seeking the ultimate fulfillment that always seems just one step beyond. Sated we rose, knowing that the others would be arriving soon.

I was thankful that Ben made no advances that night. That of course, could not last, so in the end, I was having sexual intercourse up to seven or eight times a week, I’m happy to say.

For the next eighteen months Ted and I found what time we could to continue our liaison. It was not easy as we were rarely alone together, but we made what we could of it. Neither Ben nor Doreen knew what was going on between us, until one Saturday afternoon.

Ben had gone out to play golf and Doreen to visit a friend. I was bending over the dining room table as Ted gave me anal sex. In the midst of this, Doreen came into the room. Her friend had not been at home.

She stood rooted to the spot, just staring at us. We were both naked and in as embarrassing a situation as one could imagine.

Ted withdrew from me, allowing me to stand, but neither of us knew what to do or say next.

It was Doreen, white faced, who broke the silence.

“So this is what you get up to when you’re together. Mother and son? Incest!”

I tried to speak: “Doreen it was my fault I…” Doreen cut in.

“I’ve held back. I said nothing all these years, and why? Because of incest. However much I wanted him, I said to myself, ‘No, it’s wrong, it’s forbidden.’ And now you,” looking at me, “you’ve got both of them.”

I was aghast. “Darling, you mean you want Ted…?”

“Don’t be stupid. I want father.”

“Yes, of course, the desire of the daughter for her father,” I thought. “But what of the desire of the father for the daughter?”

I posed the question to Doreen as Ted and I struggled to get our clothes on.

“Of course he does, snapped Doreen. Haven’t you seen how he looks at me, how he touches me. Are you so wrapped up in each other you are blind? He may be my father, but he’s a man as well, you should know that, and a damned sexy one.”

I tried again. “Darling if you’re sure, really sure like I was about Ted, then why not?”

“You mean, you wouldn’t make any fuss? Wouldn’t blow the family apart?”

I could not help a little smile at that. “I’ve accepted the risk of that with Ted, and I promise you I’m not going to complain if you and father can come together in love.”

I knew that at least Doreen was safe from pregnancy as I had put her on the pill as soon as she came to sexual maturity. There had been several boys with whom she had sexual relationships, but none of the seemed to satisfy her. Now I knew why. She was not having sex with the man she truly loved and wanted.

I went to her and put my arms round her. “Darling, if you really want daddy, then go ahead and try.”

She looked at me, then whispered, “Thank you, mummy,” and left the room.

Ted and I were in no mood to continue our sexual contact that afternoon, but he said, “Will she be all right, mum?”

“Are you all right, my love?” I asked him.

“I don’t think my life has ever been better since we started, and my only fear is we might have to stop.”

“Then she’ll be all right, if your father goes along with her.”

From then on Ted and I found all the reasons we could to leave Ben and Doreen alone together. I looked out for signs that their liaison had started, and noticed how Doreen seemed much more content, and made much of Ben, sitting on his lap, kissing him and always seeming to be in the same location as him.

On the other side, I found Ben less urgent in his sexual need for me. We did not stop having sex, but it was less often. Always considerate to me, he became more so.

All this I saw as signs that they were now lovers.

I let the situation ramble on for some months, then finally made up my mind it was time for some openness. Of the four of us, Ben was the only one who did not have the full picture. I put it to Doreen and Ted that it was time Ben knew what was going on. They demurred at first, but finally agreed that it had to be done, and I was the one to do it.

I waited until one night after we had finished making love, and said, “Darling, I know what’s going on between you and Doreen.”

He gave a start and tried to speak.


“And before you get into a panic, you’d better know that Ted and I are lovers as well.”

There was a long silence, then he said:

“I thought there was something.”

“Look, darling, I’m sure you’re very happy as Doreen’s lover, and I’m very happy with Ted. Nothing has changed except you escort gaziantep haberleri now have the full picture. We still make love, and can go on doing so. It’s just that we have – what shall I say? Double happiness?”

Ben took a little while to get used to the situation, but once he did our sex lives freed up remarkably. There were some nights when Ted slept with me, and Ben with Doreen.

