The Devil Dykes Ch. 07

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Kat returns to The Springs with Roberta. Animal finds something lost. The Circle comes full circle. The Dark Ones try again.

They brought as many containers as they could carry. They totaled thirty gallons of water from the falls. Ana had them dribble it out in a small steady stream all around the bed and breakfast.

“Why are we doing this?” Lynn asked. They all stood in the driveway milling about. Connie walked away and looked back at them. She began to sway from side to side. Her eyes were squinted and she held out her hands like she was riding something between her legs.

Ana had commanded her to view the energy bodies of Lynn and Animal. She felt Ana slide down from her comfy nest in her womb and slither out of her vagina creating pleasure waves to that rippled up from her pussy and rolled up across her body. It almost seemed that she was in a constant state of arousal. Ana’s head darted in and out of their luminous fibers of energy, sending the sight to Connie’s entranced vision. Connie started laughing. It was all so delightful.

“I knew this,” Connie said out loud. “Deep down inside, this was so predictable.”

“The rule says you have to find them yourself.”

“This is just seems too convenient, Ana.”

“There are no conveniences. Everything has purpose. Your coming here was designed before any of you were even born. This is our destiny. We were born to be here, now.”

“Whoooa,” Lynn growled. “What the fuck are you doing Connie?” She only heard Connie’s half of the conversation.

Connie’s attention snapped back into her body. When her eyes focused on Lynn she laughed at the confusion and ran to the frightened woman. Animal put her arms around Lynn, but she didn’t have a clue why Lynnie was scared.

“Lynn, listen to what I’m about to say,” Connie put her hands on her arms. “Just listen. This is going to sound completely wacho, but hear me out.

“Those two women today are witches from another dimension; another world.” Lynn rolled her eyes and Connie held her hand up. She looked at Animal with a help-me-out plea. Animal wrapped her arms around Lynn. She trusted Connie.

“Lynn, we all are witches.” She felt Ana’s serpentine spirit form slide out of her cunt once again. She shivered as Ana rubbed over her clit. Damn, that feels good!

“Right now, our Spirit Guide, an anaconda snake, is entering your body through your…pussy.” She looked up at Animal. “And you too, Animal.” Lynn’s eyes became wide when she felt her vagina suddenly feel hot, full and incredibly aroused. Animal grunted and buried her face in Lynn’s neck. Holy crap!

“Our bodies are joined together. Not just you and me, but all of us. Feel Ana bring us to a wonderful big oh.” Connie swooned. Lynn closed her eyes and exhaled one word, “Shiiiiit.” They all steadied themselves clutching at each other. The urge to kiss and caress was overwhelming.

“Love each other,” Ana said. They all had heard her and obeyed, even Lynn and Animal. Lips found lips, tongues darted in and out of salivating mouths, and hands filled themselves with breasts; vaginas wept and quivered at the touch of loving fingers.

“Lynn and Animal, we are a spiritual circle of warriors.” Ana began her explanation in her musical voice. “There are many other circles, and in time you will all unite to battle the Dark Ones, entities much like us except they come from another dimension with the purpose to destroy our world of light and love. You met two of them today. The war has begun.

“Connie is ruled by the spirit of the West Wind; Marie is the East Wind; Kat is the South Wind, you know her as Witchy, Animal, and Roberta, soon to arrive with Kat, is the North Wind. The meaning of all this will be made clear to you in time.

“Sherrie and Jennifer are Elementals, as are you two. Sherrie is Water, Jen is Air, Lynn you are Earth and Animal you are Fire.

“It is the unique configuration of all your energy bodies that when united, forms a circle of power that can defeat the Dark Ones’ purpose and close the rift in the membrane that separates our worlds. Believe it or not, and you will in time, our world depends on what you do. I call you the new Amazons, spiritual warriors, protectors of the Light and Scouts of our beautiful planet.”

Lynn finally found her voice. The orgasmic rush she felt while Ana talked subsided, but she still twitched with aftershocks. Animal’s strong arms felt so good.

“Who are you …Ana? I hear the others call you Ana. Where did you come from?”

“I am the oldest living spiritual entity on the planet. I commune with the spirit of the Earth. Some call her Gaia, but her true name has been lost to antiquity. My spirit form is the anaconda snake, and I am Queen of Amazonia. You are the new Amazons. It has taken many life times and many lives to get us to where we are today. I love you all so dearly. You give me an entrance into the physical world and I give you entrance into the spirit world. We give hope that Gaia, and all her inhabitants, will continue to live in the kıbrıs escort light and love most of you take for granted. When we unite sexually, our power deepens and expands. In time, you will learn to connect directly to Gaia.”

