The Family Business



This is a story for the whole family. I wanted to try to get away from doing just dad/daughter and experiment. This is also my first attempt at a 3rd person story. Please if you have any ideas on how to improve, post them below. I felt like I used way too many pronouns but I was unsure of any other ways to do it.


What do you do when you are on the verge of losing everything? How desperate can you get, and what would you be willing to do if someone offered you a golden ticket to fix it all?

“It doesn’t look good,” said Marks accountant.

“Well, what can I do?” Mark said with a defeated tone.

“I think it’s time you put your house on the market and start liquidating your assets, but even that won’t be enough. You are deep in the hole Mark.”

Mark looked at his wife Sarah, who was almost in tears as she listened in on the conversation.

“Okay, thanks Tim,” Mark said as he hung up the phone.

“What are we going to do?” Sarah said, trying to dab her tears with a tissue.

Mark just sighed and stared off at a picture of his family at the beach, that was sitting on his desk.

Mark Miller and his wife Sarah inherited a family auto parts business from Mark’s father, who had already passed. The company had always been successful and was growing, until this year.

Their company supplies car parts to retail stores in the area, but this year, they got a huge new contract. This was the deal that could have doubled their revenue, but after Mark put every penny, and then some, into filling the inventory for the order; the customer pulled out, leaving the company in financial ruin.

Mark got in the way to deep on this one. He mortgaged his house again, took another business loan from the bank, and even used the college savings for his children, Lindsay, and Dylan.

“I think we are going to have to talk to the kids,” Mark said to Sarah.

“So we are really going to sell the house?” Sarah asked sobbing.

“I don’t think we have any choice,” Mark sighed.

That night at dinner, Mark, and Sarah brought the kids up to speed on the situation. Dylan tried to stay strong, but you could see in his eyes that he was upset. He was 19, but he was so mature for his age and looked up to his father, and was just as determined to help his family any way he could.

Lindsay, on the other, did not take it well at all. She was only 18, and still in high school. The thought of having to move and change schools now freaked her out pretty bad. It was a good thing Mark didn’t mention that they would not even be able to afford to move and that they could end up homeless.

Lindsay stormed off to her room, while Dylan kept trying to come up with optimistic, but unrealistic, solutions. They were not at all helpful, but at least he was trying.

Mark felt like a complete failure, but he had to stay strong. Not only so he could keep a clear head, and hopefully find a solution, but also so he wouldn’t worry his family more than they already were.

The next morning, Mark, Sarah, and Dylan headed off to the warehouse. Sarah was the outgoing one, so she managed the sales department. Dylan, however, was spending his last summer working at the warehouse, before he headed off to university in the fall.

Lindsay, well she just did what teenage girls did. Whatever the hell she wants. It was summer break, and she always had plans with her friends. She hated being at the warehouse, but would still help out by filing invoices now and then.

The day went as usual until Sarah, came bursting into Mark’s office.

“Uh, Mark… there are some men here,” she stammered.

Mark just looked at her waiting for more information, “well who are they?”

“They are from DynoTec!” She shouted excitedly.

Mark, however, did not share the feeling. DynoTec is one of the most significant parts suppliers in the country, but they would not be a customer. They were the competition.

“Ok, send them in please,” Mark said, as he began to tidy his desk quickly.

Sarah nodded and opened the door, “right this way gentlemen.”

Three men entered all clean cut and wearing expensive suits. One of the men ogled Sarah, clearly staring right down her slightly opened blouse. Sarah’s full, and luscious breasts always drew a lot of attention, but most were not so obvious about it. This man didn’t seem to care though, and he brushed his hand over Mark’s wife’s tight ass, as she walked out of the office.

This angered Mark, but he had to maintain his composure. If these men had any options for him at all, then he needed to hear them out.

Mark stood up and went to greet the men, and offered them a seat. Only one of the men shook Mark’s hand, while the others just stood back and observed. The one man simply handed Mark a business card and sat down.

“So what can I do for you?” Mark asked as he returned to the chair behind his desk.

“I think the better question is, what can we do for you?” Said the seated man.

Mark looked at the business card he had just received, “uh, Lucas, is it? Says here that you are escort gaziantep the director of acquisitions?” Mark inquired suspiciously.

“Please, call me Luke, and yes I am.”

“What exactly are you looking to acquire?” Mark asked.