The circle was completed when one evening Ted announced that he and Doreen had become lovers. From then on, the standard situation was that I slept with Ben, and Ted with Doreen in the new double bed we bought for them. But the standard was far from being followed, and I must admit that at times there was confusion as to who was sleeping with whom. Fortunately we could usually sort it out happily.

A new turn of events came about through one these moments of confusion over sexual partners for the night. Ted said:

“Why don’t we have a foursome?”

“We haven’t got a big enough bed,” replied Ben.

“No,” said Ted, “but we could buy some mattresses and lay them on the floor of Doreen’s old room. She doesn’t sleep there any more, so why not?”

It was agreed that this should be done, and I added, “Why don’t we do something on the floor in here this evening. It’ll be a bit hard, but it could be fun.”

So, that night began a new phase in our love lives. It was a bit difficult at first, trying to decide whose penis was to go into whose vagina first, or who was going to give oral sex to whom, and so on, but practice, if it didn’t make perfect, did smooth out most of the bumps. At times it was hard to know whose arms or legs were whose as we tangled together, sucking breasst, massaging penises and fingering clitorises.

A new dimension came into my personal approach to sex. One evening Doreen began to suck my breasts, and followed this up with a hearty licking of my vagina. This was the first time I had experienced this with a woman, and I liked it. Soon after I returned the compliment and suckled on Doreen’s breasts and give her oral sex.

This went even further when “The boys,” as Ben and Ted were now called, began to play with each other’s sex organs and suck each other’s penises.

A favourite game we played was “Rape.” One of us “Girls” was tied down, and the rest had a free for all with her. For example, if it were Doreen, I might be sitting across her making her give me oral sex, while Ben licked her vagina and Ted sucked her breasts. After a while we would swap around, until finally both of the boys ejaculated into her, and I would get her to finish me off with her tongue.

The laughter, yells, groans and screams were extremely loud at times, and I was glad we had no near neighbours to hear.

When the foursome was over, we would retire to our beds with our partner for the night. I usually had Ted on these occasions as he was still captivated with me, and I with him, while Ben and Doreen were still really deeply in love. I don’t know what Ben and Doreen did, but Ted and I nearly always had a one to one sex session. Our truly profound satisfaction, and not just fun, was with each other.

Rather than divide us, as some might expect, our relationship seemed to strengthen us as a family. Sexually speaking we had everything we could desire within the family, and there was a great deal of love and caring.

One day after about twelve months of our foursome, Doreen came to me with a mischievous look in her eye.

“Wouldn’t it be great if we both got pregnant at the same time?”

I was startled, but had to admit to myself that I had thought how I would like to get pregnant again, but I saw a difficulty.

“Darling, we would have to come off the pill, and we wouldn’t know who the father was. I mean, as we get sperm from both the boys, it could be either of them.”

“Does that really matter? We all love each other, don’t we?”

I saw her reasoning, but deep inside myself, I wanted to have a baby with Ted. Never the less, I agreed, and starting from that day we ceased to take the pill. We decided to say nothing to the boys.

It took about two months before we got pregnant, and I persuaded myself that I knew the very occasion when it happened to me. It was a very tender night with Ted. There had been no foursome, and Ted was very gentle and loving that night. Our orgasms, normally quite noisy and almost violent affairs, were on this night very tender and long lasting. We spoke words of deep love, vowing that we would never be parted.

Ted’s semen seemed to flow into me rather than explode as it usually did, and I was completely relaxed as I received it. When he finished, I closed my legs to lock his seed inside me. I know that this means nothing in terms of getting pregnant, but it was a sort of symbolic act. I was holding Ted’s lovely gift inside me as long as I could.

Doreen and I are both six months pregnant now, and will probably have our babies within a few days of each other.

The boys were surprised, to say the least, when we told them of our conditions, but getting used to the idea, as men need to, they ended up rejoicing heartily. I must however add, that they have both decided to have vasectomies.

I still believe that it is Ted’s child I carry within me, but if not, I at least know he loves me passionately.

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