It was very dark and the head lights coming down the driveway started a ripple of panic.

“Stop! It’s okay,” Connie yelled. She knew who it was. They gathered behind her and waited. Connie had a huge grin on her face as the van pulled up almost touching her. When Kat turned the key and the lights went out, Connie raced around to the door and caught her in her arms before Kat’s feet hit the ground. Connie squealed. Kat lifted her up and twirled her around. Their lips came together in a hungry kiss. The feel of Kat’s hard body next to her lit the flame inside her. Connie’s soft, wonderful curves gave Kat what she had been longing for. She loved those curves. She loved Connie.

The rest crowded around Roberta, hugging, kissing and making her feel welcome.

“Alright children,” Ana said. “It’s time to deal with the two Dark Ones that Animal so swiftly dispatched.”


It looked like an old abandoned barn, withering away in the desert sun. The roof and walls were rusted corrugated metal sheeting. It was well off of any major road or highway. A black van with a cracked windshield sat parked next to the door.

“You stupid fucking cunts,” a disembodied voice said, somewhat like Ana’s voice only darker, masculine and very angry. “How did this happen? If I could come there and do it myself, I would. You are the front line. How in the name of Dark Star did this happen?”

“My lord,” one of the Dark Ones went to one knee.

“Get the fuck up and tell me how a simpleton human could kill your sisters, Q? And you drove away with your cunt puckered up between your legs!” Their Spirit Guide was furious. Q3 stood back up.

“She was so strong, my Lord. Not like other humans.” Q3’s voice cracked. Her Spirit Guide, an ancient spider, roared. The tiny vortex he spoke through opened to the size of a dinner plate. Q3 suddenly felt pulled into the swirling mass of crackling energy. When she slammed against it, her body folded in half. The sound of her breaking bones and her screams echoing around the inside of the building and made Q4 shiver and cringe. A fountain of blood gushed out as Q3 was torn apart and pulled through the opening, but even the blood was sucked in and followed her lifeless corpse back to the other side before it could spill on the floor. The energy circle closed to its former size.

Q4 staggered backward and clutched her stomach. She wanted to vomit. Her whole body trembled.

“Get a grip, bitch,” the harsh voice commanded. “You’re a trained warrior. Can you handle what needs to be done?”

Q4 stammered and desperately tried to get her fear under control.

“Well can you, cunt?”

“Of course, my lord Rachnid.” She stood up straight regaining her full composure. “Thy will be done.”

“That’s more like it. I’m sending the Z sisters through. Lead them to the anaconda’s bitches and get the job done. I want the witches dead and the snake slut dragged back to me kicking and screaming.”

The energy vortex expanded a little, and one after the other, the Z sisters hurled out head first, diving from one world to the next. They were naked. As each one passed through the portal and hit the floor, they curled up in little balls and safely rolled to their feet. Q had only met them once before, but their reputation was flawless. Besides being incredibly beautiful, they were fierce, merciless combatants. They looked identical. Tall, muscular, no body fat, short black hair and gorgeous caramel colored skin. Z1 was the first through the vortex and she greeted Q4 with a hug.

“My sex is yours,” she greeted Q4 in the customary fashion and placed her hand on her leather covered crotch.

“My sex is yours,” Q replied in kind gripping Z1 bare cunt. Z2 joined them with the same greeting; however Z2 tore their fellow warrior’s clothes off her. The force of the tug pulled Q into an embrace, and the three wrapped their arms around each other. Their lips came together in a hard, wet kiss.

“Going through the portal always make me want to fuck,” Z2 said running her fingers between Q’s legs. Q4 moaned and groped for Z2’s dark, moist center.

Q parted Z1’s cunt lips and slid her middle finger inside. With her other hand, she did the same to Z2. She fingered both dark beauties, rubbing over their clits. They continued to kiss; three tongues lapping and licking each other. The two sisters groaned and squealed as Q brought them to a quick and powerful orgasm.

As soon as they relaxed, the Z sisters went to work on Q. One knelt in front of her and buried her face in Q4’s wet sex. The other sucked on her nipples. Q’s skin was a pale porcelain color, and the contrast with the two dark sisters excited them all the more.

“Oh shit, this feels good,” Q4 moaned. “I wish our lord’s spider body could be inside konya escort us now.” The only thing about him that could come through the portal was his voice. If he had been there, his eight scratchy legs would have been flaying around inside their cunts without mercy, and his sharp teeth would be nibbling on their clits.