“Your company of course. It has come to our attention that you are having some financial troubles, and are possibly in the market to sell?” Luke asked confidently.

Now how would he know that? Mark thought to himself.

“One million dollars is our one and only offer. Take it now, or we will just acquire the company from the bank after you file for bankruptcy,” Luke said, setting the pleasantries aside.

Mark almost choked as he heard the offer. Not because it was good, but because it wasn’t. A million dollars would not even cover a fraction of the debt from his inventory. This wasn’t a solution, this was a takeover. Things were starting to click in Mark’s head, as he realized that DynoTec must have been behind the purchase order that put him in this situation.

“You and I both know that’s not an offer, that’s an insult,” Mark replied angrily.

“Perhaps, but it’s really your only option,” Luke said as he picked up the picture frame of Marks family off of his desk. “That’s a beautiful family you have there,” Luke said he passed the picture to his colleagues.

Both men gazed at the picture with sinister grins on their faces. “Very hot,” one of the men chuckled. He was obviously enjoying the view of Sarah, and Lindsay..

“Very tight,” the one man said as he licked his lips. “How old is the young one?”

Mark was furious.

“She is eighteen!” Mark said hoping that would deter them. He was wrong…

“Eighteen,” the man said smiling and nodding. This only seemed to entice him further.

Mark got up and went over to the men, ripping the picture from their hands. He went back to his desk and stuffed the photo in his drawer.

“You seem like you care a lot about your family Mark, so I’m going to make a deal with you,” Luke said.

One of the men bent down and whispered back and forth with Luke. Mark couldn’t make out what they were saying. They just seemed to be chucking and nodding.

“What kind of deal?” Mark asked trying to get Luke’s attention.

“Right, so, you have a beautiful wife, Mark. Perhaps if you offer something to us then maybe I can offer something to you?” Luke said deviously.

Mark went pale as he realized precisely what Luke was implying. The idea made him furious, but then he thought about his family, and their troubles. He had to hear what Luke was going to offer.

“Go on?” Mark said, grinding his teeth.

“Relax Mark, this is a good deal. Both for you and for us,” Luke responded with a grin. Luke at least had a hook in Mark, and he knew it. “How about this… I’ll give you the million for sixty-six percent of your company, and we guarantee the sale of all your current inventory. That will take care of some of your debt, and will continue to provide yourself with a continued salary.”

Mark was silent as he considered the deal. It wasn’t perfect, but it would help. He would still be in debt, but with this deal, he might be able to save the house and still hold on to a portion of the company. The only question now was what they wanted in return, although Mark was pretty sure that he knew the answer.

“And you want what?” Mark asked sounding slightly defeated.

“We just want to have some fun with your wife,” Luke said smiling.

Mark paused to consider this, and then let out a big sigh, “I can’t ask my wife to do that.”

“Well, maybe you should talk to her Mark. This is a good deal,” Luke replied.

Mark was silent, and then suddenly Sarah burst into the door and slammed it shut behind her.

“Will this save us, Mark?” She spurted.

Mark nodded, realizing that Sarah must have been eavesdropping from the other side of the door.

“What kind of fun?” Sarah asked.

Luke simply winked at her.

Sarah went silent as she thought about what she would have to do. She looked at Mark, feeling guilty that she was even considering this. If this was their only option though, then she really had no other choice.

“Ok, I’ll do it!” Sarah shouted.

Mark opened his mouth about to speak up, but he realized this really was their only option. He looked at his wife and contemplated the ramifications of going through with this.

What will this do to Sarah? Or our marriage? Mark thought to himself.

“Are you sure?” Mark asked.

Sarah bit her lip and nodded looking very uncomfortable.

“Ok… deal,” Mark said reluctantly as he hung his head.

“Excellent,” Luke said as the other men had already begun pawing at Sarah.

Sarah was incredibly nervous. Mark was the only man that she has ever been sexual with. They were high school sweethearts that were inseparable. They even went to the same college because they knew that a long distance relationship could end them. Neither of them carried a single regret though.

One of the escort gaziantep bayan men starting unbuttoning Sara’s blouse, while the other started tugging at her skirt. Sarah helped the struggling man and unzipped her skirt for him.

“Thank-you,” the man replied as he pulled her skirt down her long slender legs.

The other man managed to remove Sarah’s blouse. She just stood there in her red lace bra, and thong while the men began exploring her body.

One man began grabbing and kissing Sarah’s tight round ass, while the other fondled her large round breasts. Sarah was thirty-eight, but you could never tell because she had the body of a twenty-year-old.

Luke stood up and approached the two lusting men, and pulled them both back. He started undoing his pants and released his already erect cock from his pants. The other men quickly followed his lead.

Sarah looked at them knowing exactly what they wanted. She dropped to her knees, and pulled her long, straight, brown hair, back into a ponytail.

She looked on at the three cocks in front of her, feeling slightly overwhelmed.

“Go ahead,” Luke said encouraging her.

Sarah looked up at him and nodded timidly. She took Luke’s member in her hand and gently started kissing the tip and teasing it with her tongue. Sarah was never the best at giving head. Mark was the only man she had gone down on. Mark gave her some instruction before, on how to improve, but it was minimal.

Luke quickly grew impatient, and grabbed Sarah’s ponytail, forcing his cock into her mouth. Sarah’s hand gripped at Luke’s legs, and he started face fucking her. She started gagging as the head of Luke’s dick bounced off the back of her throat.

Sarah struggled for air at first, but she learned quickly and started to relax. Her grip on Luke’s legs loosened, and she reached out to begin stroking the other two men.

Her gags and whimpers started turning into moans and slurping. Sarah felt so ashamed that this was happening in front of her husband, but she was beginning to become aroused.

Mark looked away, trying to avoid watching the events unfolding in front of him. He also noticed the change in Sarah’s tone.

Is she starting to enjoy this? Mark thought.

Just then, the door to the office flung open, hitting one of the men in the arm.

“Hey, dad?” Dylan said as he entered the office. He immediately stopped and froze as he noticed what was going on.

The man closed the door behind him and locked it. Sarah froze when she heard Dylan’s voice, but Luke’s grip on her hair wouldn’t let her stop what she was doing.

“Dylan, go back to the warehouse!” Mark quickly shouted.

Dylan didn’t move or respond. He was frozen as he observed Luke, face fucking his mother, while she jerked off two other men.

“I think he wants to stay,” one of the men chuckled.

“Dylan! Warehouse!” Mark shouted again.

“The kid can stay if he wants to!” The other man shouted back at Mark.

“This wasn’t part of the deal,” Mark shouted.

Luke snapped around to look at Mark. Sarah’s head was pulled around with her mouth still attached to his throbbing member.

“Well, the deal changed!” Luke said. “The kid stays now!”

Dylan finally snapped back to reality, “what are you doing to my mother?” Dylan asked.

Luke turned back to Dylan, whipping Sarah’s head back around with him, “she is saving the family business,” he said.

Dylan looked at his father. Mark just nodded again, feeling frustrated, and even more ashamed about what was taking place.

“Look, he is getting hard,” one of the men said, pointing at the tent in Dylan’s pants.

Dylan’s face went red with embarrassment. He was fixated on his mother’s breasts, as they bounced with each thrust of Luke’s cock.

Luke grunted and held Sarah’s head, and he shot waves of sperm down her throat. Sarah finally removed her mouth from Luke’s shaft, gasping for air. A string of cum, and saliva ran from the head of his still twitching cock to her lips.

She looked at her son, embarrassed. Her eyes drifted down to the bulge in his pants, but then one of the other men grabbed her hair and shoved their cock into her mouth.

“Your mom is pretty hot, isn’t she?” The man, now fucking Sara’s mouth asked.

Dylan stood there silently watching.

“Hey kid, take off your mom’s bra for us,” the other man said.

“W…what?” Dylan stammered.

“You heard me. Take off her bra.”

Sarah looked up at her son and nodded, the cock still working in and out of her mouth. Sarah was not happy about this, but she was willing to do anything to make sure her family was going to be okay.

Dylan nervously knelt behind his mother and began fiddling with the clasp. This is something he has done a few times before, but the stress of the situation was making it difficult. He was eventually successful. His mother lowered her arms, allowing her son to slide her bra off.

Sarah’s now exposed breasts bounced, and swayed, as she worked on the man’s cock. escort gaziantep kızlar Dylan stood up and stared at them, before adjusting the hard-on in his pants.

“You want to touch them don’t you?” Said Luke, who was now relaxing on the couch.

“Uh…” Dylan groaned.

“Well? Go on then,” Luke ordered.

Sarah lifted her arm to give her son easier access. Dylan hesitantly bent down and placed his hand on his mother’s right breast. He started nervously squeezing and massaging it. His actions, however, became more brazen.