The Z sisters did not respond. Their mouths were too busy, but they too missed their lord’s sexual abilities. While Z1 clamped her lips around Q’s clit sucking it into her mouth, Z2 nibbled on her nipples much like Lord Rachnid would do. Q held one head to her breast and one to her cunt. She screamed when she climaxed flooding Z’s mouth with her juices.

“Alright my little bitches, that’s enough,” Lord Rachnid said. “Get your clothing on and finish this mission. If the anaconda whore is too much for you, I at least want a circle of dead witches. Do you understand?”

“Yes, my lord,” they said in unison.

“We’ll take this world, or YOU will die trying.” His emphasis on the word, YOU wasn’t lost on the three Dark Ones. They stared at each other and put their fists together.

“Death to all,” they shouted.


Ana’s plan was simple. There was too much of her energy at the Lucky Eight Ball, and it was no longer safe there for Connie or any of the new Amazon warriors. Her scent would easily lead the evil ones back. She instructed them to place the dead women in Connie’s upstairs bedroom, dress them in Connie’s clothes, put her identification on one of them, remove anything Connie wanted to keep, and then burn it to the ground.

The job fell to Animal and Katherine. They were the strongest. Shortly after midnight, Jennifer and Roberta drove Kat’s van with the two dead Dark Ones into town and dropped them off with Animal and Kat. Kat had a list of things Connie wanted.

There were two weapons taped to the underside of the bar; a 357 handgun and a short barrel 12 gauge shotgun. She had $12,000 hidden in a box under the upstairs floor boards, various items of clothing and a necklace that belonged to her mother. Marie had only a suit case filled with clothes. Jennifer brought it all back to The Springs and they waited. Katherine and Animal would return on foot over the back trail.

Two hours later, one of them saw an orange glow on the horizon in the direction of Fountain Springs. Connie didn’t want to see it. She sat on the back porch with Marie at her side clutching her hand. Marie put her arms around her, kissed her cheek and said, “I never thought I’d ever say this before to another woman, but I love you so much, Con.”

Connie smiled at her, placed her hand lovingly against Marie’s face and nodded her head.

“Me too.” She kissed Marie’s soft, sweet lips.

After Kat and Animal returned over the back trail, they all gathered in the dining room. “It’s time to fix Animal,” Ana said after she brought them all together in a circle.

“Fix Animal?” Lynn said with a shocked tone to her voice. “She doesn’t need to be fixed. I love her just like she is.”

“I love her too, Lynn, just like she is, but the only person brain damaged is the doctor who diagnosed her.” Lynn said no more, but Animal spoke up.

“Are you saying the accident didn’t ruin my brain?”

“Your brain is not ruined, my precious one. The trauma from the accident caused your soul to fragment. A piece of your core energy was broken off. It is still there, where you lost it at the accident site. It’s a common occurrence when a person has been through a traumatic experience. I think it’s time to go find Animal’s lost soul part. It’s time she comes home.

“Trust me; you’re going to need it. You dealt a terrible blow to the Dark Ones, my dear child. They’ll come after you.” As Ana spoke, Lynn laced her fingers in Animal’s hand and squeezed.

Animal started to rise.

“Wait, my sweet,” Ana said. “This will take some planning. I would rather you all travel together, but most of you have little combat skills and are mere novices at spiritual warrioring. Animal and Katherine will go find the lost soul part. Power flows through the earth from South to North. Since Kat is the South Wind, and her warrioring skills have been honed, she and the Fire Elemental, our precious Animal will go alone. The rest of you have to learn to fight.”

They all felt it at the same time. Ana’s attention suddenly went somewhere else.

“Ana,” Kat said jumping out of her chair. “What is it?”

“Ahh,” Ana replied. “The spirit has a little surprise for us. We have been lacking two additional members to our merry little band, and I believe one is about to arrive. Our first Scout is entering the driveway.”

“Scout?” Most of them said it in unison looking at each other.

“Every circle requires two Scouts. The configuration of their energy bodies doesn’t matter. They just have to show up at the right time.”

At that moment, a car did indeed roll down the driveway and park next to the bed and breakfast. Sherrie screamed. The car door opened and kuşadası escort Donna stepped out. Sherrie tore through the front door and rushed into her friend’s arms.

“What are you doing here?” Sherrie jumped up and down.

“I couldn’t stay away. I got half way to no place I wanted to be and turned around.”