Sarah moaned softly as her son started pinching, and tugging at her nipple. Her face turned red, not because of her son’s bold actions, but because she was beginning to enjoy it. Her pussy was getting damp because of the sensation her son was providing her. She even enjoyed sucking this stranger’s cock now. At this moment she realized that she wasn’t being forced on his cock anymore. She was gagging on his shaft of her own free will.

Sarah closed her eyes in enjoyment as the man shot another load in her now wanting mouth. Mark couldn’t believe his eyes. His wife was willingly licking this man’s cock clean, while his son fondled her.

Sarah turned to look at the last man, while the other headed over to join Luke on the couch. She looked up at the man with her mouth open, waiting for another penis to suck on. The man stood there though thinking.

“Hey kid, lay down,” the man said.

Dylan was confused and just stared at the man blankly.

“Do you want to help save your family from financial ruin?” The man asked.

Dylan nodded.

“Then lay on the ground,” the man repeated.

Dylan did as he was asked and laid down on his back.

“Good job. Now you,” he said looking at Sarah. “Peel off those panties and sit on his face.”

“W..what?” Sarah stammered.

He can’t be serious? Sarah thought.

“Wow, you are sick,” the other man said.

Sarah looked down at her son, and then over at Mark. “Okay,” she said sounding less than confident, before hooking her thumbs in her panties and pushed them down to the floor.

Dylan looked up and his mother’s neatly trimmed pussy as she slowly lowered herself onto his face. He wasn’t resisting anymore though. Dylan started lapping at his mother’s, moist slit. He traced his tongue, up and down on her labia. He was not an expert by a long shot, but he was learning by the sound of his mother’s moans.

How did he get so good at this? Sarah thought as her son’s tongue started building a sensation inside of her.

The other man finally gave Sarah his erect cock. She devoured it instantly, slurping and sucking. Sarah gasped as her son found her clit. Dylan started focusing on it, gently sucking, and flicking it with his tongue.

Sarah was going wild with ecstasy.

Oh my god! He is going to make me cum, she thought to herself.

Her legs started trembling, as her son’s tongue caused her to have one of the most intense orgasms she had ever had. The orgasm seemed to last forever while she moaned on the man’s cock. Dylan was relentless and just wouldn’t stop.

“Ohhhhhh!” She screamed on the man’s shaft, as he shot yet another load into her mouth.

The man collapsed in the chair behind him. He noticed that Dylan had his cock out and was stroking himself.

“Well would you look at that,” the man said. “The kid is really enjoying this. Hey mom, I think your son needs a release as well.”

Sarah looked back and gasped as he saw Dylan stroking himself. She was shocked not only because he was getting off on what was happening, but also the size of it. It was much bigger than she expected.

Sarah knew what the men wanted, and she had already gone this far, so she didn’t hesitate. She turned around, with her pussy still on Dylan’s face, and leaned down, taking his rod in her mouth. This wasn’t just because she had to. Sarah felt a strong desire to reciprocate the pleasure that he just showed her.

Her head bobbed on his meat a couple times before the man yelled, “stop! Wait!”

Sarah and Dylan both looked over at him, both confused, and somewhat frustrated by the interruption.

“This seems too easy,” he said clearly pondering something. “Hey, kid? Are you a virgin?”

Sarah gasped, knowing precisely what was coming next.

Dylan just nodded. He wasn’t a virgin, but he knew what saying yes would mean.

“Well today is your lucky day then kid,” the man said chucking. “Hey, mom! You know what to do!” He shouted.

“He is my son!” She snapped back. “This is just wrong.”

“To bad, besides, he already made you cum. I bet you want him to fuck you too,” the man replied.

The man wasn’t wrong. Sarah was so wound up at that moment. The idea of fucking her son started spinning around her head and turned her on even more.

She got off her son’s face and looked at him.

“Are you ok with this sweetie?” She asked.

Dylan nodded enthusiastically.

Sarah chuckled a bit and started pulling off Dylan’s pants.

Are they really going to go through with this? Thank god Lindsay isn’t here, Mark thought to himself.

Sarah climbed on top of Dylan and held his shaft in her hand. She looked up at Mark who was pretending not to watch. Sarah kept trying to convince herself that she was just doing this to save her family, but as she rubbed the head of Dylan’s cock against her pussy, she realized as really wanted this.

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