“I’m so happy,” Sherrie said, took Donna’s hand and faced the little group of witches.

“Look everybody, Donna is back.”

“Okay,” Donna said. “So here’s the deal.” She didn’t recognize all the faces, but she spoke up candidly. “I like to fuck a man once in a while. Sorry! If that grosses anybody out, well…I just can’t help myself. Girls are okay,” she said and hugged Sherrie. “And I think I could use to it, but there’s something about a long, hard…” Sherrie cut her off.

“You’re a Scout.”

“I…” Donna looked at her quizzically. “I’m a what?”

Sherrie faced her and took her hands.

“Just listen for a minute.” Sherrie closed her eyes and concentrated on Ana’s snake form. She felt her slide out of her vagina sending a little shiver up her spine. After a few moments she looked into Donna’s eyes. The look on Donna’s face almost made her giggle, but Sherrie stifled the urge.

Donna shuddered and suddenly felt incredibly aroused and very confused. Something long, slick and soft was inside her, and it felt strangely connected to Sherrie. A rush of embarrassment and arousal swept over her. She started breathing heavy. Sherrie smiled.

“It’s a long story how it happened,” she said to Donna. “But all of us here are…witches.” Donna frowned at the same time Ana moved in and out of her heated sex. “At least that’s what Ana calls us, among other things.”

“I also call them Amazons,” Ana said now able to speak directly to Donna. Donna flinched at the strange voice in her head. It was unlike any she had ever heard. It was more like singing than actual speaking. Donna wanted to touch herself very badly. She wished she could explore what was happening to her.

“You can touch yourself, precious Donna,” Ana said. “In fact, I think that would be a good idea.” Donna shuddered. Her hand seemed to have a mind of its own. It slid across the front of her jeans and curled under and between her legs. She moaned.

“Sher, what’s happening to me?” Sherrie pulled Donna against her and whispered in her ear.

“Ana is our spirit guide. She’s a snake. That is, her spirit form is a snake, and right now, she is inside your pussy, my pussy and everyone else’s pussy.” She giggled.

Donna looked at the others. They all had their hands gently fondling their own sex. Donna felt like she had fallen into a bizarre Fellini film. She frowned again.

“This can’t be!” At that moment, Ana began to fuck them all in earnest. Donna gasped and clutched Sherrie. Her hips began to rock. She wasn’t humping Sherrie. She was humping Ana. Now she could really feel it.

“Oh my god,” she groaned out.

“Yessss,” Ana hissed. “Surrender Donna. We need you. Something very important is happening. This isn’t just about a group of freaks fucking an invisible snake. The spirit has designated you a Scout.” Ana’s intensity increased. Most of the women sat down on the porch. Animal and Lynn clung to each other. Sherrie groaned in Donna’s ear.

“Let’s all cum together,” Ana said. And they did. Donna convulsed in Sherrie’s arms as wave after wave of pleasure swept over her; it swept over each of them in their union of orgasmic bliss.

And then the black van with a cracked windshield came roaring down the driveway. The Dark One driving pointed the vehicle at Donna’s back and floored it. A huge demonic grin played across her face. When it met the line of spring water they had sprinkled out the night before, it crashed like it had hit a brick wall. The driver and one passenger splattered up against the inside of the windshield. A third Dark One fell over the seats on top of her fellow warriors. The front of the van folded up and the remaining windshield glass collapsed into millions of pieces. The black clad women spilled out at the Amazons’ feet. The two that had been in the front seat were unconscious and bleeding profusely. The third one tried to stand, but her injuries made her fall back into the dirt. She winced in pain and looked up helplessly.

“Well, well, well,” said Kat, the boldest of them as she crouched down next to the one still conscious. The energy of her orgasms still filled her with warmth. “What have we here?”

“I can twist her neck,” said Animal. Katherine laughed.

“That won’t be necessary. I think a prisoner might be useful. Is that right Ana?”

Donna started to go into shock. The look of confusion and horror on her face made Sherrie lead her to a chair on the porch. Jennifer joined her.

“Yes, Katherine,” replied Ana. “I think a prisoner might come in very handy. Take her to the garage and bind her securely.”

Animal helped, and they carried the injured Dark One to the garage and tied her to a heavy steel workbench with fat nylon rope.

“Now let’s see what we’ve got here,” said Kat as she pulled a knife from the leather sheath of her belt. She started to cut the woman’s pants away to examine one of her wounds but the dark skinned woman kicked at her and then winced in pain.

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